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Duran Duran on Grey’s Anatomy and Kimmel tonight!

Sometimes things come up so fast that I don’t even have time to add them to the calendar here, and today is no exception.

Are you a #TGIT (ThankGodItsThursday) fan?!? Do you love Duran Duran (I hope so, otherwise…you might be visiting the wrong blog…)?? Tonight is YOUR NIGHT to have your senses tingled!!

Several (many) months back, I believe a photo was tweeted of a certain John Taylor visiting Shonda Rhimes’ office. For those who may be unaware, Shonda is the creator of the Thursday night shows on ABC: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.  Many of us who saw the picture wondered what on earth John Taylor could be doing in Shonda Rhimes’ office, but the mystery remained unanswered…until this morning when I saw this tweet:

“The song Butterfly Girl that I played on and co wrote with @duranduran is used in @GreysABC Greys Anatomy today. @johnfrusciante also plays!” – @dombrownmusic

Gotta admit, I’m pretty excited that one of my favorite songs off of Paper Gods, cowritten by my favorite “not really an official band member but I don’t care” band member is going to be used on one of my favorite TV shows – Grey’s Anatomy. That’s cool!!!  Dom should be very proud, although I know this isn’t the first time he’s had his music used on a TV show before! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to go VISIT his website and ORDER his albums!)

Once upon a time, I worked with an indie (unsigned) band named Folio, and as far as they were concerned, my main goal in life was to get their music on to TV shows. (Yes, I was successful!) There was a website I spent much of my time scouring, in search of the perfect licensing opportunities. At the time, I always wondered why Duran Duran music wasn’t on more TV shows where it would be heard by a huge audience…. lo and behold, here’s their chance!! This is huge, so any and all Duranies out there, watch the show, and shout about it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even Google+ (if you’re into that sort of thing!)  Our word of mouth MATTERS. (and while you’re doing that, throw my guy @dombrownmusic some love – I’m sure he’d appreciate the tweets!!)

If that weren’t enough (and it never is!), later tonight following Grey’s Anatomy and the other #TGIT shows, Duran Duran will be on Jimmy Kimmel.  Following the broadcast, the post-show concert will be streamed here on Yahoo! Live.  I was in the audience that afternoon, which was held in the back parking lot of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Theatre. It was a lot of fun. I’d never gone to something like that before, and so when I was treated to Hungry Like the Wolf not once but TWICE that afternoon, I smiled, sang and clapped along with abandon! It was a lot of fun despite the 93-degree heat, and the only thing missing was my partner-in-crime, who was flying over the western part of the country at the time to get to LAX later that night. I’m curious to see what takes of the songs they chose to use for the stream, and I’ll be tuning in later myself. When you’re watching the stream later, look for me in the audience!

(On second thought, I spent most of that afternoon willing myself not to faint – note to self: one should ALWAYS take water if they’re lining up outside for the afternoon – I was a hot and sweaty mess by the time the show started, so maybe don’t look for me!) 

Must see and hear @duranduran on #TGIT!  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night at all!


Oh no, not again!

This is not my day to blog…but I find myself with something to say, and so I’m going to dash it off here before I forget or lose my way.

First of all, this blog is a spoiler for fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically, if you are in the UK or other parts of the world and are not completely up to date with the show…I beg you to read no further. Look away…and do not email me if you choose not to heed my warning. Otherwise, this blog has very little to do with Grey’s Anatomy and more to do with being a fan in general.  🙂

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I’ve been a Duranie since I was about ten years old. I’m 44 now, and I can do math well enough to know that means I’ve been a fan for a long-ass time. (34 years and counting) Again, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have a difficult time remembering days when I wasn’t a fan of this band. They are so completely interwoven with my life that my memories are entwined with whatever songs and albums were out at the time. I can remember that Red Carpet Massacre was out and they were touring while my youngest was born, Rio coincides with memories of sleepovers I had at my best friend’s house in middle school. We would watch Friday Night Videos and it is impossible for me to see Hungry Like the Wolf without thinking of how we’d laugh until my belly hurt those nights.  I can’t think of Astronaut without remembering the convention in New Orleans…and the list goes on.

The point is, Duran Duran is a part of our lives. Being a fan of Duran Duran is one slice of who we are.  After being a part of our lives for so long, it is nearly impossible to imagine life without them. With that familiarity and longevity often comes a sense of <likely misguided> ownership, and it isn’t just with Duran Duran fans.

I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since the very first day it was on TV. I haven’t missed a single episode. I’ve seen the characters develop over the years, and I can’t really imagine a Thursday night without watching. I’ve sat and cheered on Meredith, watched her lose friends, parents, gain family she didn’t know she had…and even fall in love, which for her character, seemed more and more unlikely the more we grew to “know” her. Grey’s Anatomy is nearing the end of their 11th season on the air, and this season has thrown fans through a loop, to say the least. Recently (and this is the part where, if you haven’t already stopped reading, my friends from the UK and beyond – YOU SHOULD), a beloved character has been written out of the show. This has happened before on the show, and it’s always stung a bit, but this time, it was horrible. I definitely didn’t see it coming. As I mentioned before, we saw Meredith fall in love with Derek – a one-time teacher/superior/mentor to her. They managed to get married on their own terms, adopt, have a baby of their own, survive a horrible plane crash, deal with Alzheimers….and I could go on. (It’s a drama, people.) Unfortunately, Derek, played by Patrick Dempsey, a favorite of mine since my teen years…was killed off. In one of the few episodes written by creator Shonda Rhimes as of late, she wrote him out of the show by having him in a horrible car accident, sent to a hospital in the middle of nowhere that did not have proper training, and he was eventually pronounced brain-dead.  The irony of course being that his character was an accomplished neurosurgeon on the show. As I said, fans didn’t see it coming, and hell hath NO fury like scorned fans.

I was one of those fans. I felt as though I’d given this show so much time, watched them build this show around the two of them, and then Shonda destroyed it all.  I felt like I’d been slapped, to be honest. I found myself saying, “Can’t we have ONE happy ending on this stupid show? Just ONE?!?” So many people had already been killed off, and we’re not talking about little-known characters on the show, I mean very central roles. People that convinced the viewing audience to love and cheer for them. Over and over.

There were literally thousands of Facebook posts filled with vitriolic criticism and anger towards Shonda Rhimes after the show aired. There has even been some sort of petition filed through change.org….which is laughable. It’s Shonda’s show. She is the creator, she really has the right to make the decisions even if the audience hates them.

Just as we feel a sense of ownership over the band at times – fans feel that way about television shows. It’s difficult to feel like you’ve put your heart and soul into something only to feel as though you’ve been backhanded when the show, or music…takes on a completely different direction.

I can’t help but remember when Red Carpet Massacre was released. I’ve never seen the fans in such an uproar (sans the time…times…when beloved band members have left the group). At first it was all negative, but little by little a few loud voices in support of the album tried to cut through. I can’t tell you how many times posters would remind others that this was THE BAND’S album, and that they could do whatever they wanted with their music. And they can. Very true.

The fact is, just as it is Shonda’s show to do with as she pleases, the band belongs to Simon, Nick, John and Roger. They own the right to do what they wish. It’s a hard fact to face sometimes as a fan – the music may be written for our consumption, just as a TV show is filmed for an audience to view, but that’s really where it ends for fans. We can express our unhappiness, and we can even choose to stop caring, stop watching, stop consuming…and perhaps that will be reflected in terms of sales, but the creative decision-making lies with the band, not us. Monday morning quarterbacking, such as it is, is merely a fan hobby that some of us (points at self) take a bit seriously at times.

I honestly doubt Shonda Rhimes cares much about whether fans approve of her decision to kill off Derek, as wild as that idea might seem to longtime viewers. The idea that a show or an album is written with the fans in mind is probably a way over-the-top romanticized idea that a fan came up with along the way.  Some may argue that fans have changed the course of a TV show, and that may be true. I know of shows that were up for cancellation that ended up being renewed based on fan efforts. Perhaps we have had some effect on the band from time to time, but the creative direction?  That decision lies with the creators, and we can and should exercise our right to buy and/or consume.

Food for thought.