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Question of the Day: Sunday, June 1, 2014

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The Daily Duranie’s Lists of Top 10 Duran and Duran Related Videos

Last week, I posted the overall fan community’s top 10 favorite Duran Duran videos.  If you didn’t see those results, you can click here.  As promised, I will now share our personal lists of our top 10 Duran Duran favorite videos.  How do our lists compare to each other?  How do our lists compare to the overall fan community’s list?

Rhonda’s Favorites:

10.  Serious

9.  Save a Prayer

8.  The Reflex

7.  Careless Memories

6.  Planet Earth

5.  Sunrise

4.  Election Day

3.  All You Need Is Now

2.  Rio

1.  New Moon on Monday (extended movie version)

Amanda’s Favorites:

10.  Falling Down

9.  The Flame

8.  Rio

7.  Sunrise

6.  Planet Earth

5.  Nightboat

4.  The Reflex

3.  Save a Prayer

2.  All You Need Is Now

1.  New Moon on Monday (extended movie edition)

As you can tell, we have a lot of the same videos on our lists. We shared 7 videos.  Want to watch some videos?  I’m sure you do!  Here are the 13 videos we prefer!

Election Day:

The Flame:

Careless Memories:



Falling Down:

The Reflex:

Planet Earth:



Save a Prayer:

All You Need Is Now:


New Moon on Monday:






Today in Duran History – Andy Taylor in San Rafael

On this date in 1987, Andy Taylor played at New Georges in San Rafael, California.  1987, of course, was when Andy had released his first solo album, Thunder, and had contributed to the soundtracks of American Anthem and Miami Vice II.  Did you get a chance to catch one of these solo shows?  If so, what were they like?


Question of the Day: Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Today in Duran History – Amsterdam 2005

On this date in 2005, Duran Duran played at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Duran played two nights in Amsterdam.  Here is the setlist for this show, the first of the two nights:



I did find some clips on YouTube, but I am not sure if the clips are from this show or the following show.  Nonetheless, I’m going to share this clip simply because it is a lovely clip of JoSi and I figured it might be a good pick me up on a Friday!


Question of the Day: Friday, May 30, 2014

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Never a Dull Moment – Simon’s Surprise May Katy Kafe!

I spied news that Simon decided it was time for an impromptu Katy Kafé yesterday, and I could have written right then exactly how it was going to go.  He had plenty to say, and Katy’s goal was to basically try and funnel the energy in the right direction.  I could hear the energy emanating from my computer speakers as he began the Kafe with all sorts of talk about pugs.  Yes, pugs…as in dogs. He goes on a full tangent coming up with every possible tagline for pug licking. Not that I wasn’t following along well, but I really wasn’t following.  Next time I’m going to need more caffeine before listening to a Kafe.  Or something.

As typical, I am going to attempt to decipher the news of the day. This is not going to be word for word, and as always – to really understand Simon, or at least so that you can be as thoroughly entertained as possible, you should get a DDM membership so that you can hear the Kafé in all of it’s glory. It was a very short Kafe, given that it was impromptu and all, nevertheless, we did get a scoop of sorts. No song titles, no snippets…but I think they might know just how long the album is going to be, and it sounds like they’ve settled on the tracks they’re going to use.

As of yesterday, it sounds like Simon would like the album to have eleven (11) tracks.  When asked why eleven, Simon said that it was because he couldn’t get it down to ten.  If only WordPress allowed emoticons…

At any rate, Simon then said that they could put out a 16 track album, but they’re not, and that sometimes less is really more.  I’ll be completely blunt: “more” for me at this point would mean getting us a song to hear soon, and then maybe spreading out the introduction of the entire album over the course of say…a few months.  How, you ask? Simple! By “releasing” a single song track a week or so, because it would create buzz and MORE buzz each time something was released and spread to the fan community and public over Twitter and Facebook. This isn’t a new idea, nor is it MY idea…but it’s a really good one. Rather than have two weeks, or even less, of a lot of “chatter” on social media, by slowing the release of the record to a song every week or so, you’re extending the life of the PR and social media chatter. Why? Each time something new is released, Duran Duran has the chance to be trending, and the music has an opportunity of being heard.  When you release everything all at once, really great songs get buried, and let’s be honest: people do not buy music by the album any longer.  Sales show that, and while I’m fully aware most Duran fans would buy the whole album – I hate to say it – we are not the the center of the universe.  Maybe the most important part, yes…. but surely not the center.  (That’s sarcasm)  Oh, and touring. Yes, “more” for me means touring.  Soon.  (I’m allowed to wish. I don’t care if the rest of you aren’t ready for them yet. I’m a fan, and I am ready!)

So what else did Simon say?  They were working in the studio with Mr. Hudson – and I believe that Simon and Katy spoke just yesterday so that means Mr. Hudson must be making a reasonably sized contribution to the album.  I can hardly wait to hear what they’ve

The reason for the impromptu Kafé was Simon wanted to share the events of the past couple of weeks with the fan community.  As we all know, Simon went to Ibiza last week to surprise Nile Rodgers at the IMS (International Music Summit) dinner. He presented Nile with the Legends award, and afterward jammed with Nona Hendryx, Nile Rodgers and George Clinton.

Then, a couple of nights ago he went and saw Caetano Veloso, one of the greatest Brazilian artists, at the Barbican Center.  Warren Cuccurullo turned him on to Brazilian music back in 1989 when they were staying in the South of France.

No song titles or other huge scoops…but it certainly sounds like they’re working, and with any luck the road to having a finished album before us is growing shorter!



Today in Duran History – Bananas!

Sometimes our notes for the Day in Duran History are just flat out silly sounding.  Take today for instance…on today’s date in 1984, Duran Duran lip synched The Reflex on a German TV show called “Bananas”.

Wanna see the performance?  Of course you do!  I was astounded that I found it so easily on YouTube.   This just reiterates what I’ve always thought about YouTube…you can find ANYTHING on there.

Enjoy some Thursday Eye Candy, thanks to YouTube!


Question of the Day: Thursday, May 29, 2014

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