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Top 25 Duran Duran Songs Part 2

Ah…the moment you have all been waiting for!  We are, finally, going to reveal the top 10 Duran Duran songs as voted by all of us, the fans!!!  Before we do that, let me remind everyone what songs ranked 25 to 11.  Next week, Rhonda and I will reveal our lists then the following week, I’ll take some time to analyze the results.

25.  Girl Panic

24.  Nice

23.  Wild Boys

22.  Sunrise

21.  Girls on Film

20.  Last Chance on the Stairway

19.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

18.  Before the Rain

17.  The Reflex

16.  New Moon on Monday

15.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

14.  Rio

13.  Come Undone

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Late Bar

And, now, we present the TOP 10!!!

10.  The Seventh Stranger

9.  Secret Oktober

8.  Hold Back the Rain

7.  Save a Prayer

6.  Friends of Mine

5.  The Chauffeur

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Ordinary World

2.  Careless Memories

1.  New Religion

Thoughts?  Reactions?  Is what you expected?  My first thought after looking at the top 10 was, “Why isn’t Duran playing New Religion live?  Clearly, it is a fan favorite.”  While they do play Careless Memories, sometimes, and have played The Chauffeur, Friends of Mine and Hold Back the Rain, at times, perhaps, they would be wise to play them more often.  Then, I have to ask, why in the world do they not play Secret Oktober?!?  Yes, I know that they have played it a few times in recent years but a few is not enough.  Clearly.  What do the rest of you think?  How did your favorites do?  Did they make the list?


Facts, Figures and Dates about Duran’s Touring and Album Releases

Durantime has been a major topic of discussion lately.  The debate, like many in Duranland, is full of complexity and cannot be broken into a simple Durantime is good and healthy vs. Durantime is bad and unhealthy.  Part of this debate, though, even unsaid, is based on the idea of how much time is too much time.  In thinking about this myself, I realized that there isn’t actual information about what Durantime or Duran downtime has been like in the past.  Thus, I thought it would benefit all of us in actually compiling that information.  I know having information, facts, together helps me in my thinking and maybe it will help you, too, in drawing some conclusions about the current Durantime.

First, it seems to me that one should look at touring, as that is a big event that gets a lot of fans excited.  We all know that Duran has taken breaks from touring, but how long have the breaks been and when?  To answer that question, I referred to dd. com’s complete tour list and here is what I found.

Tours or individual dates took place in the following years:  1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992 (2 dates), 1993, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (private/corporate), 2011, and 2012.

The longest time in between tours was 3 years from 1984-1987 and 3 years from 1989-1992.  That said, 1985 saw a tour from Power Station.  Perhaps, that should not count as 3 years then.  Then, we know that they did not tour after Liberty.  We can then debate that this was a good choice or not.  Interesting that their longest time in between tours, STILL featured a new album, still had Duran news.  Since the reunion in 2003, the band has toured every year since then until 2013.  If they don’t tour until 2015, this will the longest stretch since 1989-1992.

Beyond touring, how long has it been between albums or album release dates

Self-titled debut album:  June 1981

Rio:  May 1982 (11 months after last one)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger:  November 1983 (1 year and 6 months after last one)

Notorious:  November 1986 (3 years after last one–although Power Station and Arcadia happened in between)

Big Thing:  October 1988 (1 year and 11 months after the last one)

Liberty:  August 1990 (1 year and 10 months after the last one)

The Wedding Album:  February 1993 (2 years and 6 months after the last one)

Thank You:  April 1995 (1 year and 10 months after the last one)

Medazzaland:  October 1997 (2 years and 6 months after the last one)

Pop Trash:  June 2000 (2 years and 8 months after the last one)

Astronaut:  October 2004 (4 years and 4 months after the last one)

Red Carpet Massacre:  November 2007 (3 years and 1 month after the last one)

All You Need Is Now:  December 2010 (digital release) (3 years and 1 month after the last one)

Based on this information, the longest the band has gone between albums is 4 years and 4 months with Astronaut.  Obviously, I will point out that this is when the Simon, Nick and Warren version of the band ended and the original five reunited.  4 years and 4 months from All You Need Is Now will be April 2015.  On average, though, the band has taken 29 months or a little less than 2 and a half years to release a new album.  We are past that, at this point.

Does this information clarify the discussion of Durantime?  Does it help you make sense of people’s perspectives?  Of yours?


The Seventh Stranger — The Daily Duranie Review (A)

It is Amanda’s turn to review The Seventh Stranger, the final track on the album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger.  Of course, we still have b-sides to do!

Musicality/Instrumentation:  This song has such a delicate beginning with the sounds of something like ice falling into a glass that you know that it is going to be more of a ballad.  It even seems to take a few seconds longer than most of the songs  on this album do to really get started.  The instrumentation on this song definitely takes more of a back seat.  While those cool effects are heard when you listen for them along with the regular instruments, they aren’t what draw your attention.  No, it is all about the vocals and lyrics here even when the song becomes more of an anthem type at about  one minute in.  At that point, the song feels very full, but not as overwhelming as many of the other tracks on this album.  You can tell that it fits right in with the other tracks, but isn’t a carbon copy.  One of the things I do really like about the track is how it feels like it varies from quieter to louder and back.  It creates more emotion that way, I think.  This, of course, is really noticed in the bridge in which Andy’s guitar shines through.  This isn’t your heavy metal guitar–no, it is prettier, softer.  Strangely, though, the end is filled with a lot more instrumentation than the rest of the song.  I wish that it didn’t.  If the song was going to focus on the vocals and lyrics, let it.  That said, I do adore the very quiet ending.

Vocals:  I love Simon’s vocals here.  They are definitely in a range that highlights his abilities and allows him to do more than just sing the words.  No, in this case, he can sing and display an emotion, a feeling.  He does really well with both the quieter, more controlled parts of this song as well as the more dramatic, more intensity filled moments.  Perhaps, this is why the vocals seem to me to be front and center.  It probably also helps that the lyrics fit with the vocals and with the instrumentation.  

Lyrics:  As a kid, I didn’t pay any attention to this song.  I was all about the upbeat, dance numbers.   I never paid one bit of attention to the lyrics.  Now, as an adult, the lyrics definitely do interest me.  Do these lyrics fit with the rest of the album?  I think they do.  The rest of the album seems to be focused on fame and dealing with that fame.  This song could be referencing one night stands (look through the eyes of a stranger), or at least how they would face a lot of strangers every day.  That could certainly be in reference to their lives in 1983.  Then, of course, “chasing after rainbows” like going after fame.  Even more importantly, how could people not notice the line about “lonely crowds”.  It sure seems to me that this song is really talking about the loneliness that can and does happen even when surrounded by people.  If you really look at the lyrics to this album, as a whole, they don’t present fame and fortune as the best things ever.  Yet, of course, like Simon is able to do so well, he doesn’t just come right out and say that.  He lets us think critically about what the words are about.

Overall:  As I think about this song as a whole, I can’t help but to think about the fact that it started out as a song called, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger.”  I have seen bootlegs out there that have this original demo that John Taylor has stated are completely false.  Yet, I so understand the desire to want to hear this original track.  I also wish I could have been a fly on the wall when this song morphed.  How did that happen?  Why did that happen?  So, what was the result of this change?  It is a song filled with fabulous lyrics and solid vocals, both of which are highlighted.  The music is placed in the background and, generally, isn’t overwhelming despite still having some layering and many of the signature elements of this album.  I do like that this song varies from the quieter to the more dramatic.  Still, I wish that the instrumentation was more noticeable.  I think it would have have taken a song with strong lyrics and vocals to the next level.      

Cocktail Rating:   3.5 cocktails!



Changing and Expanding

Over the past several weeks, we have had many people – some well-intentioned, some otherwise, tell Amanda and I that we’re asking a lot of ourselves to come up with a daily blog about the band; or about being fans of this band.

I would agree. It IS a lot to ask ourselves. It never started out to be that way – I loved the name (still do), and at the time we had plenty to write about. More than plenty! There always seemed to be something that would come up.  I knew the time would come when there would be a long dry spell in between albums, and I wondered how we would weather that period, but I figured (as I usually do) that we would cross that bridge when we found it.  We have done far, far better than I would have hoped.

The fact is, this blog is about being a fan…and we are betting that many of you have other interests besides Duran Duran, whether or not they include certain TV shows (I’m a sucker for Sherlock and Scandal myself), other bands (The Killers is near the top of my list), or something else entirely.  As much as Amanda and I have done our due diligence of research on Duran Duran,  I think she’d agree that we’ve likely done far, far more on Fandom itself at this point – something that will likely continue, as will our blogs about being fans.

We recognize that for many of you – your interest with this blog and especially Amanda and I, begins and ends with Duran Duran, and we understand. However, we’ve decided to expand, and as a result we will be throwing other things up for discussion here on a more regular basis from here on out.  Don’t leave yet!  Likely, readers might not notice much difference – except that now I’m making the public announcement that we’re going to be slowly expanding the blog beyond being Duran Duran fans.  We are still kicking around ideas for how that might happen, but there will definitely be a slow evolution taking place. It was never our intention to solely rely on Duran Duran to be the vehicle of our existence. We had always planned to expand in the long term, but it was finding the right time, and both Amanda and I feel that time is near.  That doesn’t mean we’ll leave Daily Duranie behind or that we’ll stop discussing Duran Duran altogether, only that we’ll be expanding our horizons and letting our insanity run wild through other fandoms as well!

This is where our readers – you – come into play.  We obviously want to cover fandoms and topics that you are interested in.  The sky is really the limit here, and we’ll try almost anything once!!  So, I invite you to drop us a line. Let us know what you like.  Tell us what you’d like to read about.  Send us an email: dailyduranie@gmail.com.

Additionally, we would like to invite submissions for guest blogs. If you have a particular subject that you’re interested in writing about that has to do with fandom, not necessarily Duran Duran fandom – let’s say you’re a big Harry Potter fan and went to a convention, or you adore Star Trek and even write FILK (songs) – or perhaps you’ve been Sherlocked and want to write all about it, we’re inviting you to write an article and send it to our gmail for submission consideration.  We are pretty open to reading whatever is sent to us, and if we think it’ll fit – we’ll publish it here for all the world to see!

Our guidelines are simply that the article (blog) must be formatted and edited (meaning that it needs to be written in a word processing program of some sort as opposed to sent to us at Facebook, and we ask that you please spell check your work.). Additionally, proper grammar is not only appreciated, it is expected.  Please do not send in submissions that were written as though you’re texting a friend, thank you.  We prefer length to be under 1000 words.  (although if you have an amazing article that is over that amount, we can talk about it)  Daily Duranie has final say over submissions, and we do not pay for publication.

If accepted for publishing, Amanda or I will make contact and request that the author send a small photo and a short 5-6 line bio about themselves for publication. Just as it was back on our blogger site, authors will receive byline credit as well as have a nifty thumbnail photo and bio published with each accepted article.

Change is not easy for any of us, including Amanda and I. It is difficult to know exactly what direction to travel, and we’ve always allowed this blog to sort of evolve organically as opposed to forcing it in one direction or another. We feel as though it’s come to a natural point where it’s time to expand just a little and see how it feels. We hope that many, if not all of our readers, will appreciate some fresh air with what is to come and stick with us for the journey!



Durantime: 2014 edition!

I don’t know how many of our followers watch for Duranasty – the Duran Duran Webzine that our friend Salvo creates.  It is a labor of love and art, so if you haven’t treated yourself to reading through it, you really should. Salvo has the ability to visit the band on a much more regular basis than we could ever hope, and as such – he really has a relationship with the band, is recognized by them, and they very much know and approve of his work.  So, if you want news – he is the standard.

In any case, there is a brand new sparkly edition of his webzine out now, and naturally you’ll find plenty of good juicy bits to read and sort out, as well as plenty of beautiful pictorial layouts.  I read through it all last night, and the one thing that stuck out in my reading is that the band seems to be leaning towards this album coming out in the latter part of 2014, and perhaps even into 2015.  It would seem there will be no touring to speak of this summer, and maybe not even in the fall as previously mentioned, depending upon what actually takes place. There does not seem to be a worry to rush to market with the album, and they all still seem to stand by the fact that they do not need to tour this year, which really should be no surprise.

The reality of course is that no band NEEDS to tour.  That’s the beauty of being a band though – they drive their own journey. They can do as they so choose.  I’ve worked for bands who didn’t want to bother much with touring. They didn’t want to take the time, and they didn’t want to make the commitment.  They believed their fans would wait forever, and that they’d still be there when they decided it was time to hit the road. Unfortunately for those bands, it was also the final nail in their coffins, because without touring on an extremely regular basis when you’re a newbie band out there – you make no money and gain no fan base to speak of, and you tend to LOSE the fans you thought you had, because fans are very, very fickle.  They lose interest quickly. (Unless you’re us, of course.) On the other hand, obviously – Duran Duran has had a long career and as such, they are not young pups needing every last bit to survive.  These are seasoned professionals who clearly feel as though whatever they choose to give to their fans, and whenever they choose to give, will be more than enough.  They have gone so far as to compare themselves and their popularity to that of U2 and Arcade Fire…and even the Rolling Stones at one point or another, so clearly they feel they’ve reached a certain pinnacle. I can’t say whether or not their fan base agrees, and will come out in droves to support them again – I’ll leave that for you all to decide yourselves at a much later date.

I did see a comment today that seemed to indicate surprise that the band may take as much as another 10 months to finish, and the person mentioned that this one seems to be taking a while. I couldn’t tell if the comment was serious or made in jest, but I do agree.  The other day I saw some discussion that centered around the idea that this is art, and that people should be absolutely patient and supportive that the band is taking their time to record and get it right.   To begin with, I don’t know for sure what “getting it right” means, but I have to suspect it means right for the band. I’ll leave that alone for now and avoid the hooded figures with pitchforks coming to burn me at the stake for saying anything that could even possibly be construed as not supportive.  Hey, even *I* know when to quit!

I want to make clear that we fans DO have the right to express our anxiousness and our excitement about a new album.  I don’t know when this became an issue, and I don’t know why it has suddenly become the “cool thing” to act like it’s wrong to want the band to hurry up – but I’m more than happy to put my name and face out there saying that it’s OK to be excited and anxious. That’s called “BEING A FAN”.  For the rest of you who are playing it calm and cool and acting like it’s horrible for fans to be excited… “how dare you want to rush them!” *gasp*….I have one thing to say: “oh please. Who do you really think you’re kidding??”  You’re fans. I know you. You scream at concerts just like the rest of us. You completely lose it when the band walks by, and I’ve WATCHED how you behave when Simon smiles at you during a show.  So, you’re not fooling me.  I know you’re secretly hoping that album comes out sooner rather than later.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.  It’ll be our little secret.