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Duran Duran on Grey’s Anatomy and Kimmel tonight!

Sometimes things come up so fast that I don’t even have time to add them to the calendar here, and today is no exception.

Are you a #TGIT (ThankGodItsThursday) fan?!? Do you love Duran Duran (I hope so, otherwise…you might be visiting the wrong blog…)?? Tonight is YOUR NIGHT to have your senses tingled!!

Several (many) months back, I believe a photo was tweeted of a certain John Taylor visiting Shonda Rhimes’ office. For those who may be unaware, Shonda is the creator of the Thursday night shows on ABC: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.  Many of us who saw the picture wondered what on earth John Taylor could be doing in Shonda Rhimes’ office, but the mystery remained unanswered…until this morning when I saw this tweet:

“The song Butterfly Girl that I played on and co wrote with @duranduran is used in @GreysABC Greys Anatomy today. @johnfrusciante also plays!” – @dombrownmusic

Gotta admit, I’m pretty excited that one of my favorite songs off of Paper Gods, cowritten by my favorite “not really an official band member but I don’t care” band member is going to be used on one of my favorite TV shows – Grey’s Anatomy. That’s cool!!!  Dom should be very proud, although I know this isn’t the first time he’s had his music used on a TV show before! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to go VISIT his website and ORDER his albums!)

Once upon a time, I worked with an indie (unsigned) band named Folio, and as far as they were concerned, my main goal in life was to get their music on to TV shows. (Yes, I was successful!) There was a website I spent much of my time scouring, in search of the perfect licensing opportunities. At the time, I always wondered why Duran Duran music wasn’t on more TV shows where it would be heard by a huge audience…. lo and behold, here’s their chance!! This is huge, so any and all Duranies out there, watch the show, and shout about it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even Google+ (if you’re into that sort of thing!)  Our word of mouth MATTERS. (and while you’re doing that, throw my guy @dombrownmusic some love – I’m sure he’d appreciate the tweets!!)

If that weren’t enough (and it never is!), later tonight following Grey’s Anatomy and the other #TGIT shows, Duran Duran will be on Jimmy Kimmel.  Following the broadcast, the post-show concert will be streamed here on Yahoo! Live.  I was in the audience that afternoon, which was held in the back parking lot of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Theatre. It was a lot of fun. I’d never gone to something like that before, and so when I was treated to Hungry Like the Wolf not once but TWICE that afternoon, I smiled, sang and clapped along with abandon! It was a lot of fun despite the 93-degree heat, and the only thing missing was my partner-in-crime, who was flying over the western part of the country at the time to get to LAX later that night. I’m curious to see what takes of the songs they chose to use for the stream, and I’ll be tuning in later myself. When you’re watching the stream later, look for me in the audience!

(On second thought, I spent most of that afternoon willing myself not to faint – note to self: one should ALWAYS take water if they’re lining up outside for the afternoon – I was a hot and sweaty mess by the time the show started, so maybe don’t look for me!) 

Must see and hear @duranduran on #TGIT!  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night at all!


Duran Duran at Jimmy Kimmel!

I’ll let you in on a little secret, Duran Duran fans: never wear skinny jeans to a show in 90 degree + heat.  Just a tip.

The time in the dreaded GA for the Jimmy Kimmel backlot concert (but “preferred GA of course, thanks to MasterCard) line went fast, although there were a couple of points where I felt like I needed to sit just because of the heat…and I live in Southern California! (albeit farther south and much closer to the coast!) My fellow line-dwellers and I passed the time talking about the band, of course, and musing about the shows to come.  We saw the band arrive in their customary black SUV (hope I’m not giving much away there), and was treated to sound check, where we soon realized we were going to hear “You Kill Me With Silence” later on. Our line was formed outside of the fence to the backlot, and chain link on the fence was mostly blocked by plastic, but in between sections there were gaps that worked beautifully for catching glimpses. We were able to see that Mr. Hudson was going to join the band onstage, for instance…and then there was that moment that we saw Simon strip off his t-shirt.

So, back to the line…

At about 5:30 (an hour later than we’d been told), we were allowed onto the backlot and found spaces by the stage. My choice in spots is still the topic of discussion amongst friends today because rather than make a beeline for Dom’s area of the stage, which I wholeheartedly admit is my typical first choice, I took a spot at about third “row” directly in front of Simon. I don’t know why I did that, except that I wasn’t with Amanda, I figured I’d get the whole scene that way, and honestly – there seemed to be more room in front of Simon’s microphone.  Go figure. After waiting for what felt like forever (I had forgotten how much my lower back hurts while waiting in GA!), we had some dude from the show come out and try to warm up the crowd and explain how it all was going to go.

Not long after that, the show started. And as always, this is where things start to get fuzzy for me. I blame John Taylor for that, because he came out to the front of the stage and genuinely smiled. Like anyone who has ever seen John up close, I was convinced he smiled at me. Yes, there were 500 people in the crowd. No, don’t try to talk sense into me. I write a blog, remember?  Good sense left my body a LONG time ago.

Rather than attempt to write my way through the show, I’m going to try to cover this by bullet point summary:

The Band:

They all looked great. I will applaud the rhinestoned jacket on John, the mouth shirt and black/white leather jacket on Simon, and yes, Dom’s polka dot shirt (that collar had to have been hot though,  it was fully buttoned!)  I won’t lie, I can’t remember what Nick or Roger wore. My excuse is that they are only out front for a very short period of time, and let’s face it, I stood there for several minutes just coming to terms with the idea that I was there, they were in front of me, and I was about to hear some Duran.

Set list:

The band played six songs: Pressure Off, Last Night in the City, You Kill Me With Silence, Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer and Sunrise. They went back and did several of them more than once to account for lyrical cough, cough errors and whatever else the band felt they needed to correct.

As an aside, I was treated to Hungry Like the Wolf not just once, but twice (did they know I was there or something?!?) The first time, I didn’t see it coming when Simon asked the crowd if we’d been fed, and then launched into “Is anybody hungry?” I groaned, and then, remembering that this was for TV, I cheered and sang right along with everyone else….and then did it all again.  Yay!!

Back Up Singers:

This was the first time I’d seen Jessie and Anna together live. In a lot of ways, I think it’s good for Anna to have someone to work with, because maybe it gives her a little more energy. I don’t love the current stage set up with the platforms that line the back of the stage, though. It’s very linear, and I don’t know why – but it bugs me. Jessie and Anna are off to one side, and while I was concerned that they’d be stuck back there, they do come to the front of the stage for various songs. They also have every song completely choreographed which really reminded me of the Big Thing era, and I’m not sure I like that. I tend to prefer the more natural movements of when Anna was alone with the band, overall that time felt far more organic and more like a family or team atmosphere rather than a staged production.

Mr. Hudson:

Ben was present for this show, and from what I could tell – he was there to play guitar. This puzzles me, and I’m not even going to pretend otherwise. When I realized he was there, I thought perhaps they were going to play “Paper Gods”, but that didn’t seem plausible for this show. Then he came out during You Kill Me With Silence, and took Dom’s spot on stage. That doesn’t mean Dom wasn’t still on the stage – he was, but he moved further back while Mr. Hudson played and sang on the microphone. It just seemed strange. There was absolutely no interaction between Mr. Hudson and Dom, which is completely unlike what I’ve seen with Dom and any other guest artist the band has ever had on stage with them, including Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers – two HUGE names. To be completely honest, Dom looked bored stiff and awkward during the song. There just doesn’t SOUND like there’s enough guitar to go around, and if the band’s goal is to make sure fans understand in these moments that Dom is not a valued member of the stage band (at the very least), it’s working.  That’s unfortunate, because on any other song the band does, you can see the love and affection they seem to have for one another. I like Mr. Hudson, don’t get me wrong, but there was no chemistry, no playing off of one another, and instead it felt very much as though Dom was just some guy in the background playing back up to a producer that none of us really know.

Overall, the band played a good show at Jimmy Kimmel last night and it was a taster of what is to come. I’m looking forward to the next three shows with my partner-in-crime, as fun as last night was, it’s never the same without Amanda (even though she is threatening to make me stand alone at GA shows from now on).

Road trip!!!


The things we do to be together

It’s really that time, isn’t it?

After all of the planning, thinking, re-thinking and counting down, it is nearly time.

Of course, I’m not ready.  I never am until I get there, I suppose. There’s always one more thing I should have done or something that makes me reconsider whether or not I should be taking off for a girls’ trip right before a parent meeting for school…or an illness that just doesn’t seem to go away…it’s always something.  And, at some point, I have to just throw caution to the wind and know that, chances are, it will all be fine, and still here for me to deal with, when I get back.

So allow me a chance to fan girl now while I still can.


More importantly, I am seeing some of my favorite people on the planet this week. I can’t wait to find some friends at the Jimmy Kimmel show tomorrow night, and afterward I am picking up Amanda from the airport – it always feels the most “right” when we are actually in the same state!  Then on Wednesday, we are meeting up with a friend from Canada who is the third in our traveling trio for the week.

I am especially excited for this tour because a couple of years back, Amanda and I made a promise to someone who attended Durandemonium 2013. This person – who is from Canada – has never seen Duran Duran in concert before. Honestly, when she told me that, I think my mouth hit the ground. I mean, there we were, at a Duran Duran Convention of all things, where she had traveled a great distance to attend – and she’d never even seen the band live.  We had to fix this. Immediately. Amanda and I told her then and there that we were going to make sure she went on tour next time and that we wanted to be there to see her first show.

What an AMAZING first show it’s gonna be, too! Hollywood Bowl, seeing the DD star, drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe, the VIP reception, Nile Rodgers, Chic… and fantastic seats to boot. (When we do things, we do them right!) Our friend is flying into LAX, and we’re taking her on a whirlwind trip of California as we stay in Hollywood, drive up to Berkeley, back down to Rancho Mirage (which is really just a suburb of Palm Springs) and finally one night at Casa Rivera in lovely South Orange County before I send her back up to Canada!  We are planning for fun, music, driving (a LOT of driving), not much sleeping…and definite debauchery along the way.  I know she’s up for the adventure, and she’s probably more prepared for the trip than I am right now.  I’m still struggling with the concept that I need to be ready to actually leave my house tomorrow.  Ready to see Duran Duran?!? Always!  Is my household ready to manage itself for a few days?  Absolutely not.

So, while I am trying to not to pull my hair out as I work my way down the never-ending to-do list…I will try not to audibly squeal or giggle as I think about seeing Duran Duran on stage tomorrow night, their stage costuming, or sparkles of any kind.  <winks to friends>


This is where it starts

This is one of those days where I don’t really know where to start. Paper Gods debuted at number ten on the Billboard Hot 200…I’m still wrapping my head around that wonderful news… Duran Duran played at Red Rocks last night for the first time…apparently Simon smooched my guy on the cheek (I am honestly not sure how I would have responded to that. I’m used to JoSi, but DoSi?!? WOW.)…I’m avoiding any and all YouTube clips of new songs because I want to be surprised…  and then comes my thought and preparation for next week…

There’s just too much…and yet I want it all!

I posted about the Billboard chart last night, and I’m still so incredibly proud this morning. To see this band back on the charts again is such an accomplishment. I’m happy for them and their team, but I’m also thrilled for fans around the world – we’ve all done our part to make this happen, and now the sound of that celebration is taking place!!

Yesterday, the band played their show at Red Rocks (if anyone wants to give a first person review of the show – our gmail box is ready!!). I have never been to that specific venue, but I’ve been to that area before – and it is beyond words. Stunningly gorgeous. Someone said to me last night that the venue is magical, and I think that’s the perfect word for it.  I’m aiming to live without regrets, but there is a part of me that does regret missing out on that show.

photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter
photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter

Then of course comes the excited tweets/texts/messages from friends after the show…all basically warning me that I should probably begin making funeral arrangements because when I see them that up close and personal at the Hollywood Bowl next Thursday, I might die. This is true.  I did happen to see a clip of Planet Earth from Red Rocks (I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch clips from songs I’ve heard before!), and let me just say – as much as I try not to fawn and fangirl – if Dom and John come to center stage like that, it’s going to be REALLY tough for me not to scream my head off.  As Amanda said to me earlier this morning over email, “we are going to die.”  Well then. (PS – I really WILL die if Dom wears those leather pants…and then again, if it’s as hot that day as it is going to be this week, he really will too!)

photo courtesy of Getty Images (photoshop courtesy of Rhonda!!)
photo courtesy of Getty Images (Photoshop courtesy of Rhonda!!)

Anybody have video of Simon planting a big ole fat kiss on Dom’s cheek last night?? That moment alone may have been worth the price of admission… Well done, Simon!  I miss out on the best moments sometimes, but then, I’m trying to really not watch the new songs or arrangements because I really do want to be completely shocked and surprised next week. The waiting is really tough though!! I heard they played “What Are the Chances” last night, and I already know going in that if the song comes up in the set list, I am going to need to steady myself and prepare to have my mind blown. I accept the challenge willingly.  I also heard they’ve played Danceophobia a couple of times now….and yes, CK Shortell, I am well aware that Dom co-wrote it, thanks ever so much for the reminder. Again.  I’ll just say now, it’s not my favorite song, but we’ll see how it plays live.

I guess I’m really kind of dumbfounded that my adventure begins next week. Thanks to the kindness of a good friend, I was able to secure a ticket to the after show concert for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday. I’m thrilled because I’ve never gone to anything like that before, and well – it’s Duran Duran.  I can’t wait to see my friends who are coming in early just to go to Kimmel, and I’m also nervous about how I’m going to take my kids out of school early so that I can get up to LA. (Before I am nailed with “bad mom” comments, I also home school. This is just their extra learning-center classes, so you can keep those comments to yourself unless you do what I do.) There is also a tinge of sadness because while I’m enjoying that concert, Amanda will be on her own “bus” to get to California. The band really needs to check with our travel schedules before planning these things….  I will pick her up after Jimmy Kimmel and then the fun truly begins. Not that seeing the band isn’t already going to be fun, but well…without Amanda it’s just a little different.

There is a lot for me to do between now and next week, not the least of which is getting the Daily Duranie-mobile ready for a road trip! That’s right – rather than fly from LA up to Oakland and back, we’re driving. We’re literally taking off after the Bowl on Thursday night, driving up to see the show in Berkeley, and then driving back down to Rancho Mirage (which is really near Palm Springs).  It’s just over a thousand miles, much of that driving will be done at night after the shows, because we’re really that crazy, and we had to do this trip as “cheaply” as possible so that way next year I can make it out to where ever we can for the larger tour that the band is planning for next year.  Before I get too far ahead, our blogs for next week/weekend will be posted…but the timing may be quite a bit different from what you’re used to. I imagine Amanda or I typing in the car, using my phone as a hotspot to get things online as we’re driving up the 5 freeway through the middle of California…. so we’ll see how this goes. It’s always an adventure!!

As for next year, I am seriously hoping, praying and ready to do sacrificial offerings if necessary so that we can travel during Amanda’s spring break in late March…or wait until Summer if that ends up being the case.  Long weekends are getting tougher and tougher to manage, so we’re hoping for a straight week that we can get together, unencumbered by work!

For now at least, I need to get my mind OFF of Duran Duran and back to work…they sure don’t make that easy, do they?!?


This Past Week in Duranland – July 28 to August 3

It is Sunday!  I still feel like it should be Saturday as I have felt a day off since mid-week.  No matter.  Today is the day that I try to summarize any and all news that took place this week.  (For the record, next week better be a quiet one as Rhonda and I have plans.  We have to do lists to complete.  We can’t have distractions.  Unless, it is a really GOOD distraction…anyway!)

Let’s start with the official site, shall we?  There was one piece of news posted there this week.  This one had to do with a little contest to win a signed copy of “A Diamond in the Mind” on vinyl!  They are giving away 5 copies but you need to answer a question and email it in!  For details, check out the full post here.

Speaking of contests, DuranDuranMusic also got their hands on a pair of tickets to Fashion Rocks!  For those details, go here.   Tickets for the event went on sale as well.  While, unfortunately, these fans won’t be able to attend, but, if you are more fortunate, we welcome a guest blog!!!

Before I go further into more Fashion Rocks news and info, did anyone check out the clip with Angie Harmon discussing Duran Duran on Jimmy Kimmel?  If not, I included it.  It is a fun one!

Of course, though, the biggest news this week focused on Duran’s upcoming appearance on Fashion Rocks.  First, there was an article written about it in Noise 11, which you can read here.  Then, there were videos.  *sigh*  Here is the website where you can catch all of the clips.  Now, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t comment on a few aspects of them, would I?  Let’s go clip by clip.

1.  Duran Duran Path to the Future

This first clip starts out with a bit of history, including the controversy of the Girls on Film video, location videos and the first download.  Then, they start talking about the new album.  Simon mentions how titles are useful to him writing lyrics.  The collaborations on the album are discussed, including John Frusciante and Mr. Hudson, who Nick credited for bringing a new energy, which led to having everything come into “focus”.  Hmm…my mind is already whirling.  Then, John really gets it going by saying that the album will be “Duran in extremis” and that it will be “everything you ever wanted in a Duran record”.  Well, then.  This, of course, led Rhonda and myself to ponder that question.  Her response will, hopefully, be turned into a blog post.  Before that is posted, though, I will ask all of you, our dear readers, what is everything you want in a Duran record???  That said, I did like the listing of successes and the moment when this popped up on the screen:  Fashion Rocks screen cap

Spring can’t come fast enough!!!

2.  Duran Duran and the Evolution of the Band:

This was your basic quick history of the band, at least in how they got their start and what their early days were like.  While I feel like I could dictate in their history in my sleep, at this point, seeing and hearing their story never gets old for me.  I will always hear some new tidbit or see some picture I had never seen before.

3.  Duran Duran Fashion Icons, Then and Now:

Like the last one, I knew a lot about how their musical influences had always been fashionable and about how they each have different styles but ones that create a similar aesthetic when put together.  Yet, this clip truly might be my favorite.  Why?  Simple.  Simon falls out of his chair at the end of it.  So funny!!  Obviously, he was fine as everyone on the clips laughs with him.  I seriously could watch that over and over again!!  Mr. Smooth…

Beyond the band as a whole, as we know, John Taylor was in LA this past week, which Rhonda blogged about here.   Simon shook the Twitter world this week–not from posting a big spider but by posting a picture of himself from the 1980s wearing…well, not much.

On that note, I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!