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When you think of Duran Duran, what is the first video to pop into your head?

Yesterday, I was avoiding real work and looking over Facebook. I’d posted a link to an online poll regarding iconic 80s videos, and the subject got me thinking.  What is the FIRST video that comes to mind when I think of Duran Duran?

For me, it’s Rio. Keep in mind, I wasn’t considering my favorite video, or what might have been the first video I ever saw for Duran Duran – but rather the one that comes first to mind.  When I think of Duran Duran, I can’t help but think of that yacht, the gorgeous water, the neon “champagne”…the pink rotary telephone…the sun, those silk suits…Andy being thrown overboard… it all reminds me of the band.

I wondered about other people…did it make a difference as to when people became fans?  What about male/female choices?  Would they be the same?  So I decided to conduct an off-the-cuff, completely scientific poll.  I asked a simple (or what I thought was simple) question: What is the first video that comes to mind when I say Duran Duran.

In asking, I made a couple of assumptions: ONE – that people who answered knew their videos. TWO – that people could actually understand what I was asking.

Thankfully, I didn’t have anyone ask about the band. So there’s that.

However, as always – a few people couldn’t come up with one video. I’m usually amused by the people who simply refuse to make a choice. Even if I promise that Duran Duran isn’t reading, that they don’t care and that this is NOT going to be sent to them as some sort of “A HA!!! Just LOOK at what your fans are thinking!” Some people just cannot choose. The band should be immensely proud that there are folks out there that just want them all.  All the time. Everything must be equal. I had someone tell me that making them choose one video is like choosing between children.  After I uncrossed my eyes, I contemplated the comment.

To begin with, I’m not in that camp. I will openly tell you what song is my favorite, what albums I feel should have been discarded before they were released, I’ll even go as far as to say what band member is my very favorite and why.  I don’t even KNOW the band personally and I still have my favorites.  I am obviously completely heartless.  AND opinionated.  I’ve been called a bully before, by fellow fans, because I have told them they have to choose or they can’t vote.  I’m really not a bully.  I grew up being the one who was bullied much of the time – but I do insist that if you’re gonna play, you play by my rules.  This is my blog post, these are my rules.  Simple.

My bark is much worse than my bite, but don’t tell anybody that.  It’s OUR little secret.

I really didn’t ask anyone to choose, though. I just asked what video came to mind first. That doesn’t mean it must be the favorite video, or even the video you happened to see first, although I can certainly agree that perhaps the very first video ever seen could possibly be the one that comes to mind first. That makes sense.

Someone else mentioned that the video that comes to mind for them first isn’t necessarily the most iconic. Fair statement. I’m going to ask that very question at some point and see if the answers differ.  Why? Because I have real work to do and I’m looking to avoid reading about patents and types of corporations for as long as possible.

So what about those answers?  Rio was the runaway answer here, earning nearly four times as many votes as anything else mentioned. I don’t think that would necessarily surprise the band.  I once received a comment from an entirely anonymous person, explaining the band’s image to me.  Yachts, supermodels…SEX…(gasp!!).  If it weren’t for that image, maybe things would have been different for the band. Yes, that one decision may have made all the difference.  Maybe they would have continued opening for bands like Fashion, for instance.  I really don’t know.

What I did find interesting was that even with a question like this, there were a plethora of answers. Everything from Rio to Girl Panic was mentioned.  The top answers were: Rio, Girls on Film (yes, I did pay attention here and most, but not all votes on this one were from men.  I can’t say I blame them.), Save a Prayer, Planet Earth, The Reflex and yes…Hungry Like the Wolf.  And we wonder why those songs are on nearly every set list…

What I couldn’t really tell from the votes and would really like to know is just how much the timing of when someone became a fan (meaning what album was out at the time) and what the first video someone saw had to do with the video chosen. Not that it’s all very scientific – I just like doing these polls.  There’s something therapeutic in counting hashtags instead of reading up on LLC’s, I guess.  Now I see why Amanda does them every day.

This is the first real blog I’ve written in a while. I don’t know if anyone has really noticed, but I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus of my own as of late.  I needed a break.  I still wrote (and will continue) the Day in Duran History during the week as a short blog, but other than that – I was living Daily Duranie “free”.  There’s a number of reasons for this, but I figure if the band can take breaks and take years to put out albums, I can take breaks too.  When they start breaking news for us, you can bet I’ll be back to posting on a daily basis. Until then, when I have something to say, I’ll post it.



Today’s Date in Duran History – Fashion

On today’s date in 1980…yes, WAYYY back then…Duran Duran opened for the band Fashion at the Rum Runner.  That’s right, Duran Duran opened for Fashion, not the other way around.

Isn’t it weird the way fame and circumstance work?  You’re on top one day, and then somehow – the band that opens for you ends up hitting it huge while you’re struggling to make ends meet as you’re hammering it out night after night.  Just one choice, one decision, may have made all the difference in the careers of both Fashion and Duran Duran.  You just never quite know what’s going to happen in this world – despite the best possible intentions and planning.

I suppose it’s true for all of us. We never really know what change in direction, what one simple, easily cast decision, is going to do for us. It could be as neat and trim as the decision to walk to work one day rather than taking the bus.  It could possibly be the agonizingly difficult decision of what university to attend.  We just never know.

Think about it.


Question of the Day: March 12, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture RRR


Today’s Date in Duran History – TV Mania!

Do you know what was released just ONE short year ago today?? TV Mania’s LONG awaited album, Bored with Prozac and the Internet?  There are times when I sit back and say “Wow, it’s been a year already?”, and this is one of those times. Where has that year gone???

For me personally, this is one of the very few albums in my lifetime that really made me sit back and take notice. Surprising (for me) in every sense. As I wrote back then, I fully expected to develop an instant dislike…or at least deep-apathy, for this album. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and as much as I enjoy listening to the album from my happy “home” (my computer, of course…as I’m still not quite bored with the internet, and Prozac just isn’t my thing), I love listening to it on vinyl even more. Even better? Warren REALLY outdid himself on this one. While I admittedly had trouble ever embracing him as a member of Duran Duran – his style of guitar just never quite worked for me – I still say his work on this album is nothing short of genius.

I still get a chuckle from the tweets sent from the @TVManiaMusic, and sometimes the tweets even give me a chance to stretch my brain a bit, which I enjoy.  I wish that Nick and/or Warren had the time/interest/compunction to communicate with fans…but I guess putting out an album that was a decade or more “in the making” was hard enough. Best not to push it. Can’t have it all, can we?


Question of the Day: March 11, 2014

Yesterday’s winner: Picture OOO

Today in Duran History – Philadelphia 1984

On today’s date back in good old 1984, Duran Duran played at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.  Were you there??

I must admit, that is one tour I completely missed – and not by choice, but because I had overprotective parents.  I’ve spent my fair share of moments wondering what it must have been like among the screaming crowd on that tour. Even if I’d been able to go to any of the shows, I would have likely been in the back – one of my closest friends went to the show at the LA Forum and she sat in the very back row.  I can remember running my fingers longingly across the ticket stub she had pinned to her wall, wishing that I had a stub of my own on my brag board at home.  She would proudly say that while it’s true she sat in the last row, she was still there and I was not. Fair enough.  I will never know what it was like to see the band during their most popular years.  For as long as I’ve been a fan, I don’t know what it really sounded like to be in that kind of an audience.  Then again, when I go to shows now – I can actually HEAR the band.  Bonus??

Speaking of the 1984 tour, the Daily Duranie inbox received a request!  Is there anyone out there (see what I did there?) who was present for the Jacksonville (Florida) Coliseum DD show on March 25th, 1984?  If so – we have a fellow blogger that is looking for YOU, your stories and your mementos from the show.  Gigs Reflex is a blog dedicated to first concert experiences from fans just like us, and they are doing a blog post on this very Duran Duran show in Jacksonville Florida in 1984.  The blog will run on March 25th – the anniversary of that show – so if you were there and wish to have your stories , anecdotes or say, ticket stubs, t-shirts etc. included: Email Gigs Reflex.  They would like submissions by Sunday, March 16, so go, go, go!


Question of the Day: March 10, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture MMM


Today in Duran History – Orlando 2001

On this day in 2001, Duran Duran played at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.  During this tour, the band often played at the House of Blues in whatever city they were touring.  What else is interesting about this tour is that they would often play in the same city, same venue two or three nights in a row.  For example, they played the House of Blues in Orlando on March 9th and March 10th.  Later, they moved to play another House of Blues in Atlanta on March 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th.  In this sense, they played almost a small residency in each city.

While I did not see the band during this tour, I have to admit that this type of touring really appeals to me and would have some definite advantages for the band.  As someone who likes to see multiple shows on any tour, I would love to be able to pick a place to travel to, stay there long enough to actually see the sites and go to many shows.  Throughout my years as a Duranie, I have been to a few places that I feel like I have barely been to because I was only there for one day.  For example, during the winter 2008 tour, I was in Atlantic City less than 24 hours as I had a show in a different place the day before and the day after.  I would have liked to have been there longer but I wasn’t missing a show!!  I would also imagine that they might be good for the band as they wouldn’t have to travel as much or as frequently.  That would have to make touring easier and less exhausting.  Of course, on the down side, they might not hit as many cities, which could be tough on those fans who cannot travel.

What do you think?  Which is the better way for them to tour?  Multiple cities every week or mini residency in one city?


Question of the Day: March 9, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture LLL


Analysis of Top 25 Duran Duran Songs

A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the Top 25 Duran Duran songs that were compiled from the top 25 lists that many fans submitted to us.  You can find the results here.  Then, last week, we posted our choices for the Top 25 Duran Duran songs.  While you might have thought we were done with this task, you were wrong.  I promised to go through the selections and provide some information about the songs chosen as well as what the choices might say about Duran Duran fans.

The number of songs to appear on people’s lists: 159 different songs were listed.  I couldn’t believe how the list of songs kept growing!  Clearly, this shows that Duran’s catalog is very large, at this point!

The albums represented in order by the points they received.  The songs are listed in order of preference.

Rio-2865 (New Religion, The Chauffeur, Save a Prayer, Hold Back the Rain, Rio, Lonely in Your Nightmare, Last Chance on the Stairway, Hungry Like the Wolf,  My Own Way).  All songs from the album were listed.

Self-titled-2547 points (Careless Memories, Planet Earth, Friends of Mine, Girls on Film, Sound of Thunder, Nightboat, Is There Something I Should Know, Anyone Out There, Tel Aviv, To the Shore).  All songs from the album were listed.  I included both Is There Something I Should Know and To the Shore.

All You Need is Now-1903 (All You Need Is Now, Before the Rain, The Man Who Stole a Leopard, Girl Panic, Mediterranea, Leave a Light On, Being Followed, Safe, Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, Runway Runaway, Blame the Machines, Networker Nation).  71% of the songs were listed from the album.  I used the 17 track Best Buy exclusive.

Seven and the Ragged Tiger-1493 (The Seventh Stranger, New Moon on Monday, The Reflex, Tiger Tiger, Shadows on Your Side, Union of the Snake, Of Crime and Passion, Cracks in the Pavement, I Take the Dice).  All songs from the album were listed.

Astronaut-1152 (Sunrise, Nice, What Happens Tomorrow, Bedroom Toys, Want You More, Virus, Still Breathing, Astronaut, Finest Hour, Chains, Point of No Return, Taste the Summer, One of Those Days).  All songs were listed.  I included Virus as it appeared on the Japanese version.

The Wedding Album-1062 (Ordinary World, Come Undone, None of the Above, Too Much Information, Love Voodoo, Breath After Breath, Sin of the City, Shelter, Femme Fatale, UMF, Drowning Man).  85% of the songs from the album were listed.

Big Thing-744(Do You Believe in Shame, I Don’t Want Your Love,  Palomino, The Edge of America, Land, All She Wants Is, Lake Shore Driving, Drug, Too Late Marlene, Big Thing).  83% of songs listed.

Notorious-666 (Vertigo, Notorious, Skin Trade, A Matter of Feeling, American Science, Hold Me, Winter Marches On, Proposition, So Misled, Meet el Presidente).  All songs from the album were listed.

Red Carpet Massacre-469(Falling Down, Box Full O Honey, The Valley, Night Runner, Skin Divers, Cry Baby Cry, She’s Too Much, Tempted, Last Man Standing, Red Carpet Massacre, Zoom In, Tricked Out).  92% of songs from the album were listed.  I included Cry Baby Cry for the same reason as Virus.

Liberty-439 (Serious, My Antarctica, Violence of Summer, All Along the Water, First Impression, Liberty, Read My Lips, Hothead, Downtown, Venice Drowning).  91% of songs listed.

Medazzaland- 313(Out of my Mind, Big Bang Generation, Electric Barbarella, Midnight Sun, Be My Icon, Buried in the Sand, Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For, Medazzaland, Who Do You Think You Are, So Long Suicide).  83% of songs listed.

Thank You-284 (White Lines, Perfect Day, Lay Lady Lay, Drive By, I Wanna Take You Higher, Watching the Detectives, Success, Thank You).  67% of songs listed.

Pop Trash-204 (Playing with Uranium, Someone Else Not Me, Pop Trash Movie, Starting to Remember, The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever, Last Day on Earth, Lava Lamp, Mars Meets Venus).  67% of songs listed.

Obviously, all albums were represented.  I was not surprised that the top 3 albums were Rio, Self-Titled, and All You Need Is Now.  I was also not surprised that the bottom 3 were Medazzaland, Thank You and Pop Trash.  I was a little surprised that Thank You did better than Pop Trash.  There were a few surprises to about the songs within the albums.  For example, Falling Down was the favorite from Red Carpet Massacre, collectively, as opposed to Night Runner or Skin Divers.  Likewise, I was surprised that Electric Barbarella wasn’t the favorite in Medazzaland.  Lastly, I was surprised that My Antarctica is as loved as it is off of Liberty.

The singles chosen in order of preference: Careless Memories, Ordinary World, Planet Earth, Save a Prayer, All You Need Is Now, Come Undone, Rio, New Moon on Monday, The Reflex, Girls on Film, Sunrise, Wild Boys, Nice, Girl Panic, Serious, Do You Believe in Shame, A View to a Kill, Leave a Light On, Is There Something I Should Know, Out of my Mind, I Don’t Want Your Love, What Happens Tomorrow, Notorious, Hungry Like the Wolf, Union of the Snake, White Lines, Perfect Day, Falling Down, My Own Way, Skin Trade, Playing with Uranium, All She Wants Is, Too Much Information, Someone Else Not Me, Violence of Summer, Electric Barbarella, Meet el Presidente, Last Day on Earth, and Burning the Ground.  Every single made it to the list.  Did the biggest hits do better than the rest of the singles?  Not necessarily.  Careless Memories was not a huge hit on the charts but is with the fans.

The songs that had videos to go with in order of preference:  Careless Memories, Ordinary World, Planet Earth, The Chauffeur, Friends of Mine, Save a Prayer, All You Need Is Now, Come Undone, Rio, Lonely in Your Nightmare, New Moon on Monday, The Reflex, Girls on Film, Sunrise, Wild Boys, Girl Panic, Serious, Nightboat, Do You Believe in Shame, A View to a Kill, Is There Something I Should Know, Out of my Mind, I Don’t Want Your Love, What Happens Tomorrow, Notorious, Hungry Like the Wolf, Union of the Snake, White Lines, Perfect Day, Falling Down, My Own Way, Skin Trade, All She Wants Is, Too Much Information, Someone Else Not Me, Violence of Summer, Breath After Breath, Electric Barbarella, Meet el Presidente, and Burning the Ground.  I can’t think of a single video that was not listed.  Again, their most well-known videos were not necessarily at the top of the list.

Cover songs in order of preference:  White Lines, Perfect Day, Make Me Smile, Lay Lady Lay, Instant Karma, I Wanna Take You Higher, Needle and the Damage Done, House of the Rising Sun, Watching the Detectives, Success, Thank You, Boys Keep Swinging.

B-sides in order of preference:  Secret Oktober, Late Bar, Like an Angel, Khanada, I Believe All / I Need to Know, Fallen Angel, Faith in This Colour, We Need You, Sinner or Saint, Faster Than Light, Yo Bad Azizi, Waterbabies, Decadance.

Demos/Unreleased tracks in order of preference:  Beautiful Colours, Salt in the Rainbow,  Lonely Business, Matter of Fact, Pretty Ones.  Clearly, there are many demos from Astronaut that people really like.

There were a number of songs only chosen once, which are listed here in order of preference on that person’s list:  Lay Lady Lay, Zoom In, Instant Karma, Lonely Business, Burning the Ground, Femme Fatale, Lava Lamp, Waterbabies, House of the Rising Sun, Watching the Detectives, Hothead, Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For, Networker Nation, UMF, A Matter of Fact, Medazzaland, One of Those Days, Success, Thank You, Pretty Ones, Tricked Out, Who Do You Think You Are, Boys Keep Swinging, Decadance, Too Late Marlene, Venice Drowning, Big Thing, Drowning Man, So Long Suicide and Mars Meets Venus.

What does all this prove?  I think the biggest take away here is one we already knew.  Duran Duran fans are diverse in their opinions and preferences.  While most seem to love songs off of Rio, the first album, and All You Need Is Now, there are many songs that people love off the other albums.  What did you learn?  What surprised you or confirmed what you already knew?


P.S.  I have to admit that I really enjoyed doing this.  I loved getting people’s responses, organizing them, and analyzing the results.  I had so much fun that I want to do something like this again and I don’t want to wait until next year.  I plan on doing something similar for videos.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks!!!