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City of Night Tour 2020

Anybody need more shows to look forward to for spring??

How about going to Birmingham??

No, no…I don’t have Duran Duran shows to announce…but Andy is going out on tour! The other day, Andy announced several dates on a solo tour during the month of May to promote his upcoming album. I don’t know how long it has been since Andy has done a solo tour, but I’d venture to guess it’s been a decade or few! Catch him while you can! Dubbed the City of Night tour 2020, here are the details:

May 1 Crescent Club, Cullercoats

May 6 Gorilla, Manchester

May 7 O2 Institute2, Birmingham

May 15 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Tickets sold through Livenation UK.

In more Andy news, he took to Twitter yesterday to announce that “Love or Liberation”, was nominated for Best British Single in the Planet Rocks 2020 Awards. Put your fingers to work and vote for Andy here.

It’s great to see good things happening for Andy and we’re happy to help get the word out for him however we can.

The blog is short today, I’m sorry about that – but I’ll be back on Thursday with more!


Manchester Reflection: Fear and shame becomes the violent breath

I want to first apologize for NOT making comments on the Manchester bombing when I wrote yesterday’s blog.  There were several reasons for this, most of which had nothing to do with emotion and everything to do with logistics.

However, 40-hours post bombing (give or take) now, I suppose I do have something to say.

First of all, as you all know – I’m American. I’ve been to the UK twice in my entire life, so it’s not as though I can count it as my home. But somehow, I do feel that way. No, I’ve never lived there, but I think part of my heart remains there regardless. It comes with loving this band, adoring the people I call my UK friends, and some of my favorite people on the planet being British. I love the UK. I love how different it is, yet so similar to “home”. I embrace the cultural differences, and the fact that even while being given a thorough tongue-lashing by a Brit – it STILL  somehow sounds far more polite and refined than when I call someone a jackwagon. Or worse. (probably worse, let’s be honest)  I wasn’t there in the Manchester Arena the night of the incident, I wasn’t in the UK at all. I was here at home, but when I read some of the tweets from friends who live in Manchester, my heart was with you. No, it didn’t happen to me. But somehow, it feels like it did. I witnessed it all unfold with friends online, just as I’m sure many of you reading experienced as well.

Secondly, I’m a concert-goer, just like many (if not all) of you who are reading. I think as Duran-fans, we know the significance of Manchester Arena. As concert-goers, as long time fans, we all know what it is like to be one of those little girls, or little boys, in an arena. As a parent, I know what it is like to send a child to their first concert, or to go along with that child and see their eyes light up as the show begins. As an adult, I know what a concert means to me. It is my safe place. I love music. I adore it. Music is what makes me come alive. The energy flows through my veins like blood, and when I’m at a show – yes, particularly Duran Duran – but any show is like this, it is when I feel like I’m the most ME. To have that space violated rocks me to the core. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.  It doesn’t make me sad, it makes me angry. Very angry.

In 2015, when the mass shooting at The Bataclan in Paris happened, I was also here at home, working on a poster with my youngest for school. When the news broke, I can remember stopping whatever I was doing and slowly sitting in a chair because I knew the band was in Paris. When they mentioned who had been playing at the Bataclan that night, I felt a shiver go down my spine. It was far, far too close to home for my taste. I can remember frantically tweeting the band and Dom, hoping any one of them would respond. It seemed like hours before someone finally answered, assuring us that they were fine. I think when Dom finally tweeted that he and Martha were fine, I wrote back saying that if I could hug them both right then, I would. And that’s 100% accurate. All I could think about was that they had kids, and that they were both there that night. You’d have thought I knew them personally. I didn’t – and still don’t. I’m just some weird woman from the US to them. But I was relieved, regardless.

I just don’t know if I ever felt really angry about the Bataclan, though. At the time, I was just so relieved. I mean, in some ways it’s silly – the band doesn’t know me. They aren’t my personal friends, but even so, I felt relief knowing they were safe. I wouldn’t have wanted anything horrible to happen to them, in other words. That feeling of relief was far stronger than anger for me at that point. Sure, I was shocked and horrified by the incident – I still am when I think about it, which is exactly why I try not to dwell on it – but I wasn’t angry.

This time though, I’m furious.

This isn’t about being a mama bear, protecting my (or anyone else’s) young. It’s the idea that some asshole decided that his beliefs were more important, more “right”, than the lives of every other soul in that building and surrounding area that night. It is the fact that a concert is the one place where many can go and completely be themselves. It is the belief that music is healing. It is a place to go when the world is closing in, and escape can be found, if only for a few hours. A concert is a place of celebration, of hope, joy, and love. And that night, some idiot tried to ruin that for not only the people who were there in Manchester, but for everyone in the world.  Now, I’m angry.

Yes, I’m also sad for the lives lost and forever changed that night. I have a difficult time thinking about the kids, particularly because I’m a mom, I’m sure. But it’s also because at one time, I was one of them. Part of the reason I still go to concerts is because when I’m there dancing to music, I still feel like one.  My heart hurts when I think about how so many souls went to a concert in Manchester that night and didn’t ever go home. No one should have to die just because they went to a concert.

I’m also angry because no matter how much we say we won’t change the way we live – we are. It’s not about the damn metal detectors or about a simple bag check at the door, either. I see friends openly arguing on social media about whether or not they should continue to allow burkas to be worn on the streets of the UK, or about armed police presence.

I see racism in places that (quite frankly) know better. I’ve been called names purely because I didn’t agree with something someone else said, or because I wanted to stop being angry about an election for one single day so that I could enjoy a freaking holiday with my family. That doesn’t make me a Nazi, or a Nazi sympathizer, people. It makes me FUCKING HUMAN. I can see how our world is changing, and honestly – THAT is what scares me. It’s not the terrorists themselves. I have a better chance of being flattened by a bus than I do being killed by a terrorist. I’m far more afraid of what is to come from an argument between friends about building a wall or allowing refugees into a country than I am about some lunatic shooting up a nightclub.

I’m not about pushing my personal beliefs on others. I’m not going to tell you how I feel about walls, refugees, burkas, or praying to cabbages, for that matter. All I know is that fear is a strong motivator. It coaxes and lures us to act in ways we never thought we might otherwise, and I’m angry that fear is changing our world.

I will leave you with one last thought for today.  I find it hauntingly poetic that the one thing that has the ability to bridge all cultures, languages and beliefs – music – was targeted to display such violence and hate in Manchester.

I don’t have a lot of answers, I just know that fear isn’t going to solve this.


They Played…WHAT?!?

Last night, Duran Duran opened up their UK Tour in Manchester.  While that event would be significant enough to blog about, it became very clear that the focus of today’s blog would be something much more specific after seeing and receiving tweets, posts, etc. about last night’s setlist!  If you haven’t seen it yet, let me post it here:

Manchester Setlist

General Observations

Now, if you know anything about me, I could probably analyze this setlist for hours.  I will try to refrain from going overboard to just give a few observations.  First, before I even dive into the setlist itself, I notice that at the very top of this setlist are the words, “Version 7”.  I guess that means that there were 6 versions before that!  I am well-aware of how much debate, discussion, etc. goes into the band’s setlist and this just proved it to me once again.  I would love to know what was on the other versions!  Something else I noticed before I get to the songs themselves is the number of tracks and how some clearly blended into each other.  If you count each song played (partially or otherwise), the band played 22 songs.  Not bad.  That said, 5 of those songs were blended together.  The first one being Sunrise and New Moon.  My understanding is that they didn’t play  all of New Moon.  The other part of the setlist with blended tracks included Danceophobia, Too Much Information and Girls on Film.  They did the same for the US tour.  In that case, I have to assume that they played almost all of those tracks.  (If I’m wrong on this, Manchester attendees, let me know!)

Surprise Songs

By now, everyone in Duranland has probably seen or heard that Duran busted out some unexpected songs!  The first one, Only in Dreams, was a new one off of Paper Gods.  This brought the number of Paper Gods tracks up to 6 from the 5 that they had been playing in the US.  I have been anxiously refreshing YouTube to see if anyone has put this video up for the world to see.  So far, no Only in Dreams.

The next surprise song was Love Voodoo!  If someone would have said that they would have played this one without me getting lots of confirmations that they did, I wouldn’t have believed him/her.  This is not a song that often gets in my radar but, from what I could tell, people were absolutely thrilled that they decided to dive into an album track like this one!  Like Only in Dreams, I haven’t seen anything on YouTube but I did see a clip on Duran Duran Argentina’s Facebook page, if you are interested!

Of course, the biggest surprise and probably the most welcome for many fans was the inclusion of New Moon on Monday.  This is a song that many, many, many fans love and figured that they would never have a chance to hear live, including myself.  I would love to hear any or all of it live.  I know that some attendees were disappointed that the band didn’t play the whole song, which I can understand, but I figure that some is better than nothing!  This one I did find on YouTube and I have to admit that it sounds absolutely fabulous!!!

Other Reactions

In general, most fans seem to be thrilled with this setlist!  While, yes, some might argue (and probably rightly so) that there still could be more changes, fans do appreciate that they included these surprise tracks.  Many US fans, for example, expressed hope that they continue playing songs like New Moon when the band comes back to the States.  I can’t blame them as I feel the same way.

While most of the reactions were generally positive, there were still some fans who pondered the decision to include representation of some albums over others.  Let’s look at album distribution from this setlist:

First Album – Planet Earth, Girls on Film (2 songs)
Rio – Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer, Rio (3 songs)
Seven and the Ragged Tiger – New Moon on Monday (1 song)
Wild Boys and A View to a Kill
Notorious – Notorious (1 song)
Big Thing – I Don’t Want Your Love (1 song)
Liberty- (0 songs)
Wedding Album – Come Undone, Love Voodoo, Ordinary World, Too Much Information (4 songs)
Thank You – White Lines (1 song)
Medazzaland- (0 songs)
Pop Trash- (0 songs)
Astronaut – Sunrise (1 song)
Red Carpet Massacre- (0 songs)
All You Need Is Now- (0 songs)
Paper Gods – Paper Gods, Last Night in the City, Only in Dreams, Pressure Off, Danceophobia, What Are the Chances (6 songs)

Clearly, Paper Gods ruled the setlist.  What is interesting to me is how the Wedding Album wasn’t that far behind.  In fact, they played more tracks from that album than Rio!  That is a lot!  Then, of course, there weren’t any from Liberty, Medazzaland, Pop Trash, and Red Carpet Massacre.  Generally, none of those albums were fan favorites so that is not surprising that there wasn’t any representation in the setlist.  Some fans did wonder why there wasn’t any representation from All You Need Is Now.  That is a question I can’t answer.  Some fans felt strongly that this was an insult since so many fans loved that album.  While I, too, love that album, I have to assume that they aren’t playing anything off it for a good reason.

No matter the reaction to last night’s setlist, one thing is certain.  I’m anxious to see what the rest of the set lists looks like from here on out!


Duran Duran History – Manchester 1998

Today’s Duran Duran History takes us back 16 years to 1998 when Duran Duran played at the Apollo in Manchester, UK.  Duran Duran did not play many shows that year–just 12 in their Latests & Greatest Tour.  These shows took place in the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

According to setlist.fm, the set list was as follows:

Planet Earth
Is There Something I Should Know
A View to a Kill
Come Undone
Crystal Ship
Careless Memories
Big Bang Generation
Save a Prayer
Friends of Mine
All She Wants Is
Ordinary World
Out of my Mind
Wild Boys
Electric Barbarella
Hungry Like the Wolf
Girls on Film
Secret Oktober
The Reflex

What do you think of that set list?