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Carpe Diem

Another one of my heroes died today.

Since I am flying back home to California tomorrow, I am typing this blog on Monday night…just after news of Robin Williams’ death seemed to break across Twitter and Facebook.

I really don’t know how to begin here. There are people who pass that I make note of, and then there are others that force me to stop and catch my breath. Robin resides in that camp. Like many of you, I grew up with Robin playing Mork…that crazy alien on Mork and Mindy. I don’t know why I became so enamored with him, except that he was just FUNNY. My parents loved him, I loved him…my sister Robin wore rainbow suspenders just like him (I wore the rainbow shirt). This didn’t stop after the show went off the air, my tastes grew up right along with the types of roles he played. Dead Poets Society, for me, came at the time I needed hearing that message. Seize the Day is still a saying that I struggle to practice. Carpe Diem what?!  I try.

I followed Robin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Sometimes – I even answered him back on Twitter. I felt bad for him because a lot of times, horrible, horrible things would be said in return to him from people on Twitter. I never really understood why someone would bother. Use a filter, you know? Is it really that hard to be kind? It was very clear that he cared about other people, I really believe that, even if he didn’t know how to fight his own demons. We all have them, and we all struggle…but some more than others.

I’m sad tonight. I see that many, many friends in my news feed feel the same. Oddly, it is not really my family or non-Duran friends commenting on the loss….it’s my Duran-family. That’s right, family.  We might be a very dysfunctional, screwed-up, wacky family…but it’s how I feel. I guess I’m just thankful that so many of you understand how it feels to really lose an idol. I won’t lie, I think about what might happen the day it hits a little closer to home. None of us get any guarantees, and none of us live forever.

As you all know, I’m still here with Amanda. We’ve gotten so much done this week. I’m really proud of that, and I wish I could stay longer to finish more – but I have to go back home. My kids need me, and really – I need them too. We’re sending out a book proposal in the next couple of days (our first one), and working on more. We also have settled on topics for THREE more books (is that crazy or what?!?)…and yes, they have to do with the band. (Someday, they won’t be able to ignore us any longer!) We have a couple of crazy ideawe’re going to be working on further, and as they develop you’ll likely hear more about them. This week has been great because we bonded, we worked hard, and we had a lot of fun.  I suspect it’s a little similar to say…the band. They have Mark & Nile in the studio with them, they’re bonding, and likely working hard.  Can’t wait to hear how that develops. Anna and Dom have been busy too – they’re in Dom’s studio working on a new track for the album that Anna is working on. So much creative energy happening in the Duran camp these days, I love it!

So I leave Madison a little melancholy, a little happy to get home to my little (well, not so little…) beauties, and pretty excited to move forward. It’s probably time for me to do some packing and settle down for the night, so I’ll be chatting with you all on Wednesday morning!


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DDAD14 Wrap Up!

So…..about that Duran Duran Appreciation Day-Sing Blue Silver viewing party….

Did you all have fun? We thought it went really, really well! We weren’t involved with the planning for the event this year, and I think that David and Elisa did a great job coming up with the initial idea and implementing it! We had a great time and it sure looked like everyone else who participated did as well. I have to admit that when I first heard about it, I wasn’t sure how it would go over, because things like this really just depend on the level of participation from fans. I was astounded at just how many fans were online and interacted on Twitter, and I know that Amanda felt the same on Facebook. I had a great time (maybe TOO good of a time), and as I contemplate the possibilities of detox this morning, I can’t help but smile through my self-inflicted agony. (If I ever suggest a drinking game again, someone should shoot me.)

I read somewhere that there are tentative plans out there to somehow do this as an “in-person” event next year up in the San Francisco area, and I think that for those who can get there, it would be great. But for the rest of the world, my hope is to plan the party so that more people beyond the US can participate.  There isn’t ever a perfect time for everyone, but we were thinking that maybe doing a day-long (12 hour) event, with a clear list of what we’re watching along with the start and finish times for each, published in advance of the day along with links of where to purchase what we’re watching or where to find it on YouTube if you need,  so that way if you’re not able to join in for one, you can catch the next…or one later in the day.  And I won’t be doing a drinking game. Probably.  So you should probably plan now to take the day off (and maybe the day after!) next year.  August 10, 2015….mark your calendars.

One thing that made this particular #DDAD14 special for me was that I was here in Madison, Wisconsin with Amanda. Normally I’m at home, and my family, while semi-tolerant of Duran Duran, is not the same as spending time with Amanda and appreciating the band we love. It’s funny because when I first planned this trip out here, it didn’t even enter my mind that I’d be here for the holiday.  I just knew we had a lot of work to do and that this was the time I could run away from home.  I’m so glad I was here with her because what is normally a day where I spend about five minutes “appreciating” the band along with everyone else online throughout the day became a party.  Duran Duran has a funny way of doing that, don’t they?

Last night I tweeted to the band that the power of what we fans are able to really do is AMAZING, and that they should be so proud.  They didn’t respond, but I hope they at least saw the tweet.  Their fan base was out in force last night, and more importantly – we truly were screaming from the rooftops about how much we love this band. How many bands, after over thirty years in existence, still have THIS strong of a fan base?  Not many.  Not many at all.  Just think of the positive things we could do for this upcoming album if given the chance and right direction.  Just imagine.

What a great day.  Can we do it again, say, same time next year?!?








Today in Duran History – Violence of Summer

On today’s date in 1990, Duran Duran celebrated the US release of the single Violence of Summer off of their Liberty album.

I realize that for many fans, Violence of Summer might not be a favorite, but to me – it’s the perfect track to sing along with as you’re driving home late at night from say, The Key Club in Hollywood.  It’s a happy, upbeat tune, and keeps you awake.  What more could you want?!?

Before I slip this blog post into an all-out review…here’s the video.  Enjoy!!


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Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2014 Part 2

Earlier this year, I asked people to list 10 things that they love about Duran Duran, which you can read about here.  In fact, I asked people to list the first 10 things that came to their minds.  I didn’t want a lot of thinking–just reacting.  We all know what we love about Duran Duran, right?  I honestly was so thrilled with the various responses that it seemed logical to compile the list for this very holiday that we celebrate today.  On that note, I give you some of the reasons, in no particular order, Duranies LOVE DURAN DURAN!

The Reflex
Finest Hour
Mediterranea–to quote a fellow fan “perfect melody, perfect lyric, perfect guitar riff”
Their cover of Perfect Day
Their cover of Lay Lady Lay
A View to a Kill
Skin Divers

Japanese releases
All You Need Is Now–justified love of the band and changed people’s lives
Thank You
Remastered box sets of albums
Strange Behaviour Remix album

The Strange Behaviour Tour of 1987
78-03 Tour–seeing the Fave Five standing across the stageAYNIN Tour–pure bliss

Specific concert elements:
Electro set
Nick taking photos of the audience and being able to tag oneself
Nick’s speaking part during the Reflex
John’s faces when he is playing live
Tweeting during the show
Anime during Careless Memories
Anytime Secret Oktober is played live
Band intros, especially “Play the F’ing Bass, John!”
Andy upside down
Including other songs within their songs
Performing covers

Specific concert performances:
Coachella 2011
Live Aid
The Prince’s Trust
Durham, North Carolina 2012

Birmingham 2005, especially (Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile

John saying “Hiya” in the Nightboat video
Nick chewing gum in the Serious video
Wild Boys, especially the ticker tape parade at the end
Videos filmed in Sri Lanka
Roger’s edit of Sunrise
Movie version of New Moon on Monday

How the videos are like small films with story lines

Three to Get Ready
Sing Blue Silver (favorite highlights include Nick playing video games and Andy’s “Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to our Show!”)
The Video Album
Greatest, especially the Easter Eggs
Rio-Classic Albums

Personal Qualities of the band:
The fact that they haven’t given up through tough times and personnel changes
Appreciating the fans
Taking their time to get the music right
Not being afraid to include instrumentals
Getting Roger back
Use of artwork and graphics on albums, DVDs, etc.
Participation in Second Life
Adopt and use new media and technology
Can poke fun at themselves
Not afraid to take risks


Projects they have done:

John Taylor’s autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove
Andy Taylor’s autobiography, Wild Boy
Side projects

Band members:
Dom Brown–to quote one fan, “This man has what it takes to hang with this band”

John Taylor’s bass grooves

People who have been/are involved with Duran Duran:
Mark Ronson
Nile Rodgers

TV Appearances:
Simon and Nick on House of Style in a dress
Hungry Like the Wolf live on the Tube ( “This one’s for Paul. Hello Paul!” to quote a fan.)

Performance on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in 1982

Personal collections of vinyl, CDs, photos, etc.
To quote a fan, “The amazing ability that when I hear them I instantly feel good!”
Of course, this list is in no way, shape or form a complete list!  I suspect that there will be many add between now and next year.  Nonetheless, this long and varied list shows how strong the fans’ love of Duran Duran is.  While we take the time to especially appreciate them today, I know that I speak for many when I say that we appreciate them everyday and all of the joy they have brought into our lives.  They have been the catalyst to so many friendships, projects, and creations that mean so much to all of us.  The best times in my life have come as a result of this band.  Truly, I cannot thank and appreciate them enough.

The Duran Duran Appreciation/Sing Blue Silver Drinking Game

Hey everyone, Amanda and I were talking, and we came up with an idea for a drinking game to use during the Sing Blue Silver viewing party later today.  (Is anyone even remotely surprised that the two of us would mix up something like this??)

Basically, the rules of the game are simple: HAVE FUN!  This is meant to be a flexible game, just to bring a little fun and laughter to the tweets & posts this evening.  Below you will find a list of actions or things that might be said during Sing Blue Silver.  For every action you see tonight, take a sip.  Some things you will see quite often, other things you may only see once. For the bolded actions (or words) at the bottom – those are Daily Duranie “Finish your drink” Bonus Shots!   Now, maybe you are with a group of people and you don’t want to have to look for  15 different actions. Divide the list among your guests. Maybe you don’t want to do all of the actions – pick out a few and go with it. Maybe only do the bonus shots! You can always choose your non-alcoholic drink of choice and still participate in the “treasure-hunt” fun.

Rest Assured – Amanda and I will be participating with the full list.  This should be interesting….

So, here’s the list…and we’ll be tweeting with ya later!

Take one sip of your beverage for the following:
One of the band members laughing
Fans screaming
Anyone with a camera
Any time someone uses the word “tour”
Any time Galaga is mentioned
Any time Spy Matthews is on screen
Any time a limo is seen onscreen
Any time there is an interview
Any time you see fingerless gloves
Any time there is alcohol shown
John licking his lips
Simon making reference to his clothing
Roger twirling his stick
Any time Nick talks about the visual show (or visuals) for the stage
Any time Andy is shown smoking

Daily Duranie Bonus Shots (Finish your drink!)
Spy Matthews says “memo” (meemo)
Andy says “Hello, Good Evening and welcome to our show”
The word “Contrived” is used
John says “I prefer Pepsi myself”
When the band talks about spending more time in nightclubs

Good luck!!  Let’s get this band TRENDING…. we will ONLY be using the hashtag #DDAD14 tonight on our posts!


Today in Duran History – DD Appreciate Day Celebration 2013

Yes, I got the title right.  It is Duran Duran Appreciation Day every August 10th as most/all Duranies in the world know!  Most years, the band posts a little blurb acknowledging our holiday along with a little treat for all of us fans to enjoy!  This year is no exception as they posted a statement and a clip of them performing David Bowie’s Starman in 2012.  You can read the complete blurb and see the video here.

Last year, they posted a download, both video and audio, of them performing the Reflex from their Olympics performance in London in 2012.   The link to that post is here.

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!


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