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Today in Duran History – Chart Success

On this date in 1985, the American Top 40 charts featured A View to a Kill at number 11 and Power Station’s Get It On at number 9.  Clearly, at this time, everything that they did was successful.  For John and Andy, they had two massive hits on their hands.  As we know, A View to a Kill peaked at number one and was on the Hot 100 singles chart for 17 weeks.  Get It On, on the other hand, peaked at this number 9 position and was on the charts for 15 weeks.

In order to celebrate these two hits, let’s watch a couple of clips of them!

A View to a Kill (Live from London 2004):

Get It On (Live Aid 1985):



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How Many Shows Did You Attend Between June 30, 1989 and February 21, 1993?

This week, in the continuing series about Duran tour participation, I am asking about a few tours that were all pretty short in duration.  Thus, instead of doing them as separate posts, I combined them.  The tours I combined are:

An Acoustic Evening (Feb. 10, 1993 – Feb. 21, 1993)

KROQ Acoustic Christmas (Dec. 12 and 13, 1992)

UNICEF Benefit (April 28, 1991)

Summer Festivals (June 30, 1989 – Aug. 13, 1989)

These tours took place in the following places:  Italy, the US, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.  As always, I refer you to the band’s official website for all the specific dates and locations, which you can see here.

If you missed any of the previous polls about other more recent tours, the links can be found below:

The first half of the Dilate Your Mind Tour (March 4, 1993 to May 9, 1993)

No Ordinary Tour (May 13, 1993 to December 10, 1993)

The second half of the Dilate Your Mind Tour (December 1993 to April 1994

The Thank You Tour (February 1995 to May 1995)

The Radio Festival Tour (May 1995 to November 1997)

The Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel Tour (Nov. 1997 to Oct. 1998)

The Latest and Greatest Tour (Dec. 1998)

Let It Flow Tour (Aug. to Oct. 1999)

Overnight Sensation Tour (Dec. 1999 to July 2000)

Pop Trash Tour (July 2000 to Feb. 2001)

The Up Close and Personal Tour (Feb. 2001 to June 2001)

The Reunion Tour (July 2003 to Dec. 2004)

The Astronaut Tour (Jan. 2005 to July 2007)

The Red Carpet Massacre Tour (Oct. 2007 to Oct. 2010)

All You Need Is Now Tour (Feb. 2011 to Aug. 2012)

How Old Were You When You First Saw Duran Live?

Which Tour Did You See Duran Play for the First Time?

Today in Duran History – Blondie Support

On this date in 1982, Duran Duran opened for Blondie at the Starlight Amphitheater in Kansas City.  This was the first show that they opened for Blondie.  This tour featured 13 shows and took place in the US and Canada.  Their participation on this tour meant that the Rio Tour was split into two parts, that Duran’s tour was put on hold.

Looking back, do you think this was a good career move on their part or do you think they would have been just as or more successful on their own?  What do you think, Duranies???


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Looking Back She Sees the Pattern

I have been thinking a lot about change lately.  More specifically, this year has been filled with a lot of change for me, personally.  To make a long story short (because who wants to read about me!), I have had two significant changes in my life.  First, I bought a condo on the other side of the city.  This was a big deal, not only because of the financial commitment, but also because I had been in my last place for over 10 years.  I was definitely trying to shake things up.  Second, I got a different job!  While this job is still teaching, it is completely different from what I have been doing.  I will be working with different curriculum at a different age group.  These changes are ones that I embrace, ones that I look forward to.  That said, as I adjust, I find myself looking for the constants in my life.  So much has changed, what has stayed the same?

Since this is a blog about being a Duran Duran fan, you are probably not surprised that one of the big constants in my life is being a Duranie!  This really hit me as I began packing all of my Duran related stuff.  I began to ask myself, “Do I really have this much Duran stuff?  Is it too much?”  I even asked my dear friends on Facebook to guess how many boxes my Duran stuff filled up?  Now, of course, box sizes vary wildly, the answers ranged from about 10 to about 45.  The answer?  37.  Now, before you all freak out and tell me that my obsession has gone too far, about 10 or so were shoe boxes.  They were small.  It is my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!!

Now, I’m basically unpacked.  I have a few areas that I would like to reorganize but there are no more boxes.  Pictures and knick knacks have been strategically placed.  Ah…more constants in my life.  The last room in the condo to be completed is my office.  I’m so excited for this space.  In my old place, whenever I had work to do, it was on the dining room table.  Piles appeared and organization was challenging. My new office offers me space to work, whether that work is part of my paid job or whether it is blogging, book writing or event planning as part of my fandom.  It probably isn’t surprising that my office is filled with all of the 37 boxes of Duran stuff.

Office2My office makes me feel warm.  It is filled with objects that represent mOffice3emories and good times.  The room reminds me that Duran Duran has been in my life for over 20 years.  I’m glad that they have been a part of my life and the soundtrack to my life.  My thoughts then shift to the band and them finishing DD14, the next Duran album.  I wonder if they are embracing change with it?  While I know how much of a good thing change can be, I also appreciate what has remained constant.  I believe it is a delicate, but important balance.




Today in Duran History – MTV Anniversary

On this date in 2001, MTV celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a Top 100 videos of all time show.  Wild Boys was featured at number 51.

Personally, I cannot believe that MTV started 33 years ago!  That makes me feel incredibly old!  I am sure that it goes without saying that MTV changed my life.  While my little suburb didn’t get the channel right away in 1981, by the end of 1982, we did.  I couldn’t get enough!  I was glued to the TV screen.  While I loved my Top 40 radio station, there was something about seeing the video clips that really hooked me, especially when it came to those videos by a certain British band.

Speaking of that band, I thought Wild Boys was an interesting choice.  Of all their videos, is Wild Boys their best?  They spent quite a lot on it and had grand plans with it and for it.  Is this why it was chosen?  Something to think about on this summer Friday!


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I heard you speak my name

I’m sure at least some noticed an invitation appearing on Monday morning from none other than John Taylor. He asked Duranies to join him at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Tuesday night, where Halo Circus was to appear and perform.

Halo Circus is a band fronted by Alison Iraheta, their label is a subsidiary of Manimal Vinyl called Badlands Records. As you might already know from reading previous blogs – Halo Circus’ version of “Do You Believe In Shame” is included on the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme tribute album. They also have another single, “Gone” that is worth checking out.

When John issued the invitation, I was curious as to how many Duranies might show that night. From my own observations it didn’t seem as though the “Do You Believe in Shame” cover went over well with many Duran fans, and so it was tough to gauge interest. That said, John Taylor seemed to indicate that he would be there that night, and I figured that many fans might make plans to go solely for that reason.

I was not able to be there myself, but I heard from many that John was in fact there, and I’ve seen several photos of the evening…but what I was most excited by was a video posted of Halo Circus performing “Do You Believe in Shame”. Personally I loved the album version of the cover. Alison’s voice speaks to me, telling me a completely different story of that song than I’d ever heard before.  It hits me in my soul – and while yes, the original is the original, this long time Duran Duran fan actually PREFERS this cover. Halo Circus gave new life and meaning to this song for me, breathing a sense of urgency, pain and desperation that strikes me right in the gut. I love it. My question was whether or not I’d feel that same intensity in a live performance, so I was delighted to find video of this song on YouTube. Check it out!

This one song exceeded my expectations for the entire night…and you can bet that the next time they play, I won’t miss the show…John Taylor or not!