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Summer Tour 2016: By the Numbers

Today marks the official end to my summer.  It isn’t that the calendar states September whatever to indicate the beginning of fall or that my students arrive in my classroom tomorrow.  It is, for me, though the last day before I go into that classroom and prepare it for students.  Yes, kids, this teacher is going back to work tomorrow.  (Please note…the utter enthusiasm…HA!)  Before I do that, I want to take one last, long look back to my summer and, more specifically, the summer tour!  Following in our touring tradition, I give you all our summer tour by the numbers!

Miles Driven:  2348

On the road to Toronto
On the road to Toronto

We drove a LOT.  I mean A LOT.  For the first leg, I drove from Madison, Wisconsin, to Toronto and back.  During the second leg, Rhonda drove from her place in Orange County to Paso Robles to Vegas to Chula Vista back to Orange County.  It is definitely the most we drove for any  “tour”.  I can speak for Rhonda when I say that we are SO thankful that we have days and breaks in between driving.

8 Shows:  (1 extra for each of us)

During this summer leg, we saw 8 shows together and one extra separately as Rhonda went to the LA show in May and I drove up to Minneapolis.  I know that some might think this is excessive.  My response to that is simple.  We did just as many shows during the All You Need Is Now Tour.  They were just split up more.  (Logical response, right?!)

Chicago July 8
Chicago July 8
Chicago July 9
Chicago July 9
Paso Robles
Paso Robles
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Chula Vista
Chula Vista

7 Hotels

We stayed in 7 different hotels in the following places:  Chicago, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Toronto, Tinley Park, Paso Robles and Vegas.  I generally like staying in hotels but they are a killer on the pocketbook!

7 States/Provinces:

Like the hotels, we were in 7 different states or provinces:  Wisconsin (just me) Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario, California and Nevada.  Those places remain standing.  As for their vodka supply…perhaps, not so much!

Those Damn Pants:  

If you were reading our blog while we were on tour, you might

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

have seen a mention or two (hundred) about John Taylor’s pants.  I won’t go into detail other than to say that they were not my favorite and I saw him wear them for 5 shows (Chicago night 1, Detroit, Paso Robles, Vegas and Irvine).  Call this acknowledgement closure on my end.  I promise.  They will never be mentioned again.

Holy Confetti Batman!

Our summer tour began without the confetti at the two Chicago


shows.  We missed it terribly.  The other 6 shows more than made up for it!

Average Number of Drinks:


Uh…I thought about doing this one as just a straight up number but I figured that it might scare people (or me!).  Let’s just put it this way.  We had quite a few vodka tonics.  Maybe we had more than a few.  Some might say we had a lot.  So, I think we averaged between 4-5 per day.  I think.  Maybe.  We apologize to all of those cities that had to replace the vodka after we left.

5 Setlists:

Our Paso Robles Setlist
Our Paso Robles Setlist

One of our touring traditions is to suggest a setlist for each show we go to.  This time, we gave the band a break on the first leg since Nick was not there.  By the second leg, we felt confident that MNDR knew how to bring it leading us to suggest a setlist or four.  Of course, the fifth one was the one we actually got, you know…from the band, on stage!




4 Official Meet-ups:

We organized and hosted 4 official pre-show meet-ups in Chicago (both nights), Toronto and Vegas!  We had a good time and were thrilled with the turn out!!!

1st night in Chicago
1st night in Chicago
2nd group meet-up in Chicago
2nd group meet-up in Chicago
Toronto meet up
Toronto meet up
In Las Vegas
In Las Vegas

2 Bloggers on Tour:

Sometimes, touring can be lonely.

All by ourselves in Irvine
All by ourselves in Irvine

Sometimes, touring can be tiring.

Catching a few zzz's
Catching a few zzz’s

One Wristband Given:

For this tour, we had new wristbands made with the idea being that sales of them would go towards next year’s convention.  Many people at our meet-ups bought one (or more than one!), which we are truly thankful for.  I am forced to admit that I did give one away, but just one…to this guy below.

Nile wearing the wristband
Nile wearing the wristband

One Future Blogger:

The Irvine show had a special attendee.  We are hoping that she will be ready to take over for us one day!

Sabrina's sign

One Awesomely, Amazing, Durantastic Tour and Summer!

I have had other summers that featured touring but nothing quite like this one!  I felt like I was on tour for literally most of the summer and when I wasn’t on tour, I was either getting ready or recovering from it.  I’m anxious to go it again, but I doubt it will be any time soon.  That said, I’m willing to plan for an East Coast show, though…


Duran Duran in Vegas: Show Commentary!

It is time for another v-log from yours truly and my partner-in-crime about yesterday’s Duran Duran show in Las Vegas.  We figured that it would go faster to do a video blog on than a written one.  It may even be more entertaining!

This v-log ended up being two videos due to unforeseen technical difficulties or really because Rhonda’s computer went into sleep mode.  During these two little (don’t know why I said little…they are lengthy), we discuss Dom Brown’s stage presence, John Taylor’s fashion choices (go figure!), the good and bad with the Mandalay Bay  Events Center as a venue, the awesomeness of our meet-up, why Duran Duran should never be done and more!

You might note that these two videos were completed last night or early this morning depending on how you look at it.  We apologize for the sucky quality.  On that note, we are off to back to California to hit the Irvine show!  It’s a show day!  (That said, I really wish I had a few more hours of sleep!)


Show Day in Vegas!

Yesterday Rhonda and I drove from Paso Robles to Las Vegas where we experienced a vastly entertaining show despite or because of the strange setting.  Seeing Duran Duran play at a fair was definitely a new experience.  For example, it was quite a sight to see a whole area of cows next to one of the drink stands.  I hope the cows enjoyed the show and thought it was moo-velous!

The drive was long and hot as we drove through the desert to get to Vegas.  We watched the outside temperature climb from a “cool” 81 to a “we are now in an oven” 118 degrees.  The landscape was less than friendly and reminded a friend of ours from the opening scene in Sing Blue Silver when the semi-trucks are driving on a similar stretch of road.

Drive to Vegas

As we entered the city, there were definitely signs that we were in the “right” place as Duran seemed to be everywhere!  On the road, we saw a big billboard advertising the show.  Oh, how, I wish that the trees weren’t in the way!

Vegas billboard

Then, once we entered Mandalay Bay, there were hanging signs, signs by slot machines and more.  I loved seeing all of the advertisements.


If all of that wasn’t enough, as Rhonda and I sat down to grab some food, what began playing?  That’s right.  Rio!  Yes, kids, we are exactly where we are supposed to be!

Last night, we spent time with my cousin and his wife, which was super fun.  It is pretty funny.  We only live a few hours away from each other and yet we travel to Vegas to hang out!  Being with them makes me laugh as my cousin never understood the Duranie thing when we were kids.  I would always try to convince him about how COOL they were and he just wasn’t buying it!  That said, I do remember him recording As the Lights Go Down for me when it aired on one of the paid cable that my family didn’t get.  So, today, he will attend his very first Duran Duran concert, which entertains me to no end!  Of course, it is disappointing that his first show will be without Nick.  As I told his wife, this means that he will have to go to another show when Nick returns!  She needs to use the situation to her advantage!

Our plan for today is a simple one!  We will do whatever during the day until it is time for our Vegas meet-up!  We are meeting at the Eye Candy lounge located inside Mandalay Bay at 4 pm.  There is lots of room for us to spread out so that we can mingle, chat, etc.  I am looking forward to the meet-up as I will be seeing a few people that I haven’t seen in a LONG time and another person that both Rhonda and I have known for years but have never met in person!  Should be a great time!  For the meet-up, we will be doing a raffle of some Duran items and will have wristbands for sale.  In fact, we have three styles available:  the classic black (like the ones John and Dom have), the new silver (like the one Nile has) and the new glow-in-the-dark purple.  Even if you are unable to get to the meet-up but still want one, just find us at the show.  We will be somewhere in the center section close to the front.

On that note, I better get moving!  It is a show day and there is much fun to be had!


The Gathering of the Fans: Pre-show Meet Ups

One of the things I like best about being part of a fandom is the people.  Of course, not everyone in a fan community is cool.  Certainly, not everyone is happy or excited to see us.  For the most part, though, other fans are the best!  This past week gave us an opportunity to see and meet lots of great people, both at shows and at our meet ups.  Duran events bring people together from all over the world.

Look at us.  We don’t live anywhere near each other yet…here we are.  A funny moment happened both times when we crossed the border to and from Canada.  The border officer would ask how we know each other since one of us lives in Wisconsin and the other in California.  We would explain how we travel to go see Duran Duran.  Then, we would be allowed in without question.  Apparently, that is too weird to make up!

As you all know, we had 3 meet ups on this first leg (both Chicago shows and Toronto).  Each of them had their challenges but we felt all were successful.  The challenge in Chicago was obvious.  We held the meet ups there on the Ravinia grounds.  We had to claim some space on the lawn where others were trying to set up dinners, picnics, chairs, etc. for the duration of the evening, which meant being smushed at best.  Then, somehow, we had to try and explain to people exactly where we were, which wasn’t easy.  We tried to have posters to advertise our location but…we had to hold them one night and had a table the next night, which weren’t ideal.

Rhonda is ready to host
Rhonda is ready to host

On top of that, the venue is pretty tough to get to as it is located inside of neighborhood, making travel in and out challenging.  Despite any and all difficulties, we had great turn-outs!  I loved that we had lots of people from other events that we have hosted as well as new people!

1st night in Chicago
1st night in Chicago
2nd group meet-up in Chicago
2nd group meet-up in Chicago

For Toronto’s meet up, we met at the local Hard Rock Cafe.  Traffic again was a serious issue.  It was hard to get to the restaurant and super hard to get to the venue afterwards.  That said, we had quite an international crowd for that meet up.  A few of us were from the States, one person from Canada, one person from Germany and a couple from the UK.  We had actually met the woman from Germany before.  Where?  In Birmingham!  We sat next to each other at the Birmingham show in December of 2011.  For Duranies, the world is a small place!

Toronto meet up
Toronto meet up

Seeing Duranies meet, get to know each other, and become friends is one of the absolute best things about organizing fan events.  It is the biggest reason why we do them as we know that fans who are happy with other fans stay in the fandom.  They become lifelong fans who don’t and can’t walk away.  Seeing people go to shows together now who met at a meet up or a convention is such a gift.  We feel lucky to be part of their friendship.  Most of the time that is all we need to keep going.

Yet, this time, we had people do more to acknowledge us.  One of our friends told us how we helped to bring people into her life that she is so thankful for, which caused both of us to tear us a little.  Then, one of our new friends in Toronto brought us gifts to thank us for what we do here!  The idea of someone giving us anything blew me away but the gift itself really touched me.  On top of the heartfelt card, we got exactly what we needed after the tour to pamper ourselves as well as what was needed at that moment!  Vodka tonics!

Vodka tonic in a can!
Vodka tonic in a can!

These meet ups and the people who attended will keep me going for sure.  They show me that what we do matters.

We have one more meet up planned for this summer tour, which is in Vegas.  There is still plenty of time to RSVP if you want to join us; details can be found here.  Hope to see many of you there!


Crowds They Gather

We have one week before we get to see Duran Duran live in concert at Ravinia in Chicago!!  In the middle of April and May, I didn’t know if I would make it to June, forget about July.  Here we are now.  Tour time is around the corner, approaching quickly!  Over the years, Rhonda and I have developed a number of touring traditions.  In the last five years or so, one of the biggest traditions is to organize meet-ups before shows.

In 2011, we held a party in London.  During the summer of 2012, we had meet-ups before each of the four shows we attended.  That was tough.  We felt like we were literally running from one place to another, from one event from another.  We were traveling daily to each destination and instead of being able to take our time, we couldn’t.  We had to be responsible.  Yes, we took the task on ourselves because we know how important meet-ups can be.  They are great for all of the fans in attendance who get to meet or see each other!  At each one I have hosted or attended, I witness the same things.  Fans share stories and pictures.  New pictures are taken.  Excitement increases.  This, of course, translates to more energy at the show, which has got to feed the band’s energy.  The example we always give is the Durham show in the summer of 2012.  Of all the shows we saw that summer, it was by far the best.  We can’t help but to think that the large turnout for the pre-show meet-up was part of the reason.

By the end of those summer shows, I was tired, though.  I truly do like and feel VERY comfortable organizing events (I’m a teacher, after all.  I organize lessons and classrooms everyday.  I’m also a political organizer, which means setting up and running campaign activities.  Organizing is in my blood.)  That said, these meet-ups are work.  Someone has to contact venues and communicate with them.  Someone has to put up the event pages on Facebook.  Someone has to answer questions from people attending.  Then, sometimes, there is more to it.  For example, this time around, we will need to create some sort of sign for the Chicago meet-ups.  We have raffles planned with Duran merch!!  There are details that need to be taken care of.  Plus, it means that we can’t get there whenever we want.  We have to arrive in time to set things up and we have to be “on” during the event.  My point is that during the summer of 2012, it was exhausting to always have to be responsible and working.  I didn’t have as much fun as I wanted.

This time, then, we decided to find a balance.  We only planned meet-ups in places that we won’t be traveling to on the day of the show.  Our travel will be more relaxing this way.  We won’t have to worry about arriving at some special time.  This means that half of our shows together will have meet-ups and half won’t.  Yes, we recognize that meet-ups are great fun and enhance the show.  We also appreciate the need for fans to meet each other to develop and reinforce community spirit.  We want to honor that.  Yet, we also owe it to ourselves to be able to relax some and just have fun.

So, what does all of this mean?  It means that we will be working as event coordinators or whatever you want to call us to ensure that the meet-ups in Chicago (both nights), Toronto and Vegas will be great for all those attending.  When we are not working, we will be fans just the rest of you.

One aspect of these meet-ups that we are particularly excited about is our brand new wristbands!  We will have a few of the old ones (the ones that John and Dom have!!) for sale as well as metallic silver and glow-in-the-dark purple ones!  The proceeds to these sales will be to go to the convention we are planning in Chicago for the weekend of August 11th (around Duran Duran Appreciation Day) in 2017.

There is still time for you to RSVP for these events!  Here are our event pages with all of the details:

Friday Night Ravinia Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

Saturday Night Ravinia Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

Toronto Pre-Show Party  (Facebook)

Vegas Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

Hope to see you all on the road soon!


Top 10 Reasons For Tour Excitement Part 1!

I’m a little over ten days away from leaving for the first part of my summer tour!  I have a list of touring things to do like getting the oil changed in the car and getting my hair cut.  I’m starting to think about what clothes and other items to bring.  My dreams are even starting to reflect the upcoming tour.  (Last night, I dreamt that a bunch of Duranies I know decided to go Trick or Treating the night before a show, which means I thought the tour was happening around Halloween??  Weird…)  All in all, I started to think about what I’m really looking forward to with touring.  Here are the Top 10 things I can’t wait for!

10.  Our meet ups:

This summer, we have four meet ups planned in Chicago (both nights), Toronto and Las Vegas.  Who doesn’t love seeing Duranies meeting each other or seeing each other after a few months or a few years?  Stories get shared.  Pictures get taken.  Everyone gets more and more excited for the show.  If you are going to these shows, we would love to have you join us!  Links to the details and the place to RSVP:

Friday Night Ravinia Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

Saturday Night Ravinia Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

Toronto Pre-Show Party  (Facebook)

Vegas Pre-Show Party (Facebook)

9.  Meeting new people:

Each show and meet up brings the opportunity to meet new people.  In many cases, we get to meet people we have talked to online, putting faces to names.  Other times, we meet people who have been reading this little blog for years who come and introduce themselves.  Of course, we meet people waiting in line or sitting in our seats.  I still love that moment when you are talking with someone and you realize that this person loves the band like you do.

8.  Seeing old friends:

Of course, each show brings the chance to see people you haven’t seen in a long time.  For this tour, for example, I know that I’ll see people whom I haven’t seen since 2006 or 2009.  Yet, I’ll also see friends who I haven’t seen since the fall shows.  I can’t wait to see everyone!!

7.  Late nights at clubs and bars:

For Rhonda and myself, touring means that we will be spending quite a bit of time in clubs and bars, talking, laughing, drinking, dancing, etc.  The extroverted part of me really loves going out like this and I certainly don’t get much time to do that at home.  You know what else is really fun?  Blogs written late at night after we have consumed an adult beverage or two are usually a pretty fun read.  I’m thinking of blogs like “WHAT DO I DO, AMANDA…I CAN’T GET AN INTERNET CONNECTION!!”  or “ALL I NEED IS VODKA….”  If you all are really lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it), you might get a couple of those this summer!

6.  Following touring traditions:

Over the years, Rhonda and I have developed quite a few traditions while on tour.  Some of these you might be familiar with like drinking vodka tonics or creating set lists that we share on social media.  (Fair warning, Duran Duran, this tradition will live on this summer and I’m sure we have plenty of suggestions for you!)  Others are simply behind-the-scenes, so to speak.  For example, we try to find a takeout menu in which we record funny quotes, moments, etc.  It is a silly way for us to document the tour.

5.  Getting out of town:

I don’t know about any of you but I like to get out of town, sometimes.  While I enjoy where I live, I also like a break from the usual household chores, making dinner, etc.  When I get out of town, I come back fresh and appreciative.  I haven’t really been out of town much during this year at all.  I have been too busy with work and book writing.  Thus, a change of scenery will be really appreciated.

4.  Seeing new places:

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy touring is that I get to see places I haven’t seen before.  The shows give me an excuse to travel to new places.  In fact, this fandom has forced me to travel about 1000 times more than I did before.  While flying still isn’t my thing, I have learned to tolerate it.  Other than that, I have found that I enjoy traveling.  This time around, I will get to see Toronto for the first time.  I have wanted to visit this city for a number of years and now will get to!  Better than that, I’ll see it with my good friends, Rhonda and Heather!

3.  Being in places I haven’t been to in a long time:

Of course, touring also means going to places I have been to before and have good memories of.  This year, we will spend a lot of time in Chicago, which always makes my heart happy since I grew up around the city.  Then, we will travel through Michigan, which also brings back good memories of my grandparents who lived there when I was a kid and going to college in Kalamazoo at Kalamazoo College.  Likewise, on the second part, we will spend a couple of days in Vegas, which definitely brings up some crazy Duran-related memories.

2.  Laughing with Rhonda:

As you all know, Rhonda and I live pretty dang far away from each other so tours bring us an opportunity to actually be in the same city at the same time.  No matter which tour we look back on, there is one certainty on tour.  We will laugh.  We will laugh a LOT.  Sometimes, we laugh at absolutely nothing as we sit in a restaurant booth at 4 in the morning.  Other times, we laugh we drive or run through major downpours.  We can even laugh when Rhonda busts her head open on a soap dish or when I fall flat on my face on the streets of New Orleans.  Thus, I’m sure that there will be plenty of laughter coming up for us this summer!

1.  Seeing shows:

Last but certainly not least, tours mean seeing shows.  The reasons that shows are awesome are too numerous to mention in a short little paragraph.  Thus, I’ll cover all of those details in part 2, which I will write next weekend!

No matter what, there is still nothing that gets me more excited than touring.  It isn’t just about the shows, but about everything that I mentioned here and more.  When I’m on my deathbed (hopefully a long time from now), I’ll look back to touring fondly knowing it was the most fun I ever had.  So, what about the rest of you?  Why are you looking forward to going on tour or seeing a show(s)?



It’s Beginning…

…to look a lot like Christmas.  No, wait.  That isn’t right.  It isn’t December.  There is not snow on the ground or a definite chill in the air.  No, in fact, it is hot and sunny.  The days are long.  I’m not even getting up early in the morning so if it isn’t the Christmas season…what is it?  I think it is TOURING season!!  Yes!

Now, that I’m not glued to my computer chair writing or my desk chair grading, I can move on to bigger and better things…or at least more fun things!  The tour binder is OUT!  I am starting to print off all important documents like flight itineraries, hotel confirmations, and tickets before lovingly placing them in the proper locations in the binder.  The agenda has been started, waiting for little details to be filled in.  The trips to my mailbox are more fun as I wait for VIP packages and the last of the Chicago tickets to arrive.

Of course, while the tour binder is coming together, the rest of my to do list grows.  I have to figure out clothes (and probably shop.  EEK!).  I definitely need to get an oil change and the car washed.  I have to get the cat prepared for a rather lengthy visit to the grandparents’ house.  My hair appointment has been set as other appointments I squeeze in during the summer months.  I suspect that I’ll be far busier than I originally thought during this end of June.

We also need to figure out details for any/all meet-ups we plan on hosting.  Right now, we still plan on doing ones for Chicago with the idea being to just meet up for the show at the Ravinia grounds.  We have pondered doing a couple other ones, too, and now is the time to really decide where and get those details set up.

While there is always a part of me that enjoys planning and organizing trip details (what does that say about me?!?), I am also looking forward to our touring traditions.  I look forward to getting little sleep because we are having so much fun out and about that we don’t want the night to end.  I want to keep track of ridiculous quotes on some take out menu that we find.  I’m sure that there will be plenty of pictures taken and that much of the time will be filled with laughter.  I look forward to seeing friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time and meeting new ones.  While I love the city I live in, I’m looking forward to being in different places for awhile.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the whole thing!

What about the rest of you?  What are you looking forward to when it comes to these North American shows coming up (even if you aren’t going to any of them)?  If you are going to shows, which one(s)?  Do you have any touring traditions?  What makes going to a Duran show special for you, besides the obvious?

Now, maybe, I should start a countdown somewhere on my list…


Tonight’s PARTY!!!

It is party time!!!  Well, it is almost party time!  That’s right, tonight is our Dancing on the Valentine Party!  The purpose of tonight is super simple!  It is to break the feeling the “winter marches on” feeling, to celebrate Duran Duran and to have fun!!!  What could be better than that!?!  I know that I’m really looking forward to it as real life has been a lot tiring and stressful as of late.  We hope that you, too, are looking forward to it and ready to have some fun!!!

Onto the details!  This is an online party!  That means you don’t have to travel anywhere or brave winter winter to get to the festivities!  You can enjoy it from your own house or from wherever you can get the internet.  How do you attend the party?  Simple!  You do two easy things.

  1.  You tune into the playlist that we will be making public and starting at 8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific on the Daily Duranie YouTube channel, which you can find here.  The idea is simple.  We all watch the same things at the same time then we chat, laugh, squee and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.
  2. The conversation part of the party will be taking place on the Daily Duranie message board, which you can get to here!  Once there, if you haven’t already registered, do that.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the board to see the “SHOUTBOX” area.  This is where the live chatting will take place!  Make sense?

Now, it wouldn’t be a Daily Duranie party without a drink for the night!  Our very timely drink is called “Valentine Stones”.  The ingredients are super simple:  Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime over ice. We recommend making and drinking this throughout the night (You all know that we will be!).  The drink, in fact, could be consumed while playing tonight’s Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game!

Dancing on the Valentine Drinking Game Rules!

Take one sip of the beverage of your choice (alcoholic or not) when you see any of the following in the videos that we put together!

  • Any dorky dance moves/dancing
  • Any references to sex
  • JoSi moments
  • DoJo moments
  • Roger twirls his stick (drum stick, people…get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • Nick takes a picture
  • John claps
  • Simon plays an instrument (his voice doesn’t count here, people.  We don’t want people to actually die playing the game!)
  • The color RED is shown
  • The color PINK is shown
  • One of the band members uses the word “LOVE” in a song or interview
  • Anyone in the video is seen drinking
  • A party is shown

I recommend printing the drinking game list or writing it down so it is right in front while you watch!  That said, I’m sure that we will all be reminding each other while we watch and party together tonight!

I think that covers it!  If you have any questions between now and party time, feel free to ask away on the Event Page from our Facebook Page, which you can get to here!

Now, I better make sure I have enough vodka to get me through the night!  Looking forward to being with all of you later!


Video Preferences!

We are one week away from our Dancing on the Valentine online party!!!  I think it is super safe to say that we are looking forward to breaking out of the winter blahs and having some fun with Duranies while watching Duran videos and drinking Valentine Stones (vodka and cranberry)!!!  We need a break from our routines and know that there are others out there who feel the exact same way!  Again, we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to join us!  Sign up on our event page here!  This event is a little different than our other online events in that we are asking our guests to come up with the playlist!  No, no, no…this won’t be the Rhonda and Amanda show.  It will we the party guests’ show!  So far, we have some suggestions including:

  • Sing Blue Silver
  • Live from London
  • Three to Get Ready
  • Duran performances on Top of the Pops
  • MTV Most Wanted Appearance from 1995
  • Their performance of David Bowie’s Starman
  • A View to a Kill from Coachella in 2011

We are obviously accepting more!  That said, this got me thinking!  (Dangerous, I know…)  What do Duranies prefer to watch when they have a chance to watch some Duran footage?  What type of clips, shows or DVDs?  What era(s) do they gravitate to ?  Therefore, I thought, maybe, it would be fun for people to answer some polls about the topic.  Perhaps, this will help our attendees think about what they want to watch but it will also help us for future online parties!

What Type of Duran Footage to You Like to Watch?  (Vote for up to 3 types!)

What Is Your Favorite Duran Duran Era to Watch?  (Vote for up to 3 eras!)

How Long Are Your Favorite Duran Clips? (Vote for up to 2!)

With your help on these polls, Rhonda and I will have a good idea what clips to suggest for this party and for parties in the future.  The results will also tell me more about what Duranies prefer, which is just plain fun!  On that note, we really hope that EACH AND EVERY ONE of you joins us on Saturday, February 13th at 8 pm CST/6 pm PST.



Dancing on the Valentine Party!!!

I was hoping to review/give highlights/commentary on the latest Katy Kafe featuring one Mr. John Taylor, but…I cannot get the video to work for me despite trying on three different devices.  Hopefully, I will be able to do that for tomorrow.  Yet, I hope this post brings something better…or….just as good…or kinda good.  Well, at least, Rhonda and I think it will be good and VERY FUN, which is news of an online party!

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about how this winter has been getting me and lots of other people down, which you can read about here.  Yes, obviously, there is good reason for this feeling.  Instead of focusing on all that has been lost, it seems to me that this would be a good time to celebrate.  We can celebrate our fandom, our friendship and what is to come.  It can remind us why we love Duran Duran and that within that love is fun and friendship.  Therefore, Rhonda and I will be hosting the…DANCING ON THE VALENTINE PARTY!  No, it isn’t a super original name but it fits since it will take place on Saturday, February 13th.  Here are all the details:

What:  Dancing on the Valentine Party!

Who:  Everyone, Everywhere!

Where:  It will take place online!

When:  Saturday, February 13th starting at 8 pm central/6 pm pacific

Why:  To have some fun and to celebrate our mutual love of Duran and our friendships!

How:  This party will work like many of our other parties.  There will be a YouTube playlist.  “Attendees” will click on the playlist.  Then, we will comment, laugh, sing along with whatever we are watching!

Some other important details to note!

  1. We need people to send in suggestions for what to watch.  Everyone knows what Rhonda and I like to watch!  We want all attendees to have a voice in what is played!  Therefore, please send video requests to us through email, comments here on the blog, comments on our Facebook page, tweets…It doesn’t matter how–just send them in!  As people send in their suggestions, we will find them, put them on a YouTube playlist so that we will be good to go!  Now, I realize that some of you will say:  “I don’t know what I want to watch!  I can’t think of anything in particular!  Everything is good to me!”  Try this.  Decide if you would be in the mood for live footage, interviews, documentaries, videos.  Then, figure out what years or eras you would like to focus on more.  That usually helps me narrow my thinking.  🙂
  2. There will be a drinking game for this party!  Once we have our playlist set, Rhonda and I will come up with things to watch for to have a sip/drink of the beverage of your choice.  We are recommending a little Vodka and Cranberry for the evening.  In fact, on that day, we will declare the official drink title to be Valentine Stones.  Fitting, yes?
  3. A Facebook event page will be created once I have some time after grading my semester finals.  People can then get the details, RSVP for the party, share with other friends and other Duranie groups they might know of/belong to.
  4. The other important detail that we will be sharing later is where/how we are going to communicate throughout the party.  In the past, I have focused on talking to people on the Facebook event page and Rhonda has tweeted about it from our account.  The problem with this is obvious.  It starts to feel like 2 different parties are going on and the whole group doesn’t get a chance to “hang out”.  We would like some online place in which everyone can be on together!  It would be WAY more fun!  So, watch this space for details!!!

I think I have covered everything!  I will update this post once the event page is up.  More details about the drinking game will follow as will where the party will be held, in terms of an online location.  In the meantime, start thinking about what you want to watch and send us your suggestions!!!!  Suddenly, those semester finals don’t seem so tough to finish grading since now I have something to look forward to!