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Question of the Day: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yesterday’s winner:  All Along the Water

Which song do you like better:  Burning the Ground or Land?

Question of the Day: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yesterday’s winner:  Is There Something I Should Know?

Which song would you rather have ADDED to the setlist:  Land or Last Chance on the Stairway?

Question of the Day: Sunday, June 5, 2016

Yesterday’s winner:  Too Late Marlene

Which song would you rather have ADDED to the Setlist:  Palomino or Land?

Land – The Daily Duranie Review

We continue our attempts to review every single song in Duran Duran’s catalog with the song “Land” from Big Thing this week. There is surprisingly little information out there about “Land”, other than no demos seem to exist (at least not that anyone outside of the band has gotten their hands on!), which may indicate that it was one of the final songs written for the album.



Personally, I think this is one of the prettiest songs Duran Duran has ever written – so there’s my bias right off the bat! The song opens with what might either be a muted guitar or keyboard, and background vocals, which is very unusual and immediately draws the listener in.  The one thing I really love about the music for this song is that even though there is plenty of music to “fill” the space, it also feels simple, clean, and unforced. Yet, there is a lot going on in the song. There is both acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, bass, drums, and even what I think is soprano sax going on in the background along with flute! I really love that the guitar solo is in the background tends to blend even though you can hear it soar – it gives a filmy texture to the music that really works for the song and doesn’t detract. Duran Duran achieved something very special with this song because what could have ended up feeling very overdone and incredibly busy still has an “easy” but lush feel, and communicated exactly the right mood. I also enjoy those open, quiet spaces that just set the song off right.


I really like that the song opens with the background vocals – it is an usual way to open, and it draws my attention and alerts me to pay attention! Simon’s voice sounds relaxed and clear with a beautiful roundness that I miss when he sings higher in his range.  In this song, the vocals continue to build from those first moments into a soaring chorus, and then immediately come right back down to about where they began. Another effect I like is that if you listen closely to the second verse – you can hear a background track of Simon actually whispering the lyrics, which is ultra-cool and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


There’s no arguing that these are some beautiful lyrics. When I listen to the song, it reminds me of the sailing that Simon enjoys – and perhaps it’s about his leaving his family behind.  He loves to sail, but he also loves home, and to him – that is his family.  “I need your love to land” Reminds me a bit of traveling in general – it’s always fun to go, and it’s always nice to come home again. Home is comfortable, it’s love, it’s the anchor to the rest of our lives. I kind of think that is what Simon was trying to convey here.  The lyrics aren’t necessarily all that difficult to understand, they don’t feel very abstract, but the message is, once again – beautiful.


There’s really only one word I need to describe “Land”, and that’s “beautiful”. This is one song that I can put on and drift away somewhere in my thoughts. It’s relaxing, and I think the band completely outdid themselves with the instrumentation on this one. Out of the entire album, this is the song where I can hear the most growth and maturity from the band, and it’s a shame it is stuck in the middle of the “B” side on an album that didn’t really allow the song to shine as it might have otherwise. I wish they’d play it live because it really deserves the highlight.  “Land” is a song that I didn’t really discover or fully appreciate until adulthood, which reminds me why Amanda and I decided to do these reviews to begin with – to reacquaint ourselves with the full catalog. We hope our readers are enjoying the journey with us!

Cocktail Rating

Five cocktails! 5 cocktails



The song starts out with very soft instrumentation hidden behind the chorus of vocals.  You can hear what sounds like some beautiful soft guitar with keyboards.  I like how the notes the keyboards plays holds on for a long time until the sound just fades.  Bass and drums are present along side the other elements of the instrumentations during the verse.  If that wasn’t enough, some sax can also be heard, very quietly, in the chorus and to transition back to the verse.  Overall, the music is definitely designed to be quiet, calm, and somewhat serene no matter which instrument one focuses on.  No instrument is meant to be loud here.  This softer instrumentation allows of the vocals to stand out for the majority of the song.  Perhaps, the only time that the instrumentation takes the front seat is during the bridge when different instruments are heard, including what sounds like an acoustic guitar solo and some percussion that reminds me of a slight Middle Eastern musical flavor.  This instrumentation is very unique in the Duran catalog and definitely enhances this song to musically be something different and something special.


The song begins with a lovely female chorus, featuring Carole Fredericks, Yvonne Jones and Beckie Bell, that lets the listener know that this song is going to be a very different Duran song but one that is soft and beautiful.  Simon’s initial vocals reinforce this idea as his vocals are so soft that they are almost breathy.  The words are gently sung with little need to finish the ends of the words.  Instead, the focus is to move smoothly to the next word, next line.  Even the chorus, which features a stronger vocal doesn’t spend a lot of time clearly saying every word.  Simon’s vocals in this song remind me again that his vocals can and do become another instrument as the vocals are perfect to match the music and the mood of the music.  I especially love the very breathy end to the song with the repetition of the line “love is land”.


This is not a song that I typically focus on the lyrics as I usually pay more attention to soft music.  Plus, the line that always sticks out in my head is “Your love is life, for love is land.”  This line, especially in isolation, means nothing to me.  Yet, this line takes on a more significant meaning when you glance at the entire song.  There are many references to leaving (“my ship will sail”, “Before I leave”) and this leaving appears to be through travel (“Standing, across the ocean stream”).  Could it then be that land isn’t a noun but a verb, as in to land, to make a step on new ground?  Could it be that this is a reference to commitment?  Could it be the opposite?  Could it be that one person in a relationship is leaving the other?  Maybe.  The first line about being sorry could indicate that.  No matter the actual meaning as the lyrics still meet my general requirements as I want lyrics that make me feel or make me think.  Lyrics like this with a potential metaphor definitely makes me think.  I would go so far as to say that the lyrics match the mood of the music, too, with a soft, slightly melancholy feel.  Well done, Simon.


When I think of the individual parts of this song, everything seems to be working.  While the instrumentation might be different, it is really beautiful as are the lyrics and the vocals.  Yet, I struggle to give this song a 5 cocktail rating.  I think that, for whatever reason, when I want to listen to a ballad, this one does not come to mind.  There is something that allows it to fade into the background too much.  Perhaps, this had nothing to do with the song but with the listener.  The ballads of Duran’s that are my go to are ones that I have made a personal connection to and this song I just haven’t.  On paper or in this review, it is fabulous but it hasn’t totally hooked me yet even with the additional, focused listening for this review.  That said, I suspect that if I had a chance to see it performed live, it might push me to that 5 cocktail rating!  😉

Cocktail Rating

4.5 cocktails!

4.5 Cocktails

Question of the Day: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  The Chauffeur

Which song would make the better 9th track for the ultimate Duran Duran album?  It would follow these songs:  Rio, Planet Earth, Lonely in Your Nightmare, Careless Memories, Hold Back the Rain, New Religion, Sound of Thunder and Friends of Mine.

Question of the Day: Friday, May 1, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  The Seventh Stranger

Which song would make the better 9th track on the ultimate Duran Duran album?  It would follow these songs:  Rio, Planet Earth, Lonely in Your Nightmare, Careless Memories, Hold Back the Rain, New Religion, Sound of Thunder and Friends of Mine.