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This Past Week in Duranland – July 28 to August 3

It is Sunday!  I still feel like it should be Saturday as I have felt a day off since mid-week.  No matter.  Today is the day that I try to summarize any and all news that took place this week.  (For the record, next week better be a quiet one as Rhonda and I have plans.  We have to do lists to complete.  We can’t have distractions.  Unless, it is a really GOOD distraction…anyway!)

Let’s start with the official site, shall we?  There was one piece of news posted there this week.  This one had to do with a little contest to win a signed copy of “A Diamond in the Mind” on vinyl!  They are giving away 5 copies but you need to answer a question and email it in!  For details, check out the full post here.

Speaking of contests, DuranDuranMusic also got their hands on a pair of tickets to Fashion Rocks!  For those details, go here.   Tickets for the event went on sale as well.  While, unfortunately, these fans won’t be able to attend, but, if you are more fortunate, we welcome a guest blog!!!

Before I go further into more Fashion Rocks news and info, did anyone check out the clip with Angie Harmon discussing Duran Duran on Jimmy Kimmel?  If not, I included it.  It is a fun one!

Of course, though, the biggest news this week focused on Duran’s upcoming appearance on Fashion Rocks.  First, there was an article written about it in Noise 11, which you can read here.  Then, there were videos.  *sigh*  Here is the website where you can catch all of the clips.  Now, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t comment on a few aspects of them, would I?  Let’s go clip by clip.

1.  Duran Duran Path to the Future

This first clip starts out with a bit of history, including the controversy of the Girls on Film video, location videos and the first download.  Then, they start talking about the new album.  Simon mentions how titles are useful to him writing lyrics.  The collaborations on the album are discussed, including John Frusciante and Mr. Hudson, who Nick credited for bringing a new energy, which led to having everything come into “focus”.  Hmm…my mind is already whirling.  Then, John really gets it going by saying that the album will be “Duran in extremis” and that it will be “everything you ever wanted in a Duran record”.  Well, then.  This, of course, led Rhonda and myself to ponder that question.  Her response will, hopefully, be turned into a blog post.  Before that is posted, though, I will ask all of you, our dear readers, what is everything you want in a Duran record???  That said, I did like the listing of successes and the moment when this popped up on the screen:  Fashion Rocks screen cap

Spring can’t come fast enough!!!

2.  Duran Duran and the Evolution of the Band:

This was your basic quick history of the band, at least in how they got their start and what their early days were like.  While I feel like I could dictate in their history in my sleep, at this point, seeing and hearing their story never gets old for me.  I will always hear some new tidbit or see some picture I had never seen before.

3.  Duran Duran Fashion Icons, Then and Now:

Like the last one, I knew a lot about how their musical influences had always been fashionable and about how they each have different styles but ones that create a similar aesthetic when put together.  Yet, this clip truly might be my favorite.  Why?  Simple.  Simon falls out of his chair at the end of it.  So funny!!  Obviously, he was fine as everyone on the clips laughs with him.  I seriously could watch that over and over again!!  Mr. Smooth…

Beyond the band as a whole, as we know, John Taylor was in LA this past week, which Rhonda blogged about here.   Simon shook the Twitter world this week–not from posting a big spider but by posting a picture of himself from the 1980s wearing…well, not much.

On that note, I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!