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The 2020 Version of My Favorites

If you are anything like me, you have some songs and videos that you love all the time. Then, there are others that you weren’t into last week, last month, last year or last decade that all of a sudden got under your skin. If I had to come up with a Top 10 on any given day, it would be different than the previous time or the next time, even with some standards. I don’t think I’m alone with this. Why do they change? Sometimes, I think it is life circumstances or what is going on that changes things. I don’t think I gave a song or video the chance that it needed, at times. Anyway, I started thinking about this because of my recent birthday. I think those days are always good ones to take stock in one’s life, acknowledge what has changed, what remains the same and more. As I was spending time in my office that day, surrounded by Duran Duran posters, vinyl, memorabilia, etc., I recognized that being a Duranie has been a constant, not just over a year or decade but decades. Long term. While that has not changed, my favorites have. For instances, when I was a kid, I loved the Reflex. I still credit it as having made me a Duranie for life, but it does not excite like it once did. (I think that is due to me overplaying it by about a million or ten.) So, I thought it might be fun to start a new tradition to track this. What would I put on my current top 10 list?

Planet Earth

This one remains at the very top of my list and has for quite awhile. I definitely prefer an amazing live version like this one!

Sunrise/New Moon on Monday

Speaking of amazing live performances, I adored each and every time the band played Sunrise with a little New Moon on Monday added in. New Moon is one of the songs that I dismissed as a kid. I would have said that I liked it but I didn’t love it. Now, it is a definite favorite. As for Sunrise, that song reminds me of such good times that I especially treasure now.

Careless Memories

Clearly, I’m on a “that song sounds great live” pattern. I suspect that part of it is that I’m missing Duran Duran live. That said, isn’t Careless Memories always awesome live? I think so! I particularly loved it each and every time I saw it with anime!

Hold Back the Rain

This song is similar to New Moon on Monday. I liked it as a kid but now I love it! I remember when they busted this one out in the summer of 2017 and how excited everyone was around me. So fun!

Pressure Off

Of course, not every favorite makes me think of a live version. While I love Pressure Off live (especially with the confetti!), the video always makes me smile!

What Are the Chances

This is another new favorite of mine. I especially love this particular performance. There is just something about this song and the lyrics that really grab me.

Before the Rain

I think I will always believe that this song is a masterpiece. I loved when the band decided to start their shows with this song. I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Secret Oktober

This is definitely my favorite b-side. I will never forget seeing this one live in Brighton, England in November of 2011. I never thought I would see it and it made a monumental trip all the more fabulous.

Finest Hour

I’m quite possibly the only one who would put this song on my Top 10 list but I adore it. I love that this song’s lyrics can be used to represent so many different things. Everyone could probably relate. I have used it many times to motivate me during political campaigns and one that I will be listening to lots as November gets closer.

The Seventh Stranger

As a kid, I totally overlooked this song. As an adult, I grew to appreciate it. Then, I saw it live and the performance, especially with the video that accompanied it, is one that has stuck with me ever since.

So, there are my top 10 as of right now, in 2020. Ask me tomorrow, next week or next month and I might give a different list. What is on your list right now?


Ms. MoJo’s Top 10 Duran DUran Songs

Are you familiar with the YouTube channel Ms.Mojo? It is a channel that likes to have countdowns of pretty much everything pop culture. I have seen it pop up most often when it comes to TV shows, movies or actors but the other day YouTube recommended the Top 10 Duran Duran songs. Well, then. I’m a sucker for Top 10 lists, especially when it comes to Duran so I figured I would give it a try. Unsurprisingly, I had some opinions about the choices.

Before I dive into the choices, I do appreciate that the channel not only counts down from 10 but also includes honorable mentions and some information about the song. In this case, they made the list based on “fan favorites” and commercial success. I wish I knew what they meant by fan favorites. Who did they ask? I suspect that the responses might be different if they questioned the readers of this blog, for example. On that note, let’s begin.

Honorable Mentions

The honorable mentions were New Religion, Notorious, Out of my Mind, The Chauffeur, and Union of the Snake. Overall, I thought the honorable mentions were solid. In particular, I was pleased to see Out of my Mind on the list because there are so many albums and songs from the less popular eras that get ignored but should not.

Number 10: Planet Earth

The argument here is that the song showcased both the combination of new wave and synth pop. It was also a Top 20 UK hit. It is my personal favorite song so I’m glad that it is on the list.

Number 9: Come Undone

Ms.Mojo referred to Come Undone as an alternative rock sound with male and female vocals. Of course, it also did well commercially. Now, you all know that I’m not the biggest fan of this song but I was not surprised that this made the list.

Number 8: A View to a Kill

This song will almost always be featured on top 10 lists like this forever due to being the only number one James Bond theme song. The channel described the song as a mix between rock and new wave. This was a song that I loved as a kid but have not loved as much as I have gotten older.

Number 7: Ordinary World

I would have been shocked if this wasn’t on the list. It is probably one of the Duran’s most well-known songs. While there are times that I am tired of the song, I cannot deny the quality.

Number 6: Wild Boys

Honestly, I was surprised that this one made the list. While I think it is fun live, it doesn’t tend to grab critical acclaim.

Number 5: The Reflex

Like Ordinary World, this song will always be on lists like this because it was their first number one song. I thought it was interesting that they mentioned how it was a layered track.

Number 4: Girls on Film

After mentioning that this is a new wave dance song, the rest of the focus was on the video. As we all know, there are two versions, a clean one and a x-rated version. They mentioned that there was some BDSM in the naughty version. Hmm…really?

Number 3: Rio

According to Ms. Mojo, the song represents the 80s with the video and the “driving bassline and synthesize hooks”. This one really is a fan favorite that is also well-known to the general public.

Number 2: Save a Prayer

I love how this song was described as creating an atmosphere of taking a journey to a foreign and beautiful place. I completely agree. I would have a hard time arguing against this one.

Number 1: Hungry Like the Wolf

As I watched the video of this countdown, I realized that HLTW would be the number one song before this video popped up. My reaction, “Oh geez.” The channel explained that the song was the one to put the band on the map in terms of commercial success and it shows the band’s musical chemistry. I suppose all of that is true.

So, what do the rest of you think? Is this a good list? Would you make some changes? If you look at the comments, there were lots of songs mentioned that could have been included but weren’t, including New Moon on Monday and Is There Something I Should Know? I get why they chose what they did but, obviously, I would not have used the commercial success to determine the list.


REPOST: 12 Reasons People Love Duran Duran

It is officially Get Out the Vote (GOTV) time! This means that I will be working on the campaign all day today, tomorrow, Monday and Election Day. A rush of adrenaline hits as this is when you start to see if all the work leading up to Election Night is worth it. This GOTV will be a little different as I also need to make sure that my dad is taken care of. This means that I will take time this morning to go pick up my niece from college to help out this weekend. Did I mention that I still have grading to finish? Ugh. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this has been the worst spring break ever and that is has been anything but relaxing. But I will push through. What do I want to do? I would like to check out any and all information about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony with John and Simon but that will have to wait. (That said, can you send me the key links for that? Help out a Duranie!!!) While I gear up for a super busy day, I thought I would be fun to repost one of my favorite blog posts of all time! I enjoyed rereading it and I hope you do, too!


JANUARY 30, 2016

Sometimes, an article or online post will catch my attention and I will feel compelled to respond to it.  This morning, I ran across this article/post on dailyfeed out of the UK entitled 12 Reasons Most People LOVED Duran Duran in the 80s.  As soon as I saw the title, I knew that I had to take a look at it and I also figured that I might agree with most of it but there might be some reasons that I don’t relate to, even though I did love Duran Duran in the 1980s.  Here is their list:

  • They wrote their own music
  • They had great fashion sense
  • They married supermodels
  • They had “brilliant” lyrics
  • The Wild Boys video was “unbelievable”
  • They were Princess Diana’s favorite band
  • Nick Rhodes was the “coolest man on the planet”
  • Arena is a favorite album
  • They had great live shows
  • They inspired “modern” acts
  • They had “brilliant” videos
  • They are still together

Now, I would recommend actually going to the article to see the pictures that go with as well as the brief explanation for each of these choices.  So, what do I think of them?  Well, right away, I might comment that some of these reasons aren’t related to the 1980s.  For example, their influence on others wasn’t known in the 1980s.  We might have guessed that they would be an inspiration on others but we didn’t know that then.  No one did.  Nonetheless, this list made me think that I might create my own list of why people LOVE Duran Duran NOW.  Some of my list will match the original’s but, there will be some changes as well.

Number 1:  Duran Duran has written some of the best songs that have ever been recorded all  from their first single, Planet Earth, to their most recent single, What Are the Chances.  Many of these songs have stood the test of time and I suspect the most recent ones as well.

John fashion
Simon fashion

Number 2:  While we admire Duran Duran’s great fashion sense, we also can laugh at some of their fashion choices now.  We can appreciate that they don’t always have to be “cool”.  They can be just
themselves and be comfortable with who they are!

Number 3:  Duran Duran makes us think.  Yes, they absolutely do make us think, whether it is by those brilliant lyrics mentioned by the original post or by their videos that seem to be more than what they seem on the surface.

Number 4:  While Duran Duran can make us think, they can also provide a serious escape from reality and remind us that fun is necessary in life!  Perhaps, they is why so many of us choose to go on tour to see them as much as we can!

Number 5:  Duran Duran will always be cool but, sometimes, they can be pretty dorky, which we love, too!  John Taylor’s dance in Danceophobia, anyone?

Number 6:  Speaking of “dorky” and dancing, Simon’s dancing is ALWAYS entertaining and never fails to make me laugh!!

Number 7:  Duran Duran IS a great live band!  No matter how many shows I go to, they never cease to amaze me by how fabulous they truly are live.

Number 8:  On top of making us think and making us laugh, they can also really make us feel.  Ordinary World might bring out the tears while Rio reminds us that they make us feel “alive, alive, alive”.

Number 9:  Duran Duran has recorded 14 amazing studio albums, including one, Paper Gods, released last year.  While I may not love each album equally, ALL of them have gems on them and songs that have made my life brighter for simply existing.

Number 10:  Beyond the fabulous music, Duran Duran also takes their time to consider the visual, whether that visual is in video form, an album cover or in the font that is used for merchandise.  The details matter to them.


Number 11:  Duran Duran has fabulously dedicated fans.  Each of you reading this should now look in a mirror!  Yes, I am talking to you.  Go.  Do it.  You are a fabulous fan!  Often these wonderful fans meet and become the best of friends!  (Some of those friends are crazy enough to write a blog every day!)

Amanda & Rhonda Ace Rooftop

Number 12:  Duran Duran is STILL around and have had such an amazing career that has spans decades!  We all hope that they will continue to be around for a very, very, very long time to come!


Top 10 Most Representative Duran Duran Songs!

Finally, I can present the Top 10 Most Representative Duran Duran Songs! A little over a month ago I assigned some homework. The assignment seemed simple on the surface: provide the list of the top 10 most representative Duran Duran songs. The list did not need to be in any sort of order and the list could contain any Duran song, including singles, album tracks, demos, covers, etc People could also include side or solo project songs. To make a long story short, after people turned in their homework, I could not pull out a list of ten songs. There were too many ties. Thus, I did a couple of different polls to finally differentiate the ten songs. Here are the results. In sharing the songs, I went with live versions of the songs, if available.

Ordinary World

The Chauffeur

New Religion

Save a Prayer


Planet Earth

The Reflex

Is There Something I Should Know

Hungry Like the Wolf

The Man Who Stole a Leopard

hSo there it is. What do you think? Any surprises? Is there any element of Duran Duran that the fans missed?


To Complete the List of the Top Ten Most Representative Duran Duran Songs

Rhonda and I have been writing this blog for a long time. It has become a part of us and our daily lives. I think it is fair to say that we have learned a lot over the course of these eight plus years. I certainly know more about myself and about fandom from writing and researching. Through the years, I also have a greater understanding of our fan community. Generally, whenever we post a blog or there is Duran news, I know what the reaction is going to be. Part of any reaction, of course, is that the community is truly diverse in its opinions about everything Duran from the music to video to live performances and more. Whenever I post a daily poll/question, I now have an idea of what the results will be. While I know how varied the opinions are, I also recognize the general pattern. For example, Duranies prefer the early songs and albums over the late 90s ones. Of course, there are exceptions but the results from various polls are consistent.

While I have learned quite a bit about fans’ preferences, every once in awhile, I ask something that I’m not sure what people will say. Typically, these questions are outside of the box in that they aren’t about the music or videos or lyrics or something else equally as common. The top 10 most representative songs turned out to be a bit unpredictable. While some of the choices make total sense to me, but there is something that is surprising me a lot. After I assigned the homework, I was able to determine the 5 most representative songs easily as many people had chosen them. So keeping up the desire for democracy, I did a poll to choose the last five from ones that people had suggested.

This brings me to today. Guess what? There are four songs that are clear winners. They should be added to the Top 10 list but we have a tie for the last slot. What should I do? Should I flip a coin? Should I make the last decision? Both of those options feel terrible to me. So, I made a final poll to determine the last song that best represents Duran Duran. Then, finally next Sunday, I will share the entire list. On that note, here’s the poll:

[socialpoll id=”2538101″]

Happy voting everyone!


Help PIck The Top 10 Most Representative Duran Duran Songs!

A few weeks ago, I assigned some homework. This task seemed simple on the surface but made for a challenge for many Duranies. The assignment consisted of listing the top 10 most representative songs of Duran Duran. These songs could include any Duran song, even if it was a demo, cover or even side/solo project song. The results, as always, were fascinating as many different songs were listed. 48 different songs were included, in fact. Out of those 48 songs, 5 rose to the surface as many people chose them. They are as follows:

Ordinary World:

The Chauffeur

New Religion

Save a Prayer


Interestingly enough, the remaining five songs were not obvious as there were many songs listed that tied by a number of participants. Here’s where you all come in. Help pick those last five tracks by selecting the five songs on the following poll that YOU think best represents Duran Duran!

[socialpoll id=”2537269″]

Next week, then, I’ll announce the 10 songs that best represent Duran Duran! I look forward to the final results and I thank everyone who has participated so far and all of you who will help finish the assignments!


I Know What It Is Coming Over You

So, I hear that much of the country is reeling from snowstorms and ridiculously cold weather! I’m not going to tell you what it’s like in California right now, but there is no snow on the ground where I’m at…

I do believe that the winter doldrums are here. After John’s Katy Kafe last week, some are looking forward to shows in February. Still others are counting down the days until March, when the band may go back into the studio for more work on new music. We’re all waiting for something, I suppose. Whether that something is a trip to Grand Cayman, Miami, New Orleans or Las Vegas, or it’s March or even springtime, we’re waiting.

Look around

Even I’m feeling that anxious, bored feeling. I’m ready to take on a new project here at home now that we’re semi-settled in, but I’m also kind of still eyeing the bins in the garage, thinking we should have cleaned out more! So I started thinking of ways we might break up the monotony in the meantime. Over the weekend, DDHQ posted this picture of John Taylor:

It appeared with the caption “JT gets plugged in” with Power Station being one of the hashtags. As I looked at the picture, I agreed that it was the visual representation of Power Station for sure, and that gave me an idea.

Nothing can stop us

Admittedly, it’s been a long time since Amanda and I have done any sort of game on social media. There’s no time like the present though, so we thought we could try something just for fun on Facebook and Twitter. To begin, Amanda and I are going to decide on the name of a song, and your job is to wow everyone with a visual interpretation of that song. For example, once upon a time we stumbled upon this painting…

Amanda might better remember what museum we were in when we found that painting (was it Tate Modern? The Art Institute?? Why can’t I remember these things???), but as we stood looking at it – she looked at me and said “It’s Anyone Out There”. You can check out that blog in our archives here. Ultimately, she sent in a question to “Ask Katy”, and eventually got a reply that no – the artwork didn’t inspire the song (but certainly could have!) Regardless, we’ve found ourselves in similar situations over the years where we’ve seen things and immediately a song or line of lyric comes to mind. Now, we’re asking YOU to do the same!

You don’t dance…

So, if you want to join in on the game – just for fun – we will announce the name of the song for the week on social media, and you can post your pictures @dailyduranie with hashtag #DDinpics on Twitter, or you can post them on our Facebook page if you’d like. Either is fine. If I can remember how to post it to Tumblr, I’ll do it there too!

For this week, just to get you started – our song of the week is going to be “Danceophobia” from Paper Gods. Yes, I decided we’d better start easy and go from there. You have from now until next MondayNow go be creative! 🙂 There really aren’t rules to this, but if you can take an original photo to represent this, I would be wildly entertained. Regardless, we just want everyone to have fun.

Eventually, we’re going to do this the other way around – where all of you can post pictures and we have to guess what song you’re interpreting!

Hoping to see lots of great photos!!


Duranie Homework: 10 Most Representative Songs

I was not planning on giving out a new homework assignment anytime soon. After all, I have minimal time to “grade” the homework that would get turned in. Yet, an idea that popped into my head that wouldn’t be pushed down. It started after I bought my plane ticket for the Vegas shows as I wondered what some people who don’t know about my Duranie-ness would think of this. Would they know Duran Duran? Would they GET it? While I doubt that I could really explain my fandom in any sort of easy fashion, I wondered if I couldn’t share some of their music. If I picked the right songs, could non-Duran Duran fans get the full scope of their musical genius? Could they understand why hearing their music live would be a top notch experience?

As I thought all this, I attempted to push it to the side to give feedback on campaign speeches, to grade a few more essays and to check in with the parents about how my mom’s cold is. But the idea kept coming back. Every time my brain pondered the upcoming shows, the ideas was there once again. I’m giving up. I’m surrendering. I’m waving the white flag. Finally, I’m just going to embrace it through a homework assignment. The goal is for all of you to ponder Duran Duran songs to non-Duran fans. Maybe this idea can haunt all of you, too! Ha!

Assignment Details:

Your task is to create a list of 10 Duran Duran songs that would capture their musical genius. Think of a person who has not heard any Duran Duran music. What songs would you play to introduce the band to this newbie? What songs might convince a person that they should fall in love with the band’s music, too?

What songs are allowed? I will allow any. They could be album tracks, singles, b-sides, bonus tracks, covers or demos. Heck, I don’t care if you include songs from side or solo projects. That said, it might be not so easy to narrow it to 10 but I recognize that non-fans might only have the patience for 10 tracks. So, you need to be able to sell the band as quickly as possible.

The assignment is due three weeks from today, February 2nd. Normally, I like to give a month but I think it is quite poetic to have the list due on the date that Duran released their very first single in Planet Earth. Plus, I think this is one assignment that people can overthink. I see it now. People will come up with a tentative list then check it a second time to make changes before doing it again and again, etc. At some point, you have to just call it done.

As always, you can turn your assignment in by sending it in an email (dailyduranie@gmail.com) or through Facebook message or through DM on Twitter. Once everyone has turned in their assignments, I will compile the list to see what songs were chosen to be included most often, at the very least.

What questions do you have?


24 Duran Duran Not Needed Results

About a month ago, I assigned you all homework. This assignment was relatively easy as I asked each of you to send me a list of twenty Duran songs that are not needed. A lot of people sent in lists, which was great fun to read and to calculate. Most people seemed to enjoy the idea as they understood that this task was not to criticize Duran Duran but to have fun with their vast catalog. Of course, some questioned my fandom by asking about this, but I don’t need to prove my love. I do it everyday here. Anyways, on to the results!

First of all, I could not limit the results to 20. There were too many ties. I could have stopped the list at 15 or go up to 24. I opted for the latter. Second, there were a lot of songs listed, 111 songs to be exact. They represent ALL the albums. Some were album tracks while others were b-sides, demos, etc. What also fascinated me as I went through the results was the idea that one person’s throwaway song might be someone else’s favorite. For example, the song Planet Roaring made it onto a list. While that person might think it is not necessary, I know other people who love it. (I do, in fact.) Now, I’m not saying that to criticize any of the choices but to show how diverse the fanbase’s tastes are, which I think is cool. What might be interesting is to compare this list with those songs who made it on the Top 40. Were there any songs in the Top 40 list that fans thought were not only top 40 material but ones that don’t need to exist period? What about the songs that didn’t make it on either list? Are there many of those? What does that tell us about Duran fans? Questions I suspect that I might explore in later blogs.

24 Duran Duran That Are Not Needed:

The results here are given in most frequently included to least:

  1. Hothead
  2. Danceophobia
  3. Bedroom Toys
  4. Hallucinating Elvis
  5. Undergoing Treatment
  6. Read My Lips
  7. Can You Deal With It
  8. Skin Divers
  9. Nite Runner
  10. Shotgun
  11. Yo Bad Azizi
  12. Medazzaland
  13. Fragment
  14. Downtown
  15. Venice Drowning
  16. Zoom In
  17. Breath After Breath
  18. All Along the Water
  19. Drowning Man
  20. Lava Lamp
  21. Prototypes
  22. Taste the Summer
  23. She’s Too Much
  24. So Long Suicide

As you can tell by the results that there were some albums that produced a lot of songs that Duranies feel are not needed. For example, there are a number of tracks off of Red Carpet Massacre and Pop Trash.

What do you think of this list? Were you surprised by any? Were you expecting different tracks? How did your list compare?


Duranie Homework: 20 Not Needed Songs

Assignment:  20 Duran Duran That Are Not Needed

Directions:  Your task is to create a list of 20 songs that Duran Duran does not need in their catalog.  We all know that Duran has many, many, many exceptional songs.  In fact, they have so many that they could afford to get rid of a few without any impact on their greatness.  Am I right?  (If you don’t agree, just don’t participate.  I’m just doing this for fun.)  I’m thinking of songs that you might skip over or would not miss if they were not there.  These songs might be not bad…they just aren’t as awesome as the rest.  So, on that note, you can include any song from any album with a few exceptions:

  • You cannot include any songs that originally written or performed by someone other than Duran Duran (no cover songs)
  • You cannot include any live tracks or songs performed live on the album
  • You cannot include any song from any solo or side project of Duran Duran (this means no Power Station, Arcadia, The Devils, TV Mania, Neurotic Outsiders, Simon solo, John solo, Dom solo and more).

What does songs that we do not need mean?  That is up to your interpretation.  Could it be the worst songs, in your opinion?  Sure.  Could it be the ones musically that they missed the mark?  Of course.  Could it include the least meaningful lyrics?  Absolutely.  You may take into consideration commercial success of the songs.  You may think about ones that fans dismiss or don’t like.  Perhaps, your list will include just the ones that you personally are not fond of or ones you are sick of.  It is up to you.

Do not feel pressure to include songs from each album.  It is acceptable to pick only from a few albums or from all of them.

Your assignment just needs to include the list of 20 tracks that Duran could survive without.  Normally, I would encourage you to put them in some sort of order but that feels icky bad. While you do not need to include an explanation of why you chose the songs you did, if you would like to include that as well, that is acceptable.

How You Turn in Your Assignment:

Due:  Sunday, December 16 (one month from yesterday!)

How:  You may turn in your assignment in a variety of ways:

  1. Send your list to our email:  dailyduranie@gmail.com
  2. Send your list to our twitter
  3. Send your list to our facebook

DO NOT share it publicly.  We would like to look at the results and blog about them first.  Then, we would welcome each participant sharing.  That said, please share this assignment widely.  The more Duranies the better in order to produce a solid list.  Yes, ideally, we would have a list of the top 40 Duran Duran tracks as decided by Duranies rather than an author from a magazine.


P.S. Some people have asked me to share all of the songs that people included in the last assignments about Top 40 tracks.  Here is the list in alphabetical order (I think I got most of them!):

  • All Along the Water
  • All She Wants Is
  • All You Need Is Now
  • A Matter of Fact
  • A Matter of Feeling
  • American Science
  • Anyone Out There
  • Astronaut
  • A View to a Kill
  • Beautiful Colours
  • Bedroom Toys
  • Before the Rain
  • Be My Icon
  • Being Followed
  • Big Bang Generation
  • Big Thing
  • Box Full O Honey
  • Breath After Breath
  • Buried in the Sand
  • Burning the Ground
  • Butterfly Girl
  • Can You Deal with It
  • Careless Memories
  • Chains
  • Change the Skyline
  • The Chauffeur
  • Cinderella Ride
  • Come Undone
  • Cracks in the Pavement
  • Cry Baby Cry
  • Danceophobia
  • Do You Believe in Shame
  • Drowning Man
  • The Edge of America
  • Electric Barbarella
  • Face For Today
  • Faith in This Colour
  • Fallen Angel
  • Falling Down
  • Faster Than Light
  • Finest Hour
  • First Impression
  • Friends of Mine
  • Girl Panic
  • Girls on Film
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • Hold Me
  • Hungry Like the Wolf
  • I Believe/All I Need To Know
  • I Don’t Want Your Love
  • Is There Something I Should Know
  • I Take the Dice
  • Khanada
  • Lady Xanax
  • Lake Shore Driving
  • Land
  • Last Chance on the Stairway
  • Last Day on Earth
  • Last Man Standing
  • Last Night in the City
  • Late Bar
  • Leave a Light On
  • Like an Angel
  • Lonely in Your Nightmare
  • Love Voodoo
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • Mars Meets Venue
  • Mediterranea
  • Meet el Presidente
  • Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For
  • My Antarctica
  • My Own Way
  • Networker Nation
  • New Moon on Monday
  • New Religion
  • Nice
  • Night Boat
  • Night Runner
  • None of the Above
  • Northern Lights
  • Notorious
  • Of Crime and Passion
  • One of Those Days
  • Only in Dreams
  • Ordinary World
  • Out of my Mind
  • Palomino
  • Paper Gods
  • Planet Earth
  • Planet Roaring
  • Point of No Return
  • Pop Trash Movie
  • Pressure Off
  • Pretty Ones
  • Proposition
  • Read My Lips
  • Red Carpet Massacre
  • The Reflex
  • Rio
  • Runway Runaway
  • Safe
  • Salt in the Rainbow
  • Save a Prayer
  • The Seventh Stranger
  • Shadows on Your Side
  • Secret Oktober
  • Serious
  • She’s Too Much
  • Sinner or Saint
  • Sin of the City
  • Skin Divers
  • Skin Trade
  • Someone Else Not Me
  • Sound of Thunder
  • Starting to Remember
  • Still Breathing
  • The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset Garage
  • Taste the Summer
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tempted
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
  • Too Late Marlene
  • Too Much Information
  • To the Shore
  • Tricked Out
  • UMF
  • Union of the Snake
  • The Universe Alone
  • Valentine Stones
  • The Valley
  • Vertigo
  • Violence of Summer
  • Virus
  • We Need You
  • What Are the Chances
  • What Happens Tomorrow
  • Wild Boys
  • Winter Marches On
  • Yo Bad Azizi
  • You Kill Me with Silence