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Today in Duran History – A View to a Kill & Get it On

On today’s date in 1985, American Top 40 featured A View to a Kill at number 11 and Get It On (Bang a Gong) at number 9.  With side projects, Duran Duran et. al surely dominated the charts at the time. Little did we realize back then that we were in the beginning of a long drought.


Question of the Day: Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Airports and Code Purple

So this Tuesday finds me wondering about my fellow fans out there.  How many of you have gone to an airport to wait for the band to arrive?

Let’s face it – I’ve never done it, and not entirely because I didn’t want to go, but rather, because I’m not that good of an investigator and never really know when and where to go.  The few times I’ve had great information – I’ve been 600 miles away, and I’m not just talking about yesterday when I may or may not have seen a tweet from a certain band member mentioning where he’s flying in today.

Truth be told, I’m desperate.  If desperation had a stench, I’d be stinking up the place by now.  I miss the band. I’m sure many of you are also raising your hands in unison. I have absolutely zero chances of attending a show any time soon – I can’t afford a $300 ticket to see them in Austin, and I certainly am not going to be driving up to Monterey today to go see them at the Mazda show tomorrow.  Like most of the Duranie world – I’m stuck watching them at home, and I’ll just pretend it’s going to be the greatest thing ever.

So when a few of us were discussing the potential elations and pitfalls of meeting the band at the airport yesterday, I wondered how many other fans still go. I won’t lie – I’m torn. On one hand, the part of me that is still feeling young thinks it’s a fantastic idea. You go, you see the band…it’s like getting a fix!  On the other hand, the part of me that battles hot flashes and wonders just how much longer I can really keep pretending I’m in my 20s when we all know I’m cruising into my mid-40s thinks I’m insane for even thinking about it.  I mean, just last night I laid awake (while trying to survive another hot flash) wondering just how much longer I can really keep going to shows. Is there really a place for a woman at a show that needs a personal cooling fan, and not just because of the band being right in front of her?!?  Probably not.  Can you imagine what I’d look like when I finally DID run into….well…any one of the band members?  As a good friend of mine mentioned on Twitter last week (regarding something else entirely), I’d go Code Purple.  And sweaty. Ick.  Seriously?!?  I think more could have been done to warn me that this was coming, because maybe then I would have taken more of the opportunities that came my way back then…assuming that there were some. (there really weren’t, but let’s just pretend for a second.)

I ended the conversation yesterday encouraging my friend to go run and free her inner Duranie. Go to the airport. Say hello to all of them. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know they still have support from fans…even the fans who didn’t win tickets to see them at their only show on the West Coast this year.

In the meantime, I’ll continue pondering this as I consider desperation, hot flashes and fandom.  (that really could be a whole new blog for me…)




Today in Duran History – Blondie

On today’s date in 1982 (a very long time ago, indeed…) Duran Duran opened for Blondie and played at the Starlight Amphitheater in Kansas City, Missouri.  This was part of a series of dates where the band opened for Blondie in between dates on the Rio tour.

In 1982 I wasn’t even allowed to cross the street in front of my house alone, much less go to a rock concert….how many of you were at this show?!?





Question of the Day: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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photo ©Digital Nation Ltd.
photo ©Digital Nation Ltd.

Today in Duran History – HOB Hollywood

On today’s date in the year 2000, Duran Duran played at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California.  This date was a part of the Pop Trash tour.

Incidentally, the House of Blues on Sunset – the very same one the band has played at – will be closed and torn down to make way for a hotel and condominiums. This property being one of many along the famous (or infamous, depending upon your point of view) “Sunset Strip” that have been closed down and scheduled to be demolished.  In the case of the House of Blues, however – they plan to find a new home elsewhere.

Here’s a video of “Hallucinating Elvis” for your video watching on this Labor Day Monday.



Question of the Day: Monday, September 1, 2014

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This Past Week in Duranland (August 25 to August 31, 2014)

It seems to me that each and every week in the Duran Duran universe is getting more and more exciting.  After a very long time of not very much happening, we now seem to have announcements each week!  I love it, but it is harder to keep up.  We do our best to react quickly to each and every piece of news.  In fact, we are very committed to this.  If we are going to keep a daily blog, it has to be DAILY, at the very least.  Sometimes, I question our sanity and then go right back to work.

This week saw two big news items on the band’s official website:

First, on the 25th, we learned that Duran Duran is going to play Austin, Texas, on Saturday, November 1st as part of the Grand Prix Formula 1 Fan Fest.  While tickets are available to this show, they are not cheap due to the larger event.  For information, you can read the official press release here.  If you want to read Rhonda’s blog post about it, you can go here.

Second, by the 28th, we had all learned that Duran Duran would be performing at the official unveiling of the Madza MX-5 Miata in Monterey, California, on Wednesday, September 3rd.  Since it a private event, there were no tickets available to the public, but there were some lucky fans in the fan club who won tickets to the event.  Yet, according to the press release, which you can read here, all is not lost for the majority of fans as highlights will be shown on Madza’s YouTube channel.  How did we respond to this?  We do what we always try to do–use it as a way to bring fans together.  In this case, we are hosting an online event, which you can read about and join in here.

The band’s official fan club reminded all of us about Denis O’Regan’s book, Careless Memories.  To see what is included in the book and to order, go to: http://www.ddcarelessmemories.com/books/elite-edition.  If you do get one, please, let us know how it is!

If all that wasn’t enough, there was some interesting activity on social media this week, too!

While the band’s Facebook and Twitter reminded us all about the upcoming events of Austin, Monterey, and Unstaged.  They also reminded us that Fashion Rocks is coming up quickly!  In fact, they posted a picture from the band’s In Style photo shoot that was done for Fashion Rocks.  I highly recommend checking it out!!!

We also learned via certain Twitter accounts (*coughJohnTaylorDomBrowncough*) that the band went to Moscow.  From there, we found out that they went there for a private concert for a Russian pharmaceutical company.  Some of our friends who are far better at searching for Duran Duran alerts found a few clips from this performance.


Ordinary World

What will next week bring?  We shall see and it shall be interesting.  Just in case, you need the upcoming Duran dates listed in one place:

September 3rd:  Madza Private Party and Daily Duranie Durandemonium Online Viewing Party 6 PM PST

September 9th:  Fashion Rocks

September 10th:  Unstaged Screenings

September 14th:  Other Unstaged Screening

November 1st:  Show in Austin

What am I missing?!?



Today in Duran History – Cesme, Turkey 1993

On this date in 1993, Duran Duran played at the Cesme Amphitheatre in Izmir/Cesme, Turkey, as part of the 1993 Cesme Festival.  This was part of the No Ordinary Tour of 1993.  It is also a few days before Simon lost his voice on that tour, causing the band to cancel a number of dates.

The set list was as follows:

Planet Earth
Hungry Like the Wolf
A View to a Kill
Ordinary World
Come Undone
White Lines
The Chauffeur
Girls on Film
The Reflex
Save a Prayer
Love Voodoo
Too Much Information
Wild Boys

What do you think of that setlist?  I would totally dig seeing/hearing UMF and Too Much Information live (again).  That said, I’m not sure about putting Ordinary World and Come Undone together.  If you attended this show, do you think it worked?

It appears that most of this show can be found on YouTube, interestingly enough.  I’m including Too Much Information.  Just to warn you, Simon is not wearing a shirt.



Question of the Day: Sunday, August 31, 2014

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