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This Past Week in Duranland – June 29 to July 6

Here is the summary of what has happened this past week with Duran Duran, at least from what I saw.  This is my attempt to keep my very busy self and the rest of you in the know of what is happening and what has happened.  If I missed something, which is highly likely, please let me know so that I could add it here!  For the most part, I’m using the official website and Duran’s social media sites for the information.

From the official website/DuranDuranMusic:

The official website posted an excerpt from an interview from the art director at the Vinyl Factory, which was responsible for both All You Need Is Now and A Diamond in the Mind on vinyl.  The excerpt shows some of the questions and pictures to represent the answers to those questions. If you are interested in all the questions and all the picture answers, head over to DuranDuranMusic!  The paid fan site also has another new interview.  This time, it is with photographer, Barry Fidnick, who took photos of the Unstaged screening at MoMA in the fall of 2013.  He also happens to be a huge fan!!  There is also a giveaway of a print from the MoMA screening!

From social media:

The band’s twitter and Facebook has been advertising some new items in the band’s online store.  Some of the new items include hats, a beach towel, a mug and a t-shirt.  I have already seen many a Duranie make purchases.  If you are interested in seeing the items or buying yourself, go here.  If you have gotten something you ordered, we welcome reviews!

Another piece of news is that Rio on vinyl is available on pre-order.  This is a double vinyl of the remastered edition from 2009.  The link for information is here.

Photos of Simon from a Vanity Fair photo shoot have appeared on the band’s social media.  These photos are of a sailing Mr. LeBon!  They are worth checking out!

Ultimate Guitar featured Khanada on bass guitar for those interested in learning to play it!  You can find that here.

Interview Magazine included an interview with Luxxury, which included their version of Planet Earth, which you can read here.  If you want to read Rhonda’s review of the song, go here.

What did I miss???  Please, let me know so that I can add it!


Planet Earth by LUXXURY – Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album

This is what happens when my kids are out of school…I become unfocused and miss things.  Big things!  Planet Earth-sized things!

This week, another single off the soon-to-be-released (July 2014) Making Patterns Rhyme album, curated by none other than Manimal Records, was released for our listening pleasure.    The album is being done for charity, benefitting Amnesty International. LUXXURY takes Planet Earth on a groovy ride, giving it a twist and throwing it back to dance into orbit.  Have you heard it?

I really like the groove on this one – they took the very best parts of Planet Earth and turned it up, ready for dancing.  On the other hand, I’m not sure how I feel about the vocals, done by Actually & Blake Robin. They aren’t bad, they’re just very different and done in a very “dream-like” atmospheric sort of way, which seems to be an ongoing theme with this vocals throughout the album. (See, even I have my moments where I need to remind myself that different is OK!) I think this one is going to take a bit to grow on me…but the music gives me enough to nod my head, and I still appreciate that they took enough liberties to make the song their own. What say you?


PS – I know I missed Wednesday covers this week.  I’ll make up for it next week!!!

Luxxury Edit – Girls on Film

Remember Moby’s Rio from last week?  I still see (and smell!) the smoke-tinged air from Duran Duran’s Facebook burning up with flaming comments from Duranies and diehards that weren’t necessarily in support of Moby’s interpretation.  I just don’t think I’ve seen that kind of anger and (mostly unjustified) vitriol regarding something that Duran Duran has been involved with since….well, ever.

Well, this is another week…and what I’m about to share here is certainly no Moby’s Rio. This week, Manimal shares an edit (By LUXXURY) of Girls on Film. To my ears, it’s pretty much a remix, and well-done at that. What you’ll hear when you listen is a fantastic bass line brought to the forefront with a solid dance beat not unlike the original, just a bit reimagined and brought up to date.

The only complaint I can imagine reading from fans is that it’s just a remix…and if I see that today, I’ll chuckle to myself knowing that once again…there is really no pleasing everyone.

This edit will not be on the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme album, in fact a LUXXURY edit of Planet Earth will take that place; but Manimal chose to share this edit with the world as a bonus. Here’s the link, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Luxxury - GOF

Girls On Film – LUXXURY (Soundcloud)