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Question of the Day: April 3, 2014

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Today in Duran History – Marvin Gaye

On today’s date in 1984, Duran Duran played at the Capitol Center in Largo, Maryland and dedicated Save A Prayer in memory of Marvin Gaye, who had been shot and murdered by his own father the day before.

Save a Prayer is a song that many Duranies have equated with uplifting spirits in times of sadness or crisis. There are a few DD songs that tend to be on the short list for those moments, and the band has been very kind in dedicating performances of their songs when appropriate.  Sometimes it’s the simple acknowledgment of grief that helps us get through the toughest of times.


Question of the Day: April 2, 2014

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Duran Duran and Mr. Hudson

That title sounds like a movie in the making…

Did anyone see that the band is in the studio working with Mr. Hudson?  I won’t lie, I didn’t know much about Mr. Hudson, other than he’s worked with Kanye West – in fact he was signed to Kanye’s label and his recent effort, Straight No Chaser was recorded with Kanye West as the Executive Producer, so I took to Spotify to check out his work. I’ve heard a couple of his songs before, but as is typical for me, I’d never really listened. One thing I immediately detect is a sort of shout out to the 80’s.  Not cheesy 80’s, mind you – not throwaway top 40’s pop from the 80’s (thank goodness) – but some of those elements you might hear from Duran Duran, Missing Persons, Joy Division, New Order, ABC…(I could go on and on really).  The arrangements might not be entirely obvious, but you can certainly hear the influences of bands we know and love in the background, despite the fact that the music as a whole is solidly modern.  While I might not be a fan of some of the more urban sounds he seems to favor – I’m hopeful that he’ll work with to maintain respect for the sound we know, recognize, and love.

I also checked out Google to gain understanding of where he’s from, what he’s been up to, etc.  He’s from Birmingham (that can’t hurt!), and he’s toured with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Jay-Z.  As I mentioned, he was signed to Kanye’s label, and has worked with Kanye, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus…and even dub step artist Caspa.

It will be very interesting to hear the final product, but I suspect that the band is looking to breath some modernity into the musical space that they own. As the band has often said, they want to keep looking forward.  I like that Mr. Hudson seems to be able to span the distance between the best that the 80s had to offer and some of the more urban, modern sounds of today.  If he can do that without destroying the band’s musical identity for their fans – then we’re on to something.

If you’re like me and aren’t entirely familiar with Mr. Hudson’s music  (I think I’d only heard Supernova and maybe a couple other songs of his???) – you should check him out, you might just be surprised.

Today in Duran History – France

Happy April, everyone!  On today’s date in 1987 the band played at Espace Foire in Lilles, France.

Could there really be a less exciting note for April Fools?  Probably not….at least for me, since there really isn’t one single thing that I can draw upon from that date in history note to comment.

I did think about announcing that the band has set a release date for the new album – February 29, 2015.  But then I thought that might actually encourage them.  Can’t have that.

Then I thought about announcing my retirement.  But…that seems overdone, and quite frankly I can’t have all of you applauding like that. It’s not necessary.

I considered posting photoshopped pictures of the band,  but then Simon took my idea and actually shaved his beard off.   Damn.

I thought about temporarily converting the blog to be a worship site for another celebrity – but then I remembered that A. I don’t have time for all that; and B. I couldn’t come up with a good celebrity to follow that I could actually tolerate.

What’s really bad is that Amanda and I discussed plans for this several times over the year, and I think it’s fair to say that neither one of us thought to actually write anything down. So now, on “crunch day”, I can’t remember a single thing we’d discussed. Let’s all give a slow clap to my fading memory. It’s OK…I won’t even remember it in a minute.

So until next April Fools…you get a free pass from Daily Duranie.  But I can’t guarantee that next year you won’t find an entire album of “Fool” photos of the band, or a fake tour schedule…or even a fake set list written on a napkin. (Oh wait. We did that already.  Damn!)


Question of the Day: April 1, 2014

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Today in Duran History – Jimmy Fallon

On today’s date in 2011…which feels like a lifetime ago right now even though it’s only been a mere three years… the band appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show.  Guess what song they played??

Come on now…any and all of our readers should be able to guess this song.  I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count!

Hungry Like the Wolf.

Hello Monday!!  Have a great week, everyone!


Question of the Day: March 31, 2014

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Today in Duran History – Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party 2011

On this date in 2011, Duran Duran played at a private party for Paper Magazine.  The party was called “Beautiful People” and took place at the Hudson Hotel in New York City.  There is much to be found out about this party with a basic search on the internet.  First, according to the article here, the party cost $2000 to attend and featured quite a guest list.  This article had a couple of pictures of Duran and a short clip from their performance.  It is funny that when I think back to this time period, I don’t think we mentioned this show at all on the blog.  I suspect that a big reason that we didn’t is because there was SO much to talk about then.  There was so much going on in Duranland that we couldn’t talk about everything!  (Well, I suppose we could but…we had to sleep sometime!)

Right now, a big part of me misses the action, the excitement, the daily news about Duran Duran.  The other part of me can’t imagine that right now.  I am completely swamped in real life, which is why the poll about how old you were when you first saw Duran hasn’t gotten done.  That said, if there was something to talk about, if there something to get excited about, if there was something to be working on and working on seriously, I would not hesitate to act.  Why?  Simple.  It would bring me joy.  Happiness.  Something to look forward to.  Something to focus on.  Until then, I thought it might be fun to take a look back by reading the actual article from Paper Magazine, which you can find here.

It was an interesting read, for sure.  A number of topics were addressed including Mark Ronson vs. Timbaland, social networking, Andy Taylor and more.  Read it and then ask yourselves–three years later, does everything they say still seem current or do you think a lot of things have changed?


Question of the Day: March 30, 2014

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