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If You Knew What She Was After

Hello Duranies!  It’s finally Thursday.

I saw that DDHQ posted a memory for today – a year ago they were on the Jimmy Fallon show.  Where does the time really go?!?

A year ago, Paper Gods was shiny and new.  We were all just getting comfortable with the new music, and I remember fans getting excited by the prospects of a tour.  The band also announced they would play the Jimmy Kimmel show here in LA, and I couldn’t believe my luck in being able to get a ticket and go.  After not seeing the band for so long, it was exciting to know that shows were coming, and now we’re once again back to waiting for whatever is next.

It’s hard to be a fan sometimes. We wait and wait and wait, and then we get a year or two of excitement, and then we’re back to waiting again. Sometimes we love the new music, sometimes we aren’t bowled over by it, and we go on.

The other day I was talking to someone and they asked me if I’ve loved everything Duran Duran has ever done. I think they were seriously expecting the answer to be yes and were prepared to roll their eyes. For me though, the answer is “No, not always.”  The person I was speaking with paused, and then asked how I could stay a fan if I didn’t love all of their music.  I smiled as I formulated my thoughts.

I used sports as the analogy.  Let’s say you’re a hockey fan.  Do you stop being a fan of your favorite team just because they traded a player? After all – the team is the team, right?  Do you love the team – the people on it – or do you love everything that the team stands for and does?  What if the team has a really bad season?  What if the coach makes choices you don’t like?  Do you stop being a fan then?  Very few sports fans that truly have a favorite team stop cheering for that team purely because of a bad season or because a player was traded. They adapt. They adjust.  They get excited for the new season, wait and wait and wait for games, and then when it ends….they wait some more.  They go on.

So do we.

I suppose at some point, depending upon how serious of a fan one really is, maybe interest fades. That happens whether we’re talking about music or we’re talking sports.  I just don’t know of a lot of people who change-up their favorite team, or their favorite band that often. For me, I’ve been around a long time now. Even with albums that I haven’t adored or played until the grooves wore out, there are still at least songs I love on them.  I haven’t lost interest, obviously.

I find myself cheering on the band as a whole. I want them to do well because I support them, not necessarily because I love Paper Gods or  Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need is Now or even Rio. I adore the band as a whole, whether that includes Dom on guitar, or MNDR on keyboards as Nick’s substitute for a tour.

I know there are plenty of Duranies that cheerily announce they love every single thing the band has ever done. They love everything so much that they can’t wait to tell Amanda or I that they can’t possibly make a choice for our daily (purely for FUN) polls. I’m not exactly like that. I do have favorites, whether we’re talking the music, the videos, or even people. But as a whole, I love this band.

I’m not a sports fan. I couldn’t even name the players on my local hockey team, The Anaheim Ducks – but I understand what it means to be a fan. Fans don’t give up on their teams, even in the face of near certain adversity. Fans stick around for losing seasons, for favorite players being traded, and they bask in the glory of championships, however far and few they might be in between.

The person I was talking with, a fellow soccer parent, was flabbergasted. They just couldn’t see the similarities. In his mind, there had to be other, much more obvious driving factors than “just music” to keep someone interested in a band for nearly 40 years.

I almost felt sorry for him.