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Ways to Survive Until Paper Gods: 12 Days to Go!

Yesterday, in this blog here, I described the need that many/most/all of us might be experiencing as we move closer and closer to the release of Duran’s latest.  That need, of course, is a way to settle the restlessness and to make it until September 11th!  The way I mentioned yesterday to help all fans deal is to listen to an album a day.  The first album was played yesterday.  Today, we should all listen to Rio cause we are going in order!  Listen to it here:

Of course, though, we need something else.  We need more to distract from our anxiousness.  Thus, I suggest the following:  Go back and reread the important blog posts about the album.  I might suggest these:

Insights Part 1

Insights Part 2

Paper Gods A Plenty

Cherry Ice Cream Smile

Of course, if you want something more official I suggest these articles from the band’s official site:

Official Primer

Full Details

Personally, I have gone back to those insights and official articles more than once since I have heard the songs off of Paper Gods.  It helps me to reach greater understanding of the songs, as well as, in many cases, helps me to appreciate them better as well!

Good luck to all of you!  Hopefully, this suggestion helps you get through your day and gets you one day closer to the new album!



Ways to Survive Until Paper Gods: 13 Days to Go!

Have you ever taken a long road trip?  I used to routinely drive about 8 hours from my home in Madison to my parents’ house outside of Detroit.  I developed a pretty good system with toll money at the ready, tunes in the car, specific places to stop and more.  I was always rather content when driving despite the usual traffic around Chicago and the potential for lake effect snow around Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan.  Yet, the same thing always happened to me.  Once I hit the last 30 miles or so of the trip, I thought I was going to die.  I needed to get out of the car.  I began complaining about being tired, being bored, that my back hurt, that the temperature in the car was wrong.  Basically, I was restless.  Very restless, indeed.  I knew that I was close and I just wanted to be there RIGHT NOW.

I suspect a lot of Duranies out there have this exact same feeling in regards to the release of Paper Gods.  Many fans were cool, calm and collected the entire time between the release of the last album, All You Need Is Now, and this one.  They had faith that Duran Duran was taking the time they needed to create a masterpiece, to create a fabulous album.  Even once information came out about the album, including the title, the song titles, the release date, and more, many fans were cool.  Yes, of course, they were anxious for the album, but it still seemed so far away!  Yet, clearly, it isn’t so far away now!  The entire fan base has been able to hear five tracks off the album and now, they are seeing a daily countdown from Duran Duran on social media that looks like this.

Day 13 countdown

This, of course, is a reminder that we are in the final stretch, people!  After all the waiting, the wonderings, the discussions, the rumors, the speculations, everyone, everywhere will soon be able to hear the entire thing!  It is like we are 30 miles away from our destination after driving for 400 miles or more.  We can see the finish line.  We are so close that we can practically taste and smell it.

We figured that many of you out there might be feeling pretty restless right about now!  Therefore, we came up with some ways to survive this countdown, to survive until Paper Gods is officially released!  Each day, we will be presenting a different idea of how to harness that restless energy that you might be feeling.  Today’s idea is a simple one, but one that will carry over each day until September 11th.  Since the band has released 13 studio albums before Paper Gods and because there are 13 days to go, you could and should listen to a different Duran album each day.  I recommend listening to them in order.  Today, then, we would start with the debut, the self-titled first album.  Tomorrow, then, I will post Rio.  Monday, Seven and the Ragged Tiger will be posted, etc.

Here’s hoping our little countdown helps you survive the last 13 days and get yourself ready to hear Paper Gods!!!