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Today in Duran History – Uruguay

On todays date in 1993, Duran Duran played in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Not a country I hear about them hitting on tour very often, I must say.

And since I’m a little bored this morning….I will share a scenario here that was posted on our FB page by Miss Amanda over the weekend.  If you care to reply (and you should), please send us a comment!

You are stuck in an elevator with a rock star.  Who would you want it to be??

The way I see this, there are two ways to answer this question. Either you go for the knee jerk answer, in which you don’t even consider the circumstances and you say the first person to pop into your head.  I’ll bet that’s how most people would answer, and I think that’s great.  Then there’s me.  Do I actually think about what fun this could be?  No. Of course not. The very first thing I think of in this delightful fantasy situation is my anxiety.  I’m not fond of elevators. Too closed in, and the thought of being pulled up and lowered by cables kind of bothers me a bit.  Don’t get me wrong – I use them and everything, but I try not to think about it much. So the idea of being stuck in one is not at all amusing, and no, I really don’t care who it is beside me at the time (I just pray the elevator is not full).  I can just imagine getting onto an elevator only to find a band member standing there – or being in one only to have the doors open with one of them about to enter.  Awkward.  I mean, it would probably be the ONE time I’m wearing a DD t-shirt, or carrying one of my VIP bags or something.  And then to end up stuck?!?  I can just see it – I’d roll my eyes, shake my head and mumble something about it being my luck.  I’ll bet many of you would consider it good luck though.  Not me. I’d likely call those minutes among the most awkward of my life.  What would I say?  Probably nothing at first. I’d be standing there thinking about what to say.  LOL Better sound smart, Rhonda!!  You can only stand there quiet for so long though before acknowledging the situation, right??  So the question comes down to who it is beside me in that elevator.  Who would I not mind being stuck with?  Who would I most want to speak with?

Let’s just go with the knee jerk here and say Nick Rhodes.  Yeah, I know you thought I was going to say Dom.  😉


Today in Duran History – Tokyo

Way back in the dark ages…we’re talking 1982 people…Duran Duran played at Shibuya Kokaido in Tokyo.  I can honestly say that not only do I not remember this show (I definitely wasn’t there!), I really think that at that point in my life, my world began and ended at Sunflower Intermediate School in Glendora, California (a school that has since been closed).  I was eleven years old, and while I know I could have picked Japan and even Tokyo out on a map, overall the world felt an awful lot bigger to me then than it does these days.  I don’t know that I even dreamed about seeing the word beyond the US at that time.  There are moments when it is hard to believe there was once a time when the internet didn’t exist and we were forced to rely on radio, TV & magazines for our Duran Duran news.

Dark ages indeed!!


Today in Duran History – Wembley 2004

On today’s date in 2004, Duran Duran played Wembley Arena in London, UK.  They played Wembley Arena five nights during this period in 2004: April 13, April 14, April 24 and then April 30 and May 1st.  I hear they sold the place out….

As you might recall, the band released a little DVD aptly named Live from London, which was recorded at Wembley during these shows… and if memory serves, there may have been a few theatre screenings of this DVD scattered across the US to celebrate it’s release.  Duran Duran on a big screen?  YES.

We should really do all that again, don’t you think??


Showcasing Fandom: Shelly Duran – Twilight Fandom and Fanfic Writer

This blog is more than Duran Duran and more than being a Duran Duran fan.  As any regular reader would know, we are in the midst of editing a book that features extensive research on fandom, including what is fandom, what it looks like, why someone would want to be a part of fandom and why someone stays in fandom.  This blog has certainly allowed us to explore Duran Duran fandom both as observers and as participants.  Over a year ago, I asked people who participate in either different fandoms or who participate in Duran fandom differently than we do to fill out a questionnaire.  The reason for this was simple–to help me with research and to show how all fandoms experience similarities.  One of the people who volunteered is someone who participates in the Twilight fandom.  Here is how she responded to my questionnaire.

What fandom are you a part of?


What drew you to this fandom? What did you like about the object(s) of the fandom?

Friends had been telling me for years that I should read the books but I resisted. I already had an active fandom. I didn’t think I had time for a second one. I saw the first movie on t.v. one night and knew I was hooked. I then read all four books in less than a week and saw all the movies. I even took a “mental health day” from work so I could see Breaking Dawn in the theater. The iconic love story of Edward and Bella appealed to me on a level I hadn’t experienced in years.

How long have you been a part of this fandom?

Since November 2011.

How do people communicate with other fans in your fandom?

Through different forms of social media- message boards, twitter, FB, tumblrs, various blogs and websites. I have become active in the fan fiction part of the fandom. Most stories are on one website and you can also leave reviews for the stories there. 

Are there some fans who are thought of bigger/better/important based solely on their communication?  What qualities do they have?

Yes, usually the bloggers who review fanfic and the BNA – the Big Name Authors, those that have written popular fanfic stories. They are valued for their opinions on the various stories and getting a recommendation from one of these people can really raise an author’s profile. 

What are the most common discussions?

There are three general areas: The films/books, fanfiction, and the obsession with the actors who played the characters in the films, most notably Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The films/books are over so discussion is limited to recalling favorite moments or things that could have been done differently – hindsight. The biggest discussion in the book world is whether Stephenie Meyer will ever finish Midnight Sun, the unfinished manuscript of Twilight written from Edward’s point of view (EPOV).

I usually stay in the fanfiction realm. Fanfic is widely accepted in the Twilight fandom. Since these are fictional characters, there is no controversy about reading and writing fanfic like there is in the Duran fandom. There is an incredible amount of Twilight fanfiction- literally thousands of stories. I could spend years and years reading nothing but Twific.

I try to avoid the Robsten/Nonsten (those for and against the real life relationship of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) at all costs. However, I will say I’ve become a fan of Robert Pattinson as a result of being a Twilight fan. He is nothing like “Edward” but he seems to be a genuinely nice, humble person and I’ve enjoyed the other films he’s been in besides Twilight, most notably Remember Me and Cosmopolis. Yes, I also think he’s really, really, really um… attractive (I mean hot!). But then again, I seem to have a thing for 6’2″ British guys with great jawlines and long fingers. It’s definitely a pattern for me.

Do fans get together? How? Why? When?

Yes. There are various informal and formal meet-ups and fan conventions throughout the year. Some focus on just the movies, some on just fanfiction. Fans would camp out for days before the movie red carpet premieres whenever a new movie was released. Also, the Comic-con in San Diego has attracted scores of Twilight fans over the past several years. There are Twilight specific panels at the convention as well.

What activities are found in your fandom? Describe them.

In addition to fanfiction reading and writing, there are weekly fanfiction trivia contests on twitter. Fans also make banners, blinkies, and “manips” (photoshopped pics) relating to the stories. There are highly competitive fanfiction writing contests as well as weekly and monthly polls about the fanfiction stories. The prizes are usually banners or blinkies but the real prize is the “glory” of winning the contest. There are usually several categories for winners.

One thing that impressed me the most are the causes- Twilight fans have raised thousands of dollars over the past several years by having fanfiction auctions where bidders donate money to causes everything from the tsunami in Japan, to the earthquake in Haiti, to various cancer charities. In return, authors will write specific stories- either “outtakes” of stories they are currently writing or those requested by the bidders. These stories will only be available to those who have donated for a certain length of time (3-6 months usually). 

Would you say that there is social status or a hierarchy within your fandom? How do people get higher status? Are the rules for this clear or very subtle?

Yes.  The usual rules of any fandom apply. I think also like tends to go with like.  Someone who doesn’t care for a certain character or actor isn’t going to spend a lot of time with those that are fans of those characters/actors.  In fanfiction, I think the easiest way to get “higher status” is for someone with higher status to recommend your story.  One or two mentions on an influential blog or by a “BNA” (big name author) can bring hundreds of new readers to a story.

Are there chances to have access to the object(s) of your fandom? Online opportunities? In person? Does every fan have the same opportunity? Is there tension from uneven or unequal opportunities or experiences?

Some of the same controversies in the Duran world about “stalking” vs. “being in the right place at the right time” apply here as well. There are those who go to film sets or to the actor’s homes in hopes of seeing them.  Then there are those who frequent concerts of friends of the actors.  Interestingly, Stephenie Meyer, the author of the stories attracts far less attention than the actors who played her characters. There is definitely tension over what is crossing the line and what is appropriate behavior. It is very reminiscent of the D2 fandom.

There is also tension in the fanfic world over “P2P” pulled to publish. Many, many Twific writers have removed their stories from the free fanfic websites in order to rework and then publish them as original works of fiction. The most famous (and one of the first P2P) is Fifty Shades of Grey.  Like it or not, the book has made its writer rich and famous.  Some fanfic writers don’t think fanfic should ever be published, regardless of how different the fanfic story is from the original story.

What is the range of behavior and statements regarding the object(s) of the fandom? Basically, what is said and done? What are common behaviors and statements and what are the extreme behaviors and statements?

Most of the extreme behavior occurs among those who follow the relationships of the actors from the Twilight movies- the “Robstens” vs. the “Nonstens”.  Again, I try to avoid that part of the fandom at all costs.  I have no interest in the personal lives of the actors. There are twilongers and twitter arguments between those who believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still together and those that either never believed they were together or that they were but are now broken up. The fans argue everywhere – on blogs, fan websites, in the comments section of entertainment news sites, on facebook, etc.  It isn’t just the teen-aged fans. There are fans in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s engaged in these disputes.

Some of the P2P debates have gotten ugly too. I’m not into drama (unless it’s in a story) so I avoid those arguments.

Most fans of Twilight and Twilight fanfic are older than the stereotype.  There are readers in their 20’s-60’s who are active in the fandom.  They are mostly female so that part of the stereotype holds true.  I’ve actually met many Twilight fans who are also Duran Duran fans- Twiranies.

Are there subtle rules regarding said and done?

I’m sure there are some but I haven’t been in the fandom long enough to know. That said, I think there are definitely those who are fans of the actors that fall into different groups- those that follow them relentlessly, those that just take an interest in their careers, and those that are interested in their careers and their personal lives but try not to be too instrusive (i.e. looking at paparazzi pics or paparazzi sites).



Careless Memories of a Mad World, LA style!

Yesterday afternoon, I packed up my Mad World book, picked up my own chauffeur from work (my husband!), some Daily Duranie wristbands (do you have yours yet?!?), my camera and made my way up to the Sunset Strip to one of my favorite bookstores: Book Soup!  My mission was to have my book signed by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein, authors of Mad World.  I’d never been to a book signing that had a DJ along for the ride, spinning tunes as we stood in line.  My husband Walt commented as we stood in line hearing Echo and The Bunnymen that it felt like we’d been propelled back in time to the early 80s. Observant, that husband of mine…. I loved the music, and yes, I did stay long enough to catch the familiar chords of Girls on Film flowing in the air.  But back to that signing…

Book Soup is not a huge bookstore. It is this fabulous, homey feeling bookstore in the heart of the Strip. Situated just up the street from the likes of the Key Club, Viper Room and The Whisky among others, it’s in an unlikely spot, which is very much part of it’s charm. It reminds me of the independent bookstores I’d find on the main street of Glendora or Covina – my home town(s).  Not only can one find books in Book Soup, but there’s vinyl as well – bonus!!

As I arrived last night and stepped into the store, there was no way you couldn’t be immediately swept away back to the 80’s. Kajagoogoo was playing, and no – I can’t listen to “Too Shy” without thinking of Nick Rhodes. I’m forever cursed. Thanks Nick. I wound my way to the line snaking around the perimeter of one side of the store, and as I stood in line, I dared myself to think back to what it was like listening to these songs in the 80s.  I was pretty young back then, and if I only knew where it all might lead me… (and if I could figure that out now, well, maybe I’d actually be making a decent living!!) I just remember a time when I could turn on the radio and song after song would carry me away from my teenage problems to a world of daydreams.  Nowadays I struggle to find a regular radio station that I can actually stand to listen to more than a song or two. The joys of aging, I suppose.

I looked up as I stood in line and caught the wandering eye of Lori Majewski,  as she glanced to see how far back the line began. She  waved. I started to wave back but then thought to myself, wait a minute. She couldn’t possibly recognize you, Rhonda. She doesn’t even KNOW you. Now you’re waving like an idiot. Awesome. So I looked around, only to find that no one else was looking up.  She was waving my way after all.  Great job, self-confidence.  *begin slow clap here*  I swear it was it was my own personal Ducky moment from Pretty in Pink.  (watch the end of the movie if you don’t know what I mean…and why on earth do you not know what I mean?!?)

As I recovered from that moment (there are just times when I’m glad the band ISN’T there, you know??), I saw Patty Palazzo walk past me – and so I did what any normal person might do any Duranie might do, I got out of line to go say hi! I’d never met Patty before, but I have exchanged emails a few times….and actually, we’d agreed to talk that night about setting up an interview for the blog!! (I’m so excited about this news that I might burst! No really. I just ate carrot cake. I might honestly burst.) I don’t know where my courage came from because I am really not this brave ever, but I walked up and said hello, and even dared to hug her.  *gasp* I don’t know WHERE that came from, because my friends – Rhonda is not a hugger. I like personal space. I am not touchy-feely.  But I hugged Patty last night, and I’m pretty sure I violated her personal space.  Maybe this is why I’ve never really gotten anywhere near the band…I’m a closet hugger!!! *gasp* This is really why I should never be allowed to go to events like this unattended. (meaning without Amanda) I even got Patty and a few new friends to wear our Daily Duranie wristbands! Amanda should be so proud…because I had those darn wristbands in my bag, and I kept thinking to myself: do I dare hand them out? Really? Should I? Will I look as super cool as I do right now if I hand them out?

(The answer is no. No Rhonda…you never looked super cool to begin with, so…you’re safe. Go with it.) So I did! Never mind that it took my darling husband three or four tries to get a decent photo…


Before I knew it, we were up to the front and Jonathan Bernstein was doing everything possible to make sure I knew it was time to hand over my book. I was too mesmerized by the process to see that he was practically grabbing my book out of my hands. (so sorry!) The next thing I knew, I was being introduced to Lori Majewski by Patty, and we’d set up a time to get together for something I’m not going to talk about just yet…you’ll have to just watch this space! (Again, I’m really thinking I might burst. Remind me that carrot cake is never an acceptable breakfast substitute…)


It’s blurry (sorry Jonathan…I hope your photographer was better than mine!)…but it is a very cool memory.  Admittedly I am fangirling just a bit over meeting Lori. Back in the day, before writing Mad World, before Teen People, she was the editor of a Duran fanzine. How cool is that?? I don’t know where in the hell I was back then, but I intend to ask her all about that…when we meet up for that thing I’m not going to talk about just yet!

If that weren’t enough, and it’s really not EVER enough (I believe there’s a John Taylor quote to be had somewhere in there), after I had my books signed I had the chance to run into Duranie friends.  I know that I’ve lamented here about how much I miss the band, and I do. Maybe that’s overly sentimental, but I miss seeing them play and I especially miss that sense of “one-ness” that we all feel with them when the show is going right. We’re all in that same place together feeling the same thing. It’s a remarkably cool feeling that I hope all fans get to experience at one time or another. However, it’s in moments like some that I had last night that I remember how much I miss my friends from afar. Friends from the UK, Europe, the midwest, east, northwest…southeast…I’ve been very lucky to have made real friends in a multitude of places, and last night I had just the smallest taste of getting to see some of them again. We don’t gather very often, and it was really nice to catch up with a few of them. Friendships are the one collective “thing” about being a Duranie I treasure most. Well, there is the music too…I mean, duh… (can’t really forget to mention the band, can I??), but I love seeing friends from all over.

The night ended relatively early for us, as we had to get back home, but it was really a great night and I’m glad I went to the signing. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Mad World yet, do yourself a favor and look for it on Amazon. I have read the entire thing once and am going back through it a second time.  Jonathan and Lori did a fantastic job interviewing all of the bands, and there is just so much information in there – things we never would have ever known about the music we grew up with.  It is genuinely worth the read.  You should see my book, I was telling Jonathan last night as we left that my book is all marked up, highlighted, red-lined, complete with notes in the margin!  (Note to self: next time, bring a book that is not already marked up with your notes in it…)





John Frusciante and Duran Duran – a Red Hot Match up??

As many now know, it was announced last night that John Frusciante will be making a guest appearance on the next Duran Duran album.  News had initially been leaked early Monday morning (US time) through Guitar Magazine.  At that time, the news was largely dismissed as rumor, given that Duran Duran management (or as we lovingly refer to them – DDHQ) had not confirmed.

Let me kindly repost the statement, copied directly from Duranduran.com:

April 23rd, 2014

We were holding this exciting news because we were hoping to give you full details when we announced, but as word has leaked out, catching us rather off guard, we wanted to confirm… yes it’s true, the extraordinarily talented John Frusciante has indeed been doing some work from his home base in California on our new album. The tracks have been going back and forth via the internet, and we are thrilled with the results. We are all such big fans of John’s work and are honoured to have him adding his magic to the record! There are no current plans for John to tour with us, but his guitars sound incredible on the tracks.

Hoping to have more news for you soon.

– Simon, John, Nick & Roger”

Naturally, that news took many of us…many of us who are fans and supporters of Dom Brown, by surprise.  Would he appear on the album at all?  Would Dom tour with the band?  Thankfully, while I was in the midst of a book signing in LA (another blog, another time), @durantigger dared to ask the question to DDHQ and they responded quickly saying that Dom would appear on the album…and from what I know, he will also be touring.  

When news of John Frusciante guesting on the album first broke, I took to Spotify to really listen to his work.  I know the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers , but had I really listened to the guitar enough to draw any sort of conclusion?  Probably not. Then I listened to John’s solo work from Enclosure, a very recently released album.  It is incredibly different from his work in Red Hot Chili Peppers. Truly, the styling could not be more different.  Clearly he is a very talented and versatile guitarist, but whether or not his work will properly mesh with that of the band is yet to be heard (by fans). It is clear that most fans are thrilled with the news, with very few dissenting opinions.  

As I type this, I know what many of our readers are waiting to read. They’re hoping for some drama, some reaction from me on a personal level.  The fact is, I can’t comment or react to something I haven’t heard.  I won’t comment on their choice to work with someone in addition to Dom Brown, because truthfully, it is not my band. I’m just a listener.  I don’t have any idea what the band is thinking.  I never do. I know that I’m ready for some new music, and I’m hoping that at some point before I lose my hearing to old age, we’ll get some. I know that the band threw out a years worth of material to start anew here, and that it’s all part of the creative process. I also know that before this process ends for them, it is entirely possible that they change their minds again and start over. You never know, and I’m just not going to react to something until I’ve heard it.  And then…you’ll get my opinion on whether or not this worked.



Todays Date in Duran History – Boston

On today’s date just a few short years ago in 2011…John Taylor was interviewed on radio station 104.5 XLO in Boston.  Anyone hear the interview?

On another note entirely, Amanda and I stumbled across some really good news for the blog yesterday.  We noticed that we’ve been included on the links page for duranduran.com.  For us, this means a lot.  We realize that for most fans, they probably read this sort of thing and think “Big deal…who cares?”  I get that, and you know, yes – for most people it really doesn’t matter.  To Amanda and I though, it is representative of some very hard work over the past three and a half years. Time, energy, and love. We’ve been included among the best fan websites out there. It’s a symbolic gesture that matters, and we truly, truly appreciate DDHQ for including us. It means that we’re working together – and make no mistake, we are.  We’re on board to help the band, and to help the fans. It’s a delicate balance that I tend to destroy on a daily basis because I’m very much the bull in a china shop around here….but it’s fun. Amanda and I laugh a lot even as I’m cursing the latest rumor or thinking of how to word something so that no fan can possibly take issue. (Impossible.)

It’s rare that she and I will publicly congratulate ourselves, because let’s face it, it’s not cool to be a bragger, and neither of us are very good at that sort of thing.  But this time, I’m going to take the second or two and enjoy.


Sorry I upstaged John’s date in history.  Listen…I don’t even remember that interview!!  😀



Today in Duran History

On today’s date in 1993, Duran Duran played the Durban Expo Centre in Durban, South Africa.  This is not an area of the world where the band tours often…so I have to ask, did any of our readers attend??

Also on this date in 1984, The Reflex reached it’s peak of #1 in the US!!  Not too shabby for a little band from Birmingham….

Happy Monday, everyone!


Today in Duran History – The Reflex!

If you’re a Duranie and you have a heartbeat (which is likely since you’re reading), chances are, you already KNOW what today is in Duran history.  If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook this week, you should know this, but I’m not into Pop (Ha ha, I made a funny) Quizzes, so I will spill: on today’s date in 1984, The Reflex was released.

Thirty years ago, people.  Thirty years.

Now, I’m not saying you’re getting old or anything, particularly if you weren’t around to hear The Reflex on the radio the day it was released…but I was.  So….there’s that.  Happy days!!

For many Duranies, this was the song that made them cross the bridge, dance on the valentine, and swear they would be Duranies forever more.  I wouldn’t know about that, because well, I was already a Duranie for a few years before this song came out.  (again, we’re not saying old, but…)  My partner-in-crime claims this date as her Duranniversary (I have played around with the spelling of that word more than I ever care to count…I’m going with this one!), so Happy Anniversary, Amanda!!  Thirty years, thirty some shows??? (There would be more if the band ever decided to do some more shows. Just saying, because I can.)

Moving on…

I can remember hearing  The Reflex on the radio in 1984, but it really wasn’t until I was in marching band in about October of 1984 that other kids in band started telling me about the song. I would patiently stand there, listen, and roll my eyes back into my head when they would say it was new…because by then it was SO six months ago…but that Nile Rodgers remix did something special with it, and I can remember friends, even friends who *gasp* were not into Duran Duran, thinking it was cool.  Because it was.  Maybe it wasn’t the best DD song ever written, maybe it was.  One thing is certain: there was something special there…and here we are thirty years later.


#DDReflex8414  (I probably don’t get extra brownie points for posting the hashtag on the blog, but that’s OK!)