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John on Jonesy’s JukeBox

Did you know that John Taylor was recently on Jonesy’s Jukebox? This, of course, is the radio show hosted by former Sex Pistols’ guitarist, Steve Jones. If you know your Duran history, you also are familiar with the fact that Steve and John played in Neurotic Outsiders together in the 1990s, one of John’s side projects. Every time I listen or watch the two of them interact, their friendship and affection for each other is obvious. This most recent video is a good example.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t comment on a few parts of the video. First, I love how excited John clearly is to go to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in order to induct Roxy Music with Simon at the end of the month. The love he has for that band is obvious and I so appreciate the fact that John, even with all of his fame and legions of fans, is still a fan himself.

Then, I love that Steve Jones is trying to raise money for St. Jude’s for children with cancer. As John stated, it is a “no brainer” and a great cause. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so this is a cause that definitely speaks to me.

If all this wasn’t enough, John did give a brief update on the studio work the band has been doing. He spoke about Mark Ronson. The idea of Mark being in the studio with the band is one that excites quite a few Duranies. John did not specify his exact role and how much he will be doing with the band. I, for one, am happy that he is there and I will take however much he actually does. I refuse to get my hopes up too much as I am well-aware that Mark is highly in demand and that lots can change between now and a finished product. That said, the idea still makes me smile.

On that note, what did the rest of you think? Did you enjoy John’s appearance? What caught your attention?


Some Extraordinary News Bytes for a Happy (Fat) Tuesday!

After yesterday, I need a little “happy”. Anybody else?

I’m still bogged down between Michael Jackson being a pedophile and my #1 crush of the 90s, Luke Perry dying from a stroke. (sorry Roger, but you were farming!) Was yesterday really just Monday?? I’d like to declare the week finished now.

However, today is a brand new day, and I’m determined to find the good. Luckily for me – I didn’t have to look very long, or very hard to find it.

Two great things to be happy about today:

Duran Duran will be inducting Roxy Music into the Hall of Fame

While it isn’t the same as say, Duran Duran being inducted – they will be participating in the ceremony to be held on March 29th at Barclays Center in New York. Last week, John was on KLOS 95.5 with Steve Jones (Jonesy’s Jukebox) in Los Angeles and broke the news.

Most fans know that Roxy Music is one of Duran Duran’s biggest influences. Simon and John will be at the ceremony to pay tribute. There is no word whether or not Roxy Music will take the stage to actually perform, although Andy MacKay (saxophone) hopes they will.

I suspect many Duran fans will be getting tickets to the ceremony or, like me, tuning in to watch the show when it airs.

Duran Duran to play Tinderbox (Denmark) on June 28th

Life is funny. Just a little over a week ago, I was speaking with a friend about the band’s 2019 schedule. This person, who is extremely reliable, and will remain nameless, shared that they hadn’t heard of anything else coming up in 2019, but that they fully expected this to change in a matter of days. I’d spoken with someone else close to the band earlier in the day who had said the same basic words. I knew by the way they’d both made sure to say that things would change that something was coming down the pipes soon. But where? When?

It turns out that Europe will be getting a Duran Duran visit this summer! While I’d love to jet on over to Denmark, I’m gonna have to sit this one out. Tickets are on sale now! Go grab yours!

If that weren’t enough, we’re still getting studio teasers from DDHQ….and this time, it’s all Mark Ronson, all the time. You could say I’m still a skeptic, but I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what will come next! Will he sing or perform as a guest artist? Is he producing? Only time will tell.

Lastly, DDHQ tweeted an excerpt from “Extraordinary World”, which in their words, is the chronological story-telling of the band’s career up through The Wedding Album. If you haven’t seen this documentary – it is worth the hunt to find it. Since the 25th anniversary for The Wedding Album was last year, and I’m still confused as to what they’re doing for the 40th, I have to wonder why they tweeted it. More teasing? If so…for what?

I have a feeling the next few months are going to be very interesting. Don’t blink, you might miss something!


See them walking

As the lights (or sequins) flashing out are so bright

Is anyone else enjoying the pictures, set lists and tweets that seem to go hand-in-hand with touring? I love seeing the flurry of activity, the pictures from backstage (Questionable fashion choices included, l might add. Nice sequins, John.), and even the posts from other fans at the shows. It reminds me of how much I enjoy the whole touring process, even if I can’t be at every show.

Walk right out to the four line track

This week, however, I am very lucky to be able to say I’m getting ready to leave for Las Vegas on Thursday. In the past, I’d hop in my car and just drive the four hours. Maybe I’m weird, but I LIKE driving. I love the idea of being alone with my own thoughts, listening to my own music, and making my own way (no pun intended…really…) there. Unfortunately though, the distance from my current address makes the trip less-than-optimal, so I am flying. I leave on Thursday morning, and I’m flying on a fairly tiny plane – just 30 seats – which should make the trip interesting!

Naturally, the one time I am flying on a very small plane, there’s a chance of snow. Now, I realize most of you live in snowy climates. Snow isn’t exactly “news”…except that this is happening in Las Vegas, which is really not known for snow. I’m not really concerned about the weather – as long as my little plane is able to take off and land at the appropriate places. I would also like to put it out there that I hope everyone else has safe travels, too. After that, I’ll be inside…and probably at a bar. I mean, it’s my vacation!

Sense a rhythm humming

We’ve had quite a few people ask us about meet-ups this week. Here is the thing: we get in on Thursday afternoon and will be ready for fun by late afternoon! This time though, Amanda and I sort of agreed that we’d do things more casually. The pressure of putting something together didn’t appeal to me, and I liked the idea of just going with the flow. I realize that for many of you coming, you might have been hoping for firm plans and big parties. What I will tell you is this, we’ll post where we’re going and you can decide to join in. It’ll BE a big party no matter what, but it takes a little bit of the pressure and planning off of us to do it more like a “pop-up” hangout. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

In the meantime, I can give the heads up that Mandalay Bay has a pretty good live band that plays in their Rhythm & Riffs lounge right in the middle of the casino. Their name is Phoenix, and they’re a solid cover band. They’ve been at Mandalay for at least 6 years now, if my memory serves. They play a pretty good variety, but they are mainly rock, not pop. They’re not going to break into “Rio”…for example. They go on at 10 on Thursday, and I believe 10:30 on Fridays. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a bunch of us there on Thursday night, if you happen to be in town and want to open the weekend with a good party!

Wider baby, smile (we haven’t made a million…more like SPENT a million…..)

Now, for those of you who aren’t going to be in Las Vegas, I am going to try my best to keep my phone out of water this time, and post more videos! Dance parties, meet-ups, bar “visits”…Duran shows… what could be better?!? Even if you’re not there, our job is to make you feel like you are still taking part in the action! Watch this space, and stay tuned to our social media!

If you’re not already following Daily Duranie on Facebook , @dailyduranie on Twitter, and dailyduranie on Instagram, what are you waiting for? Add us, and stay up to the minute with our Vegas adventure!!


I Know What It Is Coming Over You

So, I hear that much of the country is reeling from snowstorms and ridiculously cold weather! I’m not going to tell you what it’s like in California right now, but there is no snow on the ground where I’m at…

I do believe that the winter doldrums are here. After John’s Katy Kafe last week, some are looking forward to shows in February. Still others are counting down the days until March, when the band may go back into the studio for more work on new music. We’re all waiting for something, I suppose. Whether that something is a trip to Grand Cayman, Miami, New Orleans or Las Vegas, or it’s March or even springtime, we’re waiting.

Look around

Even I’m feeling that anxious, bored feeling. I’m ready to take on a new project here at home now that we’re semi-settled in, but I’m also kind of still eyeing the bins in the garage, thinking we should have cleaned out more! So I started thinking of ways we might break up the monotony in the meantime. Over the weekend, DDHQ posted this picture of John Taylor:

It appeared with the caption “JT gets plugged in” with Power Station being one of the hashtags. As I looked at the picture, I agreed that it was the visual representation of Power Station for sure, and that gave me an idea.

Nothing can stop us

Admittedly, it’s been a long time since Amanda and I have done any sort of game on social media. There’s no time like the present though, so we thought we could try something just for fun on Facebook and Twitter. To begin, Amanda and I are going to decide on the name of a song, and your job is to wow everyone with a visual interpretation of that song. For example, once upon a time we stumbled upon this painting…

Amanda might better remember what museum we were in when we found that painting (was it Tate Modern? The Art Institute?? Why can’t I remember these things???), but as we stood looking at it – she looked at me and said “It’s Anyone Out There”. You can check out that blog in our archives here. Ultimately, she sent in a question to “Ask Katy”, and eventually got a reply that no – the artwork didn’t inspire the song (but certainly could have!) Regardless, we’ve found ourselves in similar situations over the years where we’ve seen things and immediately a song or line of lyric comes to mind. Now, we’re asking YOU to do the same!

You don’t dance…

So, if you want to join in on the game – just for fun – we will announce the name of the song for the week on social media, and you can post your pictures @dailyduranie with hashtag #DDinpics on Twitter, or you can post them on our Facebook page if you’d like. Either is fine. If I can remember how to post it to Tumblr, I’ll do it there too!

For this week, just to get you started – our song of the week is going to be “Danceophobia” from Paper Gods. Yes, I decided we’d better start easy and go from there. You have from now until next MondayNow go be creative! ūüôā There really aren’t rules to this, but if you can take an original photo to represent this, I would be wildly entertained. Regardless, we just want everyone to have fun.

Eventually, we’re going to do this the other way around – where all of you can post pictures and we have to guess what song you’re interpreting!

Hoping to see lots of great photos!!


January 2019 Katy Kafe with John Taylor

Lately, timing has been on my side. The Vegas weekend comes at a perfect time in that it is right after the primary for the campaign I’m working on. This will give me a great break before I have to push it hard for the general election in April. Now, on a smaller scale, this Katy Kafe comes at a good time as I was thinking about what to write about for a blog today. On that note, let me explain that I won’t be giving a full transcript here. Far from it. No, I’ll share the highlights and my thoughts about them. If you want to listen for yourself to see Mr. John Taylor had to say, then I recommend heading over to DuranDuranMusic and get a membership for yourself.

The conversation started with a brief discussion about New Year’s Even. JT was in London, apparently, and was able to get out, go dancing, etc. but it wasn’t like when he was young. The fun just isn’t the same. I completely relate to that.

The format to this kafe is simple in that fans send in questions on social media. Obviously, Katy did not ask all of them but give quite a few. The first question was about letters and whether or not he has any special ones and the last one he has written. He got a letter from the Obamas for his 50th birthday, which he thinks is pretty cool. (So do I!) All of the band members have a letter from Prince William and Prince Henry for their participation in the concert for Diana. John also saved letters from his daughter, which is sweet. The last ones he has written might be to his kids or just those letters of recommendation. (This reminds me that I have a letter of recommendation to write myself.)

The next question focused on a song that he hasn’t played in a long time but wants to. According to John, they have “dusted off” a couple for the shows in February. One that he has been practicing has not been played since the Arena tour. This, of course, has me thinking. I have some ideas but I won’t spoil anyone with my speculation! Personally, I would love hearing a new (old) song or two. I will definitely be on my toes in Vegas now!

Speaking of playing new material, one question asked about how often John plays at home. Here’s is where I learned something new. John has been taking piano lessons and learning how to read music. Not only do I think it is cool but I like the idea that he wants to keep learning. I can relate as I have been learning a lot about how to run an effective local campaign. Obviously, now, though, he has to get back to playing the bass to get ready for the February shows, which really are coming up quickly now!

How does John keep creative projects separate? He thinks that the various projects can provide inspiration for other projects and “create creative confidence.” My mom as a fiber artist definitely functions like this in that she always has a number of projects going. That said, he did admit that he often takes on more than he can chew and leaves projects undone. Again, I can relate. Rhonda and I have had a lot of projects that we have started that haven’t seen the finish line. Someday.

Of course, people wanted to know how the new music is going? John said that when they got into the studio before Christmas, everyone was ready, which made it good. He mentioned how they were working with a new producer and some new musicians who they had never worked with before. They plan to return to the studio at the end of February. Those new musicians made me wonder, I’ll admit. Who? Why? Hmm…

Someone asked about an artistic forum that John has not tried would like to. His response? Contemporary dance. This created quite an image for Katy and for me as I thought about his dancing during Danceophobia during the Paper Gods tour. He then clarified to say that he would like to create the music for contemporary dance. That said, maybe he would pick up painting once he retired to the British countryside. He wouldn’t be the first to do such a thing.

Bothered that people judge success based on charts? They benefited in the 1980s from charts. Now it is more about one’s sense of self and one’s own standards. Hard and painful when not on the charts but after a few cycles, you get over that. Now it is about numbers on social media, etc.

Here was an interesting question. What 3 words describe you as a young man and what 3 words describe you now? For when he was young, he said, “shy, happy, gangly(???).” (Anyone hear that last word clearly?) As for now, he said interesting, grateful, happy.

Along the same lines, what are three things we don’t know about you? Katy answered for him by saying that she didn’t know that he was so tall, so smart, and had such a big heart. John talked about how he is clothes horse and tries to be trendy, likes to collect books and misses his parents every day. Both of those answers made my heart swell a little bit.

The last question that interested me is whether or not the band can and does realize the influence they have had on their fans? John’s response indicated that they don’t want to pat themselves on the back too much or allow themselves to get big heads but he does admit that he has been touched by particular stories. He also loves how the band is a connector in that they brought people who wouldn’t be friends otherwise who now go to shows together and visit each other. Hmm…that sounds familiar. Very familiar. Yep, that lines hits close to home.

On that note, I thoroughly enjoyed this particular kafe. I give a lot of props to the questions people sent in as they were all awesome. I can never think of anything when offered something like that so good for all of you! I also appreciated that John suggested people send in their questions again if they didn’t get them asked now. Good for him. On that note, I’m going to go knock on doors in negative degree temperatures. Wish me luck!


Mish-Mash Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone. I have a house full of guests this morning, so I am going to need to make this post a quick one. It turns out – there are several things going on that can turn a week of winter doldrums into something a little less boring!

First of all, John is going to be a guest in an upcoming “All Fan Question” Katy Kafe. If you have a burning question for John, tweet it to @duranduran during the next 20 hours or so with the hashtag #JTJanKafe. I don’t know about other people, but my mind completely empties of any thoughts at all when Katy asks for fan questions. I will do my best to think of some, though!!

Secondly, DDHQ asked an interesting, thought provoking question this morning that I thought I’d share here. “What is the most cinematic of Duran Duran’s songs? What images does it conjure for you?”

There are obvious answers here, one of which being the Fatal Kiss version of “A View To A Kill”, or even “New Moon on Monday”. Then, there are other, less obvious, but very interesting choices, such as “Before the Rain”. I loved scrolling through some of the answers. As for my own, I am leaning towards “Before the Rain” because it is so grandiose on one end; deep, dark and brooding on the other. What about you?

Lastly, I have something new to suggest checking out. If like me, you appreciate a good discussion about the music, you might enjoy @Guy FansofDuran and his new podcast venture, “The D Side”. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see where the podcast goes. With a new point of view, it provides a starting place for fantastic, ongoing dialogue about the music. I think “The D Side” will do extremely well. Check out “The D Side“. Best of luck, David!

As for me, I’ll be back full-strength tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Year End Kafe 2018 with John

Yep, I’m still struggling with getting everything done this weekend. Did I mention that I am still Christmas shopping? I’m also still shopping with my dad. Thankfully, I got a few more presents out of the way. Some are definitely going to be late. (Sorry Rhonda!) I’ll be lucky if the ones that I’m supposed to wrap get looked at before Christmas morning. I’m truly awesome.

Nonetheless, I took a break from that insanity to listen to the next year end kafe. This one featured my favorite bass player and yours, Mr. John Taylor. As always, I’ll provide some highlights and my thoughts about those. If you want the whole deal, head over to DuranDuranMusic.com, get a subscription or log in and enjoy for yourselves!

Before I even clicked on the play button, I found myself amused. Why? John came to the kafe with notes. I laughed because I often take notes when I listen to these or when Rhonda and I write or video a blog about a set of shows or tour or something. The notes help us stay focused. I appreciate that we share that in common with John! I continued to feel some kinship with him when he described his event of the year, which was when some place (hard to hear) banned cell phones in school. He mentioned about how tough it would be on teachers to have to deal with those and, as a teacher, I thank him for that and concur. I hate cell phones. Hate them. I wish that the kids at my school would not be allowed to have them as I spend a lot of my day reminding them about the rule, threatening to take them away, etc. It is bad.

From there, Katy moved quickly into movies of the year. To no one’s surprise, he answered with Bohemian Rhapsody. (If you haven’t listened to the previous Kafe with John, he goes into detail there.) Like Nick, he also brought up the movie, Cold War. Based on his description and Nick’s, it is definitely one that I would be up to seeing. As far as TV goes, John mentioned the show, Bosch, about an L.A. homicide detective. One that is on my list to watch that John talked about was the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Someday, I’ll see if his recommendation was a good one!

As far as books go, John brought up a book by Brene Brown entitled The Power of Vulnerability. Interestingly enough, I read another one by the same author called Daring Greatly. I have to admit that I looked it up and it sounds fascinating as the author explored this idea of how vulnerability is often connected to weakness but in reality can lead to amazing experiences and purpose to our lives. John recommended it to anyone who is about to go into something in which there is worry that s/he does not have what it takes. (For the record, I started to think that John had been reading my diary or something as I recently started a new job that I have some knowledge and experience for but not sure if those will translate to the right outcome.) The other book he focused on was Englightenment Now which talks about how far humanity has come in terms of progress. It sounds fascinating and was on my sister-in-law’s wish list.

Katy then moved on to ask about music of the year. John’s response included a shoutout to the new Chic album and how excited he was that Nile Rodgers was able to get new material out. Of course, John listed plenty more but I struggled to keep up, which is how I, too often, feel when it comes to new music and artists, in general.

What about the Duran Duran moment of the year? For him, it was the BBC Takeover Night but he acknowledged that this is tough for other fans around the world but it was good fun for the band. They really enjoyed talking with the other band members about what they were into as kids. John did ask Katy if there was some place online to see it and what I thought was true was confirmed in that there is not Hopefully, BBC will do something with it so more people can see it or see it again. One super funny story that John shared was how Nick’s mom asked after about who had done their hair because they looked “terrible,” according to John. Hilarious! Another fun fact. John does not have any of the Duran perfumes!

John’s personal moment of the year was when he presented at the Brilliant Minds Symposium which John had to step out of his comfort zone to do. He did give a shoutout to Patty Palazzo for helping with the presentation. Sigh. I wished that I could have seen that! Katy would love to be able to share some of that on the band’s YouTube channel. (So would we!)

As far as 2019 goes, he looks forward to the gigs in February. He gave a big ole tease that they are planning a couple of new songs in the set, “assuming the rehearsals go okay”. Please and thank you. Like Nick, John expressed excitement to go back to the writing they had started in November. The plan is to return after the gigs in March. That said, no one is “ready” to admit that they are working on an album “yet.” Fascinating. He said that he suspects that they will be ready to make that statement by spring, which brought a big smile to my face. Katy asked if John agreed with Nick that the album could be done in a year and John hopes so! He would love to be able to celebrate the 40th with a new album. (Again, so would we!) He said that it is possible!

John gave me lots to look forward to! ūüôā


Studio-time Cometh: New Music Ahead!

Happy Monday, everybody!

I trust that everyone made it through Black Friday and has cruised smoothly into Cyber Monday. If you’re like me and thought braving Costco on the Sunday after Thanksgiving was a good idea, we probably need our heads examined.

Naturally, the big news for this week is that John mentioned a little something about heading back to London in order to have a meeting the minds in the studio. I have a couple of thoughts on this:

  1. YAY!!
  2. I wonder how long it will be before we start hearing rumors of collaborations? I almost prefer betting on when those might begin, as opposed to with whom!

Naturally I’m thrilled to hear the words “studio”, “writing” and even better, “recording” come out of any band members mouth. ¬†It is kind of funny, because for the bulk of this year – I’ve been happy to wait. I figured they’d¬†eventually¬†get back to a studio. Writing music has to be a habit they just can’t quite quit. I’m definitely not complaining, but I figured it would take time. It needs to take time, too. Go back too early and there would be four very weary guys trying to write when maybe, they really didn’t want to fully commit yet. It wouldn’t bode well.

By the same token, I was not opposed to getting news of shows for 2019. Daily Duranie is as much a blog about the act of being a fan as it is about Duran Duran. For me, the shows in February couldn’t have been planned much better. I’m thrilled to have a few things to be looking forward to in the coming weeks and months. It takes the edge off of my first few weeks of December, that’s for sure!

Some people are thrilled to put¬†Paper Gods¬†in the rearview mirror. They’ve heard the album, done the tour many times, and are ready for something new. I thoroughly enjoyed¬†Paper Gods, which in hindsight, surprises me. I loved All You Need is Now.¬†That tour knocked me off of my feet. I have fantabulous memories of shows, friends, and fun. Going into Paper Gods, I just didn’t see how any of it could be topped, but somehow, someway, it was. For me personally, it isn’t that I’m ready to put it behind me, but instead I’m ready to experience whatever is going to come next with an open heart and mind.

That’s the crazy thing about music, and even life. Just when you think you’ve done as much as possible or have heard the best, something else comes along and proves otherwise. Our hearts and minds have to be open to change and ready to evolve – otherwise we might just miss out on something amazingly good!

For me, that is the challenge. Change is difficult. I’m learning that I don’t have to completely let go of the past. Instead, I need to be willing and open to whatever comes next. After all, whatever we experienced before is what shaped us for what is yet to come. We will still carry “Friends of Mine”, “Land”, “Nite Runner” and even “Planet Roaring” and “The Universe Alone” with us, but we need to be wiling to live, hear and take the next chapter to heart just as openly.

I’m ready. Are you?


John Taylor in the November 2018 Katy Kafe

I know that this blog post is late, both in terms of time and in terms of date. ¬†Today has been the dreaded Sunday, the day of the week before I go back to work. ¬†While I had a tremendously wonderful Thanksgiving, I opted not to do much around the house. ¬†This, of course, is great for awhile but now…I’m trying to do 85 things at once. ¬†I really hoped to be all caught up by the time I returned to work but…I don’t think that will happen. ¬†I figured I would squeeze in some time to listen to this month’s Kafe (days late) and blog about my reaction. ¬†Funny thing is that when I went to go listen to it, I discovered that I needed to renew my membership. ¬†I did without question, which is good because there is nothing better than listening to a Katy Kafe yourself. ¬†I definitely recommend it for this one, too, as I’m just covering some highlights and my thoughts.

This particular kafe focuses on Queen, both the band and the movie. John begins by talking about how much he loved the movie and thought it was a wonderful tribute. ¬†(I saw it on Friday and totally agree.) ¬†John had been lucky enough to have been friendly with Freddie Mercury and seeing the movie reminded him of the person Freddie was and those times. ¬†I love that John shared a fun Duran fact. ¬†Apparently, on the day Duran signed to EMI, the record label took the band to Wembly to see Queen play. ¬†(I love stories like that.) ¬†He goes on to say that while he does not list Queen as an influence, he knows that he wouldn’t be where he is now without them and that he always think about their live performances when playing large stadiums or festivals.

From there, Katy asked John various questions that fans submitted. ¬†As I stated previously, I’m definitely not going to list every question and answer. ¬†I’m just writing about the ones that hit me. ¬†The first one focused on a photo of John and Freddie that has been floating around the internet. ¬†Apparently, they went to the same musical and later partied together at the after party. ¬†(I’m sure that would have been interesting to be at!) ¬†Speaking of, I thought it was interesting that he and Nick called themselves fans of Queen and saw them when they came to Birmingham. ¬†That said, by the time Duran came onto the scene, they weren’t considered as cool, according to John. ¬†I am sure that there are many bands in my life that I might describe in the exact same way.

Queen did a musical called, “We Will Rock You.” ¬†Duran would be interested in doing something like that but John thinks that it would be really difficult to get it right. ¬†As a fan, I would love it but I think John’s point is valid. ¬†It isn’t easy but if anyone could do it right, I think it might be Duran! ¬†Go-Gos just did one! ¬†Who knew?!

As far as songs goes, if John had to pick one Queen one, he would go with Bohemian Rhapsody. ¬†As far as covers go, he could hear Queen performing Ordinary World and do it well. ¬†Duran could play Radio Ga Ga, especially in a live show. ¬†Hmm…

Of course, the question was asked about who could play John Taylor if there was a movie about Duran. ¬†His answer won’t surprise anyone I don’t think ¬†by saying no one he could think so. ¬†He thinks it matters if they get the rest of the band right in order to get him right, which makes sense. ¬†John quickly moved on to talk about the scenes in the movie with the band, ¬†their dynamics and how much he loved them. ¬†I felt the exact same way as they reminded me of all to the scenes I have watched over the years with Duran from Sing Blue Silver to Live from London and more. ¬†Band dynamics are so interesting to me.

The final question asked was about Live Aid. ¬†John was saddened when in the movie there is a listing of all the bands who were going to be playing and Duran wasn’t listed but REO Speedwagon was. ¬†(Again, I have to agree.) ¬†I do wonder why the movie didn’t mention Duran since they were so popular at that time. ¬†Anyway, a part of John wished that they had played in London but loved the experience they had in Philadelphia.

John summarizes the movie by saying it is about “Freddie’s uniqueness” and the specialness of bands. ¬†It reminds people that even with the greatness of Freddie, he still needed the band and vice versa. ¬†I pointed out the exact same thing after having watched the film. ¬†This led John to talk about how we are no longer living in an era of “the band” as technology fills in so much for artists now and Queen represents the golden era of “the band.”

The end of the kafe reveals one giant scoop on the Duran front which is that John is heading back to London next week to join the band in the studio!  This makes me even more excited for the next kafe which will feature all band members!  Who knows what we can learn then!


Twenty-Nine Years later – Decade!

Today is the 29th anniversary of¬†Decade. TWENTY-NINE YEARS. ¬†As my friend Durandy aptly wrote this morning, “I’m trying to let that sink in. ¬†What a legacy.”

Indeed. You’d think by now, I’d be over this band. You might think I’d have heard “Rio”, “Girls on Film” or “Planet Earth” one too many times. Yet I’m not. I’m willing and ready to do it all again. I’m betting that many of you are just as ready.

It’s November, the month of being thankful. Well, I count Duran Duran among my many blessings. I am so thankful I can still go see their concerts, even if it means traveling by plane to get there. They are still performing. They’re still writing, even when many of their peers are not. We are lucky fans.

Just last night I had a crazy dream about them, which in and of itself is bizarre because I almost never dream these days, and definitely not about the band!  In this dream, I found myself quitting my job at a what I believe was an antique furniture store with coworkers I used to work with last year, and Amanda was waiting for me. We laughed about how I was now unemployed and had no money, but as is typical Рwe also talked about all the touring we were going to do, and found ourselves wandering about San Francisco (no idea why).

We were looking for John Taylor (as one does), and for some reason I knew someone – a past coworker – who knew where he was, but I couldn’t find the guy. So, we ended up at a bar. I know that’s a HUGE surprise. It shocked me too. The bar had an outdoor patio, and by the time we got there, I was tired and wanted to sit down. Amanda led us to a couple of stools along the perimeter of the bar area and I immediately sat, not really paying attention. Next thing I know Amanda is nudging me rather insistently and I look up. She nods her head to the side and I let my eyes follow only to see that it is Dom sitting in the table directly across from us.

Only something is different about him. His usually short, straight hair has been replaced by slightly wavy, not quite shoulder length locks. Almost as though he’d been growing it out. In my dream, I kept looking at him (not even trying to sneak them!) and thinking “Why?!?”

Equally, I am lucky that the band can still be my muse, and that I’m able to write about being a fan each day. Even so, it is a little difficult to believe we’re in the fourth decade here. Twenty-nine years after the release of¬†Decade. Yet so much of it feels like it only happened a short time earlier.

This single band has had an indelible influence across so many mediums. Music, video, fashion, graphics, style and an entire generation of people like me…to name a few. ¬†What a legacy, indeed.