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Today in Duran History – Talk Back Live

On today’s date in 1997, Duran Duran appeared on Talk Back Live on CNN to discuss teen violence.

Talk Back Live was a show on CNN from 1994 until 2003 and was billed as the first real interactive TV show.  The audience could call-in with questions/comments, but they could also send faxes (!!) or even go online using CNN’s partner CompuServe in order to interact in the chat room, and then the panelists and guests could address those comments and questions if they chose.

I tried to find a video clip, alas – I came up empty.  Did anyone watch this?  -R

Question of the Day: Thursday, October 16, 2014

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October Katy Kafé with Simon LeBon!

It’s that time again! Today I listened to the October edition of the Katy Kafé with the birthday boy this month – none other than Simon Le Bon.  I took notes, shook my head several times, and came up with some highlights to share.

Now for the disclaimer: this is not going to be even remotely close to word-for-word. I picked out what *I* wanted to comment on and share, and if you’re looking for something a little more inclusive, I strongly recommend getting your membership to DDM.

VENICE:  The band went to Venice last week for a private party – it was actually the party of Simon’s friend and it sounds as though a good time was had by all. I guess if you’ve got to play a private gig, I can think of worse places to have to play. If you follow Dom on Twitter or Facebook, you can see a photo from the water “taxi” that took him from the airport to the hotel. Yes, I can definitely think of worse places to have to go for work.

NILE: Katy asked Simon about working with Nile on the album. Simon said that Nile seemed very happy to reconnect with Duran Duran, and that the process of working with Nile is very easy. Nile loves music and he stays current. Given Nile’s current popularity, I would say that the band was lucky to have him work on the album. The man is incredibly busy!!

Simon also said that currently, it appears that Nile and Mark are on two or three tracks for DD14, and that he hopes that they “make it onto the album”.  Between these tracks and the potential of what John Frusciante worked on, I have absolutely no sense of what the finished product will sound like, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

MR. HUDSON:  He has been the main drive with the album and has become a good friend of Simon’s, helping him with “getting the lyrics right”. Mr. Hudson (Ben) is currently working with Spike Stent to mix the album. (Rhonda asks, does this mean it’s really finished being written and recorded?!)

which leads to….

WHEN WILL THE ALBUM BE READY?: Simon begins with this song and dance about how he’s a great writer, lyricist, etc…but he’s not a businessman, he doesn’t manage his own career, and so therefore he hasn’t a “fucking clue” when this album will be done. He says that HE thinks it should be ready in a month, but that he’s also the optimist. They still have to find a label, and labels want a six month lead time. (Six months?!? This waiting thing is just going to go on and on, isn’t it??) Then he goes on to say that he has been going around playing the album for anyone who will listen. (That’s funny, I don’t remember anyone asking ME….) Katy mentions that she wants to listen, and that launches Simon into a short discussion of how nobody gets sent roughs anymore. “No digital files”. It’s too risky. Yeah, you know why it’s risky?? Because fans are productive and downright sneaky. We get hold of things and the next thing you know, everyone in the community has it. Anyone remember Astronaut??

THE BIRTHDAY: Simon will be 56 this year, for those who have lost count. There was a lot of talk about cake and some innuendo about the shape of the tiers of the cake…but if you want that, you can go listen to the file yourself. I just shook my head and willed the topic to change. Simon is going to spend the day with his dad, which he does every year, since they share a birthday,

FASHION ROCKS: Simon said this was a fun show and that he met Gene Simmons, who declared (more than once) that Simon would be popular with the guys in jail.  Good to know….

FORMULA-ONE FAN EVENT IN AUSTIN: For those who only read our blog for the Kafés, the band is playing November 1st at the ACL/Formula-One FanFest in Austin, Texas. They play at the Moody Theater in Austin, which is an intimate venue, and it should be a fantastic show as long as you’re comfortable parting with the $325-575 per ticket price. Simon made sure to say that this is the only public show for 2014. (unless of course you want to go see them at Dell World…which is STILL kind of a public performance, even though the show is at an industry trade event.  The general public, like you and I, can purchase tickets, so check out the details on the blog link above.)

LASTLY: Check out the October 2014 Vanity Fair if you haven’t already. Simon has a photo spread from the deck of the boat we know from “Rio” (Eilean) and an article in the magazine.

Til next time!




Today in Duran History – Fashion Rocks

On today’s date in 2003, Duran Duran performed on Fashion Rocks.

If your memory is fading (like mine…), here’s a little trip down memory lane for you:

Part of my problem is that now that they’ve done Fashion Rocks a few times, I’d forgotten what songs go with what show.  I’m sure some of you are sitting reading this and remember EXACTLY what they sang, what Simon wore and how John’s hair looked.  I wish my memory were that good…but it’s not.  (They played Girls on Film!) Now that I’ve watched this clip again, I remember sitting and watching this in 2003, marveling over the fact that the band was back together and that I really was watching the original Fab Five on my TV.  They all looked happy and healthy, and I could hardly wait to see them again.

Fast forward to this year, 2014 – and while yes, the personnel has changed in one case, I still remember thinking that they all looked happy and healthy, and I could hardly wait to see them again.  Funny.



Question of the Day: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Duran Duran at Dell World 2014

Austin is getting the Duran Duran love lately, aren’t they?  Just to note – if I hear of even ONE Duranie from Texas complain about the band not playing near them, I will cheerfully remind you of the time they’re spending in your glorious state this Autumn.

This love has now spread to Dell World, which is November 4-6. If you are keeping track, this means that they’ll be in Austin on November 1st for the ACL/Formula-One gig, and then they’re playing Dell World on November 4th for their opening event where they will headline along with Weezer. Neither event is for the faint of pocketbook – if you’re planning on going to Dell World and don’t have an “in”, you’re gonna pay $895 for the entire convention…but if you register now, you can bring a “colleague” for free.  (I believe in our case, fellow Duranies are absolutely colleagues!)

Daily Duranie will not be in attendance for any of these shows this November. Personally I can’t justify the cost, nor the time spent in travel. I know Amanda feels similar. We both feel it’s a ridiculous sum of money to spend to see the band at this particular point in our lives. Nothing personal, but we’d rather wait for a real tour and do a road trip with all the trimmings and experience new music if at all possible. I know other Duranies are happily throwing their money at Dell and counting their blessings at being able to go to both the F-1 event AND Dell World in a single week. I applaud their efforts, but my cash is staying in my bank account.

Granted, the rest of the world has taken notice of these upcoming shows, and I’d have to be blind not to see the rather pointed comments coming from all directions other than Texas. Fair enough. It is true, the band apparently likes Austin.  I wish I knew what to say to make the sting lessen, but all I’m coming up with for now is that they say there will be a tour…..at some point.



Today in Duran History – Rosie

On today’s date in 1997, Duran Duran performed on the Rosie O’Donnell show in support of Medazzaland.  I remember this show very clearly because it was the very first time I’d seen the band on TV in many years – probably since college.  I sat and watched the show with Heather on my lap (she was a tiny baby back then!) and saw them perform “Electric Barbarella” and of course, “Hungry Like the Wolf”.  I watched it again this morning and felt like I’d been shipped back to 1997 for a brief visit.


Question of the Day: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Makes my hair stand up on end

Happy Monday, everyone. I’ve been spending my morning trying to catch myself up with the world. I left with my daughter Heather very early Thursday morning to fly to Ohio for her very first college dance audition. The next two days were filled with seminars, meetings, classes, auditions, interviews, tours and talking to parents. There were several moments over the weekend when I would look over at Heather and just marvel at where we are in life. Parents, like myself, just don’t realize how quickly it all goes – one day you’re registering for elementary school and the next you’re talking to college administrators about dormitories. It is crazy! Time really does fly. Ten years ago, I don’t think I really believed this moment would arrive. I was busy thinking about album signings and getting to see the band play. College felt incredibly far off and not something I really needed to think about.

At some point over the weekend, likely Saturday as I waited at the airport, I saw that Roger had posted his thoughts about the anniversary of Astronaut. Ten years. I took pause when I read the words because these ten years went by in the blink of an eye. Ten years ago, I had my then seven-year old waiting with me to meet the band. She and I shared a very special moment because she saw a side of me  that until then, I kept very hidden. She saw me live out a dream – meeting the band at the LA Virgin Megastore signing. My kids knew I liked Duran Duran, but until then, I hadn’t really participated much in the whole fan community thing. It was that year that I went to the convention in New Orleans, and it was the following March that I traveled to see my first show. However, it was the two nights I spent waiting in line with Heather, first to buy the album and then later that week coming back to have our album and CD signed, that really bonded Heather and I in a way I couldn’t have expected. She started to understand that her mom was much, much more than just the lady who comforts, cleans, cooks and drives. I wasn’t JUST a mom, I was a person, with my own likes, dislikes, friends, wishes and dreams. Heather marveled at how much going to that signing meant to me (It mattered so much that I signed her out of school to go with me – and if you know me, you know that kind of thing NEVER happens.), and I think she was thrilled I shared that with her. She could see my excitement during those evenings, and although she still remembers Simon quizzing her about her favorite books and having Andy excitedly jump out of his chair to shake her hand (cutest thing ever), it is the time that we spent together that she remembers most.

This past weekend, she and I shared another pretty monumental moment. I saw my daughter not as this incredibly disorganized, chronically LATE but beautifully talented child, but as a young woman, getting ready to make her own way in this world. She’s standing at her own fork in the road here, trying to figure out which way to go. The comforts of home beckon her to stay – which would be the easiest, but not necessarily the smartest; the unknown intimidating her even though I think down deep she realizes she still has plenty of growing to do. Just as Astronaut changed my life in many, many ways…college will change Heather’s. Standing here as “The Mommy” is much more difficult and heart-tugging than I thought. I found myself fighting back tears, both happy and sad, during the few moments of solitude I savored over the weekend.

Life changing moments happen without warning. I suspect that I will look back on #DD14 (when in the heck are they EVER going to name it?!?!!) and equate it to another pivotal moment –  high school graduation and college for my first born.




Today in Duran History – Indiana

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran played the Holiday Star Theater in Merrillville, Indiana.  This date was included in the Dilate Your Mind tour.  This tour date shows up as cancelled on duranduran.com’s timeline, but I have actually found a setlist for the show online, so I am assuming it did go on as planned.   Plan B was the opening band.  Let us know if you were there!

Set List:

  1. Too Much Information
  2. Planet Earth
  3. Hungry Like The Wolf
  4. Ordinary World
  5. UMF
  6. A View To A Kill
  7. Girls on Film
  8. Come Undone
  9. White Lines
  10. Love Voodoo
  11. Notorious
  12. The Reflex
  13. Rio
  14. Save A Prayer
  15. The Wild Boys