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LIght My Torch and Wave It for the Last Night in the City

I left Vegas and our little mini-tour on Monday. It is now Saturday and, yet, I’m still thinking about the setlist that we were lucky enough to have on Sunday night. In case you have not seen it, here it is:

Hungry Like the Wolf 
I Don’t Want Your Love 
A View To A Kill (with 007 intro) 
Come Undone 
Anyone Out There 
The Reflex 
Last Night In The City 
Ordinary World 
Sunrise / New Moon 
Pressure Off 
Planet Earth / Space Oddity 
Girls on Film 

Universe Alone/Save a Prayer 
White Lines 

Do you know what struck me that night and has stayed with me since then? I noticed how many of the songs had some connection to fandom. Some could relate to Duran fandom in general while others make me think about my own personal fandom. Let me explain what the heck I mean.

The first song that comes to mind is New Moon on Monday. I have often said that the chorus about lighting one’s torch and waving it is the essential lyric of fans. When you become a fan, it is because something grabbed you, something lit your torch. Then, when you are ready to show that you are passionate about that someone or something, you begin to let the whole world know. You wave that torch.

Next, in the process of waving the torch, you search for others out there who feel like you do, who can share your passion. You ask if there “is anyone out there”. Once you find the people who feel like you do, you realize that “the music is between you.”

Soon enough, it isn’t enough just to talk about the subject of your fandom. You need more. You need a “thrill and you know just what it takes and where to go.” So, you go on tour. You go to shows. You go on tour. Then, you recognize that this experience is the best EVER. “There is nothing gonna ace this.” In fact, it is so good that each and every time you do it, you get the same “pleasure when you take the hit.”

Then, of course, there is Last Night in the City. If that song does not capture touring, I don’t know what does. Being on tour is, indeed, “our time.” It results in not sleeping. Heck, even this last tour meant little sleep. I think that I got about 11 hours of sleep in three nights. I also love the sentiment of really focusing on that night and not worrying about “tomorrow”. The show, of course, features a lot of “hearts spinning all around” and I definitely believe that shows, meetups, is “where we get connected.”

If all those fandom related songs weren’t enough, the band played other songs that reminded me of my personal fandom journey. For instance, they played the Reflex, which normally doesn’t do much for me live but at the end of the night, I remembered that this is the song that made me a Duranie for life. If that wasn’t enough, they performed my very favorite, Planet Earth.

Did Sunday’s set list have everything I could have possibly wanted? No. There are a few songs that I would have exchanged (*coughComeUndonecough*) but the fact that it featured so many songs that relate to fandom made it “extra” special. As I walked out that night, I felt nothing but love for the band and secure in my fandom. My next show cannot come soon enough!


We’ve Travelled So Far

By the time you are reading this, I’ll be at work trying to get through the day. More than that, I also have to make sure that I’m ready to be gone on Monday. This is no easy feat when I have to teach 5 classes and attend a lunch meeting. I also have to get out at the door as soon as the last bell rings. Every single time that I do this I wonder if I should. Part of that feeling is the feeling that all women have when they put aside their responsibilities. Society has taught us to put ourselves last. I know that. Logically. It is harder, emotionally. The other part of that feeling is this is too much of a hassle. After all, on top of the work to be gone a day, it requires hours of traveling first to the airport and then to Vegas itself.

These feelings are not new for me. They happen each and every time. That said, there is a part of me that is also sad that I wasn’t able to go to the show last night or that I can’t get into Vegas until late. I don’t know that anyone likes missing anything but I recognize that it kicks up illogical anxiety. It isn’t even missing the band (although I don’t like that either) but it is the fear that my friends will leave me behind. Dumb, right?

All of this leaves me a bundle of nerves. Yet, I know exactly how it is going to go. By two or three songs into the show, I will say the following to myself, “There is no place I would rather be,” as I feel a wave of bliss surge through me. Then, when I return home, the dominant emotions will include joy in having gone with a bit of sadness in knowing that it is over. Perhaps, this is why my emotions feel heightened right now. After this weekend, there is nothing on my calendar to look forward to. In fact, I will have pretty much the entire school year ahead of me. It will feel like a long stretch.

I’m sure that all of these thoughts will accompany me as I head towards the airport. I will work to remind myself of the fun I will have, which is very much a true statement. I remember reading a John Taylor quote once in a magazine that went something like this, “Did you ever have so much fun that you didn’t know if you would get over it? It was like that.” Here’s the thing. The first time I went on tour in the spring of 2005, that is exactly how it was like for me. It was so much fun that I never got over it. This led to more shows, more tours. Those tours were equally as fun so I continue to go. That pushes me past all of those other less-than-pleasant feelings of anxiety and guilt.

I fully expect that this weekend to remind me once again that touring is so fun that I’m still not over it.


What Will Happen in Vegas!?

I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the idea that I’ll be in Las Vegas in a week. As I try to get myself ready for both the work week and for the upcoming travels, I find my mind drifting to how things will probably go and how it might go. This led me to decide how to structure this particular blog. So, I’ll first describe five things that I expect to happen in Vegas and five things that I can hope will happen.

Five Things That Will Happen in Las Vegas Next Weekend:

There will be drinks and laughs!

Rhonda and I have been touring together for a long time. I think last week we mentioned about how it is has been almost 15 years! Since the very first tour to the most recent one, I can guarantee that there will be laughs and drinks or drinks and laughs, depending on which order you prefer! 😉

Two Meet-ups!

In case anyone has forgotten or just decided to come to these Vegas shows, we are hosting a couple of meet-ups before both of them. They will start at 5 pm at the CliQue bar at the Cosmopolitan. In all likelihood, they will last until people head into the venue. I know that I’m looking forward to vodka tonics and avocado toast along with the waitress that knew our order last time!

Little Sleep

For some crazy reason, when I go on tour, I end up getting very little sleep. During the last tour, I was suffering from pretty significant exhaustion from working 80 hours a week for months. This time, I’ll be less tired. That said, I would still love to sleep on the planes. On the way there, it would mean that Rhonda and I could have a little fun on Friday night. Sleep on the way back means the rest of the week will be a less little painful.

Setlist Standards

Last night, I had lots of crazy dreams, which is not uncommon at this time of year. What is new, though, is having a wolf in my dreams. I suspect that might be in reference to the fact that Hungry Like the Wolf will be played along with other standards like Ordinary World and Come Undone. I have resigned myself to hearing those.

Post Shows Sadness

Like preparing myself for some songs that I might wish took a break, I also know that there will be some post show sadness. I really like knowing that I have something to look forward to and I won’t after these shows. This will make things hard going into the heart of the school year.

Five Things That I Hope Will Happen in Vegas Next Weekend:

Laughs at a Certain Band

If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you probably know that we do enjoy giving that band a hard time when we can. For a long time, that has focused on commenting and teasing about outfits worn on stage. In the past, it might include giving some setlist suggestions. I don’t know what next weekend will entail but I hope that I get to tease them. (We do it with love, of course!!!)

Menus and Video Blogs

In the past, Rhonda and I have captured some of the best quotes and moments on a local food menu. I want to do that again! Likewise, we have often done video blogs and had a ton of fun with that. I want that again.

Drama Free

Our fan community is not always one in which we all hold hands and love each other. Sometimes, it can be downright negative or mean-spirited. I don’t want any of that this upcoming weekend. I know that I’m there to have a ton of fun. My life is stressful enough. I don’t need more in the place which is supposed to be carefree.

Setlist Changes

While I’m fully prepared to hear many of the same songs as usual, I cannot help but to hopeful that maybe we would something from that amazing July show. Anyone Out There? Astronaut? Both? Something that wasn’t played even then? I’m definitely open to any and all changes!

Gives Me Strength

There is a line in the song, Notorious, that always seems to speak me, which is, “I need this blood to survive.” Touring and shows have always been my personal vitamins of sorts. My job has never been easy but, for the past ten years or so, it has grown to be much more difficult. On top of that, the rest of life has, too. I need this weekend, more than ever, to send me back to reality with a little extra boost, a little extra strength to keep fighting the good fight.


Somebody’s shaking my tree, maybe that somebody is me

This blog post is super late. What is worse is that I didn’t even get to do a post yesterday at all. For those not keeping track (and why would you??!?), this past week was the official start to my school year. It means days upon days upon days of meetings and “professional development”. This year was particularly rough as I have taken on some extra committee work. (Here’s where I start shaking. Tree or otherwise.) While I’m proud of the work that was completed, it left *my* classroom to the end of the list. This translated into going into work all day yesterday (when I was not required) and most my day so far today. (Still shaking. It is Saturday after all.) The good news is that my curriculum is in a good shape for the first couple of weeks. The bad news is that there are other tasks needing my attention. As usual. I am ignoring that to do list now. Sorta.

What I would like to do right now is to curl up on the couch and take a nap. Then, I want to turn on something mindless on TV and do nothing but…alas. There is the to do list. Thankfully or not, the list has lots else on it than things related to my ridiculous profession. Apparently, laundry requires my attention as does the grocery shopping. I feel like there is more on there than what is common for a weekend. Ah…yes. I have plans. On Friday, after I teach the children, the next generation, the soon-to-inherit our mess of a planet, I will board a bus taking me to Chicago to fly on a little plane to toasty Las Vegas. Why am I going to this hassle? Apparently, there is some band playing there. I guess for two nights: Saturday and Sunday. I hear they don’t suck. Some people actually like them.

In all seriousness, I am kinda shocked that this little mini-fall tour of Duran’s is almost upon us. I remember on Mother’s Day when these shows were announced. Normally, with that kind of Duranie alert, I’m overjoyed and super excited. This time, it was a struggle. It was the damn tree again, which is known as my profession, my career, my job that seemed to not want me to go. But I fought the urge just to sit in the tree and watch the shows go by. Instead, I figured, what the hay. I told myself that being gone a day won’t be too bad in the beginning of the year. Honestly, I think that it will be fine. I’m not that worried. Besides, as my mother pointed out, I deserve some fun. I have worked more than I needed to, after all.

I am looking forward to the trip. The other day Rhonda and I had a productive phone conference related to our latest project. As we talked, one thing became glaringly obvious to both of us. We are on the same page. Believe it or not, we haven’t always when it comes to going on tour. We were on the same page for our first tour in 2005. Likewise, when we traveled to the UK for the second time in a year to get our shows, we definitely were on the same wavelength. Yet, I can think of other tours when we just weren’t totally aligned. The first one of those that comes to mind is the east coast tour we did in 2008. Rhonda wasn’t feeling the band as much then for a variety of reasons but I was. Then, I think of the shows in the summer of 2012. I was distracted after a significant political loss. The same could be said for me in February. My body was fighting serious exhaustion and we hadn’t been communicating much or well.

Now, though, we are on the same page. We are seeing the shows in the same way. I would go so far as to say that we are approaching the weekend similarly, too. This means that we want to enjoy the heck out of the shows, most importantly. Outside of the shows, we are pretty content to just chill. We are looking forward to talking, thinking about our project, getting away from it all. Of course, we would love to see other people and have a good time in a party setting, too, but that isn’t what is going to determine this mini-tour’s awesomeness. It’s simple. Did we have fun at the shows? Was the band amazing? Did we have a good time whether it was just us or with one hundred people or more? That’s it. Nothing more is needed. Good shows. Good people. Good conversation. Lots of laughs (and vodka!). I couldn’t ask for anything better.


My Heart It Screams

I flew home a week ago from Las Vegas to Chicago. On the flight and the bus ride home, I had some time to think. I put Duran Duran on shuffle and just let my mind wander. As I listened and thought, I found myself writing down some ideas.

The Music’s Between Us

I must have listened to Duran Duran for about 30 minutes when I made a realization. I put ON Duran Duran’s music. Now, I know that sounds dumb. Of course, I would listen to Duran, right? And I do and have been but it has been a really long time since I just spent time listening to Duran Duran. Really listening. Over the course of the past year, I haven’t been listening to Duran much. At times, I would play a song or two when they would come up on shuffle, but I rarely sought out a particular song or album. I don’t know that I can adequately explain why this is but if I had to make a best guess, I did it to avoid feeling sad. I missed them. I missed the fandom. I missed Rhonda. After the Paper Gods Tour ended, I knew that it would be a long time until they came back. I promised myself that I would be patient (unlike how I was after All You Need Is Now). Then, life happened to get in the way of my usual fandom. This pushed me to separate myself even more from fandom. Now, though, I found myself seeking out Duran. Is this a sign that I’m through that time period that feels like a black hole. I hope so.

What led to this change? Every time I see the band live my love for them and the music is renewed. Those shows in Vegas went by so quickly. I found myself desperately wanting to bottle up the feelings I had so that I could open it later when I needed it between these shows and the next ones. Interestingly enough, as my plane began our descent into Chicago, into a high wind warning of 50-60 mph gusts, I found myself really thinking about my life. This turned a little…uh…morbid as the plane really struggled and I began to think this might be my last, I honestly thought myself, “Well, if this is it, at least I will go down listening to Duran,” which actually gave me some comfort.

We Are Forever

You know what else I loved outside of the shows themselves? I loved seeing people I haven’t seen since the last show in whatever city as we would greet each other with hugs and genuine smiles. I remember walking quickly into the venue on the first night so late after spending time with a fabulous group of people, thinking to myself that this really is like a family reunion as we come from all over to be together and to celebrate. Then, before Rhonda and I could get to our seats, we must have been stopped like every other few feet to either greet more old friends or to meet new people, new friends. That kind of joy wrapped me in a warmth that I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it came back. Then, after the show and hanging out, we returned to our room only to find confetti all over our bathroom floor. Clearly, we were all bringing a bit of the show with us. What did we do? We did what we always have done. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore. I had missed moments like that and hope to have more of them in future.

The past couple of years have been tough. I have worked myself pretty hard, doing what I believe is best for a number of reasons. I have always hoped and still hope that the future, though, contains more of the best moments of last weekend. I don’t think they came as easily as they have in the past, but I’m hopeful that we can get back to that. Heck, I would love to see the emotional challenges of the past couple of years bring something even better. I can envision it. Maybe it will be a UK Trip in 2020. Perhaps, it will be some time, energy and focus on finishing a book project. If we are really lucky, it could be both.

As I look back to last weekend, I’m struck by how much emotional growth can and does happen while on tour, drinking vodka tonics and making fun of Simon like when John needed to bring him a setlist on Friday night’s show. I, for one, feel lucky to have had the moments I had here and look forward to the next time.


Chasing After Rainbows

Did you know there was a show last night?!?

There were DEFINITELY Duranies in the house, the two of us included! Today’s v-log covers the show, the music, the fun, and the fans! This outrageously wild weekend isn’t over yet, either. Today we are meeting at the CliQue bar (or as our naughty roommates call it – the Clitoris bar!!) today at 5pm for an OFFICIAL DAILY DURANIE MEET UP! See you there!!

Another crazy and slightly silly Daily Duranie show review!!

See you tonight! -A & R

It’s Vegas, Baby!

We are here, and we’ve filmed a blog to celebrate!! So far, it has been a weekend of getting reacquainted, relaxing, and resting, but we found the time to shoot a quick update.

Cant wait for the show, hope to see you there…and if you can find the time to stop by CliQue tomorrow before the show – we will be hanging out!

Until then….

Not our best vlog…but probably our shortest!!

-A & R

And I Cut So Far Before I Had to Say

I am so stupid. Well, I don’t really mean that but I do sometimes wonder what the heck I was thinking. Then, I question why I feel the way I do and remind myself of what is logical. I’m sure all of that was clear as mud. Let me explain.

These February Duran Duran shows were announced in the fall. It was the heart of the campaign season as I remember getting the tweet notification on my phone while I was working at the temporary campaign office. As soon as I saw that Duran was playing in Vegas, I texted Rhonda and returned to reporting numbers and keeping track of volunteers. While I was all for going and was excited that she, too, was all for it, I couldn’t think much about it. I was drowning in campaign materials. At the time, I assumed that the election would be long over so going wouldn’t be a problem.

Fast forward to now. February. Months later. While THAT election is over, another one is looming. As I have shared on here before, I’m working on a campaign for a local candidate. On Tuesday, there will be a primary. My candidate will make it through as there is only one other candidate still in the running. (The third candidate dropped out.) The results next week will give us the best idea of where the race stands as polling is not an option for a campaign of our size. This makes me nervous. Has my campaign plan been effective? How much more do we need to do after that to either stay up or catch up? This weekend is full of activities to reach as many voters as possible. Likewise, there are campaign events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. While I’m already feeling pressure to get everything done and to be effective, this adds some significant stress.

Beyond the worry about Tuesday’s result, I find myself also concerned about work. My students are about to start a big project that needs a little of time on my part to get it organized and to get them started. I am concerned that I’m so distracted that I am going to forget some key pieces. On top of that, my students have been…well…not super angelic. I worry that my room won’t be in one place when I return or that there will be massive bloodshed spilled. (I am exaggerating…slightly.) Of course, things are also piling up at my house. Bills have been sitting on my coffee table for far too long. The dishwasher is over flowing and my cat wonders if I sometimes don’t like him because I forget to see if he needs food.

Despite the need to deal with any and all of the above, what do I want to do?! I want to write up the agenda for the tour or see what needs to be done when it comes to transportation to the hotel. I want to watch Duran video’s from the show in Miami. Questions like will there be merchandise are wanting my full and undivided attention. Alas, I push through all that to get back to my to do list as I wonder if I should even be going on tour right now. The campaign only goes until April. My students could definitely use a more focused, less exhausted me. On top of that, I am concerned that the guilt over having gone will result in less fun and me not being able to really be in the moment. I don’t want that.

Part of me says that I should just cancel. I’m too all over the place to get myself in a state where I feel like I could leave everything behind for a few days. I even wonder if that is the mature, professional thing to do. Then, I stop this line of thinking. The candidate I am working towards knows that I won’t be around. She supports me going. My household chores will wait and I have a great sub coming in for me at work. They might even do better with her than with me. I need to stop this sense of guilt from even forming. After all, don’t I deserve a break? Am I not worthy to have fun sometimes? I think it is fair to say that I work hard (and a lot). Even during my snow days, I worked. I have worked each and every day since November except on Christmas. I need this break. I will be better off for having it. I will be a better teacher and a better campaign manager.

So, why do I have to battle this line of thinking? Is it that women are taught by society that we have to take care of everything and that when we do something for ourselves we are being selfish? I definitely think that is part of it. I feel bad because being on tour is about me, my good times, my enjoyment. Could it also be that a part of me has bought into the notion that fandom isn’t important or that there would be something wrong with me if I’m too into it? That could be, too. I’m only human. I could have internalized all that. I also think part of it is simply that when I get involved with something, I care about the outcome a lot. It is what makes me a good teacher and a good organizer for political actions/movements.

All that said, I’m going to be done worrying. Yes, I have a massive list of what needs to get done before I leave Wisconsin on Thursday morning. It will be an intense week, but I am pretty sure that the reward at the end will be worth it.


Live Beside It, Laughing Till You’re Crying

You might have heard that Wisconsin has had quite a winter. Actually, it started out quiet and very mild and then it took a turn. We have experienced almost the entire season’s snowfall in a few weeks on top of having beyond frigid temperatures. This has resulted in six snow days. I have been teaching for a long time and we have never had as much. In fact, the number is double the maximum number of days we had in the past. What the heck. Anyway, when I have been at work, there has been a lot of discussion about what to do with our curriculum now that we have a lot less days to work with. This led to a funny discussion.

Before I dive into the details, I have to provide some context. When I first started teaching at this school, the entire United States History Team consisted of women, except one. Even our assistant principal was a woman. Over time, this slowly changed. Now, I look around and realize that I’m the only woman among all men. How did that happen?! Luckily, the men I work with are generally good guys (not that I would ever tell them that!). They are well-aware that I’m a pretty outspoken colleague when it comes to issues surrounding women’s rights and women’s voices. (I do teach Women’s Studies, after all.) While they respect that and do try to check themselves, they also cannot resist to give me a hard time every once in awhile.

Earlier this week, we went over the daily topics for the next few weeks. By doing that, we realized that Wednesday the 20th would not be a teaching day. On that date, our juniors take the ACT. While many teachers proctor the exam, the 9th grade teachers like myself have a meeting. Then, the afternoon is usually open for us to work. This led me to literally shout out in glee. Is it because I don’t want to teach? No. It has to do with perfect timing! The free afternoon will give me time to get the plans for the substitute teacher ready. It will ease my stress at work tremendously.

You can imagine my colleagues shock when they heard me squeal. They know that I’m not usually one to enjoy teacher work days. This forced me to explain that I will be gone on the 21st and 22nd while still giving minimal information about where and why I will be out. It isn’t that I’m ashamed of my Duranie activities but knowing my colleagues, they would twist it, somehow, to give me a hard time. Finally, after too many questions, I told them that I would be in Vegas for Duran. Their response was super predictable. One of them said, “There you go again. Letting your life to be dedicated by a bunch of guys,” before laughing his head off. I laughed, too, especially after I threw a pencil at him.

I wasn’t even mad by the comment but clearly he doesn’t really understand fandom or at least my fandom. Yes, the subject of my fandom is Duran Duran, a bunch of guys. That’s true. Yes, I’m traveling to Vegas to see them live. Absolutely not a lie. While it might seem like my life revolves around them, it doesn’t. While I adore Duran shows and believe that seeing them live in the best way I could spend two hours ever, they are more the excuse, the icing on the cake. Yep. Duran Duran is the best excuse I have to get together with my friends, away from home.

My Duran Duran weekends do consists of hours watching, singing and screaming during those two hour concerts. More than that, though, they consist of spending time with my female friends. There is something that is good for my soul when I am surrounded with other women. While we might have really different lives, opinions, perspectives, etc, we do all have some shared experiences simply by being women and then by being Duran Duran fans. It feels safe.

For those of you who do not know me, let me share a little secret. I very much like to be in control as it makes me feel safe and protected. When I’m around my female friends, there is less of a need for that. Instead, I can let me hair down, so to speak, and just have a good time. This is a welcome relief from the day-to-day experience of what I call “normal.” Besides, who else can I laugh with when it comes to talking about how the aging fanbase needs different touring items now that we are in our 40s? Who else can I giggle with when we begin to discuss some of the band’s more interesting fashion choices or dance moves?

So, in reality, going on tour isn’t really about five guys in a band. No, it is about having a girls weekend spending time doing what we love best.


VIP Packages, Homework Reminder and More!

Can I go to Vegas tomorrow? Yes, I’m anxious to hang with my friends and see the band but more than that, I am ready for something other than the polar vortex that I’m currently living in. Yes, Madison is getting pounded. Yesterday, we had a record low of -23 as in 23 degrees below zero. Tonight and tomorrow, we are due for a bad snow storm. I’m seeing amounts of 6 to 9 or 12 to 15 inches of snow depending on the report before we experience wind chills as low as -55. I literally feel like I live in the Arctic. So, as I refresh my weather apps and school closings page, I will focus instead on some fun Duran related ideas.

VIP Packages

Up until this weekend, I hadn’t given much thought to what is included in the VIP packages for these upcoming February shows. I knew, of course, that they contained Duran related merchandise but I was not sure what was included. In fact, if someone had asked a week ago what it contained, I might have said it had the same stuff as the Paper Gods Tour. I would have been wrong.

The VIP package have three items: headphones, a bag and a travel mug. Yeah, I know. None of that sounds super exciting but I promise you that there are some neat features. Of course, all of the items have the most recent Duran logo as you can see here:

I already have the travel mug and use it frequently. (Yes, I take it to work.) The best feature? I love that it keeps my coffee warm for a long time especially when I’m at work and often don’t get to my coffee for hours after the day starts. As for the headphones, I have yet to use them but I’m excited to try them out. If you have them, how are they? What do you think about their quality of sound? Durability?

The best part, though, in my opinion is the bag. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. Haven’t they sent enough canvass bags? Sure. They have included a lot of them but this one is super cool. If you look closely, the words are song titles. Duran Duran song titles. These titles are in order from the debut, self-titled album all the way to Paper Gods. I love it. I am actually thinking about framing it so I can use it as a poster of sorts. The red, white and black theme works for me, too.

Homework Reminder

Next week, you all have a “homework assignment” of sorts due. What am I talking about? Well, I assigned a little task that is due on February 2nd. I am looking for each and every one of you to send in a list of the 10 most representative Duran Duran songs, according to you! You can include any Duran track or even any side or solo project song, if you want. The list you send in can include singles, album tracks, covers, demos, whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as you think the songs show off Duran Duran the best. When you are done with your “homework,” you can send it in to our email (dailyduranie@gmail.com), or through a private message on our Facebook or Twitter. I thank all of you who have already sent in your lists!

Unofficial Meet-up

As I wrap up this little blog post, I turn my attention back to the shows in Vegas. While Rhonda and I haven’t been able to plan an official meet-up in Vegas, we do plan on being around. We get in Thursday afternoon (hopefully!) so by Thursday night, we will be hitting the town. Do watch our social media then about our locations as we would love to have everyone come and hang out with us or at least come by and say hi!

On that note, I’m off to check the most recent weather forecast. Wish me luck and send me warmth. Something tells me that I’m going to need it!