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All of Which I Deny: Duran Tour Dates

Is it me or does it feel like the world just sucks right now?  The news feels full of nothing but tragedy, war, tension, grief…fear.  In thinking about the events of the last couple of months, I think about what John pointed out in the Katy Kafe that Rhonda blogged about yesterday (you can read that here), which is that concerts are supposed to be safe places, away from society’s ills.  Concerts are supposed to be escape, including Duran Duran concerts.  They are meant to be fun, a party.  Attendees can forget about their lives, their problems, their frustrations and just have a good time.  This idea is such a strong one for me that I find myself thinking more about show when my world is less than ideal.  My desire to go on tour grows as I find myself more and more frustrated with “real life”.  I didn’t really realize that, though, until this very week.

I hate the weeks at work right after a little vacation.  I know that I should feel refreshed and full of patience but the exact opposite seems to happen.  Annoyance and irritability creep in quickly when I realize how short my break actually was.  I joked this week that I forgot about being rested from vacation about 15 minutes into the school day on Monday morning after looking at my email about upcoming staff meetings.  How did I deal with this crabby mood?  Simple.  I started thinking about Duran shows.  Were my thoughts about Duran shows fed by seeing tweets and posts from friends on tour in the UK?  Absolutely.  Did it help that Rhonda sent me a video clip she had found from the Manchester show?  Of course!  I started to think about how much I wanted Duran shows to look forward to!  I wanted to put my energy into something fun as opposed to frustrating like work or upsetting like national or international news.    I wanted that escape that we know Duran shows give!

Interestingly enough, the most recent Katy Kafe has only increased my desire to focus on upcoming Duran shows or an upcoming Duran tour because John Taylor mentioned a plan to tour the US in 2016.  He said that they hoped to do shows here in the spring and another wave of shows in August at outdoor venues.  Now, the normal, not-annoyed-with-world Amanda would objectively ponder details like:  When would presales happen?  Will I have money to get tickets then?  Could they just announce the dates THEN do presales  like a month or so later?  Should they be playing outdoor venues in the HEAT of SUMMER?  Nick got sick during a similar tour in 2012.  Is that the best course of action for them or us?  Yet, I don’t feel like things are very normal right now.  I don’t want to be practical.  I don’t want to be afraid that these spring dates will be such that they are super hard for me and/or Rhonda to attend.  I don’t want to worry about money.  No, I want that escape.  I want…no…NEED a break from reality.  I need the fun.

Will the always-practical Amanda return?  Probably.  I’m sure that even if tour dates came out tomorrow and presales followed quickly after that, I wouldn’t buy tickets to all shows as much as I would want to.  I would end up factoring  work, cost, timing, family duties, etc. as Rhonda would do the same.  After thinking it all through, we would make the best decisions we could while considering all of our responsibilities.  Maturity would reign.  Still, I can’t help wishing for the escape, the escape from the world’s problems and personal frustrations.  I also wish that I could just let go of responsibilities for awhile and just do whatever in order to have fun.  I long to be a little crazy, a little impulsive.  I guess part of me just wishes that I could say to work, “Bye work.  I’m leaving to go on tour.  I’ll be back when it is done.  Maybe.”  As I always point out, dreams are free.

On that note, does anyone else have good Duran clips that you have seen that would provide me with some joy, some real world avoidance?!  Maybe I’ll just watch the video Rhonda sent me again here:


Duran Duran News – 12/8 to 12/14

This week was an interesting one in terms of Duran Duran news.  While I can’t say it was quiet, did it contain a lot actual news or was it  mostly rumor?  Read on and see what you think.

John Taylor at the House of Commons

Duranduran.com reported that John Taylor visited the House of Commons (the UK equivalent to the US House of Representatives) to present a report on Addiction created by the Centre of Social Justice.  From the press release and what I read, it offers many actions that the UK government could take to work on addiction throughout the country.  Good for John for continuing his work in this area!

 December Giveaways

According to DuranDuranMusic.com, there was a winner of week one of the fan community’s giveaway, which was a signed cd.  The lucky winner was Kathy Ponder.  Congrats go out to Kathy!  Last week, they were giving away 3 2015 calendars.  This week, they are giving away three signed copies of John’s autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove.

Katy Kafe

The end of the year Katy Kafes have started!  This past week, Roger visited the Kafe.  Rhonda covered the highlights and her reaction here.

Ask Katy

There was a new Ask Katy question this week.  The focus was on Denis O’Regan’s book of photographs, Careless Memories.  We, of course, have talked about this book many times, which you can read here and here.

Gavin Elder

Maybe you are someone like me who likes to find out about the team behind the scenes working with Duran Duran.  Perhaps, you like the visual aspect of the band.  If so, then I definitely recommend watching this video on Gavin Elder, the film maker who has been working with Duran since, basically, the reunion shows.

 More Studio Work

Duran Duran’s Facebook posted a new picture from the studio this week.  John Taylor also posted some new pictures on Instagram this week, including one of him in a Santa hat.  Merry Christmas, indeed.

Studio December 2014

I think that was about it.  Yes, there were rumors.  We covered those through the week.  Until next week…



Year End Katy Kafe with Roger Taylor

Today brings Roger Taylor to the Katy Kafe. I always know it’s December when Katy announces Year End Kafes, and it’s a happy Monday because today the first one was posted!

Roger Taylor Goes Retro with Do They Know It’s Christmas

The purpose of the Year End Kafe’s are to wrap up the year, and today Roger Taylor took time out from the final (we’ll see about that) mixing of the album to chat. They began retro-style, by talking about “Do They Know it’s Christmas?”.  Katy asked Roger Taylor how he felt about it being the 30th anniversary for the record, and Roger responded saying that his first feeling upon hearing it each year is “annoyed”.  I guess he’s tired of hearing it after all these years…which I can understand. Completely.  (Although this is not the song I would have in mind while feeling that way…) He did say though that it’s “amazing that Bob [Geldof] got them all together”, and back then, bands were very tribal. There were a lot of bands in that group that would have never spoken to one another outside of an event like that. Who knew!?!

Roger Taylor’s Favorite Concert of 2014

Recently Roger went to see Peter Gabriel at Wembley, which he said was an amazing show (he likes that word almost as much as Americans like the word “awesome”).  He talks about the lights and shades of the show and his records, which reminds me of the Duran Duran lyric that I know each and every single one of you worth your Duranie membership card is singing in your head right this minute.  “Come on show me all the light and shade that made your name”.  Song?  Lonely In Your Nightmare for the win, Alex!!  (The game show Jeopardy. If you’re not from the US, you have no idea what I’m going on about. Google it.) Moving on…Katy asked about my very favorite Peter Gabriel song ever, wondering if Peter played “In Your Eyes”.  Roger responds saying that yes, it was the last song and that yes…it was “AMAZING”.  Of course it was, Roger.  It’s “In Your Eyes”!!!  Roger says we all need to go see it live or listen to it on YouTube…so you guessed it, I have it here:

Roger Taylor’s Favorite Album of 2014

For Roger, the favorite album of the year came later than expected as he very recently discovered a band called Jungle that is very big in the UK.  Roger says that the band has a Marvin Gaye retro-feel and that he loves the album.  You can hear Time here and Heat here.

Additionally, Roger talks about the latest Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, which was mixed by none other than Spike Stent.  He cites the depth of the album, and the light of some of the songs, saying that these two albums are his favorites of the year.

Roger Taylor On His Best (or Favorite) Events of the Year

Roger begins with a huge personal event – his youngest son Julian just appeared in his first Nativity event as a shepherd. According to Roger, he sang, had some lines and even danced. I’m sure he was adorable!!  Let’s face it this event was probably FAR better than the Duran Duran event in Austin, which of course was the next event Roger mentioned.

The F-1 Fan Fest in Austin whet the band’s appetite for playing live again, he says. They played for an hour and a half, and he really enjoyed the race the following day.

Roger also made mention of the Teenage Cancer Trust in London. He said this show was particularly fun because of the “real” Duran Duran fans in attendance at the show.

For the band, 2014 was really about finishing the album. Roger claims that the album “really is nearly finished”, saying that they are spending 10-12 hours a day in the studio to get it done.  Something tells me they’re hoping to be finished by the new year, if not Christmas. I’ll say that by the way Nick looked in the Lindsay Lohan photo from earlier today, he’s never left that studio! He had a bit of the “I-am-crazed-and-haven’t-left-the-studio-in-a-few-days” look going on there.

Roger Taylor looks ahead to 2015

Roger says he’s looking forward to people hearing the new album, and playing again. He says that they are steadily building towards that moment when it is released from the studio, which feels like a moment of freedom. He continued, saying that they need to work on the business-side and get that completed in the next few months and then hopefully if all goes well we will actually hear new music by April or May, but maybe not the entire record.  (Let me just say that this is the third or fourth year in a row we’ve heard something similar…and it’s getting tougher and tougher to believe or even have ANY kind of understanding of what sort of album we’re going to be getting.)

Roger says he’s working on “Durantime”…which in turn Katy likened to the movie, Interstellar.  I’m not sure if any of you have seen that, but basically the astronauts think they’ve only been gone two years when in fact they’ve been gone something like twenty-three. There’s that whole time-warp thing, you know. Roger Taylor, ever-the-sensible-one, replied half under his breath,  “Oh, don’t say that…the NEXT album could very well be that way!” (That’s not a good plan unless they’re looking to have all the Duranies show up on various band member doorsteps to motivate them….just saying.)

They finish up with Katy asking about an album title, of which there still is not one (Yes there is – it’s #DD14, don’t you know?!?), and Roger saying “Time does fly in between Duran Duran albums” when Katy mentions that her son Tanner was just a baby when All You Need is Now was released, and Roger’s son Julian hadn’t even been born.

You’re right Roger, time DOES fly.  Four years is a very long time, even by Duran Duran standards.