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Question of the Day: Monday, August 18, 2014

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The Past 2 Weeks in Duranland (August 4 to August 17)

I apologize for not summarizing what took place in the world of Duran Duran last Sunday.  As you all know, last Sunday was August 10th, Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  We had quite a few blogs that day and, frankly, it took me a looooooong time to compile the list of what fans loved about Duran Duran.  Thus, I thought I could take a week off from summarizing the news.  What seemed like a good idea a week ago might not seem like a good idea now.  I will do my best.  As always, I look at the band’s official sites as well as social media for official news.

The official website posted three big pieces of news this week.  First, on the 4th, there was an official press release about the upcoming release of Making Patterns Rhyme, a tribute to Duran Duran.  Various tracks from this album have been available on the internet to give people a change to preview the album.  This press release provided a full track listing and dates for release (August 26 for digital release and October for physical release).  Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing it as a whole project and love that the proceeds will go to Amnesty International.  To read the complete article, go here.

In a connected note, DuranDuranMusic released a member exclusive Q&A with Paul Beahan who runs Manimal Vinyl, responsible for this upcoming tribute album.  I love reading these Q&As, especially when it is clear that the interviewee is a big fan who has put one’s passion into a career and Paul is a good example of that!  Very inspiring to me!  If you are a member, you, too, can read it here.  Members also have a chance to win a limited edition 7″ box set of the album!  How cool!

While on the topic of cover songs, there was an Ask Katy question about covers that you can read here.

Beyond the upcoming tribute album, there was  BIG  news from the studio!!!!  The band returned to the studio on Duran Duran Appreciation Day with…both Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson!  If you have been around social media at all the past week or so, I’m sure that you have seen the photos!  You can go here to see the ones posted on the official website’s news section.  I recommend heading over to the gallery on duranduran.com to see more studio pictures, too!   While most people were excited by this news, there was a bit of controversy.  (What’s new in Duranland?!)  First, you had the fans wondering, “Where’s Andy?”  (Clearly, those fans missed that announcement in October of 2006–almost 8 years ago!)  Then, you had the question about Dom Brown.  Is he on the album or not?  This was made more dramatic when the pictures were posted with statements about how the gang was “all” there.  Interestingly, Dom then popped on social media to comment about Nile’s funky guitar at the studio that day.  Clearly, he still is involved, which we are VERY thankful for!  Of course, the rest of world’s media has covered this a bunch as well, which means that there have been a ton of articles from a variety of sources about this!  I do love Duran getting attention, especially for something as positive as this!

The last piece of big news posted on the band’s official site was about the Unstaged screenings across the United States on September 10th (and September 14th for some select locations).  It sounds like a lot of people will be going, us included!  I have heard/seen fans make plans to get together with other fans before or after, which makes us very happy!  If you want to read the official announcement and want the link to buy tickets yourself, go here.

Any other news on Duran Duran’s social media?  Oh, yes…

We learned that Katy will be on vacation this upcoming week.  We hope she has a good vacation!  More interesting is that there will a promo week coming up in September!

John Taylor appeared briefly with his daughter, Atlanta, on the show, Undone with Amanda De Cadenet.  I found the show on YouTube with John’s part starting about 12 minutes in.  Let us know what you think then.

BBCAmerica posted an article about 5 Duran songs that they thought are worth listening to.  Read the article here and tell us what songs you would have chosen!

Speaking of Duran tracks that are loved, read about Nile’s favorite Duran tracks here!  What do you think of his choices?!

So, Duranies, I ask you:  What did I miss?!  Let me know and I’ll add it on here!



Today in Duran History – Violence of Summer Promo

On this date in 1990, Duran Duran played Violence of Summer on the Japanese TV Show, Hit Studio International.  This song, off the Liberty album, is not a single that pops into people’s heads when Duran Duran singles are mentioned, especially since it only reached number 64 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart in the US.  They also did not tour for the album that this song appeared on.  Yet, they still attempted to do promotion as the clip below shows:

What did you think of this interview and performance?


Question of the Day: Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture E


How Many Shows of the Big Live Thing Tour (Nov. 11, 1988 to March 4, 1989) Did You See?

This week, in the continuing series about Duran tour participation, I am asking about the Big Live Thing Tour, which took place between November 11, 1988  and March 4, 1989.  This tour took place in the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia.   As always, I refer you to the band’s official website for all the specific dates and locations, which you can see here.

If you missed any of the previous polls about other more recent tours, the links can be found below:

Big Electric Theatre Tour (March 10, 1989 to April 26, 1989)

June 30, 1989 to February 21, 1993 dates

The first half of the Dilate Your Mind Tour (March 4, 1993 to May 9, 1993)

No Ordinary Tour (May 13, 1993 to December 10, 1993)

The second half of the Dilate Your Mind Tour (December 1993 to April 1994

The Thank You Tour (February 1995 to May 1995)

The Radio Festival Tour (May 1995 to November 1997)

The Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel Tour (Nov. 1997 to Oct. 1998)

The Latest and Greatest Tour (Dec. 1998)

Let It Flow Tour (Aug. to Oct. 1999)

Overnight Sensation Tour (Dec. 1999 to July 2000)

Pop Trash Tour (July 2000 to Feb. 2001)

The Up Close and Personal Tour (Feb. 2001 to June 2001)

The Reunion Tour (July 2003 to Dec. 2004)

The Astronaut Tour (Jan. 2005 to July 2007)

The Red Carpet Massacre Tour (Oct. 2007 to Oct. 2010)

All You Need Is Now Tour (Feb. 2011 to Aug. 2012)

How Old Were You When You First Saw Duran Live?

Which Tour Did You See Duran Play for the First Time?

Today in Duran History – Power Station Cincinnati

On this date in 1985, Power Station played at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This particular date was towards the end of the Power Station tour.  During this time, I would have loved to have been able to go to one of these Power Station shows.  Yet, now, as an adult, I wonder what this tour was really like.  Did the band have a smooth chemistry on stage?  Did it seem like they were all getting along and having fun?

If you were at one of these Power Station shows during the summer of 1985, do let me know what you observed!


Question of the Day: Saturday, August 16, 2014

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It’s Going to Mess with You

The following blog is one that I wrote awhile ago and just let it sit.  The reason for this was simple.  I wasn’t and still am not sure how people were going to interpret this blog post.  Would the reaction be less than favorable towards me?  I have to admit that I was enjoying the peace and quiet, on that front.  Yet, I think it still worthy of being said.  I know it led me to think about fandom and animosity that can and does crop up in fandom and my role/reaction in those situations as well as how I could do things differently.  I hope it does the same for you.


This summer, my book club read the book, Odd Girl Out, by Rachel Simmons.  The topic was aggression in girls.  Obviously, the focus was young girls, usually in the eight to sixteen range.  My book club is made up of a bunch of teachers; thus, I assumed that we all thought about how this relates to our experiences in the classroom and how to handle girl aggression.  While it did directly relate to teaching and even had sections addressing teachers and schools, I found myself also thinking about fandom.  Most specifically, I thought about our fandom, especially since our fandom is made up of mostly females, usually females who became fans during adolescence.

Without giving away too much of the book, the basic premise of the book is that girls are taught that relationships are THE most important thing in the world and that the worst thing that could happen is to be alone or isolated.  On top of that, girls are also taught that they need to be “nice” and “sweet” in order to get friendships and relationships.  Now, when I say taught, I don’t mean explicitly.  In fact, what we know, is that there has been a push to change societal expectations of women, and girls growing up know this, too, in a unconscious way.  Yet, there is still an overwhelming, yet subtle message about the importance of relationships that overrides any other message out there.  How does this manifest itself?  Simple.  Girls get angry as anyone does.  Yet, in order to keep relationships, they don’t directly respond to their anger.  Instead, they push their aggression to indirect methods like talking about others, giving the silent treatment, spreading rumors, using people, creating alliances, creating a social hierarchy, etc.  This way, they don’t alienate the friend or person they are angry at but they don’t alienate others either.

Now, how does this relate to fandom and to our fandom?  Assuming the premise of the book is true, do women still repress direct anger and direct confrontation?  I would say that we do.  (Now, I am sure that there are people out there reading this who are saying, “I don’t.  My friends don’t.”  Maybe.  Obviously, there are always exceptions to the general rule.  Also, I’m not talking about this in any sort of accusatory way.  I’m speaking in a social scientist way–looking at and analyzing overall patterns of behavior. )  Do we (the female Duranies) then sometimes use indirect methods, like talking about someone, spreading rumors, using others, etc.,  to express our anger or to shield ourselves from anger?  I have seen examples of this.  (Again, I’m sure that some of you want to point fingers at someone or even at me.  That isn’t what I’m trying to do here.  I’m looking at the behavior for a reason—to identify it and make it better.)    Have there been fans who have stop talking to each other without telling the other person why?  Have people spread information about others that might be deemed, “rumors”?  Have fans tried to develop alliances with other fans in order to pick sides in a “silent” fight?  I know that we have talked about these types of behaviors many times here on the blog.

The author of the book points out that these indirect or alternative aggressions of one person or one group against another is done not only to express one’s anger but also to “damage self-esteem or social status within a group.” (page 21)  This really hit home for me.  I thought about those people who have commented here or elsewhere about Rhonda and myself or about what we have wrote in such a way that is obviously not to continue the discussion or to make a point, but to do just what the author described.  People have commented in ways solely to hurt us.  (Before you ask how I know this…simple.  Being called every name in the book seems pretty clear to me.)  How were these comments given to us or about us?  They were done “anonymously” or in secret.  According to the author, this means that these commenters could still appear to be “sweet” on the outside so that they could keep their other relationships.  It also means that these commenters are never called out on their behavior.  When Rhonda and I mentioned something, people would, at times, do exactly what kids at school do to other kids.  They might tell us that we shouldn’t let this bother us, that it doesn’t matter.  While we know that those people were trying to be helpful, those kind of comments didn’t help much, as the author points out.  Those kind of comments don’t validate our hurt feelings, in the way that they should be, according to Simmons.

The author also discusses how girls often participate in these indirect aggressions in a group.  Why?  Simple.  No one person is to blame for leading the aggression.  If 10 people feel a certain way, it seems more likely to be true or more likely to be reasonable, especially if it against 1 or 2 people who did something that might violate a big rule.  Putting this in the fandom world.  What if one fan approached a band member’s child in order to get close to the band member?  For many fans, this is not what should be done.  This type of activity would then allow the rest of the fandom to go after this one fan, for this behavior and any other behavior that was “overlooked” but not forgotten from before.  Basically, that females take in each and every little action and behavior from other females and when some sin is committed, all behaviors are addressed because they were never addressed before.  Women seemed to ignore what bothered them.  In reality, though, many really wait for a chance to express frustration, at a time that the other person seems to “deserve it”.  Women let frustrations build up rather than addressing them when they happen, according to the book.  Do we see this in fandom?

The last part of the book that really spoke to me was the idea that a big sin that is committed is when one person has appeared “all that”, the person appeared to be higher in the social hierarchy than everyone else.  This is, particularly a problem, according to the book, when that person became “all that” for not following typical female behaviors.  For example, a person may appear “all that” for voicing one’s opinion too much or in a way that directly confronted an issue. Hmm…So, obviously, the reaction of the other females is to pull that person down and to get that person to be quieter, more reserved, more feminine.  Again, the author isn’t saying that these behavior are conscious and spoken, but this is how she interprets the behavior and the cause.

So, what is the solution?  Obviously, females need to be able to directly confront whatever is angering or frustrating them right away, instead of allowing those things to be buried and fester.  Then, the question is, can women do that?  Can we do that in this fandom?  Would that help?  I know that one of the things I appreciated about the book was how the author showed how all the girls interviewed could be both victims and bullies–meaning that all females could be guilty of this.  Perhaps, acknowledgement of this in fandom would be a good first step.


Today in Duran History – Tulsa 2012

On this date in 2012, Duran Duran played at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa.  This show was part of the last leg of the All You Need Is Now Tour.  The set list for this show was as follows:


Let’s watch a clip.  If you are anything like me, seeing a clip from this tour reminds me that it has been two LONG years since they last toured.


Question of the Day: Friday, August 15, 2014

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