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Pre-gaming the Pre-show and Other Delights!

I can hear the cracking sound

It is a SHOW DAY today, people!! Are you ready?!? By “you”, of course – I mean Duran Duran. I hope you’re ready! We – the fans of course – we’re born ready for this type of thing, right??

My apologies for the late blog. The smallest Rivera is settling into our new community by beginning a new school tomorrow morning. Today was an orientation day, and then tomorrow she gets thrown to the lions. Well, not really…but she will be one of just seven girls in her blended 4th and 5th grade class!

I was animatedly chatting with friends about the show this morning. We spent time debating set list possibilities, possible costuming, wondering what they might open and close with, and so on. The conversations were great. It all reminded me of just how much I enjoy talking about the music with other fans. It also vaguely seemed like something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on right away. Then it hit me.

Some fans enjoy chatting about the shows, the costumes, visuals and even the lighting and sound. I don’t know of a lot of people outside of my small circle of Twitter pals that can spend a full-day going around and around about what song Duran Duran might use as an opener. They will excitedly debate, citing historical choices and reason. Apparently, we can ponder and question possible choices like nobody’s business. It is all very similar to watching a pregame show before a big game, like the Super Bowl. While the conversations can be very serious, there’s also an air of humor surrounding much of it. We keep it light, friendly, and fun.

Something else

For fans, the concerts ARE our Super Bowls, aren’t they? The lucky part is that the winners happen to be the fans. Moreover, we win every single time! Not a bad thing, in my mind. This being Reason #257 why I choose concerts over sports, every single time.

The key is never allowing those expectations to ruin a good time. Sure, you bought VIP tickets, but while you expected to have an unobstructed view, instead your seats are way off to the side, or are facing speakers…or two very large men end up in front of you, ruining any chance of actually being able to see more than a tiny sliver of the stage at any one time. Any one of those mishaps are enough to put a damper on joy of the evening, and might even have the potential to ruin the night…if you allow.

You could cut the atmosphere

I draw from personal experience here. There have been times when I have dissected a show within inches of it’s life before it has even taken place. I’ve announced what songs I hope to hear, and what songs I hope they leave off the set list. My friends and I have analyzed every single part of their live show, I’ve noticed when the onstage choreography seems more rehearsed than organic. I’ve had the greatest of expectations, only to arrive at the show and be thwarted, whether due to crowds, tall people, or even bad seats, right alongside my own bad attitude.. At some shows I’ve let those things bother me to the point of being angry. At others, I learned from my past mistakes, shrugged it off, and danced like nobody was watching.

When it all comes down to it, I believe there has to be a balance. Talking about everything from set list to shows, to upcoming albums is exciting to me, but I also like the element of surprise.

I don’t need to know every subtle nuance, or recognize every time Roger should twirl his stick, or when Dom should cross the stage. Knowing the set list in advance of my shows doesn’t help to entice me (although admittedly, it is very hard to stay away from such things online!), and I don’t need to hear who has already taken photos with whom or how so-and-so isn’t going to be staying at the hotel or so forth because they flew on to the next stop and so on. Knowing future collaborators or producers isn’t a worry I’m willing to take on. I might comment on it, but worry? Nah. Not worth it. Let the music speak for itself. Balance is a good thing. Surprises can be nice.

Things are hoting up in here

So, over the next week or two as I talk Duran Duran, whether as a pre-show commentator, or “Monday Morning Quarterback” (so to speak!) I also will keep managing those expectations. As John Taylor says (and if I were a tattoo gal – which I am not – I would have this in tiny script around one my ankles just to remind me) “expectations are simply future resentments”.


The Latest in the Duran Duran Tour

It is the final week of this part of Duran Duran’s Paper Gods Tour.  Tour time moves so fast.  I feel like Paper Gods was released just a few weeks ago rather than a year ago (anniversary is a week from tomorrow!) and that they just start playing shows.  As this part of the tour comes to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes to summarize some of the latest news, info, reactions regarding this tour.

Saying Good-bye to Chic

This past week, Chic played their final show with Duran.  Social media marked the moment with photos and videos.  The photos started a few days before including this photo posted on Duran Duran’s social media:

Chic and Duran

Clearly, the touring family is a large, happy one based on this photo!  Then, Nile tweeted about how he is going to miss being on tour with Duran.  I think most people who saw the two bands together would say that they, too, will miss him being on tour.  There were many, many, many times that I read and heard about how perfect of a bill this was.  Usually, fans ignore the “opening band”.  In this case, that was impossible.  Instead, the shows often felt like there were two genuine headliners.  On a personal note, I definitely believe Nile’s appearance on stage with Duran during Notorious breathed new life into that song!

Anyone who has seen Chic live or watch videos of their performances knows that during their final song, Good Times, they bring people on stage with them.  This creates a real party atmosphere!  Well, apparently, for their final show, a few special guests appeared.

Here is a longer video of this song:

Clearly, there is a lot of love between both bands and I’m sure that Chic will be missed by both Duran and their fans.


Duran Duran is playing in Cancun, Mexico, on December 29th.  Earlier this week, the pre-sale information appeared on the DuranDuranMusic website for those fans hoping to get tickets before the general public sale.  Today, though, the tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster for everyone.  This is a show that would be fun to attend, especially since it is taking place somewhere warm in December when I will likely be driving through snow and wearing a winter coat.  Unfortunately, the costs for this show are out of my budget, but I’m sure that everyone who is able to go will have a blast!

Awaiting More Dates

Fans all over the world are anxiously watching and waiting for more tour dates.  There are many areas of the world that hasn’t seen a Duran show for many years.  Then, there are some areas like South America that has seen/heard touring rumors for 2017 but nothing official has been said.  Of course, Duran also stated previously and repeated with the Cancun pre-sale that they are hoping to have one more show on the East Coast of North America before the end of this year.  Many fans are hoping for word on that show, sooner rather than later!  I know that I’m anxious to see where and when while hoping that it is such that I might be able to squeeze a trip in  somewhere.

Until more dates are announced, I am going to focus on appreciating the last few dates in North America for this leg of the Paper Gods Tour by watching videos, looking at photos and reading stories from those in attendance.  I hope those fans scream loud enough for me!!


A Little Ray of Comfort: Summer tour 2016

Let’s get this party started!!!

Today is the day!!  As you read this, I am likely on my way to LAX, bound for Chicago. The next few days will consist of spending quality time with my sister.  During the latter part of the week, Duranies will be invading Chicago. I can hardly wait.

It has taken quite a bit to get to this point. The past few months were crazy.  Every time I think I’ve caught my breath, something else has come up and knocked the wind out of me. There have been several moments where I’ve considered just staying home. I have much to worry about here, but I also recognize this might be the last time, at least for a while, that I really can get away.  (And, I need the break.)

I’m excited to begin this tour. I really am! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be able to focus on myself.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends.  So for me, the next ten days (yes, TEN glorious days), are going to be about relaxing and taking time to breathe.  We all need that once in a while.

I also need the reminder that yes, things really are going to be OK again. Somehow, getting together with dear friends—both those that really know me and those guys up there on that stage that have very little idea of who I am beyond just being a face in the crowd—will be healing.  I need it.

I haven’t talked to other friends or fans about what I’m hoping to do,  what I want to get out of the shows, or even what I want to hear played. Weirdly, two or even three weeks ago, I could have easily launched into a diatribe about how their setlist should include this, that, or the other.  But when it comes down to it, particularly after last week—all I want are some good shows. I don’t care what they play. I don’t even care what they wear. I just need the band to take me on a trip away from reality for just a little while.

Duran Duran has been the one true constant in my life since childhood. I suppose when I think about it, their music is a safe place. It’s a comfort and reassurance I could use right about now.  I can’t wait to see everyone.

See you on Friday, Duran Duran. 🙂



We’ll Light Up the Land

If only people had seen the texts between Amanda and I yesterday….

My fingers flew fast and furious over my phone yesterday, as Amanda and I began an impromptu session of “US Tour Planning, 2016 Edition!” Even as we countdown to the beginning of the first leg of the US tour dates, Amanda and I are still trying to figure out which end is “up”, in some respects. We have some tickets to some shows. We would like tickets to some other shows…and we need tickets to still others. It is a mess, basically. Yet, we know that as time wears on here, we need a plan. I was pretty happy swimming along in a sea of ambiguity, until I realized that if I didn’t have a basic plan in my head – my kids were going to steal the time from me and I wouldn’t be able to get away. As it is, the summer feels like it will be remarkably shorter than in previous years, so I felt like I needed to get serious and make a plan.

As we texted back and forth, one thing became clear: I was going to be gone for quite a bit longer than I’d realized   initially told my husband. I know it isn’t cool to speak of the spouses, and we all pretend we just decide for ourselves we’re going to shows and that’s that. Let me get real here for a second. It is a big deal for me to leave for any length of time. A long weekend is doable and I daresay that’s gotten to be “easy”.  My husband works incredibly long days right now, but he still does have his weekends, so those work most of the time. Five days means that I’ve got to leave a significant schedule of events and the kids have to be covered, particularly during school. My six-day, second trip to the UK was a major undertaking, primarily because I was overseas and it wasn’t that easy for them to reach me at the time, and all of the kids were still in school. My husband had to take off time so that I could go. My first trip to the UK was nine-days in length, and my husband in particular acted as though I was leaving him permanently. We literally passed one another in the airport because as I was getting in, he was leaving for Taiwan for a week.

I’ve never been gone longer. 

So when I counted up the days and realized I was not going to just be gone for a week, but rather ten or eleven days…and that was just the first trip, because at the end of the month Amanda would be coming to California for several more days worth of shows and touring, I took a deep breath. This was going to require finesse. Empathy. Care…..and a remarkable sense of good timing (one that I do not always have, actually). I was going to have to casually catch him off guard, in a great mood, and word my request carefully. This was going to be a challenge.

At that precise moment, I heard the bellow of an angry man upstairs, going through our cell phone bill. Questions began to come flying: “Did you hear that sales guy tell us he was giving us the ‘buy one – get one free’ special?? Why are BOTH new phones on our bill, Rhonda??” Oh boy. This was not that time. I said as much to Amanda, who at that point was more than ready to start planning, commenting on how thick the tour binder would be for this trip (she IS the planner out of the two of us!!).  With our hope to go to Toronto, we’d even be leaving the country!! As we continued to text back and forth, my texts mostly lamenting the challenge ahead, hers mostly sympathetic with  a whisper of “just tell him!!” (I don’t blame her)

I hedged, knowing that I’d get nowhere. Fast.

I sat stewing as I continued thinking of other options. I could skip going a couple of days early as I’d planned, instead squeezing in time with my sister between the shows and in one day following the shows at Ravinia, assuming I get tickets. I didn’t like that idea because I owe her a real visit unencumbered by Duran Duran, yet I don’t have frequent flier miles the way I once did – so I have to optimize my trips. I could skip out after Chicago, but I already have tickets to Detroit (our seats suck though and I could sell them).  I could just not bother with Toronto since we don’t have tickets there currently, but Amanda really wants to go to see them in Canada and our friend Heather has tickets to that show. Besides, what is Daily Duranie if we’re not together??? No, I was going. To all of it.  One way or another. I swallowed hard, trying to fill myself with confidence and resolve for the task ahead. In the meantime, I could hear my husband typing away on his keyboard, so I wandered upstairs. He was chatting with the cell phone company about our bill. At first it seemed he was getting nowhere, but suddenly he turned and smiled. Smiling? That’s a decent sign, I thought. I sat down cross-legged on the carpet (my favorite place to sit, by the way), figuring I’d wait it out. I continued “planning” with Amanda, agreeing that since we didn’t know about “tomorrow”,…we only knew about this tour, this album, etc….we needed to just go for it. No regrets. Do as much as we can, without going overboard. (to clarify: “overboard” to us is probably very different from “overboard” to you, dear reader. We also write a fan blog about this band. On a daily basis, no less. Get it?)

Just as I arrived to this point of clarity, Walt (the husband in question), pushed his chair away from the desk, triumphant. He starts to make plans with me for the rest of the day, very happy with his outcome. The cell phones will not be thrown through windows, nor will we take up an online smear campaign about the cell phone company or service just yet. I quickly surmise that this is my moment, throw caution to the wind, and launch into “the executive summary” of how long I need to be gone in July and why. I’ve learned that fewer words are better than more when it comes to Walt. He will ask questions as time goes on, and I will need to have those answers at the ready…but for now? Short is best! He looks down (I’m sitting on the floor, remember), peers over his glasses at me, and says “OK”.  I know I will come to pay for this in a variety of ways later, but at least in this moment…I win.


I don’t know if I’m willing to put our itinerary out here, primarily because as I mentioned, tickets have not been secured for all shows, and I’m trying to leave the door (window, gate, etc.) open…just in case. (“Just in case” could mean anything from finding a long-lost relative willing to pay for me to go to shows for an entire month AND tell my husband I’ll be gone – “keep dreaming, Rhonda”, I know!! – to other shows being announced, to just about anything else under the sun.) What I can say is that I’m going to Chicago in July to see my sister, catch up with Amanda, perhaps run into some other Duranies, and maybe even see a band in the process. I don’t know for sure, because tickets have not yet gone on sale, nor do I know how many body parts I would need to be OK in parting with in order to be able to afford to attend. It does sound like there will be a healthy group of Duranies in Chicago for this two-day lovefest of the Paper Gods, and we will definitely plan a pre-show extravaganza to get the party started! We do not currently have tickets to Toronto, but we’d really like to go there – it is a city neither of us have ever been, and I happen to know that there is quite a contingent of Duranies making the trip. If we’re lucky enough to find tickets, it seems like a pre-show meet up would not be out of the question. At some point, I will fly home to Southern California, presumably to rest up before Amanda flies out here and we begin the process once again, catching shows in California for the final portion of the US tour.

The bottom line is that Amanda and I will be together for most of the month of July. We are going on a big trip, and we’re taking the fan community with us…whether you’re going to be at shows in person, or reading from afar. There will be parties, laughter, set lists (because you know we’re not going to let that band get away with Hungry Like the Wolf  or Ordinary World again, right???), photos of drinking sessions…and probably quite a few photos of scenery and driving because well, we’re going to be doing some of that along the way. Let it not be said that we didn’t live the Paper Gods US tour to its fullest here on Daily Duranie, and we invite you to come along for the ride! Join us here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!!


Dear Duran Duran: About those Residencies…

Dear Duran Duran,

I had a lot of fun on this last little road trip of mine. Three shows is far more than I’ve had since August of 2012, and it was great seeing everyone on stage, right in front of me. I’m still smiling at the memories and cannot wait for more!

This time, Amanda and I, along with our friend Heather, drove ourselves from Hollywood to Berkeley and back to Rancho Mirage. While it was merely three shows, it felt like five due to the amount of driving and mileage covered. When I got home, I was ready to never see my car again. Alas, I live in Southern California and divorcing my car at this point is impossible.

My problem is this: you are killing me. I love you, but you’re killing me. Rest assured that while I am well-aware I’m probably the “loudest voice” due to this blog (which I’m told reaches a much larger audience than I think), I know with 100% certainty I am not the only fan feeling this way these days. When you come to the states on tour (and I am specifically referring to the states because it is where I live), your tours are designed in such a way where it is nearly impossible for those of us who wish to travel to see more than one show in a single trip to do so without attempting to kill ourselves in the process.

I don’t know if…or why… your promoters are unable or unwilling to see that you have a core group of people who actually do like to see you more than once on a tour, or maybe we’re such a small group that everyone thinks we don’t matter…but we’re still there, supporting! I personally know of a great number of fans who have simply just given up and stopped traveling to see you. Maybe they don’t even bother seeing you unless you come right to their town. Maybe they don’t even bother then. Attrition happens when your audience is in their… gasp…40’s. I know you still like to call us “kids”. I appreciate that, especially as I’m staring my 45th birthday in the face, and about to write another check for my 18-year old daughter’s room and board at university.  Not feeling kid-like this morning, really…but thanks!

The issue at hand is simply that when you come on tour, we want to pack in as many shows as we possibly can. For me personally, it’s not worth it financially (don’t get me wrong – you’re worth it, it’s just the whole “I have to pay for college, and for my family to eat” thing!) for me to fly all the way across the United States to only see you once or twice, never mind the time spent flying. In the last few trips Amanda and I have done, we’ve logged over 1,000 miles driving each time. (I think we drove 1600 miles in 2012 to go to 4 shows in the Southeast, and when you were here just recently in California we did about 1200 miles. I’m tired just thinking about it.) I don’t think anyone can say to Amanda and I with a straight face that we’re unwilling to do hard work for our fun.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the US isn’t particularly well-designed when it comes to their public transportation. While we have trains, they’re not particularly effective, and don’t even start with me about our buses. While one might take a train from London to Edinburgh and/or Glasgow to see a show in the UK and it’d take a full day…if I tried to do something similar here in the states, it’d take me 3 days to go that same distance by train, although admittedly some parts of the US are better about than others, but overall? Trains suck here. So we’re stuck either driving or flying. Flying is atrociously expensive unless you’re lucky, fly into cheap places, and plan well in advance. Driving is still far cheaper, but incredibly taxing.

Here’s the basic “tour” for Amanda and Rhonda: Fly into starting city/airport. Get rental car. Drive all day, get into a city in time to rush to the hotel, throw on concert attire and grab food on the way to the venue or the pre-show fan party we’ve got planned. Have a great time during and after the show, collapse for a few hours rest, and repeat again and again. Fly home, and in about 2 days, end up sick because once again we’ve burnt the candle at both ends.

So what to do? Miss shows? Skip shows so that we’re not exhausted?? Stop traveling altogether and just be happy when we can catch one close to home?  (Admit it, you’d miss me silently mouthing, “No, no, no!” and ducking during “White Lines”; or smirking, rolling my eyes, and shaking my head, before singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” with you, right?)

I still fall back to the same suggestion I had back in 2012 after I came home from the last tour. Why can’t you do more than one show in a city before moving on? Rather than have to travel (surely it has GOT to be tiring for Nick to be up before noon in order to be on DuranDuranOne) from place to place and hitting tons of smaller cities – why not pick destination cities in the US and perform at least a few shows at a time before moving on? People could fly, drive, take a train, etc to come into the city, and those who want to stay on in order to attend all of the shows in that destination, or visit with Duranies, go to a few pre-show parties, or flat-out take a vacation in the process would be able to do so. It might even encourage MORE fans to travel, and even if a fan couldn’t get to said-city for the first show, they might if there were more than one.  As a positive by-product, it’d allow for a lot more parties and get-togethers to happen. Who doesn’t want that?!?

I know at least a few of the arguments against residencies: they don’t allow for fans from all over to come unless they’re willing to travel, ticket sales may falter, it’s difficult to find theatre space willing to rent for consecutive nights, there’s a challenge in covering the entire US when you boil down a tour to only a few cities…etc. Let me try to address some of these issues. Granted, I’m just a very outspoken fan who likely needs a new hobby at this point, but at least I can try to articulate from my point of view.

In theory, I suppose when a band only pick a few cities to play it seems to make it difficult for fans who aren’t able to travel. However, I don’t see where it is any different from when a tour is announced and states like Tennessee or Nebraska are not included. People still have to travel. Is it more or less enticing to travel for one show, or three in the same city? Admittedly, ticket sales may be more of a challenge – I say that because I really don’t know. Although, I have to wonder if it really is any different to play three or four shows in one major city than playing three or four shows in smaller cities where fewer people may be willing to travel or pay to see a show. It isn’t as though Duran Duran doesn’t have an audience. Heck, this BLOG proves otherwise, even when you’re not actively touring or “in the news!” And yes, the US is huge in area and mileage/time needed to travel from place to place. I always laugh when people from other parts of the world complain about the amount of shows the US has booked on a tour. This is a big country. In order for me to get in my car and drive from Dana Point to the Atlantic Ocean, it would take me about four days. Five if I’m being realistic about needing to stop for food, gas, etc. People here in this country, for all of the reasons I just listed above, cannot really get to more than a few shows in a single trip. That’s exactly the point.

Maybe I just need to buy a Daily Duranie motor home. 

Never mind….

I’m not necessarily saying any of you in Duran Duran should plan a nine-date residency in Palm Springs; but I don’t think the idea of doing three or four shows in Las Vegas before moving on to Chicago for three or four dates, and then on to Boston or Toronto for four more, is really a horrible idea. It would give the band more down time to relax, less traveling overall, and it would likely present more enticement for fans less able and/or willing to travel for single shows reason to do so. And Daily Duranie would definitely make the trip(s)…because SOMEONE has to keep the fans busy before and after the shows, right?!?

(If one of you would just let my husband know…that’d be great!)

Truth: I have never planned a tour for a band, nor do I wish to begin now. I only know what it is like to BE a fan, and in particular, what it is like to be a Duran Duran fan. I can only offer suggestions that seem reasonable at the time. (granted, I am also the fan who has suggested, multiple times now, that you drop Hungry Like the Wolf from your setlist AND to make Dom Brown a permanent member. Apparently unreasonable suggestions. Who knew?!?) Yes, I had to get that dig in about Dom. It’s been a while, and somebody has to be on his side…. <wink>

Meanwhile, I wait for the ever-exciting 2016 tour announcement. Might I suggest (again, another suggestion…will I ever stop?!!) announcing this over the week of Thanksgiving here in the US. I’m going to be on vacation for that entire week, and likely sans cell coverage!! I’ve missed getting the sort of voice mails from Amanda that go a little something like this:

“Rhonda? You are NEVER going to guess what that band (I am censoring this for you, Duran Duran…only for you…) has done now.  Tour dates. Don’t worry, I will do what must be done! Just know that we’re going to shows, good luck telling Walt!!”

I’ve yammered on enough. I hope you get lots of rest during these few weeks off (right? you ARE taking time off, right?!?), and while I’m at it, remember that Amanda and I have been very good fans. Lately. 🙂



I Don’t Want to Wake Up

Has it really already been a week since I’ve been back home from this Duran Duran tour?!? I don’t even know where the time went. On one hand I feel as though I got back into the swing of things very quickly and feels very much as though I never left. On the other, I can’t believe a week has already gone by.

In many ways I let Amanda take the helm in describing the tour and how the shows were for us – she and I are typically on the same page when it comes to those things, and I knew she would convey exactly how I felt. On the other, I summed up my feelings about that 3-show “tour” with one tweet almost immediately after I walked out of the theatre at Agua Caliente.

“I may as well I may as well stop touring right now because I will never have a better show experience than tonight. Wow.”

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating here again that Amanda and I purchase our own tickets to the shows. We don’t ask the band for tickets.  I had a few people insinuate or flat-out ask, and while it’s a lovely thought that some people believe we matter, I think Amanda and I are well-aware that to 99.99% of the people involved with the band, we’re just a couple of fans who write a silly blog. We get it, and we don’t overstate or over-think our importance. In any case, that night at Agua Caliente, Amanda and I were in for a huge treat. We knew we had front row, but aside from that – we didn’t know much else. Neither of us had been to the venue and we were honestly more concerned with where our seats would be (meaning would we be in front of Simon, John, Nick, or Dom) than where the seats were in regards to the stage.

 As we walked down to our seats at Agua Caliente, we counted the chairs from the aisle and discovered we were right in front of Simon. I mean RIGHT in front. Then we realized there were no barricades between us and the stage. Finally, we quietly marveled that during the show, we could seriously lean our elbows ON the stage. I couldn’t believe it, and to be honest, I still can’t. As show time grew closer, our friends Krista and Sandy took their seats right next to us, and I knew before the band even took the stage that it was going to be the show experience of a lifetime.

It very much was – including being in the “spit zone” (Thank you Krista for taking the brunt of it…willingly…as I ducked behind you.  Yes, I did see you chuckling at our antics, Nicholas. I’m going to continue pretending that Simon did NOT veer ever so slightly in the direction of Amanda and I…We sort of had it coming though, didn’t we?)  There were so many moments during that show for me. Seeing Nick smile during Hungry Like the Wolf (I was a very good sport, thankyouverymuch…epitome of a well-behaved fan!!), watching Simon walking to the front of the stage like a man on a mission with a mouth-full of water as I thought to myself, “Oh boy…here we go…DUCK!”, having John and Dom flank either side of Amanda and I during Planet Earth, watching Roger twirl his drumstick during Sunrise…having Dom come over directly in front of me to play several times throughout the show, and shaking some of their hands at the end of the set.

Can I take a minute to write about the end of their set?? After the finale, they walked to the front of the stage as they typically do to say goodbye. I’m right there, basically becoming good friends with their feet, and examining their shoes and socks. (Nice striped socks, Dom…liked them with the leather pants!) I wish I could properly explain how I felt in that moment, but the words don’t really match the feeling. It was as though electricity was running through my body. I mean, I was inches from these men that I have adored since I was ten years old. I turn 45 next month. That’s a very, very long time. It was as though I couldn’t quite believe what my eyes and ears were telling me as I stood there, frozen to the floor. I didn’t even reach up to shake hands with them, because I couldn’t. I just smiled at them, tried to clap, mostly just stood there in shock (and awe!).

Nick stood in front of me for what felt like a long time, but I couldn’t even move my hand to shake his. It wasn’t out of disrespect, just the opposite really. I meant it when I said that my head couldn’t quite make sense of it at the time. I’m still not sure if I can. I did notice a faint, very quick glimmer of, well…what…recognition maybe??…in their faces as they would smile down at us and make eye contact. I couldn’t even let myself think about that at the time. I had difficulty just getting past the notion that I was standing there right directly in front of them. Yes, I’ve been writing this blog for five years now, and yes, I suppose that by a lot of accounts, I’ve had far more “experiences” with the band than many fans out there. However, I’ve never been right in front of them like this. Not in this way. It felt incredibly surreal. Daily Duranie or not, no matter how many readers we have, or the size of our real audience, or our post-reach on Facebook – I am still a fan. That’s exactly how I felt that night. I am still a fan like anyone else. I needed that.

Do you know what I was thinking about in that moment as they were all standing at the front of the stage?  I was remembering how I would sit on the edge of my bed, in my “Summertime Green” painted bedroom (Nasty, horrid bright green color, with orange carpeting no less.). I would stare at the biggest poster of them I had, which happened to be on my door, and wonder what it would be like to be right in front of them. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d write about them someday, or be in the front row at one of their shows (much less two or three), or actually KNOW what it felt like to be in front of them. Never.  How do you soak up the answers to 35-years worth of daydreams in less than two hours?

As they were leaving, Dom reached down and grabbed my hand and it was only in that second I kind of came back into present long enough to realize that he had my hand – only for a split second – but again, I’m trying to describe how I felt at the time. I’m pretty sure I shook Roger’s hand too, but I can’t remember now.

I don’t think I will ever have a show quite like that again. That thought both exhilarates me and makes me wistful all at once. I know what it’s like to be center “elbows on the stage” front row. I’m incredibly thankful I had the opportunity to experience those feelings. Even if my time never comes again – which likely not – I won’t let the memory slip my mind. I really can’t see what could possibly top those seats, and so when I jokingly yelled out, “I QUIT!!” after the last of the hand squeezes from the band took place and they all left the stage area, it was with the thought that I’d reached the pinnacle of what a fan could really experience.  There isn’t much more to “want”, aside from more of the same, maybe.

Almost oddly, I sit here today typing this thinking to myself that it’s a good thing that Amanda and I have had the chance to do so much, at least from the standpoint of writing and understanding ourselves as fans. I’ve sat in the very LAST row at a show (my very first one), and now I’ve sat in the very front row. I’ve been to the UK, seen Birmingham, walked Cheapside (If you do not know what Cheapside is, we need to talk. Seriously…email me!), had Simon stand directly in front of me, eye-to-eye and explain why the shows cannot go on as planned. I’ve lived through Twitter, Facebook, and message boards. I have had canceled gigs, various guitarists, and favorite band members leaving only to return 20-some years later. I have watched MTV, read magazines like Star Hits and Tiger Beat, as well as rely on getting news solely from the radio and other fans. I’ve completely missed tours, been disappointed with albums, and overjoyed by others. I don’t know if I’ve done it ALL (actually, I know for sure that I have not…), but I know that I’ve experienced a lot, and those adventures, moments, and nuggets of knowledge come in very handy when you’re writing a fan blog.

I know what it is like to be a fan, and I continue to walk the fine line between writing about it, running a blog, and experiencing it as anyone else might. Amanda and I always say we know what fans want because we ARE fans…and that’s the truth. I only hope we continue to cover the things that matter with the same amount of love, affection and excitement as we do right in this moment. I’m looking forward to planning the next set of Duran Duran tour dates, meet-ups, parties, and hopefully a reasonable road trip as we witness the upcoming UK dates from afar.


You Want Duran Duran Tour Dates?

There are some days when I honestly and truly should not leave the house, and yesterday…particularly the afternoon…was indeed one of those times.

If you haven’t heard yet, please allow Daily Duranie to be the first to break the news (to you)…

You should probably grab a beverage of choice and sit down. Trust me.


I know, I know….you might need oxygen. I understand. You were expecting it…but at the same time you were starting to wonder if they were really going to do anything at all, and certainly nothing else besides festivals right??  Take a breath and know that we’re all probably feeling the same way right now.

Before I give the list of confirmed (yes, confirmed) of dates, I very much want to commend DDM. Not only did I receive the dates by email (not smoke signal, not listed on a variety of different social media, and not just haphazardly stuck up on a website without notice or fanfare), but they wanted to give them to fans first. Granted, you needed to be a member of DDM in order to get them last night before anyone else, but to be fair – people are PAYING for some exclusivity with that fan club. Getting an email with the dates listed seems fair. The email thanked us for being members, then explained that while these dates will not go on the public site until Monday (which means I suppose I’m giving a spoiler, and I really hope I don’t get into trouble for doing so, they are literally posted ALL OVER Facebook right now anyway), DDM wanted members to have them first in order to plan and even called it “their version of a leak”.  (Well DDM…now this is Daily Duranie’s version.)

The email was split into two sections, the first explaining the various ticket packages. As with previous tours, you can either buy straight pre-sale tickets, or go for one of the upgraded VIP packages, which have several different pricing levels. Keep in mind that not all VIP packages are available for all shows, and in certain markets and/or places, pre-sales might not even be available. Those are the breaks, and so pay close attention to what your particular show of interest offers. I really don’t want to see anyone complaining on social media that some show in Timbuktu doesn’t have a pre-sale or Platinum VIP and that DDM sucks just because someone didn’t bother to read closely.  Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware). DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 

1) The Platinum VIP Experience

US Pricing: $400 + Ticket Price
UK Pricing: £350 + Ticket Price
– 1 Front Row Ticket
– On-site VIP concierge
– VIP Pre-show cocktail hour with food, wine and beer
– Behind-the-scenes backstage tour
– Custom-designed Canvas Bag featuring artwork from the brand new Duran Duran Fall release
– An exclusive Duran Duran T-shirt
– The new full length album, signed by the members of Duran Duran
– A Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate with Lanyard

2) The GOLD VIP Experience

US Pricing: $260 + Ticket Price
UK Pricing: £227.50 + Ticket Price
– One Premium Ticket in rows 2-6
– VIP Pre-show cocktail hour with food, wine and beer
– On-site VIP host
– Custom-designed Canvas Bag featuring artwork from the brand new Duran Duran Fall release
– An exclusive Duran Duran T-shirt
– Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate with Lanyard

3) The SILVER VIP Experience

US Pricing: $150 + Ticket Price
UK Pricing: £131.25 + Ticket Price
– 1 Premium Seat in Rows 1-5
– Custom-designed Canvas Bag featuring artwork from the brand new Duran Duran Fall release
– An exclusive Duran Duran T-shirt
– Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate and Lanyard

4) The BRONZE VIP Experience

US Pricing: $65 + ticket price
UK Pricing: £57 + ticket price
– 1 Premium Reserved Seat
– 1 exclusive Duran Duran T-shirt.
– Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate and Lanyard.

5) Premium pre-sale tickets will also be offered with reduced service charges for our members.


Bottom line: YES, VIP can be pricey. My advice? Choose wisely.  DDM is bringing back the infamous cocktail party (please, please, please let it be something more like the cocktail party in NYC for the fan show) …they seem to have some fantastic merchandise lined up, including the ever-popular tour laminates, AND….if you’re really into front row, Platinum guarantees just that…a front row seat. Additionally you’re getting one of the coolest offerings I’ve heard of in a long time – a tour of backstage. I think that is going to be fantastic! Again, kudos for DDM because they have obviously been reading…um, I mean listening….to the fans.  Well done, in my opinion!

If you’re not into the idea of a cocktail party but still want a great seat – Silver is the package for you because you’re still guaranteed a seat in rows 1-5.  I’d love some clarification for Bronze because it just says a premium reserved seat with no real indication of what that means. Is that a premium seat in the same row 1-5 or is that a “premium” seat in section 300 in row ZZ?  I’m not really sure, so if anyone knows, please let me know in the comments.

Ok, Ok…time for dates.  Ready???

Dates? You want Duran Duran tour dates?  Here you go:


Wednesday, August 5 – FOLD Festival (Freak Out! Lets Dance Festival) –  Martha Clara Vineyards,  Riverhead, NY (with Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Beck, Janelle Monae, Pharrell etc)
No pre-sale or VIP Packages
Thursday, August 6 –  Musikfest – ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks, Bethlehem, PA (an “evening with”)
No pre-sale or VIP Packages
Ticket prices range from $59 to $79
Sunday, September 20 – Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO (with Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Clean Bandit)
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from $49.50 to $125
Wednesday, September 23 – Washington State Fair,  Puyallup, WA (with Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Clean Bandit)
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets offered
Ticket prices range from $60 to $100
Friday, September 25, 2015 – Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, Grand Theatre, Reno, NV. (with Clean Bandit)
No pre-sale or VIP Packages
Ticket prices range from $75 to $150
Sunday, September 27 – Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU, San Diego, CA (with Clean Bandit)
No pre-sale or VIP Packages
Ticket prices range from $39.50 to $129.50
Thursday, October 1 – Duran Duran at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA. (with Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Clean Bandit)
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered ((Pre-sale 10am PST on June 22nd)
Ticket prices range from $35 to $185
Friday, October 2  – Duran Duran at The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (with Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Clean Bandit)
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from $39.50 to $129.50
Saturday, October 3, 2015 – Duran Duran at Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage, CA (with Clean Bandit)
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from $95 to $185


Friday, November 27 – Manchester Arena, Manchester
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Saturday, November 28 -First Direct Arena, Leeds
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Monday, November 30 -Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Pre-sale ticket with reduced service charges (no packages). General Admission
Ticket price: £49.50
Wednesday, December 2 – Brighton Centre, Brighton
Pre-sale ticket with reduced service charges (no packages). General Admission and seated.
Ticket prices range from £45 to £65
Friday, December 4 – Genting Arena, Birmingham
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Saturday, December 5 – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Sunday, December 6 – The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Tuesday, December 8 – The O2, London
Platinum, Gold, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Wednesday, December 9 – Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Friday, December 11 – Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
The floor in front of the stage is standing room only general admission. A limited number of those tickets will be available in our pre-sale with reduced service charges. In addition, we will offer excellent seated tickets as part of the bronze package. The only tickets offered in Nottingham will be the Bronze VIP Package (seated) and regular pre-sale ticket with reduced service charges (seated and general admission on the floor).
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
Saturday, December 12 – Echo Arena, Liverpool
Silver, Bronze and regular pre-sale tickets will be offered
Ticket prices range from £35 to £65
I know you’re all wondering about those pre-sales.  Well my friends, they are mostly on Monday, June 15, with the exception of the October 1 show at the Hollywood Bowl. That presale is on Monday June 22. So you’ve got the weekend to ponder, plot, and plan.  Please note that the band is going through Crowdsurge for their ticket sales, and you absolutely must create your Crowdsurge account PRIOR to Mondays sales. Don’t wait!! Good luck!!

Not only do I think they did a good job in giving us the dates first (I want to give HUGE applause for this even though I am well-aware that there are people complaining that they still haven’t received the email. My question is this: are those people really and truly CURRENT members – because the few that have come to me asking for them have been people who realized that they’d allowed their membership to lapse.), I have to take pause on the fact that these dates are nearly ALL on the west coast…which quite honestly blows my mind to pieces. I don’t know how, I don’t know why…I only know that I’m going to take full advantage.  (“Honey, I’m gonna be gone for a couple of weeks….hope you don’t mind…” as I sneak out the door in late September…)

Truth be told, when my friend Krista sent me a text message yesterday, I was in the middle of a final school meeting for my son. I heard my phone buzzing, and I just knew. I had to do major self-talking, as in: “you will NOT look at that phone, Rhonda. FOCUS. You are talking to Gavin’s teacher about his final grades. You are listening to Gavin talk about his year end projects…no, no, NO don’t think about Duran Duran right now. Do not even ponder over what could be going on. Just don’t!”  As Gavin’s teacher wrapped up the meeting, I scrambled for my phone. Ridiculous. I hadn’t even left the building and had my phone in hand. I took one look at her text and sent the following:

“am going to scream and quietly rock in a corner.”  

As I’ve been going on and on all year – my oldest is about to graduate. Her graduation party is at my house on Saturday. Two days from now (as I nervously glance at my clock because I should be cleaning right this very second). I will have 70 confirmed guests in my backyard, most of them teenagers, but still plenty of family. I have about 5,000 things to do, none of which include this band. Until yesterday. So…I told Amanda to let me know what shows we’re doing…because that’s how much I trust her. I’m just thrilled that we’re planning something, and on Sunday, after the party is over…I can focus on Duran Duran.  YES!

I’ve already been asked if there will be Daily Duranie pre-parties and I think the answer is a resounding YES, when possible. We’d love to do them everywhere – but the fact is, Amanda and I are paying our own way, and both of us have “day” jobs. We are probably only doing three shows (out of these first initial dates), and where it is possible to meet up before or even after the show, we can certainly do that. We’ll have our own VIP cocktail party, rest assured! More info on those to come, so stay tuned!

Happy Weekend! I bid you farewell until Monday (assuming I’m still alive after this weekend’s graduation festivities!).



Can You Deal With It?

Shout out to DDHQ for starting my Monday off right with a cute new fortune-telling game, which ever-so-gently hint at tour dates being announced soon. The game also serves as the new front page to duranduran.com.

I can remember making these folded origami-like masterpieces back in junior high. We’d write our favorite colors, numbers, maybe favorite bands or other “favorites” on the folded sections (the band did numbers and the band members themselves), and in the middle we’d write the names of the boys we liked – which would be the “fortune” of whom we were going to marry. For the record, I am 100%  certain my fortune lied, because I am definitely not married to Roger Taylor.

On the band’s version, the game ends with a fortune that has something to do with live shows, or cute song lyrics. For example, I picked “Roger”, “5”, and then “7”, and my fortune was “Your friends will be here when you need them most“.  I tried it again (to be fair, this is the fourth time I’ve done it today….research, you see…) using “John”, “3” and “5” and ended up with “You will be at a beautiful event in the near future“.  Maybe a live show…I hope! Are tour dates finally imminent?!?

I have to applaud DDHQ on this one. Not only does it take me back to junior high, which for me were the days when I discovered Duran Duran and spent my spare time reading any pop magazine with the band prominently featured on the cover, but it also woke up the Duraniverse a little with the possibility of tour dates being announced. Sometime. Hopefully soonish.

THIS IS A PROPER TEASE!! This is how you get fans talking and sharing, and this is how to stir excitement! So many of us have felt that their website does very, very little for fans. Not interactive, not terribly informative in a unique way…and even a bit cumbersome (I am thinking specifically about the discography section when I use the word “cumbersome”). This is Duran Duran. This band should be all about the visual. All about the “interactive experience”. What happened?!? Their website should be the most kick-ass thing I’ve ever seen online, and yet it has always fallen a bit flat. It gets the news out there, but there’s very little flash and even less interactivity. This is a great start.

I think it also has to be said that with this #DDFortuneTeller game, they know their demographic. They know to whom they are playing, so to speak. Give a kid in the 18-30 year old bracket this game and they would look at you quizzically. Paper? What in the hell is that for?!?  The “good news” is that while it looks like paper….I suppose it’s also an app…so to speak. You can take the technology out of the band, but you can’t take the band out of the technology.

Or is it the other way around?

I’m just not sure…ANYWAY…

I think this is a huge, huge win for the band, and subsequently for fans. Say what you will about Durantime, as well as promotion and how it may be directed at future audiences as opposed to long time fans, the band wins with this one, and I love it. Little things have potential go a LONG way.

Naturally, this stirred a little discussion online, as I mentioned the game on Facebook. A friend reminded me that the band was working with Crowdsurge and wondered if this was the start of some new and innovational engagement with fans. Long time fans will remember the days of buying tickets directly through DDM, then having the platform moved to Artist Arena, so we’ve certainly seen our share of ticket engines. Crowdsurge offers fan engagement and seamless built-in platforms for the artist so they are able to monitor and manage their own sales with no extra work. They also promise that the cost is shouldered by the attendees (meaning the cost of working with Crowdsurge is built into our ticket price), but then they also say it can be up to 71% cheaper for the fans. I’m still struggling with Common Core Math a bit…so I’m not exactly sure how they’re figuring, but until I myself go through a ticket-sales cycle and understand Crowdsurge, I’m not going say they’re fudging numbers. Crowdsurge is a big proponent of auctions because they tend to up the sales price of tickets by about 185% on average. Quite frankly, that’s fine with me as long as I am not paying. They also really love the idea of ticketing “experience” bundles (think VIP). I sincerely hope those bundles do a good job of delivering what they promise. I do have a nagging concern that there will be little opportunity for similar “experiences” for fans who are on a budget. Unfortunately though, that is often the case.

I’d like to see contests for “The Common Fan”. You know, people like me who cannot pay $5,000 in a special auction bundle, regardless of the endless amount of joy that is promised for that price. I’ve participated in a few raffles/contests through Tunespeak, which is a really cool fan-engaging platform for contests. It’s tagline? “Win for being a fan”. Basically, bands/artists set up contests through them, and you have to share the contest, tweet about it, watch predetermined videos, listen to music that the band sets up as “tasks”, etc…and you earn entries for each item that is completed. The goal of course is to rack up as many entries as possible. I would be hard pressed to beat many of the Duranies I know out there…but I like the idea that it’s based on experiencing whatever the band wants us to listen to or watch, because for Duran Duran I think that would be helpful in the long run.

So…. if I promise to go out grocery shopping and not check my phone at all, can we get some future show dates…like today?!?