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A few of my best moments of 2015

30th of December, 2015. We’ve got about a day and a half left in this year, give or take depending upon where you are in the world. Speaking for myself, I’m happy to see this one end. I have friends who look at New Years with some sort of wide-eyed optimism for possibilities, and I’m not sure I’m in that camp. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m looking for a do-over, but I do kind of think of January as a sort of reboot. It’s a good time to sort of purge the system, clean the slate, and start over. Before I move forward, I like to close out the year with a good look back.

This is always a sort of strange time of year for me because typically either I’m sick (as I am this year), or my kids are sick…or even the husband (I shudder to think). It all adds up to where I almost never leave the house for that week between Christmas and New Years, and it is typically right about now when I’m starting to get cabin fever….which I am.  The idea of going out shopping sounds great in theory, but then I take a deep breath and realize that I shouldn’t be going anywhere just yet. And I’m exhausted just thinking about it…so instead I’ll try to recap some of my better moments of 2015.  Granted, I have to actually try to remember all of last year. My memory seems to stop right at April 1st.

January 2015 Katy Kafe

The first thing that comes to mind is the January 2015 Katy Kafe with John Taylor. It isn’t often that I go back an re-read blogs, particular those that were written nearly a year ago…but in searching for something else, I re-read this one. I can remember writing it with absolutely no idea what Paper Gods, or as I fondly call it, #DD14, would have to offer. I wrote about how excited John seemed. How passionate he came across about the new music…and I clearly recall having a sense of real anticipation for the year ahead.  It was a good, breakthrough moment to start the year, without a doubt.

“It’s like riding a bike, Rhonda – you don’t forget!” – Amanda (while we were trying to buy pre-sale tickets to the David Lynch Foundation show)

I remember the day that Duran Duran announced that they would appear and play at the David Lynch Foundation Gala at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. To begin with, I nearly choked on my coffee. I just wasn’t expecting that sort of news on that particular day. Then again, I must admit I’m almost never expecting show announcements and they always surprise me! I can remember sending texts to Amanda, full-well knowing she was in class, but I didn’t care. I even sent it with the “bat-code” for CHECK THIS RIGHT NOW.  I also remember how overjoyed I was at the very idea that they were going to be coming to LA after so long. I always joke that getting show announcements feels similar to having been running through the desert and you finally see a drinking fountain or a swimming pool. Naturally, I blogged about the hilarity of the pre-sales being one hour after the band announced the date, which you can re-read here. (It’s even new if you haven’t read it before!)

Hearing a snippet of Pressure Off for the very first time

In all fairness, I can’t seem to remember when this happened. Was it before or after David Lynch?  I’m thinking before. I know they had announced “Pressure Off” being the single by then, but even as I tried to search our archives, I couldn’t find mention of it. Probably because we were on Spring Break at the time. No matter, I remember listening/watching to a horribly distorted snippet of the song that one of the radio DJ’s who attended some sort of party that Warner put on up in Northern California – this was right after it was announced that DD had signed with Warner for this album. I must have watched that snippet (and searched for other longer versions) 50,000 times. I can remember listening quizzically – as though that single 30 second “snapshot” was going to give me all of the answers I was seeking about #DD14.  The one thing I do remember feeling though, was hope. I liked the tiny bit I’d heard.

I know that not long after that snippet made its way through the internet, Roger commented in a Katy Kafe that he really didn’t like that it had been posted because the production couldn’t really be heard. Gotta tell you, Roger – with all due respect – it didn’t matter.  Here’s the thing: and I’m speaking purely from the point of view as a fan – when fans find things like that online – just tiny little slices of new music and so forth, it’s really not about getting a full taste of the production quality. It’s about just hearing the tune, so to speak. I don’t think anyone truly watched that video with the idea that they’d judge the whole album by what was seen. It was more about satisfying the urge. Imagine being thirsty – I mean REALLY thirsty. You don’t sit down and think about what you want to drink. You just need some water, and you guzzle it. Quickly.  And then you refill the glass.

The David Lynch Foundation Gala

We were expecting one song but ended up with three, and had a fantastic time with friends both old and new.  One of the best nights I’d had in a very long time, and of course we tweeted, blogged, and Instagrammed our way through.  Plenty of people chuckled at the idea that Amanda would travel all the way to California for a single song, and I say to them that they just don’t get it. The band was a great backdrop, and sure – they were definitely a motivating factor, but it still comes down to friendship. Amanda and I hadn’t seen one another since the previous summer, and it was time.  There are also those photos with John, Dom & Simon, too.  Of course then we wondered just how much longer it would be before we’d see them again.

Pre-Sales (for the US shows in the Fall)

Yes, I know…pre-sales are both the joy and stress of being a fan. That said, there was something that felt very good about getting online, blood surging through my clogged arteries as I had Amanda on speaker phone that morning in May, both of us working to get the best tickets possible for the shows coming up in October. It felt good. It felt right…and despite that moment when she couldn’t get the darn website to take her credit card expiration date…we survived….and to think we hadn’t even heard the entire album yet.

Listening to Paper Gods

It felt so good to finally have the album in my hand. I relished in taking the time to really look at the icons and the artwork. I read over the liner notes, and then played the album itself non-stop for weeks (from start to finish each time, thank you!). After three years, many of the songs being released early, it finally felt like we’d made it. I remember the exact moment I finally “got” the album – not just hearing it but actually GETTING it. I called Amanda, triumphantly acknowledging that the album wasn’t just about the BAND….it was about fans as well. The album, as a whole (not counting the bonus songs) very much listens as a musical journey throughout the band’s career. There’s a reason why Simon suggests we listen to the album as a whole, all the way through, at least once.  Pure, unadulterated joy…and profound respect are feelings I can easily assign to Paper Gods.

The US Fall tour

Rather than just pick one show – I’m choosing to just say all of them. After three years, seeing the band was one of the best parts of this entire year.  From standing there in second row center at the Hollywood Bowl to leaning my elbows on the stage at Agua Caliente – I don’t think I will ever be able to top those moments as a music lover. What more could I really ever ask for?  I’m really not sure. I just know that the band exceeded my expectations, and whatever I enjoy from here on out is bonus.


There were so many other little moments I could have mentioned, but these were the big Duran Duran moments for me this year.  I also want to make mention that while I didn’t include the moment I read that all of the band members were fine and safe after the Paris terrorist attacks – on a very personal level, I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful. It didn’t seem right to include that in this list, nor did it seem right to include my pride in their decision to donate the their proceeds from EODM’s version of Save a Prayer to charity, but they are not forgotten. I will never forget that so many music lovers, like myself, did not come home from the simple act of going to a concert.


Living for Another Day

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, especially in recent months, you probably have sensed that the negatives of fandom, the discord within fandom, have dominated, at least in our lives.  That discord shadowed almost all of the positives, making it very difficult to continue with the blog, with our book, with even being a fan.  Yet, despite this, when Rhonda contacted me with the phrase that sets my heart racing (“THIS IS AN OFFICIAL DURANIE ALERT!!”) about the David Lynch show, I didn’t hesitate.  I told her to buy tickets and that I would come out for my Spring Break.  In the back of my mind, though, I knew that this trip would either be a bookend to my fandom journey or get it going again.  Spoiler alert—Since you are reading this, you can probably guess that this wasn’t the end for this Duranie!  Why?  Simple.  The trip showed me the absolute BEST of fandom.

We all know that fandom starts with an interest in a band, a TV show, a movie, an actor, a comic book, a sports team, or whatever.  I became a Duranie because of Duran Duran’s music.  My fan spirit was reinforced and solidified with seeing them live.  Yet, it has been years since I had seen them.  Was my memory about their live show off?  Did I imagine them to be amazing live?  I could live without seeing them live, right?  After all, it seemed like I would have to live without them, no matter what.  On Wednesday night, though, I along with many, many others was reminded of how good Duran is on stage.  Now, we know that it wasn’t the best performance of Duran’s career.  It couldn’t be–there were only 3 songs (SO HAPPY to get more than one song!)  It wasn’t their show–they were guests.  Still, it was enough to make me remember.  Ah, yes, they are as good as I remembered.  And, yes, I wasn’t wrong to become a fan, a Duranie.

What did I really learn?  It wasn’t that my memory was off.  It was more that Duran Droughts are a killer and one that I hope is just about done.  In fact, I hope that the rain showers we have been experiencing lately with their performance at the Lynch show, the leaked snippets of Pressure Off, the news of their signing with Warner Brothers Records and more leads to a steady rain, at the very least, or a downpour leading to a flood of Duran!

Ace Theater Wristbands
Wristbands declaring that we are “grown ups”!

Would those three songs have made this one of the best fandom trips ever?  Of course not!  There was a lot more to it!  I met a lot of great people at this show and got to see others I haven’t seen in awhile!  On top of the fact that these fans were fun and were ready to have fun; they were the kinds of fans I want to be around.

We have frequently talked about the game playing that too often happens within fandom.  You know that game.  It is the one that people play because they think it will mean more time or more interaction or more something with a band member or three.  It often means pushing other fans out of the pave to the band member(s), metaphorically speaking.  On the night of the first, I didn’t witness any game playing.  Yes, some band members were around and were fairly accessible to fans.  In the past, when this happens, I have seen good, kind people turn into the exact opposite.  This time, though, people helped each other out whether it be by stepping aside so that one person could approach the favorite band member or by taking pictures for others.  Then, even more importantly, fans were excited for other fans!  No one was upset that  she didn’t get a picture while others did.  In fact, everyone’s support, encouragement and excitement for others just increased the good moods and the good time!

On top of seeing Duran live and sharing a fun experience with other fans, I was also reminded of how incredibly fun touring is!  (Yes, I know that we didn’t “tour” because we only did one show with just three s4. Liquid lunch at Nixon on top of the Luxeongs.  It is the term we use to capture the entire experience, no matter how many shows we go to!)  Rhonda and I stayed at a great hotel (Luxe City Center) with modern, spacious rooms that came with a couple of free cocktails and that great deal on the  sangria pitcher that Rhonda mentioned yesterday).

We stayed there for two nights, which allowed us both to have a break from real life and reality.  Beyond that, we were able to consume a couple vodka tonics (okay…so…we might have consumOn the rooftop bared a few more than that!!), stay up late, eat out, walk around a city, laugh and laugh and more!  It gave Rhonda and I plenty of time to talk, to really catch up and renew our friendship.

While I wondered if this trip would be worth it, both financially and emotionally, I now know that it absolutely was.  It was renewed my fandom spirit and reminded me how fandom truly can have rhyme to it and how it can be the best thing to be a part of!  I met some great people, got to hang out with my best friend, and saw a few songs performed by that little band we talk about, sometimes.  Oh yeah…I suppose that picture with John Taylor didn’t hurt either!

So, when can we do it again?!?!!!!