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Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018!

Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived!  While this year might be different for Rhonda and myself, we still appreciate Duran Duran and want to acknowledge them and all that they have given to us.  They have provided an extensive and fabulous catalog of music, videos and more.  On top of that, they have always been a catalyst to good times as they have brought so many of us together.  Sometimes, that gathering only exists online for a few minutes and other times that connection lasts a lifetime.  I know that when I look back on the best times of my life, it is pretty common to have Duran Duran factor in there somewhere.  My gratitude and love cannot be measured.

As I mentioned last weekend, this year’s special day is not as we would have liked.  Ideally, we would be hosting our convention right about now but it was not meant to be.  Then, we hoped to at least host a party online to bring people together to celebrate together.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards either.  I guess this just means that have to party it up twice as long or twice as intense next year, right?  That is what I think, anyway.  Of course, I cannot let the day go past with just this little blog post.  Nope.  I asked for songs, videos, etc. to include on a YouTube playlist.  I have included it below.  Heck, why not include previous year’s playlists, too.  Then, people can easily watch and listen to Duran Duran all day today (if not more).





On that note, Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018, Duranies!  Hope the day is amazing for each and every one of you!!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018 Prep

Sometimes, life does not work out the way you had hoped.  At the end of 2017, Rhonda and I began planning for another convention, bringing Duranies from all over to Las Vegas during Duran Duran Appreciation Day weekend.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and we had to cancel those plans.  Hopefully, we will be able to plan one in the next couple of years.  Then, summer came and I had high hopes that we might be able to at least host a party for our special holiday.  Like the convention plans, that idea had to be pushed aside as well.  My nieces will be in town that day as we prepare to take my eldest niece back to college on the 11th.  So much for celebrating Duran Duran.

Yet, I cannot allow that to happen.  I just can’t.  I have to do something to acknowledge the day, right?  So, how can I do that with very limited amount of time?  After all, the plan that day is to take my nieces to a nearby water park (something that I have been promising them for literally years).  Hmm…I think about what we have done in the past.  Well, during our online parties, we usually watch a playlist we put together on YouTube while watching together, enjoying a few beverages and chatting online.  While I cannot commit to watching together, I can at least put together a playlist for this year that people can enjoy whenever they are available.  Maybe people can have smaller parties, whether online or in person.

Let’s take this a step farther.  Why should I create the playlist all on my own?  While I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to all things Duran, it shouldn’t be about me or me and Rhonda.  It should be about all Duran Duran fans.  I will create the playlist from YOUR suggestions.  What do you think should be included in this year’s playlist?  What is something Duran that you have been really digging?  Maybe it is a new favorite song, one that you have a new appreciation for.  What is the video that you go to when you need a pick-me-up?  What about your favorite video, interview or live track?  Perhaps, you have some side project songs or videos that you love, love, love.  So, I’m asking all of you.  What should be included in this year’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day Playlist?


Shake up the pitcher*, the lizard mixture: Planning for Durandemonium 2018

*Yes, I spelled the word incorrectly. ON PURPOSE. See what I did there?

It has been a couple of weeks since I gave any sort of an update on convention planning.

First of all, we are still moving forward with plans! If you haven’t already marked August 9-12 as Durandemonium 2018 on your calendar, you should! We have been emailing with our contact at the Hard Rock Cafe (shout out to Jason!), thus begins the number crunching portion of convention planning….stay tuned!

What I am looking for currently, however, are any ideas that past DD convention goers, planners, etc, might like to see and do in August.

Yes, we all know we’d like the band there. Maybe they should just do a Vegas show over the weekend of Durandemonium 2018. Problem solved! 😀

Note to all Duranies and anyone else out there: pretty sure there’s not a Vegas show anywhere on their 2018 calendar…but I just figured I’d throw it out there to anyone who may be reading. Can’t get anything if you don’t ASK. For that matter, I’d take any one or more of them, including the touring band – Dom, Anna, Erin, Simon W. or even their road team or someone who has worked with the band – to appear for an hour, take some questions, and do photos/sign stuff. (If I’m gonna ask, I’m going to go BIG.)

Oh and yes, we’re willing to pay. We’re not kidding. Email us. dailyduranie@gmail.com 

In all seriousness, what activities sound like fun for Durandemonium 2018? We’ve brainstormed about a vendor area for sales/trading, games and trivia, a video party similar to what we do online each year for DD Appreciation Day, perhaps even a guest panel. Is there anyone you’d like to see/hear from? Do you have a burning desire to plan a specific activity? Talk to us!  A Vegas show you’re dying to see? A specific video/interview/etc you want to see? Let us know!  As exclusive as this invite-only event will be, we want it to be fun.

I’m also thinking about theme. We have a general idea that may or may not involve costumes. Who says DD fans can’t/don’t do cosplay?!? If you have any light bulb moments you want to share, we are open to ideas!

I don’t have specific information regarding ticket costs yet. Amanda and I just got some information from Hard Rock Cafe that we need to go through, and some figuring to do. We want to treat our guests to a weekend they’ll be still be talking about through the next tour, but that information is coming soon.


Amanda and I chose not to assemble a volunteer committee as early on this time because much of the decision-making comes down to the two of us. However, there will come a time when we are reaching out to those who are willing to be an integral part of the weekend.  That said, we are very open to hearing ideas, so fill our inbox!

Hoping to be posting concrete information very soon….



A 2018 Duran Convention??

There is one question that Rhonda and I have asked ourselves a lot over the last week or so.  That question is:  Have we lost our minds?!?  Why are we asking this?  What else would we be asking ourselves considering that we are seriously thinking about organizing another Duran fan convention.

To catch people up who might not have been around a few years ago, Rhonda and I organized a weekend long convention in 2013 in Chicago with the help of some good friends.  We called that little love child, Durandemonium, and featured various activities, including an author’s panel, Duran games, a banquet, a dance, clubbing at an 80s club, watching A Diamond in the Mind at a movie theater and more.  While we didn’t have a huge crowd, it was very successful in that those who attended had a great time!!  Many people there met many other fans who they are now good friends with.  As organizers, we could not ask for more!

Sounds fabulous…so why would that make us crazy?!  Well, as organizers, you can imagine that there is work to organize and create such an event.  On top of that, we experienced some stress as we had to sign various contracts that put us in some financial risk (well…a little more than some but…thankfully, we were able to pay our bills!).  Despite whatever stress we had, we recognized that we had learned a lot from organizing that convention and that, at some point, the time would be right to plan another.  A few factors weigh in our decision:  Are we in the right place and time for us to carve out a huge chuck of time into doing this?  (Not really…but I have learned no timing is perfect!  Plus, it is good to have something to look forward to!).  Do we have a location that might work well?  Last time, we loved having it in Chicago but some details weren’t ideal.  So, if we could find an ideal place…that might be a sign.  Is there interest in the fans?  Are people willing to pay enough to cover the costs of putting something like this on?

Well, we are trying to figure out the answers to those questions.  We think we would be able to squeeze in the necessary time and energy to organize another convention despite having other things on our to-do list.  As for the location, we are working on that.  Right now, we think we might have a perfect place at a perfect time.  What about the fans?  Last night, we put out a poll on our Twitter and our Facebook page to see if there is indeed interest enough to pursue this idea.  What exactly was the poll?  Simple.  Would you be willing to spend about $200-$250 for a 3 day Duran Duran convention over a weekend during DD Appreciation Day in Vegas?  We also explained some of the ideas we are thinking of:  author panels, video viewing, our DD Appreciation Day online video parties but in person, games, possibly live band(s), a banquet, a full-40th anniversary celebration for fans, with a recreation of the Rum Runner and/or Only After Dark.  Obviously, these are only initial ideas.  As we move forward (assuming we do) and develop more specifics, including a schedule, we will definitely keep all of you in the loop!

Right now, the response says that we should move forward, which is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking.  All in all, it is pretty exciting!  If you haven’t voted, there is still time to do so!  To vote on twitter, go here:  https://twitter.com/DailyDuranie For facebook go here:  https://www.facebook.com/dailyduranieblog/.      

On that note, I have to work on venue specifics!  Until then, go vote and share the info with others so they can go vote!  We appreciate it!