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Question of the Day: Monday, July 14, 2014

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Give Me a Sign: White Knights Festival 2014

If you were following Duran Duran’s social media last night, you would have seen a little announcement that they would be performing at the White Knights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday with more details to follow!!!  (From what I could find online, this is an arts festival.)  Normally, an announcement like that might prompt me to criticize the very short notice, but these days have seen such little Duran news that I just can’t go there.  I won’t go there.  Instead, of course, I’m THRILLED to see that they will be playing LIVE somewhere, anywhere.  Then, of course, I wonder if this isn’t the first drop of news before the flood of excitement of more news, more shows, etc.  Could it be the drought is ending?!?  With the incredibly good week I am having, I believe it is possible!!

As soon as I saw the news, I emailed the other half of this little blog and immediately we discussed how there were signs.  Many of them.

*John’s instagram picture with the caption:  “Visa me!”

*Dom’s canceling of his gig due to scheduling conflicts

*Anna’s update that she would be working with Duran again soon

*Even the updated official website

Did we miss them completely?  Are we that out of practice???  I know that it has been awhile but still!?!  We know better.  We know how to do this.  We are experts, right?

While I’m sure that we are slightly rusty, could it also be that we noticed each of the signs, but didn’t put them together?  I know that we did see them.  On Wednesday, we talked about John’s picture and commented about Anna’s updates.  I know that both of us saw Dom’s statements about having to cancel his show and the update to dd.com.  Why didn’t we put them together?  Could it be that we didn’t want to have hope and be disappointed?  Could it be that we had Duran no longer consumed the same level of our thoughts?  A little bit of all of the above?  Possible.

Here is what I know.  We will be better from now on.  Our Duranie sense has been turned back on.  We will be paying attention from here on out.  We will be looking for signs and putting them together.  Oh, yes, Duran Duran, we will watching your every move.


Question of the Day: Friday, July 11, 2014

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Question of the Day: Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Today we begin John Taylor pictures from the 1990s!

The Past Week in Duranland

It is Sunday.  It is the beginning of the new week.  Since I’m not going to “work” right now, due to summer vacation, I’m struggling to keep track of days and days of the week.  While I’m paying more attention to social media and Duranland, I’m still finding myself missing things or gliding over posts/tweets, etc.  I’m distracted.  I figured, then, that it might be good for me (and you!) to go through the past week and summarize the latest.

From duranduran.com:

John Taylor responded to a news piece from ITN News in which they declared Redditch, an area very close to where John grew up, to be the least musical place in the UK.  This did not sit well with our Mr. Taylor, who had recently met with local musicians there.  Thus, he put together a “mixtape” of the music there to show ITN News that their research didn’t cut it.  To read the full article and listen to the mixtape, go here.

The monthly collector corner’s was also posted.  This month focused on sheet music and song books of various Duran singles and albums, the last of which featured music from Big Thing and Liberty.  Very cool stuff!  To read the full article, please go here.

From Duran’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:

While their social media asked people to raise their virtual hands if they owned a copy of A Diamond in the Mind on vinyl, to guess whose shoes matched band members for a Tweetsake, to watch a clip of Wild Boys from the  2012 Olympics as well as to visit some other links, including on from GoFugYourself.com about Simon, the post that got the most attention featured a couple of photos.  If you missed these posts, the photos were from a photo shoot completed on June 26th.

Here is one from Duran’s facebook page!  The other can be seen on their post from June 26.

June 26 2014 A

From what I saw, this excited most fans!  Who doesn’t love current pictures?!  More importantly, the idea of a photo shoot got more than a few people’s minds wondering.  What’s the photo shoot for?  A magazine?  A project?  THE ALBUM?!  Could it be a sign that the album is getting closer to being finished?!

Beyond the fan focused posts, there were a few posts about The Reflex.  Why?  Simple.  It was 30 years ago on June 23rd that the song reached number one on the Billboard charts.  The article on duranduran.com  from Billboard can be found here.  Like many other fans, on one hand, I cheered this moment!!!  On the other hand, the fact that it was 30 years ago made me feel darn old!

I think that is about all the news for the week.  Did I miss anything?  What stood out the most to you???




Today in Duran History – Neurotic Outsiders

On this date in 1995, Neurotic Outsiders played together for the first time.  For those unfamiliar with Neurotic Outsiders, it was a side project of John Taylor.  John discusses the formation of the band in his autobiography.  He mentioned that he became close with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols when Matt Sorum of Guns ‘n’ Roses called both of them to play at a fundraiser.  Matt brought Duff McKagan, also of Guns ‘n’ Roses, along.  After they played, the guy, who ran the Viper Room in Los Angeles where the fund raiser was held, asked them to do a residency by playing there every Monday.  They settled on the name, Neurotic Outsiders.  Initially, they played a bunch of cover songs and invited other musicians to join them.  Eventually, they took their show on the road.  Then, a label offered them a record deal and they chose to write new songs for it.

While I couldn’t find a video from this particular show, I could find a live clip of the band performing their song, “Jerk.”

Did anyone see Neurotic Outsiders perform live?  If so, what did you think???


Today in Duran History – John Taylor’s Birthday!

The rumor is that on this date in 1960 John Taylor was born!  It seems like I’m getting most of the birthdays this year.  Thus, I’ll celebrate John like I did with the other members with some of my favorite videos!  Of course, it is no secret that John is my favorite band member, which means that I could choose about 15 million different videos, but I will work to be highly selective!

A young Mr. Taylor:

The video that hooked me!

My favorite live!

Another one I always love live with the JoSi and John/Simon/Dom front and center:

John solo–Fields of Eden

John solo–Hey Day

John Taylor, Actor:

John Taylor, Author

Last but not least…one of my VERY, VERY FAVORITES:

What videos should I have included?  What would you include?

On that note, we wish John a very happy birthday!!!






Question of the Day: Friday, June 13, 2014

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