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Headlights Shining In My Face

It’s Monday, the beginning of our first full week being back to school, and I’m relatively uninspired. This whole “going to school every single day” thing may take me some time. (We are ex-homeschoolers!)

I was looking at a calendar that Amanda made for me (she makes one every year for us – I love it because the calendar includes pictures and dates that are important to the two of us!), and saw that on this date in 2012, we were driving to Atlanta to see a show!

Driving on the autobahn

The show was at Chastain Park, and it was part of the All You Need is Now tour. The night before, we’d been in Biloxi, Mississippi to see them play at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I remember that the drive from Biloxi to Atlanta felt ridiculously long. We’d gotten up and out on the road quite early, but by the time we came rolling into Atlanta, we realized we were under the gun. We had to hurry to get ready and get ourselves over to the restaurant/bar named Shout, where we were hosting a meet up that night before the show.

The meet up was fun, and we had a decent-sized crowd of enthusiastic, excited Duran Duran fans gathered. I can remember chatting as we waited for food to arrive (as I recall, that took a while!), and before we knew it – the party bus we’d hired to take us to and from the venue (parking is tough up at Chastain Park!) had arrived. It never felt like we had enough time to relax and chat on this particular road trip – probably because we drove 1600 miles or so over a four-day period, which was insane.

Both Amanda and I were thankful we’d organized the party bus/shuttle as we saw the line of cars waiting to get in (and later on…out) of the neighborhood leading up to the amphitheater. It had been raining that day, and I distinctly remember feeling like I’d entered a steam room as we waited for the band to take the stage that night.

Despite the crazy amount of driving we were doing on that road trip, I had a lot of fun. Amanda calls it one of our stranger trips – and I suppose she’s right in some ways. In hindsight, I see it as one of those roadtrips that sounded right at the time we’d organized it, but in practice – nothing went quite as planned. Even so, I saw a part of the country I’d never been to before, and met Duranies I’d only previously chatted with online. I still can’t get over the crowd we had show up in Durham for our meet up there. We took over a wine bar just a few blocks from the venue, and it was the most fun I’ve had outside of the conventions I’ve attended.

Losing my way as the night gets long

I remember specific instances from each show, too. In Biloxi, we were at the front for the very first time. I gripped the rail with a white knuckle grip that I only loosened about halfway through the show. Amanda and I will always recall that show as being a sort of out-of-body experience. We were in the front, but I felt like my body was rooted directly to the cement floor under me. We’ll just call that ‘nerves’.

In Atlanta, it was the drippy stage roof. It sounds like a strange thing to remember, but there Amanda and I were, dancing like fools in front of Dom’s spot in the second row. There had been rain on and off all day, but by that time – the rain had slowed down to a sprinkle that came and went throughout the show. It was just far enough back to where the roof line was directly over us. All was fine until I felt a drip hit my heck and then roll down my back. Then again, and again! I couldn’t escape them, and every so often, I’d feel another hit, which would make me shiver a bit as I danced and tried to forget the feeling of being in a steam pit!

Durham was in their performing arts center, which is beautiful. After the show, Amanda and I found ourselves in the back of the venue, waiting for the band to come out. They eventually did – and it was a thrill to see them wave to everyone as they left, even turning around to wave out the windows of their vans and SUV’s as they were driven away.

I bought into the dream

Our final show on that trip was Portsmouth in Virginia. I loved this venue because it was set right on the water, but also disliked it because the stage was so high and our chairs were so close to the stage that we either kinked our necks looking up, or stared at the blank “wall” of the stage in front of us. Another tour had come and gone, and the next day we were driving back to Raleigh so that I could catch my flight home.

This was the tour where we had spent many hours outlining a writing project, and the one where I’d had the nerve to suggest we host a convention.

Makes me wonder what crazy idea I’ll come up with next!


Who wants more shows?!? DD Announces Four More 2017 Dates! (US)

If  Duran Duran fans didn’t already have plans for 2017, the band is doing their part by announcing four more US dates to take place during March and April.

March 21, 2017: Dallas, TX Music Hall at Fair Park

March 22, 2017: Sugar Land (Houston, TX area) Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land

April 5, 2017 Hollywood, FL (Miami area) Seminole Hard Rock Casino

April 8, Atlanta, GA Chastain Park

Oh, to only be a fly on the wall at the band’s management office….

Why more US shows?  What made these cities stand out as places to visit? Why do the dates surround those in South America instead of say – beginning here, moving on to South America and then the rest of the world, which we are ALL aware they have sorely missed thus far?   Why didn’t they ever plan a European tour to support this album?  Where are those Australian dates and why is it taking so long to even announce them?

These are only a few of the questions that I’ve seen posted and directed at Duran Duran on every sort of social media. I don’t have answers. I can guess that touring in the US pays the bills, although I don’t know why that would be more so than other places – particularly when the band points out that audiences in South America are among their best in the world.  I can also imagine that logistically, touring here might be easier?  We are 50 contiguous states on a large continent with many large cities to visit and arenas to play.  Even with that in mind, it does seem like it has taken quite a long time for the band to even announce other dates in other countries.

In the most recent Katy Kafe, Nick mentioned that they are looking at the Septemberish time frame for Australia, and that they are hoping to get to other places (Japan, etc) in that area of the world. This is much of the same thing that has been said since Paper Gods was first released in 2015 and the band discussed places they’d like to tour. Each time the subject comes up during a Kafe, it seems as though the time frame continues to be set out farther and farther – the idea becoming more like a dream than an eventuality. One can only assume that the costs of touring are astronomical, and that the band must have to front much of that cost, so even the very best tours that would pack a huge bang for the buck must be planned with precision and care.

I have no doubt that many fans, throughout the world, are getting frustrated. I’ve seen the words, “since you’ve forgotten your fans in _______________” included in many a comment on any post the band has made lately.  I know a lot of people are angry about the additional US dates, and while sure I’m thrilled to hear they are visiting, it does make one wonder about the business of touring.

This time, at least for the dates they are doing in Rancho Mirage, the shows are in a much smaller venue than those I saw last year. Yes, arenas are great, but I am ready for some smaller, more intimate gatherings. It would seem that these newly announced shows are a reasonable balance. Although I have not seen them at all of the venues announced, I did see them at Chastain Park in Atlanta for the All You Need is Now Tour.  The amphitheater seats 6,900 and is nicely sized.  When the band is touring on their own, this size of venue feels comfortable and appropriately welcoming in most cases.  Sure, I’d love to have them play for me and a few hundred of my close friends in my backyard….but I’ll take the shows with a few thousand or so any day and be happy!

There is a lot coming up in the world of Duran. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the band, John and Nick are working on a musical…there’s been talk about the band going back into the studio, although no time frame has been suggested.  It is hard to say how to this will fit into the journey, all we can do is buckle up for the ride ahead!


Hearing the Words Most Needed to Hear

By Kimberley Crawford

I got my ticket for the Duran Duran show in Atlanta as soon as they announced the dates and went on sale.  I made the decision to get a ticket by myself in the chance that it would get me a better seat.  My other friends made the same decision.  We planned to stay at the same hotel, go to and from the show together and have a mini meetup.

The day after I got my ticket my best girl that I describe as my “egg” asked me if I would mind if she went with me.  I was delighted.  I immediately started looking for a ticket close to me but there was nothing right beside me.  Still, I was over the moon excited!  My best friend wanted to share this with me.  I got her a ticket 1 row up from me in the next section.  So we would be divided by almost nothing but a little space.  This was perfect!  I emailed her and we started to get excited.  My little group booked our hotel rooms and began the countdown.  My mind started to go to giddiness!  Duran Duran, and my 2 best friends.  I even pictured how our pictures were going to look.

My best friend had some family emergencies come up and she was unable to go.  I was bummed.  I felt crushed but was still going.  I worried about the ticket and I worried about the show and worried about our friendship—which should not have been worried about.  I started posting about a ticket I had and hoped to find someone to buy it.  On the day before the show, one of my girlfriends from high school, Crista, said she wanted to go.  She liked the band and thought it would be fun.  We planned on her going.

Three of us, including my high school friend and another friend (Kelle), made our way to Atlanta to see my friends and, of course, my band!  On the way down there, Crista stated that she wasn’t feeling well so she was going to lay down.  I was driving and I looked into the rearview mirror to see Crista asleep in the backseat.  When we got to the hotel, I did the introductions and saw my other friends.  Crista went up to the room to sleep.  I went out to lunch with the friends I was meeting there in Atlanta.  We caught up and were just over the moon happy to be together and to be going to the show.  I came back to the room and Crista said she would meet us at the concert because she still wasn’t feeling good.  My worry level jumped to high, at this point.

I continued to follow the plan to go out for dinner and drinks before heading over to the show.  While at dinner, I got a text from Crista stating that she was there and was happy with her seat.  We talked about enjoying the show, taking pictures, and being happy, having what we call a “Durantastic” time.

The next day we were heading home after sharing goodbyes and more pictures.  Crista told me her love for Simon and she would now be a “Duranie”…which happens every time!! LOL

This week, almost four months after the Atlanta show, I was out with  Crista and other mutual friends.  I heard Crista tell our girlfriends about the show.  She shared something I didn’t know, which moved me.  Something I didn’t mention is that Crista has lupus.  She spends a lot of her time in bed in pain.  Simple tasks like taking a bath can be tough and there are times where she doesn’t leave her house or bed for days or weeks at a time.

She talked about Nile Rodgers and Chic onstage.  She said the minute they went on, everyone at the Atlanta show was on their feet.  Everyone was dancing.  Everyone around her:  young, old, big, small was dancing, laughing and acting like they were all friends.  She shared that in the midst of all the dancing and enjoying the music Nile shared his cancer story or as I call it his testimony.  He talked about how the doctor told him that he didn’t have long but he lived life and beat his cancer.  Crista recalled this story this past week and shared how this made her want to live and enjoy life, which made my heart full.  One best friend couldn’t go, which gave another best friend a chance to hear the words she needed to hear to live her life and try to enjoy the little moments.

Of course, she then went on to tell me how good Duran Duran was live and how all the band members were good looking (DUH!!!!).  I gave her a copy of the Paper Gods CD and she said her favorite song is Face for Today.  That song is so her!  Every time I hear it I think of her.  Every time I look at a picture from Atlanta I think of her.  She wasn’t in a lot of the pictures because of her illness but she is in the memories of my heart and that show.  She made friends with the girls there and this has expanded my little area of Duranies in Tennessee.

Kim and Crista on the day after the show in Atlanta
Kim and Crista on the day after the show in Atlanta

Kim has been a DD fan for as long as she can remember after the video for Hungry Like the Wolf really hooked her.  Kim’s favorite songs are Seventh Stranger and Pretty Ones, but her moods change and she finds herself being pulled toward different songs based on her mood.  Kim is also a John girl and always has been.  She was relatively new to the Duran concert and meet up scene at the end of the All You Need Is Now Tour but found herself at a number of shows and meet ups with a great group of friends since then!  She lives in Tennessee with her husband and pets.


Today in Duran History – Atlanta 1999

On this date in 1999, Duran Duran played at Chastain Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  This show was part of the Let It Flow Tour.  Apparently, Duran has often chosen this venue to play at.  Just this past week, Rhonda discussed our experience and observation of the venue at our 2012 show there, which you can read here.

According to setlist.fm, the set list featured the following songs:

Girls on Film

Hungry Like the Wolf


Hallucinating Elvis

Out of my Mind

Come Undone

All She Wants Is

Friends of Mine

Someone Else Not Me

Secret Oktober

White Lines

Lava Lamp

Electric Barbarella

Planet Earth

Ordinary World

The Reflex

Pop Trash Movie


Well, then.  That set list is an interesting one, for sure!  There are some definite gems in there and some songs that I could do without!  What songs would you keep from this list?  What songs would you get rid of?  I haven’t seen a show start with Girls on Film.  How did that work???