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Paper Gods CA Tour: The Aftermath

It is fun to get away, and really nice to come home. That is exactly how I would characterize this past little road trip on all accounts. In some respects, being with friends and seeing #Duranlive again really felt like coming home; and in other ways, walking into my house last night after a long weekend of driving 1200 miles, some mild debauchery was really welcome. I’m tired!!

For a lot of fans, the joy of a tour comes from seeing the band. This is obvious – I mean, one goes to a show and sees the band play. Done and done, right? Then there are the other people, like me, who have gone to “more than a few” shows over the years, and have made quite a circle of friends as result. The shows go from being solely about the band to being about having a reunion of sorts.  It isn’t all about the band any longer. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still a huge part of the allegory (indirect storytelling, usually used in reference to large paintings). The band is like the background, and the connections, relationships, and friendships are the details.

This past week was a perfect example of the community that this band has created, whether by design, or circumstance. I drove to Hollywood on Tuesday to see Duran Duran at the Jimmy Kimmel show, and as I walked in the 93 degree heat to the back of the theatre, I immediately saw friends. Suddenly the afternoon wasn’t defined solely by the torture of standing on a very hot sidewalk while trying not to melt; instead we talked, laughed, and maybe even squealed in delight when we saw the band arrive, caught a glimpse of Mr. Hudson and Dom speaking on stage (We were peaking through the chain-link fence bordering the property!), and especially when we heard the sounds of “You Kill Me With Silence” mixing with the exhaustive late-afternoon heat. Even without Amanda present, I felt completely at home with friends I hadn’t seen since April or prior as we filed past security and found space to stand in front of the stage. When the band finally filtered onto the stage, it was clear they were just as happy to see us – smiles of recognition and surprise exchanged, as the next layer of details began to be added to our story.

During the next 24-hours, Amanda arrived (it is so nice to have both halves of Daily Duranie together!), our friend Heather arrived from Canada, and we found ourselves doing more laughing and talking over, yes – drinks – at more than one bar in the city. (I even got Amanda to eat at In-N-Out, which was a MIRACLE!!! She had grilled cheese, since she’s a vegetarian. She survived!)  The next day we paid (Ok, I paid) for the activities of the day prior, and then we hosted our fan meet-up at the Hollywood-Highland Hard Rock Cafe. I never quite know how these things are going to go. I’m not confident enough to assume that everyone who RSVP’s is actually going to show up, so I spend at least part of the time worrying. I needn’t this time, because we had about 50 DD fans show up to celebrate with us. It was fantastic! There were friends from near and far, and some as far away as Canada. We loved seeing people come up to our area as virtual strangers and end up leaving with new contacts and friends – that is the whole point! We’re proud to be a small portion of the catalyst that brings people together. We sat at a series of lined up tables, talked, laughed and reminisced our way through bad service until it was time to leave for the VIP party at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Bowl itself was another story – 17,000+ people is “kind of” a lot, and I found it to be a giant clusterfuck of activity. Not that it was a bad thing – but after floating with the crowd through the gates and up to our seats, I just stayed put. Even so, friends were tweeting throughout the venue, and it was clear that many of us were all there together to support the band. There’s something incredibly unifying about that. I know the band probably loved the idea of so many “new” people in the crowd for them (and rightly so!), but as a long time fan, there was a part of me that loved knowing so many diehards (like me) were there too, experiencing and probably exhibiting the same pride and affection that I felt that night. That’s good stuff!

After the show, there was a cocktail party for the band and friends, family, and industry types. As I’m sure most know – Amanda and I were shockingly left off the guest list!! (read: sarcasm.) I had a male friend ask where I was that night because he was at the party and spoke with one of my close friends. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but let’s face it: I’m no celebrity or rock star, and no “friend of mine” offered to get me in. (cough, cough) So once again we floated back down the hill with the crowd, got into our shuttle, and spent the next 45 minutes in traffic waiting to get back to our parking spot at the Hollywood-Highland Center (next time, I’m walking). Then we changed into proper driving attire (read: comfortable), and boarded the Duranie “bus.” (my car, which is not really a bus at all) for a 3-hour drive before we stopped for the night. We spent that trip listening to Duran Duran, talking about the show (it was our friend Heather’s very first DD show ever), exchanging texts with a friend who was at the cocktail party, and dishing over the shows to come.

Our next bit of activity took place the next day as we cruised into Berkeley. Another Duranie friend (that we’d never met in person, no less) did us the kindness of planning a get-together for dinner before the show in Berkeley, so our pre-show was once again spent with friends – both old and new – laughing about everything under the sun. By the time we walked back up through the UC Berkeley campus to the venue, we were in a great mood, tired or not, ready for a fantastic show ahead. As we sat in our seats that night, anxious for Duran Duran to take the stage, several really great friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time came up to see Amanda and I. I loved seeing everyone, and it reminded me that our Duran-world is small and closer-knit than we might think.

After the show, Amanda and I agreed to go for drinks (As the bus driver, I had water, thankyouverymuch.) with our friends Melissa and Julie. We walked back down through the now very much drunken side streets of UC Berkeley on the way to find a bar.  I’d forgotten the fun of Friday nights in a college town, and I’d also forgotten that we were about twice the age of most of the kids present, but we still found a great place to hang out for a while as we relaxed and rehashed the show, and only got a few sideways-looks from the kids who showed up for beer and giant-sized Jenga.

The next day, we started our long trek to Rancho Mirage, which is in the California desert near Palm Springs. 7-and-a-half hours is a long time to spend in the car, even if it’s MY car.  Even so, we spent our time wisely: devising a set list of epic magnitude, that we then tweeted directly to Simon, John (yes I know he’s no longer active on Twitter.) and DDHQ, similar to what we’d done in the days prior. Why? Because yes, we are as obnoxious as possible sometimes. As Amanda and I made the initial list of songs, and then meticulously discussed the order in which the songs should be presented (we even created a medley), our friend Heather remained mostly silent in the back seat. Out of nowhere, Heather mused, “If people only knew how much time and energy you two spend on every single detail…” Amanda and I just started laughing. It was a silly set list, but we wanted it to be perfect.  Can you think of a better way to spend 7 hours in the car?!?

Saving the best for last, we arrived at Agua Caliente and hauled our luggage upstairs to the room where our friend Shelly was waiting. We didn’t even make it all the way down the hall before Shelly was out the door, into the hall and hugging us. It was like coming home. We quickly ordered pizza, changed clothing and got ready to go downstairs for another Daily Duranie meet-up in the bar. We arrived at Rendezvous to Shannon and her friends waiting at a table. We quickly commandeered our own table, ordered a round for ourselves and let the party unfold. So many Duranies showed up that night – I lost count, but it was fantastic. We met new friends like Liz “@Adora2000” and Suzie “@STOgonewild” along with many others that I am completely forgetting…and still an absolute ton of longtime Duran fans reuniting, hugging, giggling, talking, and contemplating our collective journey. We talked Paper Gods, band members, touring band members, future touring hopes, and leather pants, of all things. Before we knew it, showtime was upon us and we were ready.

Post-show saw continued festivities in Rendezvous (liked the hotel, did not enjoy the cigarette smoke in the air which threatened to leave me sans voice), with a somewhat smaller, but louder(!!) group of fans. Amanda and I were treated to a few rounds of drinks by a reader named Richard (thanks again!!), and LOTS of laughter. Despite( or even in spite?) of it being the last show for a while, we remained joyful, replaying the entire show, elbows on stage and all, over and over as we sat at the table until wee hours of the morning when a few tweets from a certain guitarist signaled that the band had made their way safely back to Los Angeles and on to whatever came next. For Amanda and I, it meant a short night of sleep before once again climbing back into the Duranie bus for a trip to LAX.

Today, I’m at home.  I’m about to get ready and get in the car one more time to drive Heather back to LAX so that she can board a plane bound for Canada. I’m in disbelief that the good times have ended, so I’m simply saying I need to give the band a break from me for a while. I mean, there’s only so much of me one can take, never mind the rest of you, who seem to keep coming back and reading again and again, of which Amanda and I are so thankful.  Seeing the band again was so fantastic, and I have a whole set of memories about the shows and interacting with them that I haven’t even began to touch upon here, but I wanted to share the memories I have with a lot of YOU from the weekend. In the end, those moments matter just as much, if not more.

Simon said something at a couple of the shows that really struck home with Amanda and I, because we’ve said it many times! He talked about how after they create the music, they really give it to the fans and it becomes ours. Then they go on tour, and share it with us – and it becomes a sort of cyclical process where they give the music, we take it and then we give energy back to them – it’s really synergy in that respect – but the point is that we’re part of the cycle.  Amanda and I have talked about that many times here on the blog (MANY. TIMES.), and I want to encourage everyone – when they announce tour dates, find the time and go. I can’t create a proper picture in words of what that band does at a show, or how I feel when I have had a long weekend with the friends I’ve made as a result.

You just need to go, and I’ll see you there.


Duran Duran Review: Hollywood Bowl vs. Greek Theater

I never had a chance to finish yesterday’s review of the Hollywood Bowl.  We had to get on the road and didn’t have a chance to log in.  Therefore, today’s blog/concert review will be a little different.  It will be more like a comparison of the two shows.  While I may not hit every song, I’ll definitely highlight a few.


In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned how massive the Hollywood Bowl is with a capacity of 17,000.  The Greek Theater in Berkeley is half that size.  This, of course, made it much easier to get around from a concert goer’s point of view.  While both venues have large hills, the Bowl has more of a slow incline whereas the Greek has a more intense one.  I don’t know if that is good or bad as far as viewing goes, though.  I do, though, that the Greek has a very tall stage, which I have seen many argue makes for better viewing further back and less than optimal viewing up front.  I don’t think that is the case.  We were up front and saw everything just fine, including Roger and Nick.


Overall, the setlists were basically the same with the exception of White Lines at the Bowl and Save a Prayer at the Greek.  While I would say that I was far more accepting of the setlist last night, I still couldn’t help to want some changes.  The beginning tracks are Paper Gods, Hungry Like the Wolf, A View to a Kill, The Reflex and Come Undone.  New tracks always interest me so I’m good with Paper Gods.  The rest, though?  Not so much.  In fact, based on those tracks, I am most excited about Hungry, which seems wrong.  Likewise, while there has been improvement on Come Undone (NO finger licking, thank the Duranie Gods!), it is still one that needs to go from my point of view.  Another thing that relates to the setlist is the fact that both venues had curfews.  This means that Duran had to rush to finish their set, resulting in less songs and less of a concert.  I’m hoping that this isn’t the case for tonight’s show.  Now, on to specifics!

Paper Gods:

For the Bowl, smoke machines were in full force to introduce this while the Greek lacked the smoke.  I’ll admit that the smoke was a neat feature but both shows had enough sound and lights flashing to give the audience that intense, “Oh my God, the show is about to start” feeling.  Mr Hudson appeared with the band at the Bowl for this one and I have to admit that I appreciated that he held back and didn’t try to take the place of any of the regular players on stage.  Anyway, the stage set-up includes a very large, rectangular screen that showed images and whatnot.  For this song, lyrics flashed on the screen in between images of nature, trees, etc.  I admit that I’m a bit puzzled by the nature focus for this song as it seems to be more about commercialism and materialism–the exact opposite of nature.  Although, perhaps, that’s the point.  No matter the reason, I struggled on what to focus on.  Do I watch the screen or the band?  I was so overwhelmed at the Bowl for this track that I have honestly no idea what I really thought of it.  At the Greek, I knew more of what to expect.  I think they do a nice job with this track and seeing it live makes me appreciate it more.

HLTW, AVTAK, The Reflex and Come Undone:

There isn’t a ton that I want to comment on with these tracks other than to say that the more DoJo (Dom and John) the better.  Last night, the DoJo increased dramatically over the previous night.  Likewise, there was more interaction across the board last night.  The band interacted more (Yes, the more JoSi the better!!!)  and there was more interaction with the crowd.  I saw a lot more looks between band members and between band members and individuals in the crowd.  On top of that, they did a MUCH better job last night of trying to get the crowd involved from clapping during Pressure Off to singing during Notorious and Save a Prayer.  John Taylor really stepped up his game at the Greek, as far as this goes.  It definitely increased the energy going into the crowd, which in turn increased their energy.  The only other thing that I wanted to comment on in regards to these tracks is that Simon had some entertaining dance moves during Come Undone that actually made me chuckle.  I always appreciate that.


Last Night in the City is an interesting track live, simply because John Taylor is behind a keyboard and Dom Brown is back with the backing singers.  While that makes me uncomfortable, I do like the song and do feel like the song captures the feeling of touring quite well.  What Are the Chances, on the other hand, is a completely different story.  At the Bowl, Simon along with Jessie and Anna left the stage to go sing in the crowd leaving me and countless others to wonder who to watch?  The singers or the band?  I hated that.  I don’t want it to be the Simon show.  I want it to be the band’s show.  The whole band.  Therefore, I appreciated it SO much more last night at the Greek when Simon and company remained on stage.  It felt more cohesive and I think the band needs to be all be together to feed off of each other.  Last night, for example, John told Dom, “That’s good,” as Dom played the guitar for that song beautifully.  Speaking of beauty, that song features a gorgeous video featuring sunrise and beach and sky.  It fits SO well with the message of the song about not  taking it all for granted.

Notorious, Pressure Off, Planet Earth:

Truly, this section of the show was the real highlight both nights.  Interestingly enough, I had a feeling that it was Simon’s too as he messed up the setlist last night, trying to get to Notorious earlier than he should.  The best part was when John yelled, “No!” loudly across the stage.  Clearly, John has the setlist memorized.  Anyway, what makes this part of the show special was that Nile comes back on stage to perform Notorious and Pressure Off.  His appearance definitely breathed new life into Notorious and created an enthusiasm that I know I had been lacking in regards to the song.  The best part of Nile’s appearance is the level of interaction happening on that stage.  It isn’t just Duran AND Nile.  It is Duran WITH Nile.  Nile jams with Dom.  Nile jams with John.  Nile jams with John and Dom.  Everyone seems to be an equal part to it.  I loved each and every second of it.  I loved the hug that Simon gave Nile last night and I loved seeing Nile and Dom exchange a fist bump.  It was like acceptance of Dom as Duran’s guitarist.  This energy and chemistry continues through Pressure Off.  The best part of Pressure Off is that confetti is released towards the end.  At the Bowl, one side of the confetti didn’t work well.  The Greek made up for this and then this.  The confetti went off right by us and sent off a billion pieces of paper into the air.  The band was covered.  The audience was covered.  In fact, the confetti lasted well into the beginning of Planet Earth, combining with the purple-ish space image on the screen.  It was amazing to witness for sure and created a magical feel.  Then, of course, Planet Earth is my favorite and will always remain my favorite as it has it all–John solo, DoJo and JoSi.  On top of it, it has audience participation with the clapping during John’s solo and yelling “switch it off”.  Again, though, I have to comment that it was SO much better at the Greek last night.  At the Bowl, John and Simon were separated a lot and had less chances to sing together.  Also, John was great last night, when he said, “What do you say?” (or something like that) before the “switch it off” moment.  Then, after the crowd yelled it, he responded with, “That’s right!”  You trained us well, John.

Ordinary World, Sunrise:

Just a couple of comments on these.  Last night, Sunrise featured DoJo for the first time that I can remember.  My response, “Yes, please.”  There was also a lot more JoSi last night.  Then, I really appreciated Simon’s introduction of Ordinary World last night.  He mentioned about how they have to let the songs speak for themselves and that our love for the songs enhances their love for the songs and it becomes a cycle of love or something like that.  Rhonda and I have mentioned this very thing many times.  The happier fans are, the more love they send to the band, which sends more love to fans and back.

Danceophobia, TMI, GOF:

Sigh.  I’m trying.  We are trying with Danceophobia.  During the show at the Bowl, both Rhonda and myself just sort of stood there in a bit of shock.  We weren’t sure what was going on really.  Last night, we tried to get into more.  What helped me was seeing how into Danceophobia John is.  He seemed to have a whole dance routine going on, which was both dorky and cute, at the same time.  Likewise, Too Much Information was such that we were in a bit of a state of shock at the Bowl as the song’s was made into a much faster, more disco-y than what we are used to.  We did much better and really appreciated it more after getting used to it, last night.  The same thing goes with Girls on Film, which starts out differently than it used to.  Both nights lacked intros beyond just instrument and name, which saddens me as I always enjoy them.  That said, I LOVED that Simon mentioned that John plays the fucking bass last night.  It wasn’t the chant, but it was something.

WL/SAP and Rio:

The Bowl show had White Lines and they gave a real solid performance of it.  That said, Simon did decide to spray the center with his lovely water/spit routine at the end of the song.  I can’t say that I appreciated that as we bent over to avoid it as much as we could.  Alas.  Last night, we had Save a Prayer and while I do really like the song and am glad it is in the set, I wonder about it as an encore number.  I generally prefer more upbeat songs at the end.  Rio, as usual, did its thing to pump the crowd up and make us all wish for more.  The one bummer is that we knew at both nights that they had to hurry to get done before curfew.


While both shows were good, the show last night at the Greek was SO much better!  The energy was higher.  John, in particular, danced around a ton!  The increased interaction also made a big difference and I look forward to more of that tonight!  I truly do believe that they were more relaxed and themselves more last night.  The pressure was off, so to speak.


Duran Duran at the Hollywood Bowl

I’m sitting in a hotel room, half way from Hollywood to Berkeley with my touring partners still trying to process everything that was last night.  I think it could really take days to do it.  Unfortunately (or fortunately–depending on how you look it), we have another show to go to and more processing will be needed!  So, where should I start?  I must make this fast, though, as we need to hit the road soon!

Pre-show Meet-up

Rhonda and I hosted a little pre-show meet up at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Hollywood and Highland Center.  We had a great turnout as about 40 or so people came!  Lots of fun conversations along with the sharing of pictures and stories could be heard throughout the stage area where the restaurant had put our party!  It is always so nice to see Duranies meet each other and start making new friends while others greeted friends who they haven’t seen in awhile!  Friendship and connection is truly at the heart of fandom and events like this always remind me of this fact!  Not to mention, that they often pump fans up for a show as well!  We did take some pictures and will post some on the site soon!

VIP Reception

Rhonda and I purchased one of the VIP packages that included a VIP reception with appetizers and wine/beer for this show.  The process of checking in went smooth and the area in which the party was held was nice.  The appetizers included some sort of grilled vegetables, vegetable spring rolls and sliders.  While the caterers seemed to struggle initially with keeping up with the demand for food, they ended up doing well with keeping people fed.  Likewise, the bartender did a nice job of serving decent beer and wine to attendees.  That said, I have to admit that the reception seemed a little stiff in comparison to our party at the Hard Rock.  I’m not sure why that is.  Maybe the setting was too formal?  Maybe the Hard Rock seemed more fun, especially when Duran videos were shown?  While I enjoyed the grilled vegetables and wine, I almost wished that I was back at the Hard Rock!

Nile Rodgers and Chic

Last night was the first time that I saw Nile perform and I would have to say that he and the rest of the Chic organization lived up to my expectations!  It was obvious to anyone there that he absolutely LOVES what he does, which makes it very hard not to get super excited, too!  He played a good setlist with some Chic classics to a medley of the some of the work that he has done with others, including Get Lucky and Let’s Dance.  The one moment that really stood out for me was when he told the story of being diagnosed with cancer and how he is now 4.5 years being cancer free.  As I have said on here before, my mom has been battling breast cancer and is currently receiving radiation.  I hope to one day say that my mom has been 4.5 years of being cancer free, too.  So, I won’t lie.  There was a little tear in my eye at that moment.  Nile might have felt very lucky to have gotten the call from Daft Punk but I felt very lucky to have seen him perform.

The Show

This is the part of the blog that I’m sure most people have been wanting me to get to since the blog started.  I feel like I have so much to say that I don’t even know where or how to start.  While I should probably discuss in a chronological order, it will be more of what pops into my mind to mention.

Stage Set-up/Venue

The Hollywood Bowl is quite a venue!  It is obviously HUGE, both in meaning and in size (17000) and Duran filled each and every seat, which truly is something to be proud of!  Every aspect of the Bowl experience seemed more intense than a “normal” venue right from the beginning.  Parking is such a problem that there are shuttles to get there and back.  There was a security check to get into the venue then an additional check to get into the area where our seats were.  I have to admit that all of this intensity didn’t relax me or put me in a party mood.  It just felt almost too much.  I have to say that I wonder if the band felt this, too.  Did they feel like the Bowl was so massive, in all aspects to affect their performance?  If so, how?


I have to admit that this didn’t feel like a normal Duran show to me.  I wish I knew exactly how to describe it.  It felt more pressured to me and I was just in the audience.  I can’t imagine what it felt like to the band with so many watching, including the press, families and everyone in between.  Could the massiveness of the show change it? I think it could have and probably did.  I won’t totally know until tonight’s show, whether the subtle changes I noticed were due to the scale of the show or due to the new tour.  What were some of those changes?  There was a lot less JoSi (John and Simon) than normal.  I would even say there was less DoJo (Dom and John). I would say that the interactions with the crowd was a lot less than what I was used to.  Yes, of course, there was some but, for the most part, John, Simon and Dom spent a lot of time looking out over the massive crowd as a whole rather than at individual people in the crowd.  The band didn’t even come out to the edge of the stage as much as they could have.  I have to admit that I missed a lot of that interaction.

I have a lot more to say but I will have to finish when we get to the next stop but we got to get on the road…When I get to the next place, I’ll comment on the setlist.


This is where it starts

This is one of those days where I don’t really know where to start. Paper Gods debuted at number ten on the Billboard Hot 200…I’m still wrapping my head around that wonderful news… Duran Duran played at Red Rocks last night for the first time…apparently Simon smooched my guy on the cheek (I am honestly not sure how I would have responded to that. I’m used to JoSi, but DoSi?!? WOW.)…I’m avoiding any and all YouTube clips of new songs because I want to be surprised…  and then comes my thought and preparation for next week…

There’s just too much…and yet I want it all!

I posted about the Billboard chart last night, and I’m still so incredibly proud this morning. To see this band back on the charts again is such an accomplishment. I’m happy for them and their team, but I’m also thrilled for fans around the world – we’ve all done our part to make this happen, and now the sound of that celebration is taking place!!

Yesterday, the band played their show at Red Rocks (if anyone wants to give a first person review of the show – our gmail box is ready!!). I have never been to that specific venue, but I’ve been to that area before – and it is beyond words. Stunningly gorgeous. Someone said to me last night that the venue is magical, and I think that’s the perfect word for it.  I’m aiming to live without regrets, but there is a part of me that does regret missing out on that show.

photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter
photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter

Then of course comes the excited tweets/texts/messages from friends after the show…all basically warning me that I should probably begin making funeral arrangements because when I see them that up close and personal at the Hollywood Bowl next Thursday, I might die. This is true.  I did happen to see a clip of Planet Earth from Red Rocks (I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch clips from songs I’ve heard before!), and let me just say – as much as I try not to fawn and fangirl – if Dom and John come to center stage like that, it’s going to be REALLY tough for me not to scream my head off.  As Amanda said to me earlier this morning over email, “we are going to die.”  Well then. (PS – I really WILL die if Dom wears those leather pants…and then again, if it’s as hot that day as it is going to be this week, he really will too!)

photo courtesy of Getty Images (photoshop courtesy of Rhonda!!)
photo courtesy of Getty Images (Photoshop courtesy of Rhonda!!)

Anybody have video of Simon planting a big ole fat kiss on Dom’s cheek last night?? That moment alone may have been worth the price of admission… Well done, Simon!  I miss out on the best moments sometimes, but then, I’m trying to really not watch the new songs or arrangements because I really do want to be completely shocked and surprised next week. The waiting is really tough though!! I heard they played “What Are the Chances” last night, and I already know going in that if the song comes up in the set list, I am going to need to steady myself and prepare to have my mind blown. I accept the challenge willingly.  I also heard they’ve played Danceophobia a couple of times now….and yes, CK Shortell, I am well aware that Dom co-wrote it, thanks ever so much for the reminder. Again.  I’ll just say now, it’s not my favorite song, but we’ll see how it plays live.

I guess I’m really kind of dumbfounded that my adventure begins next week. Thanks to the kindness of a good friend, I was able to secure a ticket to the after show concert for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday. I’m thrilled because I’ve never gone to anything like that before, and well – it’s Duran Duran.  I can’t wait to see my friends who are coming in early just to go to Kimmel, and I’m also nervous about how I’m going to take my kids out of school early so that I can get up to LA. (Before I am nailed with “bad mom” comments, I also home school. This is just their extra learning-center classes, so you can keep those comments to yourself unless you do what I do.) There is also a tinge of sadness because while I’m enjoying that concert, Amanda will be on her own “bus” to get to California. The band really needs to check with our travel schedules before planning these things….  I will pick her up after Jimmy Kimmel and then the fun truly begins. Not that seeing the band isn’t already going to be fun, but well…without Amanda it’s just a little different.

There is a lot for me to do between now and next week, not the least of which is getting the Daily Duranie-mobile ready for a road trip! That’s right – rather than fly from LA up to Oakland and back, we’re driving. We’re literally taking off after the Bowl on Thursday night, driving up to see the show in Berkeley, and then driving back down to Rancho Mirage (which is really near Palm Springs).  It’s just over a thousand miles, much of that driving will be done at night after the shows, because we’re really that crazy, and we had to do this trip as “cheaply” as possible so that way next year I can make it out to where ever we can for the larger tour that the band is planning for next year.  Before I get too far ahead, our blogs for next week/weekend will be posted…but the timing may be quite a bit different from what you’re used to. I imagine Amanda or I typing in the car, using my phone as a hotspot to get things online as we’re driving up the 5 freeway through the middle of California…. so we’ll see how this goes. It’s always an adventure!!

As for next year, I am seriously hoping, praying and ready to do sacrificial offerings if necessary so that we can travel during Amanda’s spring break in late March…or wait until Summer if that ends up being the case.  Long weekends are getting tougher and tougher to manage, so we’re hoping for a straight week that we can get together, unencumbered by work!

For now at least, I need to get my mind OFF of Duran Duran and back to work…they sure don’t make that easy, do they?!?


Paper Gods Tour – This is Happening!

I woke up feeling a change in the air this morning. Was it electricity? A difference in the air pressure?? Humidity??

Duran Duran is in the US doing promo in New York before they get the Paper Gods tour party started with their shows at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York; followed by Dock Rocks, and Nile’s FOLD fest next week.  I’m guessing it was the nervous excitement in the air…either that or it really was the humidity we’re currently experiencing in Los Angeles…

Amanda and I can’t WAIT to get this started! It’s been nearly three years since the band last toured here (longest three years of my life and I say that with all the love and sincerity in the world!), and we are excited to see what the band has up their sleeve(s) this time.

Amanda and I want to invite anyone who is seeing any of their shows, to please be our special correspondents on the scene and send write-ups, pictures, reviews, etc. to us at dailyduranie(at)gmail(dot)com. We will happily post anything we receive, giving complete credit to those who participate of course! This site isn’t just about Amanda and I, it’s about FANS in general, and we’d love to include experiences from anyone who cares to share.

Additionally, if you’re trying to keep up with where the band is at any given time, I’d like to point out our updated calendar – if you are on our home page, there is a navigational menu at the top of the page. Click on “Look into the Future” and that will bring you to our version of the band’s calendar. There are shows, events, any PR that we’re aware of, etc. As Duran Duran releases more Paper Gods tour dates, etc…we add them, and we try to include as much information as possible so it’s a one-stop informational hub for fans.

Lastly, if you are attending the Hollywood Bowl show in California, I want to make you aware that Amanda and I are planning a Daily Duranie fan pre-show party/meetup for the afternoon of the show. Currently it looks as though it will be at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Hollywood/Highland Center around 3pm or so, and will go until 5 or 5:30. Please plan on joining us – I will have more detailed information up on all social media once plans are set.

There is a shuttle that goes directly from the parking lot at the center to the Bowl (you buy tickets onsite, not online), so it should be convenient for everyone. Just a tip, the parking at the Hollywood Bowl itself is limited…and it is stacked parking, which means once you’re in, you’re not leaving until the show is over and everyone around you has left. You can plan on the exit from the lot at the Bowl taking up to an hour. So, the shuttle might be a better option for you – there are several lots for park and ride as well as shuttles like the one I’m describing – check out the website for the Hollywood Bowl for more information.

In the meantime, I’m off to see Spandau Ballet tonight; and I’m looking forward to posting all kinds of Duran Duran news in the coming weeks!


Through the City…

Today, Duran Duran is playing at the Night at the Park festival in The Hague, Netherlands.  I hope that everyone going has an absolutely fabulous time and that Duran plays an awesome set there!  Lately, when thinking about Duran playing shows, I have been noticing where a lot more than I have in the past.  Earlier in my life and like many fans, I went to shows only near my house.  In the last ten years, though, my desire for Duran shows has meant that I have been willing (and thankfully able) to travel.  Therefore, I have started to think about shows in slightly different ways than I used to.

First, I pay attention to WHERE Duran is playing.  Let’s face it.  There are cities that I would love to see them play for various reasons.  For example, in the U.S., I wanted to see them in cities that I knew would be fun and would provide a good time.  These cities included places like Vegas and Atlantic City.  Perhaps, some cities you want to see them play in just because the city is significant.  For example, I thought it was super cool to be able to see them in New York City.  Of course, many of the cities that people might want to see Duran might be out of the U.S.  Like many, for me, the ideal was to see the band play in Birmingham.  I know someday I would love to see them in places like Manchester.  Certainly, the Netherlands, like today’s festival would be a fun place to see them!  Of course, the venue might matter, too.

Is there a particular venue that you think might be really great to see them in?  Maybe, it is a place like Madison Square Garden in New York City.  For me, I am super excited to see them play at the Hollywood Bowl.  Some people really like the idea of small venues.  I can understand that.  Therefore, there is always more excitement when Duran plays theaters over arena shows.

Then, of course, there might be other factors that might enhance one’s desire to get to a particular show.  Am I the only one who is super excited to see Duran Duran play with Nile Rodgers?!?  To me, that is a once in a lifetime sort of deal, something extra special.  I remember really wanting to go see Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie because that was a combination that too weird not to see!  Plus, David Bowie is a legend, right?  Maybe a festival catches your attention.  Sometimes, a festival might have such a line-up that really appeals to you.

So, what factors make a show must see for you?  Is it the city?  If so, which cities are on your list?  The venue?  If so, what are special venues to you?  The line-up?  Maybe, it has to do with the fact that your friends are all able to get to a specific show and it is the company that matters more to you.  Do share–where would you want to see the band and why?