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Question of the Day: March 3, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture ZZ


Today in Duran History – Radio 1995

On this day in 1995, Simon, Nick and Warren were interviewed on KROQ radio.  I was not anywhere around KROQ to hear this interview, but I’m sure it was an interesting one!  I also wonder why John was not present.  Anyone know?

While we are speaking of radio, Duran Duran posted the following on their Facebook page yesterday:

Calling all Audio Collectors – we have a task for you!

John is working on a sound collage project (more details TBA!) that requires Duran Duran stations IDs from 1981 to 1995. If you have a recording of a band member announcing themselves on a radio station (“This is John Taylor from Duran Duran and you’re listening to Z100!”), we’d love to hear it!

Please email Patty@punkmasters.com if you happen to have a cool collection of audio IDs… We won’t be able to respond to the emails to confirm receipt, but would really appreciate your help with this.

Thank you in advance!

Call me fascinated!  What exactly will this sound collage project be?!  I can understand why it starts in 1981 but why end it in 1995?

Anyway, I hope a lot of people help!!!


Question of the Day: March 2, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture XX


The Daily Duranie’s Lists of Top 25 Duran Duran Songs

As promised, we are sharing our lists of our top 25 Duran Duran songs.  Before we share our lists, let’s review what the top 25 songs were based on the voting by the fans who participated.

Top 25 Duran Duran:

25.  Girl Panic

24.  Nice

23. Wild Boys

22.  Sunrise

21. Girls on Film

20.  Last Chance on the Stairway

19.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

18.  Before the Rain

17.  The Reflex

16.  New Moon on Monday

15.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

14.  Rio

13.  Come Undone

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Late Bar

10.  The Seventh Stranger

9.  Secret Oktober

8.  Hold Back the Rain

7.  Save a Prayer

6.  Friends of Mine

5.  The Chauffeur

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Ordinary World

2.  Careless Memories

1.  New Religion

How do our lists compare?  Do we have a lot of these songs on our Top 25s?

Rhonda’s list of her Top 25 DD songs:

25.  Last Chance on the Stairway

24.  Finest Hour

23.  Hold Back the Rain

22.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

21.  Make Me Smile

20.  The Edge of America

19.  Friends of Mine

18.  Too Much Information

17.  New Religion

16.  Sound of Thunder

15.  Serious

14.  Tiger Tiger

13.  New Moon on Monday

12.  Rio

11.  Mediterranea

10.  Virus

9.  White Lines

8.  All You Need Is Now

7.  Sunrise

6.  Careless Memories

5.  Before the Rain

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Secret Oktober

2.  Late Bar

1.  Is There Something I Should Know?

Amanda’s list of her Top 25 DD songs:

25.  Out of my Mind

24.  New Moon on Monday

23.  Breath After Breath

22.  Shadows on Your Side

21.  Salt in the Rainbow

20.  Tel Aviv

19.  Red Carpet Massacre

18.  Too Bad You’re So Beautiful

17.  Wild Boys

16.  Sunrise

15.  Sound of Thunder

14.  Late Bar

13.  Vertigo

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

10.  Finest Hour

9.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

8.  Friends of Mine

7.  The Edge of America

6.  Secret Oktober

5.  Before the Rain

4.  New Religion

3.  Careless Memories

2. Hold Back the Rain

1.  Planet Earth

Were you surprised by any on our lists?  Did we match more than you thought we would?  Did we not match more than you thought?  Now, that we have shared our lists, we welcome each of you to participate!  If you would like to share yours on a blog, please send (or resend) your list.  It would be cool if you wanted to explain any/all of your choices as this would be a means of getting to know you, your tastes and your Duranie experiences.  As always, we ask you to follow our guest blog requirements, they are described here.

Next week will be the final post on the Top 25 Duran Duran songs as I take time to analyze the results.


Today in Duran History – Come Undone Video

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran filmed the video for the single, Come Undone.

According to the wiki on Come Undone, this video was directed by Julian Temple and filmed at the aquarium at the London Zoo.  So, what do you think of this video?  It isn’t a favorite of mine despite the fashion nod to the New Romantic era and how good the band looks.

Question of the Day: March 1, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture UU


Today in Duran History – The Philippines 1989

On today’s date in 1989, Duran Duran played at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines.  They played there as part of their Big Thing tour, which had quite a few  dates in many Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Taiwan.  What I find really interesting about looking at the tour dates from that tour is that these Asian dates occurred in between dates in the States, meaning that they played in the States before going to Asia and after going to Asia.  I wonder why they chose to do this.  Does anyone know?

I was not lucky enough to see the band during this era.  I was too far away from Chicago, my closest big city, and didn’t have means to get there.  On top of that, I didn’t have anyone to go with me as my friends who were Duranies had moved on by then.  I, of course, have seen concert footage from this era and I have to admit that the shows seemed pretty interesting.  For those of you who did attend, what were the shows like?

On a less historical note, it seems that Duran has been busy thinking about charity and giving of themselves.  First, on dd.com, there is a press release that the band is part of an auction that includes meeting the band and enjoying time in the studio with them to support the David Lynch Foundation.  You can read the details here. Also, Simon and Dom performed at a fundraiser to benefit the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust in honor of Simon’s good friend and his daughter who had lost their lives in a boating accident.  To read about this, you should go to Duran Duran’s Facebook page.  Good deeds are a nice way to end the week!


Question of the Day: February 28, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture TT


Today in Duran History – The Houston Rodeo

We used to play a game on my old DD message board called “Things Nick Rhodes would never say”.  As follow ups, we also had games like “Things Nick Rhodes would never wear”.   I can remember wickedly cackling out loud as I tried my hand at coming up with the most outlandish ideas.

Today’s item for this date in Duran history would have EASILY been one of those things I never thought I’d hear of the band doing.   On today’s date in 2001, Duran Duran played the Houston Rodeo.

I’ll just let that sink in for a second.  It’s still early my time and I’m not even done with my first cup of coffee.  That’s right – the band known for champagne, yachts and models actually played a rodeo, and lived to tell about it.   Maybe this was a particularly glitzy sort of rodeo.

Bonus Duranie points* will be awarded to the lucky fans who have photographic evidence of this show.  Send ’em in!

Ahh…makes me miss those days of one-upping each other with wild tales of what we thought Nick wouldn’t ever caught dead doing….




*If you thought Duranie points were actually worth anything…well….no.  Yay!

Question of the Day: February 27, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture QQ