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Which Tour Did You See Duran Play Live for the First Time?

Last week, I asked the question, “When did you see Duran Duran live for the first time?”  I got a ton of responses, totaled them and determined what year was most popular for Duranies to  experience Duran live for the very first time.  Yet, it seemed clear to me that there was a better way to phrase this, a better way to organize this first time experience and that was by actual tour vs. year.  As we all know that some tours are short, in duration, and others can last years as the band will often have multiple legs to support a new album.  For example, All You Need Is Now Tour started in 2011 and ended in 2012.  It was longer than a year.  Anyway, I’m more curious about what era/what album/what general time frame of the band’s history got people to buy their first Duran concert ticket.  In order to find that out, I went to dd.com and their amazing list of concerts.  They were so kind as to have divided up the shows into their various tours.  Thus, I could find out exactly when one tour started and when it ended.  Then, I have put those tours into an easy poll here.  Your job, then, is to vote for the tour that you first saw Duran live.  One vote.

I know that there were other questions that came up, including how old people were for their first show, which tour was the most popular and which tour had the largest number of songs in the setlist.  I will get to all of those, in time.  I promise.  Until then…

Today in Duran History – All You Need Is Now Physical Release

On this day in 2011, the album, All You Need Is Now, was released on CD in the United States.  As a big fan of this album, as someone who truly embraced her fandom during this era, I cannot help but to look at this date, this anniversary and smile widely.

In thinking about this day, I actually went back to read the blog post from that day, which you can read here.  The blog post from that date features my partner-in-crime, feverish and anxious to get her hands on the physical album.  It tells how the local Best Buy had to search and search for their TWO copies of the exclusive edition.  Re-reading this filled me with joy–not that Rhonda was sick or that she struggled to get the album or, even though, it was funny, which it was.  No, what made my heart beat a little harder was how excited she was, I was, the entire Duran world was.  There was new Duran music!!!!  We all wanted this so desperately and, finally, the very long wait was over!

After the smile fades, I feel a wave of sadness.  I won’t lie.  I miss the band.  I miss the excitement of the AYNIN era.  I miss it all.  Instead of focusing on what I’m missing, though, I would rather hear about what your physical album release day was like.  Did you, too, search at Best Buy?  Did you struggle as much as Rhonda did?


Question of the Day: March 22, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture LLLL


Today in Duran History – Decade

On this day in 1998, the album, Decade, went platinum (sold 1 million copies).  As you all know, Decade is the first greatest hits album that Duran Duran released.  It was released in November of 1989.  Thus, it took awhile to sell.  It was not an album that did particularly well in the charts, at least not in the US, as it reached its highest chart position at 67, according to Billboard.  Interestingly enough, the song, Burning the Ground, was done to promote the album; yet, it isn’t featured on the album.  Another thing that is interesting about the album is the songs that were chosen, as not all singles were selected.  Likewise, the songs that were included did not all feature album versions.  I remember hearing or reading somewhere that Duran did not want to do this album, but had to do a greatest hits album, per contractual obligations.  Does anyone know this is true?  Does anyone have a source to confirm this?

Now, I have to admit that I did not run out to the store to get this album when it came out.  I do remember buying it at some point in the early 1990s and became addicted to I Don’t Want Your Love soon afterwards.  What about the rest of you?  Did you run out to buy a copy?  What did/do you think of the song selection?  I thought it would be fun to include the video for Burning the Ground since it was made to promote this album.


Question of the Day: March 21, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture JJJJ


Today’s Date in Duran History – Denied!!

Ok, so if you’re paying attention and reading the blog, you’ll remember that yesterday I posted the daily point of interest being that on that day in 2001, reunion rumors for the original five broke out on the internet. I am beyond tickled that today’s tidbit, always in good turn, is that on this day, also in 2001, The Powers That Be (otherwise known in fandom as TPTB…it’s true, check it!) denied such rumors of a reunion on dd.com.

*gasps for overdramatical effect* How I wish this blog had audio sometimes….

The plot thickened…and I’m fairly certain, given what I know about DD fans, that this statement did nothing but continue to fan the flames of gossip, intrigue and rumor about such things. I can almost see the posts now…

“Well, you saw it – management said it wasn’t happening, and until they come out and say it really is happening – I don’t believe it.”

“Do you REALLY think the band is going to admit that they’re reuniting until they’re ready?  Don’t be stupid!  Management is never going to tell us first anyway. ”

Better yet…

“Since when does the band ever bother to really use this website anyway? Remember when a fan hacked into this site just to update it so that people would know what was going on?”

Well, we all know what ended up happening, don’t we? And…I’m pretty sure we can all guess as to why management needed to deny the rumors until the band was ready. Contractual issues between band members past and present (well…I guess that’s past and past now), a web page needed to be constructed and so on. Darn those gossip web sites!!

I still smile when I think about the evening I went online and read the news about the reunion. I must have read the press release five or six times before it really started to sink in. My brain refused to believe what my eyes were reading, and I’m sure that I was not the only one feeling that way. There are many, many times when I really wonder why I got so involved in this community. Like anyone else, I’ve seen my share of cut throat behavior, both in-person and online , and it can really be disconcerting.  But then I think back to pivotal moments I’ve experienced as a fan, and I realize: I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is a perfect point to close this week (for me, since Amanda will be writing tomorrow through Sunday), so I bid you all adieu til Monday.


Question of the Day: March 20, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture GGGG


Today’s Date in Duran History – Reunion Rumors

Ah yes, 2001.  That was a very good year if you were a Duran Duran fan.  At that point, I wasn’t very active on the internet – I’d check in to  dd.com once in a while and read the message boards, but admittedly I wasn’t on the boards when the first teensy whispers of a possible fab five reunion started leaking about. I couldn’t say whether or not the rumors were being discussed on the boards or kept totally under wraps.  I only remember the evening I happened to check into dd.com only to find that a new splash page had been put up with five faces on it…and I wasn’t entirely sure who a couple of the faces belonged to!  My brain was saying one thing “Can’t be”, and my heart was saying another “PLEASE! You KNOW who these people are!!”

Every once in a while I’ll see a tidbit for a date in history that Amanda unearthed from one place or another and I’ll be surprised.  I’m either surprised that she stumbled across that little bit of trivia, or surprised that such a thing happened. This is one of those tidbits…for both reasons.  On this date in 2001, rumors of rehearsals for a tour with the original five hit the internet at allstarnews.com.  I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty sure those rumors must have set dd.com alight for the first time in at least a few years, no?  Anybody out there???



Question of the Day: March 19, 2014

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture EEEE


Daily Duranie Guest Blog – Just Very

Today we’re very lucky to have a guest blog from none other than Fabiana Torras, who along with her cohorts from Argentina, were the winners of the TV Mania Franchise contest with their song “Just Very”.  Fabiana explains all about the franchise, and how they created such a brilliant entry!

By Fabiana Torras

The idea of the TV Mania franchise was to open things up for people to become TV Mania elsewhere, as explained on the TV Mania website. We figured people could be TV Mania by actually following our Manifesto and for fun, and actually adhering to certain principles that TV Mania has, like using samples of people talking along with rhythm boxes and sampled analog synthesizers, and then putting it all together.  So you just simply apply for a license to be TV Mania. So, If you´re in…Buenos Aires, and you wanna be TV Mania Buenos Aires, you have a look and then you apply and we give you an official TV Mania license. And then you can perform, send us music and video material, remixes, anything you like, and we put them up on the site. So we´re hoping that there´ll be a lot of TV Manias around the world”. – Nick Rhodes (answering my question at a TV Mania event in Second Life)

TV Mania for Daily Duranie 4 Manifesto
In case you ever wondered what that TV Mania Manifesto was really all about…

That might just be the best answer I ever received to a question  I asked. As an extra bonus, it was Nick Rhodes who answered it. On that exact day, March 2nd 2013, not only did I receive an answer to what I wanted to know on the first of the Second Life TV Mania events; I also got the name of the future franchise Gerardo, Pablo and I would apply for: TV Mania Buenos Aires.  This was not an instant thing, though. We had to wait for six months for the franchise to be up and running, but at this point we all know Durantime affects side projects as well, don´t we?

Last September, as soon as the franchise was up, we applied and got the confirmation email with our name´s approval and the download links for the “Franchise Pack”, which included samples and music of the songs Euphoria, Beautiful Clothes, Paramount and I Wanna Make Films. We were in! All we needed now was an idea and time to make it happen.

Our first meeting was set on a Friday night after we all got off work, mostly to discuss what direction our project would take. To be honest, we didn´t actually meet face to face until there was a deadline; as much as we loved the idea of “being the band” and enter a contest with absolutely fantastic prizes for any Duranie, everyday life makes you so tired that sometimes if someone doesn´t push you, you just do not move (See? Limits are good!). We had to make a song or a remix and shoot some video for it, since every song you sent was going to be uploaded to TV Mania´s official Youtube playlist. And from the first moment we started thinking about our franchise project, we all agreed it had to be something related to our local TV and the video had to show our city to the world, but in a “TV Mania” sort of way.

A list of famous phrases from Argentine TV was made and we recorded about 50 at Pablo´s home (he has a little studio of his own there), but ended up using only 9 of those. You can hear the three of us on our track, along with Pablo´s wife, Cecilia, who was very happy to help. We also wanted to include samples of Nick and Warren in our song, so we asked permission to use the audios of the Second Life events to sample the guys and we were very happy to get a green light from TV Mania. There was a precious bit of Nick we were dying to use where he said “TV Mania Buenos Aires”; I mean, we just had to have that, right?

Once we chose the bits of Nick and Warren that were going to be used, we wrote and recorded the samples in English (it is my voice you hear, by the way), and afterwards we began to write the music, which was completely new. We decided not to use anything from the downloaded franchise pack and try to come up with something fresh and original, respecting the TV Mania essence. For the video, the plan was to film different Buenos Aires landmarks and ourselves in what we thought could be TV Mania-esque outfits and colours.  That was how “Just Very” was born.

Here’s the video link to watch for yourselves!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WLnDzsAlDE

Now, as I write and tell you all of this, I get the feeling it doesn´t seem to be that hard, does it? But there are lots of things you need to know how to do in order to make all of this happen. It´s not that easy to make and mix music, operate a camera and film proper video, edit both music and video, and I am not counting the “standing in front of a camera” process which many people may find uncomfortable (with zero budget, little time and no volunteers, it´s you and you alone doing that!). There were many things we had to use to accomplish our goal and I am glad we were such a great team, because I know that I alone could never have done what we did as a group.

Nevertheless, being more than one person doing something together means you have to find a common ground to stand on when you make decisions, and you can trust me when I say that isn´t always a simple task.  For example, when the time of sending the final song to TV Mania came some of us did not want to include the samples in Spanish and some of us did. It took us a LONG TIME to agree on that. In the end, we put it to a vote and decided to send an “Ambient Mix” of our song that didn´t have samples in Spanish. For the video of that one, we simply added some colour effects to the original one and sent both “Just Very” and “Just Very (Ambient Mix)” for approval.

A few hours later we got the news of our videos being up on the official TV Mania Franchise Playlist on Youtube, and a couple of deadlines later (the contest deadline was pushed twice extending it for 2 and a half months) we found out via TV Mania´s Twitter account that we were the TV Mania Franchise Grand Prize winners for “Just Very”.

To this day, we still think it´s a dream….which is why I’ve included this photo (a memento from the Skype session we won with Nick and Warren as result of the contest!)


Just as Duran Duran likes to do for their liner notes…we’re including a list of what we used:

  • Ableton Live 8
  • Synths: Albino Vst synth/Atmosphere Vst synth/Korg M1  Vst Synth/ Korg wavestation synth/Orange vocoder
  • Electronic drums: 707 sounds/808 sounds/Ez Drummer
  • Guitar: Fx Boss GT8 / digitech rp7 valve/ Steinberger Spirit guitar
  • Adobe Premiere (video)


Fabiana is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She´s been a Duranie since 1988 when she was 10 and loves the band, side projects (well, duh!) and mostly all the fan-tastic people she´s met because of them. She has a major in Journalism and Communications and at the moment is finishing her Community Manager & Social Media graduate studies. She works for a private university where she manages an academic department (not as fun as seeing #Duranlive!) and is looking forward for the next Duran Duran album and tour. No need to convince an angry boyfriend to let her go see them live: he is a huge Duranie!