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Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1984, The Reflex hit the glorious spot of #1 in the UK.

Truth be told, this is one of those Mondays when I couldn’t decide if the historical waypoint should be about The Reflex hitting number one, or if we should celebrate that on this date in the year 2000, The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas with John Taylor was released.


Come on…who doesn’t want to start their Monday with that??


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Today in Duran History – Nagoya, Japan 1982

On this day in 1982, Duran Duran played at Kinro Kaikan in Nagoya, Japan.  This show was part of the Rio tour, which began in Australia followed by this show and others in Japan.  After Japan, the tour moved to the States.  Did anyone see a show on this tour?  If so, what was it like?

Like Australia in 1982, this was the first time Duran Duran was in Japan.  Yet, it seems to me that Japan has always been a successful place for them as they have toured there regularly and often release extra tracks on the Japanese versions of albums.  Even John experienced more success in Japan during his solo days than other places.


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How Many Shows of the Astronaut Tour (Jan. 13, 2005 – July 7, 2007) Did You See?

I am continuing my continuing series about fans and tours.  It started out by my asking, “Which Tour Did You First See Duran Duran Play?”, which you can vote on here, if you haven’t.  Then, I followed that with “How Old Were You When You First Saw Duran Live?”, which you can vote on here.   Then, I thought it would be cool to try and figure out the popularity of the different tours.  I started with the most recent one, All You Need Is Now, which you can vote on here.  Last weekend, I then asked about the Red Carpet Massacre tour, which you can participate in here.  This means, of course, that the next one I need to ask about is the Astronaut Tour.

The Astronaut Tour, according to dd.com, started in January of 2005 and lasted until July of 2007.  This includes the Fan Show in NYC in June of 2007 as well as the band’s appearances for the Concert for Diana and Live Earth.  So, fellow fans, I ask you.  How many of those shows supporting Astronaut did you see?

Today in Duran History – Roger’s Birthday!!

As anyone checking out this blog knows that on this date in 1960, a certain drummer was born.  That’s right.  It is Roger’s Taylor’s birthday!  Now, typically, when it is a band member’s birthday, we offer some commentary or some clips for your viewing pleasure.  This year I’m going for some Roger clips.  I figured that might be more fun than me going on and on about him in writing.  My plan here is simple.  Let me try to capture Roger in every era.

This first video really shows an image of Roger that I’m sure captured some attention.

Then, of course, we all could sense some of Roger’s shyness from this clip.

Of course, many (most?  all?) of us were deeply saddened when Roger decided to leave Duran in the mid-1980s.  Then, we were equally thrilled when we saw or found out that Roger appeared in this clip.

Then, the reunion happened bringing Roger back to Duran for good.  Here is a fan favorite, Roger’s version of Sunrise.

As always, Roger’s drumming shines through.  One of my favorite performances is in Before the Rain.

Ah, yes, Roger, certainly, has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate his birth each and everyday.  Happy Birthday, Roger!!!


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Round Four!

Spring Duranie Homework: Videos!!

It is time for some more homework!  Now, now, if you guys are anything like my students, you are probably groaning at the thought that you would have homework.  Never fear, though, Duranies!  I promise you that this homework assignment will be super fun and not that challenging.  So, what is this homework???

This is simple.  It is just like the Top 25 Duran Duran homework, which you can remember by reading this blog post here.  Instead of being about songs, though, this challenge is going to be about videos.  Yes, you read that right.  Instead of it being Top 25 Duran Duran video, it will be about the Top 10 Duran Duran videos.  Here are the details:

*You will send a list of your 10 favorite Duran Duran or Duran Duran related videos (side projects and solo projects) in order of preference.  This means that your number 1 video is your favorite Duran Duran or Duran related video.  Number 2 would be your next favorite and so on.  The ranking is important as this is how I will compile everyone’s list to determine the fan community’s list of Top 10 Videos.  A number one video would get 10 points whereas a number ten video would only get 1 point.  The 10 videos that get the most points will be on the fan community’s list.

*These lists must be sent PRIVATELY through Twitter DMs, Facebook messages or email (dailyduranie@gmail.com).

*The lists are due on May 16th!  No exceptions.  No late homework will be accepted.

*Like we did for the Top 25 Songs, we will compile the lists and reveal the fan community’s favorites here on the blog.  We will also reveal our lists and analyze the results.

*Now, of course, in order to help out with this homework, I have provided this list with every video that I know of:

Duran Duran Videos:

Planet Earth

Careless Memories

Girls on Film

Friends of Mine


My Own Way

Hungry Like the Wolf


Lonely in Your Nightmare

Save a Prayer

The Chauffeur

Is There Something I Should Know?

Union of the Snake

New Moon on Monday

The Reflex

The Wild Boys

A View to a Kill


Skin Trade

Meet el Presidente

I Don’t Want Your Love

All She Wants Is

Do You Believe in Shame

Burning the Ground

Violence of Summer


Ordinary World

Come Undone

Too Much Information

Breath After Breath

Femme Fatale

White Lines

Perfect Day

Out of my Mind

Electric Barbarella

Someone Else Not Me


What Happens Tomorrow

Falling Down

All You Need Is Now

Girl Panic

Duran Related Videos:

Band-Aid–Do They Know It’s Christmas

Power Station–Some Like It Hot

Power Station–Get It On (Bang a Gong)

Power Station–Communication

Power Station–She Can Rock It

Arcadia–Election Day

Arcadia–The Promise

Arcadia–Goodbye Is Forever

Arcadia–The Flame


Arcadia–Say the Word

Simon–Grey Lady of the Sea

Simon–Follow in my Footsteps


John–I Do What I Do

John–Feelings Are Good


John–Hey Day

Andy–Take It Easy

Andy–When the Rain Comes Down

Andy–I Might Lie

Andy–Don’t Let Me Die Young

Neurotic Outsiders–Jerk

The Devils–Dark Circles

TV Mania–Beautiful Clothes

TV Mania–Euphoria

Koshii and Hush featuring John Taylor–C’est Tout Est Noir

Did I miss any???

Good luck to everyone!!  I can’t wait to get everyone’s lists!!


Question of the Day: Friday, April 25, 2014

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