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Happy Birthday John!

June is a very busy birthday month!  Today I get to wish The Bass God (that’s John Taylor, in case you lost track) a very happy birthday!!

I have only met John once, during an album signing for Astronaut. (I own the disjointed voice he may or may not have heard from somewhere in the crowd say, “It’s a beautiful album, John!)  My partner-in-crime has been in vicinity to him a few more times than I  Once even close enough for him to sign our In the Pleasure Groove books (mine has a lovely doodle of an American flag in it, too. :D).   She even has a picture with him, which still thrills me!  However, today is my day to blog, so there’s not really any exciting stories to tell.  Maybe next year! 😉

So, we’ll celebrate with some special John Taylor videos instead.

Let’s see…

Gotta go with the JT cameo to begin with, because his grin cracks me up.

In fair play, I must also choose a Power Station video…which led me to Get it On.


That got me thinking about John’s solo career, and one of my very favorites is Hey Day.  I wonder why?  🙂

And while I was thinking about Hey Day, I remembered riding the train from Birmingham to Edinburgh so that I could go to the Glasgow show.  A little known fact is that one of my very favorite songs to watch John play is Careless Memories.   That bass line just doesn’t stop.  He’s brilliant.

Naturally, as one does….while I was thinking about watching John, I remembered how much, er…enthusiasm….he brings to Danceophobia.  Because really, if you’re gonna play that song, you’d better sell it, right?  And John does.  So this is from the Berkeley show I went to in the fall of 2015. I am not sure if this shows John (YouTube was misbehaving for me today so I couldn’t preview it first), but if you ever have the chance to see the band and they play Danceophobia….he dances with more enthusiasm in his pinky finger than I do in my entire body. 🙂

Lastly, I couldn’t help but give my John-girls what they really want.

He’s strapped to a car.   You’re welcome.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Taylor…with many years of health, happiness and music to come, I hope. Cheers!!







Today in Duran History – Terroristen

On today’s date in 1998, John Taylor’s band, Terroristen played the Birch Hill nightclub in Old Bridge, New Jersey.  This date was included on their tour, named Baby Steps.

You say you don’t know much about Terroristen?  Well, this is a band that John started in 1998 while he was taking…let’s just call it an extended hiatus…from Duran Duran.  The line up featured John on bass, Gerry Laffy on guitar, Michael Railton and later Tio Banks on keyboard, Larry Aberman on drums and John Amato on saxophone and flute.

You might be able to find some songs and video on YouTube, but as for CD’s…I wish you luck. They’re pretty rare.  For now, here is the audio to Planet Earth/Good Times:

My favorite of this period though is Hey Day, which is included on the Terroristen EP 5.30.98….and you’re getting that here as a bonus because well, it’s my blog.  You’re welcome.  Listen to the lyrics, because the song is about Duran Duran, and in turn, it’s really kind of about being a Duran fan, too.