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Fandom is Always Better with Friends

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Wisconsin with my daughter Heather, who is in the middle of auditioning for BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) programs for college. The trip was taking us to both the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the University of Wisconsin Madison, and if you’ve been paying attention to the blog over the past four years – you know that Amanda, my blogging partner-in-crime, lives in Madison. (How convenient!!!) So while Heather auditioned, Amanda and I basically sat in a corner of the parent “waiting room” and laughed. (we’re awfully supportive that way)  At night, Heather would crash after dancing all day. Amanda and I?  We watched Duran Duran videos at what I like to call  “Daily Duranie Headquarters”.  We laughed, reminisced, and wished-aloud for more shows in the coming year.

I was only with Amanda for just shy of 48 hours, but even spending that little time together renewed my spirit. The past few months have been particularly stressful due to a job layoff for my husband (redundancy, for those who are not from the US and don’t quite get the vernacular), and there has been very little in the way of real “fun”.  Make no mistake,  in addition to the layoff, being the parent of a graduating high school senior isn’t easy. Those college applications don’t just fill themselves out, and oddly enough – most kids aren’t excited by the idea of writing essay after essay or scrambling to get test scores and transcripts to the various schools – all on top of the normal schoolwork. In my daughter’s case, all of that is accompanied by yet another application process to audition for dance programs, which come with teacher recommendations, dance resumés, videos, photos, head shots, etc. All of this can be filed under “Things-I-really-wished-I’d-known-and-thought-through-before-encouraging-Heather-to-start-dancing”.  As much as I’d like to pretend that I’m a wall-of-steel: nothing bothers me, nothing gets through my thick skin; the fact is – I’ve had a very tough time blogging lately. Working on the “back-end” of the site, the nuts and bolts, so to speak – has been much easier than coming to terms with the emotional side of being a fan. It’s easier to just talk about the date in history or learn how to move a website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org than talk about why I love the band or why I couldn’t go to Austin.  I may act like I don’t care, but the truth is that of course I do. I hate missing out, and I especially hate that it bothers me that I’m missing out!

Nevertheless, we arrived in Wisconsin on Thursday night, game-faces on, ready to go. I have to admit, up until I left, I let myself pretend that the only reason we were going was for Heather’s college future. I am not frivolous enough to dare plan a “fun” trip while my husband is unemployed, so this trip was going to be all-business. The plan was to go to Heather’s audition on Friday morning and then meet up with Amanda on Friday night and drive to Madison for another audition in the morning.

When we walked in the door of Amanda’s home on Friday night, I felt like I was finally able to take a full-breath again. Seeing her office, filled with mementos of trips we’ve taken together to see the band and tons of other memorabilia, gave me reason to smile. It’s really tough not to grin when I think of the fun we’ve had together over the years. I don’t know how it is that I’d virtually forgotten so much of it in the three months or so it has been since I stayed at her house last. Life just takes over, I suppose.

We did our fair share of Duran Duran viewing on Saturday night. We did a lot of laughing. Instead of feeling heavy with worry and dread that I desperately try to keep hidden here on the blog and even in my real life at home, I finally relaxed. I remembered why I’m anxious for the band to get back on the road. I’m a Duranie! I thought about the people I’ve met along the way and how each of those relationships – whether we’re talking friendships, admirations, or flat-out fandom, has affected me as a person and brought me to where I am (which is currently making lists of things I have to fix on this darn blog this week).

For me personally, this trip was very much needed, and in a lot of ways I feel guilty because while Heather was dancing and my husband was at home continuing to go through the ordeal of finding a new place of employment, I was able to forget it all for a day or so. A few weeks ago, Amanda asked me about coming up with my own list of top Duranie “fan” moments. At the time, I couldn’t even come up with a single defining second – much less a whole moment! (Yes, that really is a great example of how worried and stressed I’ve been) I’ve got a few things down on the list now, and I’m sure more will come to mind in the next several days.  I am still very much a Duranie. I just needed a lighthearted weekend with a dear friend to remind me.

If nothing else, THAT is why this blog exists, and THAT is why we continue.




Today in Duran History – Gloucester

On today’s date in good old 1982, Duran Duran played the Leisure Center in Gloucester.  This show was part of the Rio tour.

Hard to believe we’re here looking back on a date that took place 32 years ago. It’s almost impossible given than I’m barely 30, right???

Listen, some believe that John Taylor is going to marry them.  Others believe Simon is coming for them.  Me?  I’m just barely 30.  Happy Monday!!

While I’m at it, I just want to thank everyone for their patience this past couple weeks as we set up this site to be “self-hosted”.  For our readers, this means nothing. For me, it has meant changing quite a few things, learning a TON of things that I had zero interest in learning even a year ago (you just cannot even IMAGINE the cursing and vulgarity that has taken place here in the past 10 days…) and it also means quite a bit more work behind the scenes this week.  Some of it you may notice, and much of it will never be seen by anyone but Amanda and I. For example: I know the daily polling needs to be fixed, our colors are slightly off, the website header is blurry…and about 5000 other things have to be tweaked so they work better.  While I get to work making all of it happen, I just wanted to pass on our thanks for not deserting us!




Today in Duran History – Rio de Janeiro 2008

On this date in 2008, Duran Duran played at Vivo Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This show was part of the Red Carpet Massacre Tour and the set list was as follows:
The Valley
Planet Earth
Hungry like the WolfNite-Runner
I Don’t Want Your Love
Save a Prayer

A View To A Kill
Falling Down

The Chauffeur
Come Undone
Ordinary World

Is There Something I Should Know
White Lines
Wild Boys

Girls on Film

 What is interesting about this show is that it was the last show before the band had to cancel a few shows due to Nick’s inability to travel with an ear infection.


Today in Duran History – Huntsville 1993

On this date in 1993, Duran Duran played Von Baun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  This is part of No Ordinary Tour.  This show took place after many shows had been canceled after Simon lost his voice earlier in the year.
I wonder how many shows Duran has played in Alabama.  At one point, Rhonda and I discussed how it would be fun to see Duran play in every state.  That said, I know that there are states that they have never been to.  I still think it is a good goal but I don’t know how feasible it really is.

Today in Duran History – Seven and the Ragged Tiger

On this date in 1983, Duran Duran’s third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, was released worldwide.  That’s right.  It means that today marks its 31st anniversary.  How about some fun facts on the album?
It is 37:36 minutes in length.
Last album written and recorded by the Fab Five until the reunion
Produced by Alex Sadkin, Duran Duran and Ian Little
Album was worked on in the south of France, Montserrat and Sydney
Featured three singles:  Union of the Snake, New Moon on Monday and The Reflex
Peaked at number 8 in the Billboard 200 chart of top albums in the US and spent 64 weeks on the chart
Went double platinum (2 million copies sold)
Now, why don’t you put it on for a spin?