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Video Preferences!

We are one week away from our Dancing on the Valentine online party!!!  I think it is super safe to say that we are looking forward to breaking out of the winter blahs and having some fun with Duranies while watching Duran videos and drinking Valentine Stones (vodka and cranberry)!!!  We need a break from our routines and know that there are others out there who feel the exact same way!  Again, we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to join us!  Sign up on our event page here!  This event is a little different than our other online events in that we are asking our guests to come up with the playlist!  No, no, no…this won’t be the Rhonda and Amanda show.  It will we the party guests’ show!  So far, we have some suggestions including:

  • Sing Blue Silver
  • Live from London
  • Three to Get Ready
  • Duran performances on Top of the Pops
  • MTV Most Wanted Appearance from 1995
  • Their performance of David Bowie’s Starman
  • A View to a Kill from Coachella in 2011

We are obviously accepting more!  That said, this got me thinking!  (Dangerous, I know…)  What do Duranies prefer to watch when they have a chance to watch some Duran footage?  What type of clips, shows or DVDs?  What era(s) do they gravitate to ?  Therefore, I thought, maybe, it would be fun for people to answer some polls about the topic.  Perhaps, this will help our attendees think about what they want to watch but it will also help us for future online parties!

What Type of Duran Footage to You Like to Watch?  (Vote for up to 3 types!)

What Is Your Favorite Duran Duran Era to Watch?  (Vote for up to 3 eras!)

How Long Are Your Favorite Duran Clips? (Vote for up to 2!)

With your help on these polls, Rhonda and I will have a good idea what clips to suggest for this party and for parties in the future.  The results will also tell me more about what Duranies prefer, which is just plain fun!  On that note, we really hope that EACH AND EVERY ONE of you joins us on Saturday, February 13th at 8 pm CST/6 pm PST.



Let’s Dance! (On the Valentine!)

Today is my paperwork day, which means my blogging time is extremely limited…but I will leave you with this thought:

Are YOU planning to hang out and do a little Dancing on the Valentine??  Don’t forget, next Saturday, February 13th, we are hosting an online party, complete with videos — and we desperately need your input!

Is there are a particular interview, performance, appearance and/or video that you haven’t seen in years but would love to watch? Is there a special YouTube treasure that you’ve been trying to find? Do you just want to sit back and watch the JoSi unfold???  How about Simon in those sparkly pants, or Roger’s stick twirling??  WE NEED YOU!  Run (don’t walk) right over to the Facebook event page for Dancing on the Valentine and share your ideas. Amanda and I will put together a YouTube playlist for the event and post all of the details in the coming week so everyone is set for some fun.

If you can’t make it for the entire party (9pm EST, 8pm CST, 6pm PST to whenever we are ready to drop!)  – feel free just to drop by. I am in the middle of setting up either a chat room or something similar (again, details to soon follow) – and for the price of attendance (which by the way is FREE), in-and-out privileges are guaranteed.

We hope to see you next Saturday, February 13!


12 Reasons People LOVE Duran Duran in 2016

Sometimes, an article or online post will catch my attention and I will feel compelled to respond to it.  This morning, I ran across this article/post on dailyfeed out of the UK entitled 12 Reasons Most People LOVED Duran Duran in the 80s.  As soon as I saw the title, I knew that I had to take a look at it and I also figured that I might agree with most of it but there might be some reasons that I don’t relate to, even though I did love Duran Duran in the 1980s.  Here is their list:

  • They wrote their own music
  • They had great fashion sense
  • They married supermodels
  • They had “brilliant” lyrics
  • The Wild Boys video was “unbelievable”
  • They were Princess Diana’s favorite band
  • Nick Rhodes was the “coolest man on the planet”
  • Arena is a favorite album
  • They had great live shows
  • They inspired “modern” acts
  • They had “brilliant” videos
  • They are still together

Now, I would recommend actually going to the article to see the pictures that go with as well as the brief explanation for each of these choices.  So, what do I think of them?  Well, right away, I might comment that some of these reasons aren’t related to the 1980s.  For example, their influence on others wasn’t known in the 1980s.  We might have guessed that they would be an inspiration on others but we didn’t know that then.  No one did.  Nonetheless, this list made me think that I might create my own list of why people LOVE Duran Duran NOW.  Some of my list will match the original’s but, there will be some changes as well.

Number 1:  Duran Duran has written some of the best songs that have ever been recorded all  from their first single, Planet Earth, to their most recent single, What Are the Chances.  Many of these songs have stood the test of time and I suspect the most recent ones as well.

John fashionNumber 2:  While we admire Duran Duran’s great fashion sense, wSimon fashione also can laugh at some of their fashion choices now.  We can appreciate that they don’t always have to be “cool”.  They can be just
themselves and be comfortable with who they are!

Number 3:  Duran Duran makes us think.  Yes, they absolutely do make us think, whether it is by those brilliant lyrics mentioned by the original post or by their videos that seem to be more than what they seem on the surface.

Number 4:  While Duran Duran can make us think, they can also provide a serious escape from reality and remind us that fun is necessary in life!  Perhaps, they is why so many of us choose to go on tour to see them as much as we can!

Number 5:  Duran Duran will always be cool but, sometimes, they can be pretty dorky, which we love, too!  John Taylor’s dance in Danceophobia, anyone?

Number 6:  Speaking of “dorky” and dancing, Simon’s dancing is ALWAYS entertaining and never fails to make me laugh!!

Number 7:  Duran Duran IS a great live band!  No matter how many shows I go to, they never cease to amaze me by how fabulous they truly are live.

Number 8:  On top of making us think and making us laugh, they can also really make us feel.  Ordinary World might bring out the tears while Rio reminds us that they make us feel “alive, alive, alive”.

Number 9:  Duran Duran has recorded 14 amazing studio albums, including one, Paper Gods, released last year.  While I may not love each album equally, ALL of them have gems on them and songs that have made my life brighter for simply existing.

Number 10:  Beyond the fabulous music, Duran Duran also takes their time to consider the visual, whether that visual is in video form, an album cover or in the font that is used for merchandise.  The details matter to them.


Number 11:  Duran Duran has fabulously dedicated fans.  Each of you reading this should now look in a mirror!  Yes, I am talking to you.  Go.  Do it.  You are a fabulous fan!  Often these wonderful fans meet and become the best of friends!  (Some of those friends are crazy enough to write a blog every day!)

Amanda & Rhonda Ace Rooftop








Number 12:  Duran Duran is STILL around and have had such an amazing career that has spans decades!  We all hope that they will continue to be around for a very, very, very long time to come!


Duran Duran Awarded MTV EMA

Duran Duran was awarded an MTV EMA last night in Milan, Italy. The award was given in the new category of “Video Visionary”, and Duran Duran were the first recipients.

In a statement released by the band prior to the ceremony, Duran Duran embraced the award with pride, “It is no coincidence that our rise was paralleled by the growth and ultimate world domination of MTV. The birth of music videos as a way to simultaneously bring our music to a global audience revolutionized the business. We took this new short form of film making and tried to make it our own. We have had some incredible experiences over the years making our videos. We have worked with some of the most talented directors in the world – without whom we would not be honored here today. We are really proud to be the recipients of this new award. Thank you MTV.”

In August of 1981, as MTV was first broadcast, I wasn’t even quite yet a teenager. I’d already heard Duran Duran on my local KROQ radio station and first fell in love with them because of their music. I can’t remember the exact year MTV was actually broadcast in my small(ish) town of Covina, California (and it very well could have been that same year)- but I do know that when it began, Duran Duran were on heavy rotation, and I spent much of my time watching the channel, waiting for videos by Duran Duran and other bands I enjoyed to be shown. MTV continued to open a door to an entirely whole new world of escapism to me, Little Miss Sheltered Teenager. It wasn’t just about the music, it was the entire art – music and visual – brought to life, and I loved every minute.

Later, as tastes changed, and the MTV programming took a turn for the worse, and then coasted down into even much worse, I stopped watching. I prefer not to even give the network a passing glimpse now – an empty shell of what it once was. As much as I am immensely proud that Duran Duran was recognized last night, I am somewhat amused that MTV continues to have awards shows, given that they dropped the “Music” from the name years ago and the fact that they no longer even play music videos. How do they even have enough credibility to honor anyone?!?  Perhaps that’s actually the point. Even more frightening, many of the acts they awarded last night are completely unaware that the channel ever played an integral part in music history, unless they’ve bothered to pick up a music history book along the way.  That’s alarming.

I didn’t watch the highlights show that was on MTV here in the US last night. I DVR’ed it, figuring that if I heard the band made an appearance on the air – I’d watch. Sadly, even with a two-hour “highlights” show and the first award given out in a brand new category, MTV didn’t find Duran Duran to be relevant enough to be televised, at least not here. However, I did find that it had been televised in other countries, so I am including a clip here that I found on Facebook (thank you to the Duran Duran Argentina board)



I am so incredibly proud of Duran Duran, and not for just the obvious things. They continue to have a fantastic career and they keep pushing themselves to do more, even when I suppose they could just stop and rest on their laurels (please don’t!). I don’t think I’m unlike any other fan out there when I wish rather loudly that they were more respected by their peers.  I was one of those teenage fans who screamed for them and hung their posters lovingly on the walls of my bedroom. I also scoured their albums, knew each of their songs note-by-note, and still work to learn as much about their recording process and production as possible. Yes, I was a fangirl. To a large extent, I suppose I still am, among many other titles I also own with pride. To equate an entire fan base as well as a band with not really mattering simply because they had a large female following continues to be an insult that myself and many others like me will keep fighting, because it simply is not true.

Eventually, Duran Duran WILL be respected purely because they cannot be ignored. History will lean heavily on the side of the band. In time that is far too long for my taste, music books will be written about the mark this band left, and continues to leave, on rock and pop history. Until then, they have the outpouring of pride, love, and affection from all of us who have stood beside them for the past thirty-plus years. Well done on your MTV EMA, boys. Very well done.


Today in Duran History – MTV Anniversary

On this date in 2001, MTV celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a Top 100 videos of all time show.  Wild Boys was featured at number 51.

Personally, I cannot believe that MTV started 33 years ago!  That makes me feel incredibly old!  I am sure that it goes without saying that MTV changed my life.  While my little suburb didn’t get the channel right away in 1981, by the end of 1982, we did.  I couldn’t get enough!  I was glued to the TV screen.  While I loved my Top 40 radio station, there was something about seeing the video clips that really hooked me, especially when it came to those videos by a certain British band.

Speaking of that band, I thought Wild Boys was an interesting choice.  Of all their videos, is Wild Boys their best?  They spent quite a lot on it and had grand plans with it and for it.  Is this why it was chosen?  Something to think about on this summer Friday!


Today in Duran History – Nick’s Birthday!

On this date in 1962, Nick Rhodes was born.  It seems that the online world today is filled with pictures, messages, and well wishes to our favorite keyboard player.  Nick, of course, has sent a message to thank everyone for their well-wishes, which you can hear here.  So, how should I celebrate Nick and his birth?  Simple.  Let’s watch some videos!!  I picked some that represented the best of Nick and his work.

Is There Something I Should Know?  (I loved his look here!)


Nick’s Stolen Moments:

Girl Panic:


The Devils:

TV Mania:

Simon introducing Nick!

What are your favorite videos with Nick?  What would you include in a celebration birthday post?


Analysis of Top 10 Duran Duran Videos

After asking people to submit lists of their top 10 Duran Duran or Duran related videos, I compiled the results and shared the results, which you could find here.  Then, last week, I shared our lists, which you could read here.  To finish up, I thought it might be good to dive into the results and see what we could learn about the Duran Duran fan community and their tastes when it comes to videos.

45 different videos were listed on people’s lists of favorites.  45!  I have to admit that I was surprised by the number of videos.  I figured that there would be a lot more consistency with the videos over the songs.

Which albums were represented?  In what order?  The videos are also listed in order of popularity within the album.

Rio (352 points):   Rio, Save a Prayer, Hungry Like the Wolf, The Chauffeur, Lonely in Your Nightmare, My Own Way

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (202 points):  New Moon on Monday, The Reflex, and Union of the Snake

1st album (165 points):  Planet Earth, Nightboat, Is There Something I Should Know, Girls of Film, and Careless Memories

Songs not on full length original song albums (164 points):  Wild Boys, A View to a Kill and Burning the Ground

All You Need Is Now (90 points):  Girl Panic and All You Need Is Now

Arcadia (83 points):  The Flame, Goodbye Is Forever, Election Day, Missing, and The Promise

The Wedding Album (76 points):  Ordinary World, Too Much Information, Come Undone, and Breath After Breath

Big Thing (57 points):  I Don’t Want Your Love and Do You Believe In Shame?

Astronaut (55 points):  Sunrise and What Happens Tomorrow

Red Carpet Massacre (23 points):  Falling Down

Liberty (11 points):  Serious and Violence of Summer

Tied between Notorious (10 points):  Notorious and Thank You (10 points):  Perfect Day and White Lines

Medazzaland (7 points):  Electric Barbarella and Out of my Mind

Power Station (6 points):  Some Like It Hot

John Taylor (5 points):  I Do What I Do

Band-Aid (3 points):  Do They Know It’s Christmas?

The Devils (1 point):  Hawks Don’t Share

Now, obviously, there are some albums that have more videos than others.  If I looked at points per video rather than just numbers, this would be the order of albums:  Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Rio, Non-album videos, All You Need Is Now, 1st album, Big Thing, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, The Wedding Album, Arcadia, Notorious, Power Station, Liberty, Thank You/John Taylor, Medazzaland, Band-Aid and The Devils.  My point here is that the Rio album videos beat Seven and the Ragged Tiger videos simply because there were more of them.  Nonetheless, it is clear that the most popular Duran Duran videos were made between 1982-1984.

In terms of side and solo projects, Arcadia’s videos hold the top spot for the fans, at least in terms of their videos.  Some side projects did not even make the list, including Neurotic Outsiders, Simon solo and Andy solo.

I wasn’t really surprised much by the results.  I expected the videos from Rio and Seven to do really well.  I expected that the videos made between 1986-2000 to be, generally, less popular.  If I had to really look at the most popular videos, part of the key to their popularity has to be that they either have solid story lines to them, are “pretty”, or came out at a peek time in Duran’s career.  While there was much that I was not surprised by, there were a few things that I was surprised by.  First, I was surprised that Serious did not do better than it did.  Second, I was surprised that Ordinary World did as well as it did.  While it is one of those “pretty” videos, I think Lonely in Your Nightmare is just as pretty.  Clearly, it was a situation in which people’s thoughts or memories affected their preferences.  The same is probably true for The Reflex as it is really the only performance video chosen.

What do the rest of you think?  What surprised you?  What didn’t shock you?  What else should I have analyzed?  Like the top 25 songs, I enjoyed doing this.  The next one will take place later in the summer as I will ask the fan community to develop the ultimate album!


The Daily Duranie’s Lists of Top 10 Duran and Duran Related Videos

Last week, I posted the overall fan community’s top 10 favorite Duran Duran videos.  If you didn’t see those results, you can click here.  As promised, I will now share our personal lists of our top 10 Duran Duran favorite videos.  How do our lists compare to each other?  How do our lists compare to the overall fan community’s list?

Rhonda’s Favorites:

10.  Serious

9.  Save a Prayer

8.  The Reflex

7.  Careless Memories

6.  Planet Earth

5.  Sunrise

4.  Election Day

3.  All You Need Is Now

2.  Rio

1.  New Moon on Monday (extended movie version)

Amanda’s Favorites:

10.  Falling Down

9.  The Flame

8.  Rio

7.  Sunrise

6.  Planet Earth

5.  Nightboat

4.  The Reflex

3.  Save a Prayer

2.  All You Need Is Now

1.  New Moon on Monday (extended movie edition)

As you can tell, we have a lot of the same videos on our lists. We shared 7 videos.  Want to watch some videos?  I’m sure you do!  Here are the 13 videos we prefer!

Election Day:

The Flame:

Careless Memories:



Falling Down:

The Reflex:

Planet Earth:



Save a Prayer:

All You Need Is Now:


New Moon on Monday:






Top 10 Duran Duran Videos Part 2

Last week, I revealed the first half of the results of the Duran Duran Fan Community’s list of Top 10 Favorite Duran Duran and Duran Duran Related Videos.  Like the Top 25 songs, I asked people to send their lists of their favorite Duran videos, in order of preference.  I then calculated and compiled the list.  Here were the favorites as revealed last week:

10.  Ordinary World

9.  Girl Panic

8.  Planet Earth

7.  Hungry Like the Wolf

6.  The Reflex

Now, I bring you the Top 5!

5.  A View to a Kill

Another video that I can’t find in my country, for some weird reason. Here is a link to see it:  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xct5qp_duran-duran-a-view-to-a-kill_music

4.  Wild Boys

3.  Save a Prayer

2.  New Moon on Monday

1.  Rio

Do you have any reactions?  What did you think?  Surprised?  Annoyed?  Fascinated?