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Fear Today, Forgot Tomorrow

One aspect of Duran Duran’s songs that I appreciate is how the meaning of their songs can mean different things to each individual person and can be interpreted in multiple ways even to the same person over time.  Even songs that seem obvious in terms of what they mean can be seen from different perspectives.  One song like that is Ordinary World.  We all know that the lyrics are about the loss of Simon’s friend, which means that the song can be easily applied to any situation of grief.  For me, personally, I have never listened to the song to deal with my own grief, but I have used the song to deal with what life has thrown at me.  For instance, I remember listening to the song when I had first moved to Madison.  I didn’t know anyone and was trying to figure out how this whole adulthood worked.  Needless to say, I needed to find my ordinary world.

Now, I find myself listening to the song in a new way.  If you are in the United States, I’m sure you know that Tuesday is Election Day.  While I have been working hard to ensure that candidates I support win, the reason for this is as much about the people themselves and my desire to find an ordinary world.  Since 2016 and even 2010, I feel like my ordinary world left me.  Here’s the deal.  The results of elections affect people.  They have consequences.  They did for me and they have for people I care about, including my students.  I feel like Simon in that the life that I recognized went away.  I am seeking a new less terrifying world, one in which people are not attacked for who they are, what they do for a living or how they want to find happiness and opportunity.

The thing about the song, Ordinary World, is that it seems to speak about a moment in which a life marker is placed, something to show something significant happened.  There is life before and life after.  That is how I feel about both 2010 and 2016.  The end of 2010 and 2011 was tough with family deaths and challenges at work and with work.  You know what got me through?  Duran Duran.  They helped me find as normal, as ordinary of a world as possible.  I had something to focus on that eased the pain, the grief.  Unfortunately, I did not have as much Duran related activities to distract, to help me get through since 2016.  Sometimes, I am thankful that I can just focus on my activism and what needs to be done.  After all, what happens in my community, state, country and world matters a lot to me and I refuse to be a spectator.  That said, having some fun helps give me the necessary breaks to keep going, to keep fighting.

Thankfully, I do have a few Duran related events that I can now look forward to.  I have a couple of shows in February and I suspect that Rhonda will be announcing that it looks like we will be able to plan for a mini-Durandemonium for February in Vegas.   Stay tuned for details.  All that said, I’ll be really excited if it feels like my ordinary world can return.  Tuesday will tell.  (If you live in the United States, please VOTE people.  I strongly believe that this is the most important election in my lifetime and your voice matters.)


Words to Images: Next Set of Daily Questions

Tomorrow will be the last day that the daily question will focus on Duran Duran lyrics.  Over the last few months or so, our questions have asked fans about which songs feature the best lyrics and then what are those fabulous lyrics.  Let me offer a recap of the results.  First, what song has the best lyrics on each album, according to our voters?

  • Self-titled:  Careless Memories
  • Rio:  New Religion
  • Seven and the Ragged Tiger:  The Seventh Stranger
  • Notorious:  A Matter of Feeling
  • Big Thing:  Do You Believe in Shame
  • Liberty:  Serious
  • The Wedding Album:  Ordinary World
  • Medazzaland:  Out of my Mind
  • Pop Trash:  Someone Else Not Me
  • Astronaut:  What Happens Tomorrow
  • Red Carpet Massacre:  Falling Down
  • All You Need Is Now:  Before the Rain
  • Paper Gods:  What Are the Chances
  • B-Sides:  Secret Oktober

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stop to analyze those results.  First thing I noticed when I glanced at these results is how often more of the ballad-type songs were chosen as the ones with the best lyrics.  Some examples of that include the Seventh Stranger, Do You Believe in Shame, Ordinary World, Falling Down, etc.  The other way to say that is the more upbeat or rockier songs were often not chosen with the exception of Careless Memories.  The second thing I noticed is that frequently the songs chosen were the most well-known songs from the album.  There are many examples of this like Someone Else Not Me, Serious, and Ordinary World.  My last big observation is probably the most interesting one.  Over time, people have talked about Simon’s lyrics and how they used to be really obscure and poetic.  Frequently, that statement is followed by the idea that those types of lyrics are missed.  Many of those songs were not not chosen.  For instance, the Chauffeur wasn’t chosen.  There are a lot more poetic lyrics than Someone Else Not Me on the Pop Trash album, in my opinion.  It seems to me that people prefer those lyrics that they can relate to easily.

Let’s take a look at the lyrics chosen from those songs:

  • Careless Memories:  “On the table, signs of love lies scattered”
  • New Religion:  “I might just be right this time (searching for the undeniable truth that a man is just a fool)
  • The Seventh Stranger:  “Echoes growing in the heart of twilight”
  • A Matter of Feeling:  “Steal away in the morning, love’s already history to you”
  • Do You Believe in Shame:  “And it may seem selfish now but I’ll hold on to the memory until all this fear is washed away”
  • Serious:  “Don’t worry if you’re confused, we all tend to be sometimes”
  • Ordinary World:  “Still I can’t escape the ghost of you”
  • Out of my Mind:  “Without you what’s left to believe”
  • Someone Else Not Me:  “The hardest thing is to let go”
  • What Happens Tomorrow:  “There are times we punish those who we need the most”
  • Falling Down:  “Why has the sky turned grey”
  • Before the Rain:  “Lost hearts and words that are spoken to the wind”
  • What Are the Chances:  “Is it out of choice that you’re next to me or just the aftermath of moments as they pass”
  • Secret Oktober:  “And smile when the butterfly escapes the killing jar”

As of right now, we don’t know what lyric will be decided to be the best.  There are three lyrics left that people are choosing from, including the favorite lyric from Do You Believe in Shame, What Happens Tomorrow or the Seventh Stranger.  It will be interesting to see which one will win.

After that, we need to make a shift.  We have been focused on words for a long time.  It is time to appreciate the visual, the image, the videos.  While we have asked about favorite videos before, this time, we want to know which video is the sexiest, the funniest, the most clever, etc.  What should we ask when it comes to the videos?  Is there a question we should be asking?  If so, please let us know.  I, for one, am looking forward to the next set of questions!