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Loving Duran Duran…

I am constantly surprised by the reactions to blogs we post here.  Sometimes, there is an instant reaction to what we write about.  Other times, silence is what follows.  At times, I get the silence.  We don’t always write about “fun” topics.  They may even be academic in nature or may even be about topics that run too close to home that make people uncomfortable.  Last Friday, though, I posted a blog and I heard nothing but crickets chirping for quite awhile.  I didn’t get it.  Why the silence?  The blog I wrote contained what I thought might be a simple request from Duranies.  Tell me about 10 things that Duran has done that you really loved or that you really thought was cool.  I even suggested a time limit for people so that everyone would just list the first 10 things that pop in their heads or not think too much.  I thought it would be a relatively easy task.  After all, Duranies LOVE many things about Duran and many things that they have done.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that there are tons of things that Duran has done that Duranies love.  I see it each and every single day when Duran posts some song or video on Facebook or tweets news.  Fans always express how much they love the song or video posted or express excitement over news.  (I’m using the term “fans” in a general sense.  I’m well aware that there are exceptions to what I was talking about.)  Yet, we didn’t get any comments or responses for a good half a day.  This worried me.  Can’t Duranies talk about what they love about Duran?  Can’t they express what they love about them?

Thankfully, people started to respond–here and on Facebook.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I felt better knowing that Duranies did love things Duran has done and could talk about them.  In fact, those who responded came up with some really cool things.  After reading some of the lists people posted, I realized that these lists needed to be saved, to be compiled and to be shared in a nice, big way.  Then, it hit me.  I’ll do just that for Duran Duran Appreciation Day in August.  What an awesome way to appreciate Duran by showing what exactly people appreciate, specifically!!  To that end, I saved everyone’s lists but would love, love, love to have more.  I would love to have as many Duranies contribute as possible.  You can comment here, respond on Facebook or Twitter or even send us an email.  If you want more information, the blog post that describes it all is here.  I look forward to feeling more of the Duran Duran love!!


Today in Duran History – Smashing Pumpkins

On this date in 1998, Simon LeBon joined Smashing Pumpkins on stage in London to perform the song, Nightboat.  Was anyone there? I did find a video clip on YouTube.  Watch it and tell us what you think.

This reminds me of is the show in Chicago in May of 2008, in which Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins joined Duran Duran to perform the song, The Chauffeur.  Here is a clip of that.

What do you think of that?  Which one was better?


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Diamond in the Mind…is anybody hungry for a wolf?

The Vinyl Factory released some photos of the new Diamond in the Mind Vinyl!  Take a good look at the pretties!!all-copy front-copy1back-copy

inside-copy sleeve-1-copy sleeve-2-copy sleeve-3-copy sleeve-4-copy vinyl-1-copy vinyl-2-copy vinyl-and-sleeve-1-copy vinyl-and-sleeve-2-copy

At first glance, I really like the front cover, in all of it’s sparkly splendor.  I did spy the photography included in the packaging – particularly the nighttime “spotlight” photo and the one of the two women on the railing, which look like Nick’s work.  I must admit that when I saw the photo of the women, I chuckled.  Branding, branding, branding.  It still works!!

What I didn’t chuckle over, were the track listings.  If you care to take a gander, you might notice a few things:

On the outer sleeve itself they list View to a Kill instead of A View to a Kill, they leave “The” off of Reflex, and instead of writing the full title to (Reach Up for the) Sunrise, they left it at Sunrise. Small things, really – and I might not have even noticed or cared had it not been for something they did to another song on one of the inner sleeves that I know will boil the blood of many detail-oriented Duranie out there:  they mistakenly renamed Hungry Like The Wolf to be Hungry Like A Wolf.

Small errors?  Yes, definitely…and perhaps most of them were intended.  Let’s face it, even the band shortens the titles to their songs when writing about them or doing set lists, and quite frankly WE destroy them when we shorten them to mere acronyms.  ITSISK, anyone???

As an aside: I remember being virtually spanked by my good pal “Moocher” on DDF (see…I can’t stop the acronyms!!) because I consistently shortened Red Carpet Massacre to RCM.  His point was that the band titled the song (and album) for a reason – and that I was being rude by shortening it. To the band, the songs are like their children, and I was basically renaming their precious by only using their initials.  How would I like that?  Hmm…how do I sign my blogs again? 

In any case, perhaps the titling was done purposefully, and in the scope of things I don’t necessarily think it s huge problem or should matter.  Leaving “The” off of The Reflex probably won’t ruin anybody’s day. However… I think there’s a line in the sand when it comes to getting the title wrong. Hungry like Wolf?  Really??  Maybe Vinyl Factory doesn’t realize that to many a Duran fan, that sort of thing is akin to scratching nails down a chalkboard. Do they have any idea how many times a journalist has gotten the title wrong in articles? Interviews? Even on videos shows?  Probably not.  While I’m sure that to many it’s not a big deal, and perhaps they chalk it up to the same “artistic license” I mentioned before…the very fact that they weren’t consistent in their labeling (on the other covers and even on the albums themselves the title is correctly listed) tells me that it was an error.

I have to think that someone in Duran’s camp had to sign off on this at one point or another, and maybe they saw it and didn’t see it as a big deal, or maybe they didn’t see it at all because mistakes do happen…but as someone who has been a fan for a very long time and knows how fans react, I kind of think people will notice. We’re funny that way.





Today in Duran History – Someone Else Not Me

On today’s date in 2000, Someone Else Not Me was released in Germany.  Obviously I’m getting older and the years are running together because I had to read that calendar entry twice.  Pop Trash seems like a long time ago (to me), and yet the year 2000…well, wasn’t that just a few years ago??? Yep, old age is just about knocking me over…

So Someone Else Not Me was single #30 from Duran Duran, and the only single off of Pop Trash.  According to wikipedia and a couple of other sources online, this is the only song off of the album that had lyrics written by Simon. The others were written by Nick and Warren.  As we all know (or should know!), on the album this song is slow (I believe Simon mentioned that this is a song he would like to re-record a bit faster).  It’s a melancholy ballad.  However, in the live performances during 1999-2000, this song was played with a little more of an edge, perhaps a tad bit faster with more prominent guitar.

Obviously this back information pertains to the song itself and not its German release.  I couldn’t find a lot online about how it did in Germany, but I did find the CD cover to share.

Someone Else Not Me (German Single)










And as a special Thursday bonus: below you’ll find links to a couple of fun videos on You Tube.

Someone Else Not Me – You Tube

Someone Else Not Me – Chicago House of Blues 1999 (YouTube)



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Today in Duran History – KMEL Radio

On today’s date back in 1985, John and Andy (remember that guy?) were interviewed on KMEL radio in San Francisco, CA.

Ever curious about the back story, I did a search for KMEL radio, and it turns out that it’s “San Francisco’s home for Hip Hop and R&B these days.  Somehow, I suspect the format may have changed a bit since John and Andy graced their doorstep.   So I dig further to find that yes, when the station began in 1977 (prior to that it was known as KGO), it had an Album Oriented Rock format. It played cuts from about 30 known rock albums.  (Only thirty? Huh…and we wonder why some bands get no airplay…)  Then in 1984, they changed the format from AOR to modern rock (same basic idea as AOR, but the albums played were new as opposed to only playing rock from the 70s), and finally to contemporary hit radio.  An example of a contemporary hit played?  Well, the music coordinator at the time, Nick Bazoo, was credited with breaking the hit “One Night in Bangkok” in May of 1985.  So it’s easy to see where Duran might have fit into their formatting at the time.  And now KMEL plays Hip Hop.  You just never know…



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