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Today in Duran History – The Houston Rodeo

We used to play a game on my old DD message board called “Things Nick Rhodes would never say”.  As follow ups, we also had games like “Things Nick Rhodes would never wear”.   I can remember wickedly cackling out loud as I tried my hand at coming up with the most outlandish ideas.

Today’s item for this date in Duran history would have EASILY been one of those things I never thought I’d hear of the band doing.   On today’s date in 2001, Duran Duran played the Houston Rodeo.

I’ll just let that sink in for a second.  It’s still early my time and I’m not even done with my first cup of coffee.  That’s right – the band known for champagne, yachts and models actually played a rodeo, and lived to tell about it.   Maybe this was a particularly glitzy sort of rodeo.

Bonus Duranie points* will be awarded to the lucky fans who have photographic evidence of this show.  Send ’em in!

Ahh…makes me miss those days of one-upping each other with wild tales of what we thought Nick wouldn’t ever caught dead doing….




*If you thought Duranie points were actually worth anything…well….no.  Yay!

Today in Duran History – Staples Center 2005

On today’s date in Los Angeles, 2005 – Duran fans were anxiously awaiting the evening’s festivities at the Staples Center.  This is a show that I missed, even though I live here.  You see, while the band was playing their heart out on stage – I was “very busy” on a cruise ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.   No, I wasn’t working, I was vacationing. It’s a tough job.

As much as I enjoyed that trip, there is a certain part of me that wonders what it was like to see the band at Staples Center that night.  Unlike a lot of fans, I actually do enjoy the arena shows from time to time – there’s an excitement in the air that is just very, very different from the shows at smaller venues.  I love turning around at the arena shows just to get an idea of what the band sees – I really liked doing this during Leopard on the last tour, for instance.

Oh, let’s face it: I like ALL the shows, as long as I’m near the front.  Don’t we all?



Todays Date in Duran History – 1986 Grammy Awards

Hey, what were YOU doing on this date in 1986?

Nick Rhodes was presenting a Grammy Award to Sheena Easton for Song of the Year!

On this date in 1986 I was 15 years old and in the 10th grade, which meant that I was a sophomore in high school. I can remember seeing Nick give the award – I liked his hair. (An important note, right?) And that was the most exciting part of that entire evening for me….and probably a lot of you.  Little did we realize (Maybe some knew. I’ve thought about this and I don’t believe that at the time of the Grammy’s I really knew/understood that Andy & Roger weren’t coming back.)  that later that year Notorious would be released (November of 1986) and the Fab Five would really and truly be down to just three.

Now that I’ve brought you all down, you can go read Nick and Katy’s Oscar Picks to bring you back up!!


Showcasing Fandom: Diana, Page Moderator and Artist

It has been awhile since I took the time to showcase a fan and how she expresses her fandom.  Since I started this series, we have learned about fans who create art, participate in a tribute band, collect memorabilia and more.  This month, we share Diana’s story through her words and learn how she expresses her fandom, which is through a Facebook page and making banners.

How do you express your fandom?  

I express my fandom through social networking, in this case my page on FB called: Duran Duran on the road.


Duran Duran On the Road

Describe exactly what it is that you do.  

This page is dedicated to all fans who like to see Duranlive pictures.   I´m moderator on this Fan page.

Why did you choice this means of expressing your fandom?

Diana1I choose this way because I love to see Duranlive pictures and I´ve collected many ones recently. I think pictures have capacity to catch your attention and bring to you good and unforgettable moments especially if you went one of DD live shows.

Tell me your fandom story.  When did you become a fan?  What drew you to Duran Duran?

I grew up in the decade of the 80s, so I´ve listened bands from this era since 1982, but I became fan when I was looking for something new to buy and listen to in 1993.   Consequently, Ordinary World, Come Undone and Too Much Information were played a lot on MTV and Brazilian radios.  I had heard of DD before these success, but these songs caught my attention and I decided to buy Decade and The Wedding Album vinyl for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I didn´t find both, as a result my father decided to buy Big Thing and Liberty tapes for me.  I still have them today; they´re still working, believe or not.


Well, because of these different Christmas gifts, I learned to listen DD songs and I started to like their songs.  Obviously, in the same period, I was very curious about who the DD members… I was looking for some pictures on magazines, and “ta da”, I found some DD photos in Letras Traduzidas magazine (this magazine was published fortnightly) and brought pictures and lyrics translated to Portuguese.  Unfortunately, it isn´t published anymore.  Maybe, you’re thinking… her “problems” were solved as she found pictures and she liked their songs.  No way!  I needed to know their names. This part is funny because for me I didn’t have an idea as to who John, Nick and Simon were…. I saw pictures and I tried to guess their names… when I discovered their real names, or correct names I was very surprised!


How else do you participate in the fandom?  Attend shows, meetups, conventions?  Discuss the band on message boards, facebook, twitter?

I participate more on social networking for example: facebook and twitter than meetups and conventions.

What has the reaction been to your expression of fandom?  What do you people think of your work?

My page has had good acceptance among Duran Duran fans all over the world because I think everybody likes to remember good memories through pictures.  It was created on 3rd August, 2013.   DD On the road had more than 200 “Likes” in 2 weeks after its creation, I was very surprised and proud of it.  Consequently, it has encouraged me to upload more and more pictures there. It´s a hard job because, sometimes, you need to pay attention to give credit and other important information.  For example, when and where these shows happened, but I have fun!  Speaking of that: “ the music is between us”.

Do you use your means of expression outside of fandom?

Yes, of course I like to create new means of expression.  For example, I enjoy creating banners or some kind of art that reminds me of DD. I make this only for entertainment; I´ve never thought earning money.


Where and how do you share your expression?  Please show us some of your work, if you can, or where we can find it!

I usually share it on my personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/duranice.land

Can you share something that you are most proud of?

Of course, it´s my pleasure. I have included some arts I’ve created. They´re very simple because I don´t know how to do them on graphics software.  I did all of them with love.

Top 25 Duran Duran Songs Part 2

Ah…the moment you have all been waiting for!  We are, finally, going to reveal the top 10 Duran Duran songs as voted by all of us, the fans!!!  Before we do that, let me remind everyone what songs ranked 25 to 11.  Next week, Rhonda and I will reveal our lists then the following week, I’ll take some time to analyze the results.

25.  Girl Panic

24.  Nice

23.  Wild Boys

22.  Sunrise

21.  Girls on Film

20.  Last Chance on the Stairway

19.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

18.  Before the Rain

17.  The Reflex

16.  New Moon on Monday

15.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

14.  Rio

13.  Come Undone

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Late Bar

And, now, we present the TOP 10!!!

10.  The Seventh Stranger


9.  Secret Oktober

8.  Hold Back the Rain

7.  Save a Prayer

6.  Friends of Mine

5.  The Chauffeur

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Ordinary World


2.  Careless Memories

1.  New Religion

Thoughts?  Reactions?  Is what you expected?  My first thought after looking at the top 10 was, “Why isn’t Duran playing New Religion live?  Clearly, it is a fan favorite.”  While they do play Careless Memories, sometimes, and have played The Chauffeur, Friends of Mine and Hold Back the Rain, at times, perhaps, they would be wise to play them more often.  Then, I have to ask, why in the world do they not play Secret Oktober?!?  Yes, I know that they have played it a few times in recent years but a few is not enough.  Clearly.  What do the rest of you think?  How did your favorites do?  Did they make the list?