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Give Me a Sign

It is true, I have some of the best friends the world could offer.  I say that with complete bias, and in truth, I sit here wondering how I could have ever gotten so lucky.  As always, the answer (I believe) comes back to Duran Duran.

I curse (at) that band sometimes. Things don’t always (read: rarely) work out for me, and it’s hard to ignore that by sheer appearances – some people have ALL the luck and others have none. Of course that’s likely not reality – it’s merely perception, and one can’t really spend a lot of time thinking about all the ways in which they’ve been overlooked or wronged because it’s a waste of time.  But I still take out the occasional disappointment on them by complaining about ticket prices or proclaiming that it seems like the same basic group of people always win contests.  Then I get busy here at home, count my own blessings, and realize that I really am lucky.

This week is a prime example. If the world had worked out the way I felt it should, I would have been getting ready to drive up to Monterey yesterday. In doing so though, I would have missed my son’s school orientation. We have the same orientation every year, so it’s not as though it would have been horrible to miss it, but even so, the potential mom-guilt lingered in my head. Then there is today, where I would have missed a ton of things in favor of being in Monterey. My youngest is going into first grade and has absolutely nothing good to say about the upcoming school year aside from getting her own desk (last year they didn’t have actual desks), wearing a backpack to school and perhaps a longer recess. Today the class lists are posted, and I suspect a motherly pep-talk will be in order. If I were in Monterey, I couldn’t be here to do that, and Heather – my oldest – would have had to take my place. There’s a Robotics team meeting for my son, homeschooling to do, lunches to make for tomorrow, and a special “Night Before First Grade” book to read before bedtime. All things that can be done by others, but I’m Mom.  Most importantly, tomorrow marks the very first day of school. Had I gone to Monterey, I don’t think I would have made it back home in time for the morning “festivities”. My youngest will need to be walked to school, and my oldest – Heather – will begin her Senior year. There are photos to be taken, and probably a few tears of my own to be shed. It’s the very first year in six years that I will actually be alone in this house for a full day. I made it! AGAIN! Sure, someone else could have done all of that, but I’m Mom.

So while I am slightly melancholy about the idea that the band is in the same state as I am and yet I’m nowhere near by, as I mentioned yesterday – I’m about 600 miles (give or take) away – I’m also relieved that I’m here at home. Even so, as I posted yesterday about the possibilities of meeting the band at the airport, there was a part of me that wished I could throw caution to the wind and go have some fun. Then our power went out….over and over again…and the afternoon took on a life of it’s own. We were having power surges, which is bizarre because we don’t have them here…EVER…and my phone was out of battery as well. So it wasn’t until fairly late last night that I saw this:

Gimme a Sign

I’m not really much of a bragger, but this?!? I have to share. You see, while I was running around here at home trying to make dinner in between resetting my clocks and other appliances, my friend Krista had to drive “all the way to Millbrae to find a Starbucks” yesterday.  (Hardly, but I’ll never tell…) Amazingly, she found herself at the airport and ran into some guitar player she recognized. Not only did Krista have the wherewithal to ask for a photo – she had made a SIGN. For me!!  Do you see the Daily Duranie logo on there?!? So even though I wasn’t really there, I was kind of really THERE. (I can’t help but note that while I still don’t have a photo with Dom, my name does. I’m getting closer!!)  Thank you to Krista and to Dom, for being a really good sport.

My jaw dropped when I saw the photo, and…just as the power died yet again…I tried to tweet back. I didn’t know what to say. It’s really, really nice to have someone think of you during their own time of triumph. I don’t have photos with anyone from the band, and while I talk a really good game here online, the fact is, I probably wouldn’t have ever gone to the airport on my own to meet them. Too shy. I remember when Amanda and I went to London and she had to basically FORCE me to go to the studio and stand outside. I thought I was going to be ill many, MANY times that day while standing there.  Maybe that’s the subject of a future blog…

I really am lucky. No, I don’t have tickets to Monterey. No, I don’t have tickets to Austin either…and I may have to really cut back on the amount of shows I do for this next tour or find a benefactor (ha!) willing to help me out so that I can go to a few, but I have great friends who care about me. (and one who doesn’t mind posing for silly pictures after an 11 or 12 hour flight!!) I wouldn’t have met Krista or Amanda (or Dom) or really any of you had it not been for Duran Duran. It always comes back to that crazy band.  I’m lucky.


(I have to laugh…if you recognize the line of lyric I used, you’ll know why.)

Airports and Code Purple

So this Tuesday finds me wondering about my fellow fans out there.  How many of you have gone to an airport to wait for the band to arrive?

Let’s face it – I’ve never done it, and not entirely because I didn’t want to go, but rather, because I’m not that good of an investigator and never really know when and where to go.  The few times I’ve had great information – I’ve been 600 miles away, and I’m not just talking about yesterday when I may or may not have seen a tweet from a certain band member mentioning where he’s flying in today.

Truth be told, I’m desperate.  If desperation had a stench, I’d be stinking up the place by now.  I miss the band. I’m sure many of you are also raising your hands in unison. I have absolutely zero chances of attending a show any time soon – I can’t afford a $300 ticket to see them in Austin, and I certainly am not going to be driving up to Monterey today to go see them at the Mazda show tomorrow.  Like most of the Duranie world – I’m stuck watching them at home, and I’ll just pretend it’s going to be the greatest thing ever.

So when a few of us were discussing the potential elations and pitfalls of meeting the band at the airport yesterday, I wondered how many other fans still go. I won’t lie – I’m torn. On one hand, the part of me that is still feeling young thinks it’s a fantastic idea. You go, you see the band…it’s like getting a fix!  On the other hand, the part of me that battles hot flashes and wonders just how much longer I can really keep pretending I’m in my 20s when we all know I’m cruising into my mid-40s thinks I’m insane for even thinking about it.  I mean, just last night I laid awake (while trying to survive another hot flash) wondering just how much longer I can really keep going to shows. Is there really a place for a woman at a show that needs a personal cooling fan, and not just because of the band being right in front of her?!?  Probably not.  Can you imagine what I’d look like when I finally DID run into….well…any one of the band members?  As a good friend of mine mentioned on Twitter last week (regarding something else entirely), I’d go Code Purple.  And sweaty. Ick.  Seriously?!?  I think more could have been done to warn me that this was coming, because maybe then I would have taken more of the opportunities that came my way back then…assuming that there were some. (there really weren’t, but let’s just pretend for a second.)

I ended the conversation yesterday encouraging my friend to go run and free her inner Duranie. Go to the airport. Say hello to all of them. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know they still have support from fans…even the fans who didn’t win tickets to see them at their only show on the West Coast this year.

In the meantime, I’ll continue pondering this as I consider desperation, hot flashes and fandom.  (that really could be a whole new blog for me…)