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Do you remember Greatest? It went platinum in 2005!

Finally, a date in history that I clearly remember!

Wait…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing in this case.

Was 2005 really that long ago? Twelve years flew by in a blink!  On this date in 2005, Greatest went platinum. (Actually, it’s gone triple platinum now)

I didn’t buy Greatest when it first came out, in 1999.  It was only available on VHS at that time, and the track listing was a bit different. I was in the midst of mommyhood then, and while I seem to remember seeing the VHS tape in the store, I know I felt that I already had those videos on my VHS copy of their video album from the 80s.  Here is that track listing for those of you who might want to know:

  1. “Planet Earth”
  2. “Girls on Film” (Uncensored)
  3. “The Chauffeur” (Uncensored)
  4. “Hungry Like the Wolf”
  5. “Save a Prayer”
  6. “Rio”
  7. “Is There Something I Should Know?”
  8. “Union of the Snake”
  9. “New Moon on Monday”
  10. “The Reflex”
  11. “The Wild Boys” (extended version)
  12. “A View to a Kill”
  13. “Notorious”
  14. “Skin Trade”
  15. “I Don’t Want Your Love”
  16. “All She Wants Is”
  17. “Serious”
  18. “Burning the Ground”
  19. “Ordinary World”
  20. “Come Undone”
  21. “Electric Barbarella”
  22. “My Own Way”
  23. The Wedding Album EPK

Then, in November 2003, they reissued Greatest, but this time, it was on DVD.  First of all, can I just comment on how genius was it to reissue Greatest right at that time?  The band had reunited, done quite a few shows that summer, and then this compilation DVD is re-released. If you were a big fan you wanted it, and if you were someone who went to go see their shows but had forgotten their music, you wanted it so that you could be reminded.  It was like the “catch me up” album to have, and having a DVD full of videos to go with it wasn’t bad either.  It was only then that I started hearing about easter eggs.


Yeah, I was pretty in the dark about the whole technology thing back then, despite being married to someone in the industry.  I quickly learned that easter eggs were hidden treats (well, they were treats for us, weren’t they?!?) that one could find by clicking on the title, or playing the videos in a certain order. This was fascinating! I spent an incredible amount of time trying to figure out how to see this video or that video. In fact, it was over a year later when I was headed off for my very first fan convention, and we were still talking about all of the easter eggs! Eventually, I did find them all – with help – but the DVD was actually the first place I saw the entire 17-minute version of New Moon On Monday since the 1980s. Yes, the easter eggs were a pain until you either figured out how to get to them, or, like me – had some kind soul send a directional map! (I was never very successful at easter egg hunts!)   I thought about including a full track listing including hidden tracks here, but what I found was way too long and complicated. Google it!

I have to say, out of all of the things the band has done with video – and this is just my opinion –  I appreciate the easter eggs on the Greatest DVD most. It was genius, and while yes, many of the eggs stumped me, it was fun, and it got the fans talking. A LOT!  While doing some reading before writing this post today, plenty of online places say the DVD was criticized for the easter eggs. I can understand, because yes – every DVD player works differently, and it was confusing in parts. Even with all of that, I still had fun with it, and it was a joy to see EPKs and versions of videos (however the smallest of differences) that I hadn’t ever seen or noticed before. Personally, I think people just like to complain.

Hmm…might actually BE something to that easter egg thing, should they maybe want to re-release anything like an anthology or something for the 40th anniversary coming up in 2018…not that I’m counting or suggesting anything….just saying….

So while this date in history commemorates the Greatest album going platinum – and I don’t know how many of you keep track, but there are STILL weeks that go by where Greatest tops the charts in various countries – I can’t help but remember the DVD as well. It was something that brought me up to date (both with technology as well as with things the band did while I was busy getting married, moving across the country and having kids!).

Hmm, they’re forecasting a lot of rain this weekend where I live (which means we should probably build an ark!), I might just drag this out and have a Duran viewing party!

Do you still have your Greatest CD/DVD/etc??



Easter Eggs and Fandom

I have been watching the new episodes of the X-Files that have been airing for the last month.  A couple of weeks ago, an episode entitled Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster.  This episode caught a lot of attention for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reason was its inclusion of what is called “easter eggs”.  What exactly are “easter eggs”?  According to Wikipedia, “An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen. The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.”  Okay, so if easter eggs are like inside jokes or hidden messages, why would a TV show opt to include them in an episode?  The answer is simple.  It is a way to include fans.  For example, when Mulder says at the end of the episode, “I WANT to believe,” all X-Files fans recognize that phrase from the poster that was behind Mulder’s desk for the 9 years that the series originally ran.  The fans could watch the episode and feel like they had inside info that a non-fan would not.  Fans felt included, important.

While the use of so-called “easter eggs” is usually done in various media like DVDs or TV episodes, I believe hidden message and inside jokes can be found in any fandom.  I believe that “easter eggs” can be found in the Duran Duran fandom, too.  There are actions or phrases that might be seen at a show, for example, or in a video that means something to Duranies.  Other people viewing the same thing would not see this actions or phrases as anything.  They would be seen as unimportant to non-fans.  This got me thinking about what are those in Duranland.  What are those actions and phrases that only Duran Duran fans would get or think of as important/interesting/cool that show some sort of recognition to fans?

When I think about the answer to my own question, I cannot help but think of lyrics in recent albums that seem to speak directly to fans.  Here are some that come to mind:

  • “I’ve been traveling around now, big world with my brothers”–That is what touring feels like for fans who can do that! (Last Night in the City)
  • “Search light the crowd, I fix on your face”–seems to reference live shows and fans, right? (Pressure Off)
  • “And still they come to hear the drum”–fans going to concerts (Planet Roaring)
  • “Everybody’s gunning for the VIP section”–reference to ticket sales through their fan club? (All You Need Is Now)
  • “Sway in the moon the way you did when you were younger”–asking fans to stay with the band.  Heck, that whole song (All You Need Is Now) seems like an easter egg!
  • “The music’s between us” (Sunrise)

I’m sure that there are a ton more.  What can you think of that would function as a hidden message to fans?  What would you WANT to see if Duran filmed a new documentary, for example?  What are phrases or actions that always catch Duranies’ attention?  Some of the examples I think of here go back to early videos or Sing Blue Silver.  Here are some of the things I thought of:

  • “Gimme a wristband”
  • “Hello.  Good evening and welcome to our show!”
  • “Roger needs two hands for his.”
  • “Switch it off!”
  • “We’ll have to spend more time in nightclubs!”
  • The New Romantic dance from the Planet Earth video
  • Using pink and blue phones or drinks from the Rio video
  • That punching like dance move from Wild Boys  (Heck, Simon sort of dances like the actors did in Wild Boys now.)

After thinking about all of this for awhile it hits me, Duran sort of did this very thing by the cover of Paper Gods.  Those images all mean something to the FANS.  We all know that smile is from Rio or that angry mouth is Wild Boys.  Other people would look at that cover and not get it.  Non-fans wouldn’t know that those are images from Duran Duran’s past.  The fans knew that, though.  Thinking this gives me a little bit more appreciation for that album cover now.

I think all fans want easter eggs, in order to receive validation that they matter.  Fans want to know that their knowledge and loyalty are appreciated qualities.  Easter eggs do more, though, as they work to separate casual viewers and listeners from serious fans.  On that note, I would not mind, at all, if Duran Duran wanted to do more inclusion of easter eggs moving forward.  It doesn’t matter where they put them–song lyrics, videos, live in concert video, documentaries, tour books, album covers, etc.  It is a nice way of acknowledging shared knowledge between the object of fandom (in this case–Duran Duran) and the fans.  Fans deserve that.