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Duran Duran on CBS Sunday Morning!

I LOVE Duran Duran TV appearances!  What fan doesn’t, right?  Nonetheless, this one I have been anticipating for a VERY long time since I knew that they had filmed it awhile ago and there is something about appearing on THIS show.  To me, CBS Sunday Morning is a serious show to be on.  It isn’t just about entertainment like an appearance on Entertainment Tonight (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but this show is about more than the latest in celebrity and Hollywood news.  This is about NEWS.  It is about diving deeper into various topics.  My PARENTS watch this show.  (By the way, they were excited to hear that Duran was on!  They always support my fandom and I think they are secret fans!)  Therefore, I had high hopes for this particular TV appearance.  So, how was it?

Duran’s segment was saved for the last half hour, which on one hand is like torture for those of us watching and anxiously waiting.  On the other hand, I kinda like it.  The best is saved for the end of the program, right?  To keep the viewers watching?  Oh yeah, we were watching all right!  Of course, the tease to Duran’s segment featured Rio but before I even saw the complete part, I was excited.  Why?  The interviewer did not just adopt this idea of the video for Rio being about excess and that Duran lived this decadent lifestyle.  No, they understood that the video was not representational.

The segment was typical, in some ways, as it definitely gave some history and focused a lot on the success of the 1980s.  The part that I really appreciated was the focus on how the rock critics didn’t get them and as Simon said…the more girls they had who liked them, the more the press hated them.  Ah…the stigma that any band with a young female following seems to have.  Clearly, in the press’ eyes, young females should be dismissed as being dumb and uninformed about what good music sounds like, right?  Yeah, my women’s studies students would point out that this usual pattern is more of a case of sexism than anything else.  Another common discussion point that was included was about how connected Duran was to MTV and to videos.  Like the previous talking point, I think the show allowed Nick to make some good points about this connection to videos, which were that they had no idea how “potent” they would be and how they made “iconic” images that, sometimes, haunted them.  Both of these talking points were taken seriously by the show and they were shown to be both positive and negative for the band.  I always appreciate when the full picture of Duran Duran’s story is told like this.

The rest of the segment continued on to discuss Power Station and Arcadia, Simon’s sailing accident, and their comeback in the 1990s.  What I thought was interesting was the discussion at the end about whether or not they are seeking hit records.  Both John and Simon indicated that they are competitive and feel like they have as much going for them as anyone else to get that “attention” that comes with fame and commercial success.  While I can’t disagree with that (Duh!  Of course not!), I appreciated that John acknowledged that there is a part of him that wants to be unconcerned with hits but that there is another part of him that is concerned.  I get that.  I can understand that and I think we all witness that internal tug-of-war with every project they do.

All in all, this was a well-done piece.  They managed to cover a lot of history and topics in a very respectful and informed way.  Homework was clearly completed as the segment was accurate and it was obvious that they knew what issues could and should be discussed.  Truly, it was one of the best pieces I have seen on Duran in a very long time.


P.S. I did want to thank CBS News for placing a link to this lovely blog on their page about what today’s show was going to be about.  To see our blog listed along Duran’s official site and social media sites, makes Rhonda and I beyond proud.

Screenshot of CBS News
Screenshot of CBS News


Today in Duran History – Bananas!

Sometimes our notes for the Day in Duran History are just flat out silly sounding.  Take today for instance…on today’s date in 1984, Duran Duran lip synched The Reflex on a German TV show called “Bananas”.

Wanna see the performance?  Of course you do!  I was astounded that I found it so easily on YouTube.   This just reiterates what I’ve always thought about YouTube…you can find ANYTHING on there.

Enjoy some Thursday Eye Candy, thanks to YouTube!