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This Past Week in Duranland: September 1 to September 7

I don’t even know where to begin!  It was a crazy week!!!  The biggest event was Duran Duran’s performance at the unveiling of the latest Madza Miata on Wednesday, September 3rd.  This event and everything surrounding the event led to quite of bit of activity in the Duran universe.  Frankly, I’m still reeling from all of it!  I’ll do my best to summarize all that and more!

Did you miss Duran’s performance at the Madza private gig?  Did you miss Rhonda’s blog post about it?  Can’t find it on YouTube?  Simply go here to see the video and read about Rhonda’s reaction to the whole deal!  You could also check out duranduran.com for a few pictures!  Now, many people expressed concern about Anna Ross since she was not at the performance in Monterey, California. Apparently, she had hurt her back and was unable to travel.  We hope that she is feeling better!!

Of course, a lot more went on within the fan community due to that particular show.  Let me break it down for you and in no particular order.

Since Duran Duran were hired by Madza to play at this private gig and had performed recently in Moscow for a pharmaceutical company, many opinions about playing for corporations were voiced among the fan base.  Rhonda entered her opinion on this blog post.  The debate raged on.  My question is this.  Is Fashion Rocks different?  Is the Grand Prix Formula1 event different or are they all corporate gigs?

During the actual event, there was quite a bit of activity on both Twitter and Facebook as we hosted a viewing party.  If you wanted to check out the action on Twitter, the hashtag used was #DDMadza whereas the action on Facebook could be found on the event page.  While there was much frustration by the back-up singer, possible sound problems, Duran not having the best performance, only being able to see 3 songs and more, people seemed to enjoy reacting with other Duranies!  I know that I did!  We thank each and every person who participated!!!

Then, of course, there was quite a bit of discussion about a certain retweet by Duran Duran, which you can read about in this post. Some people were offended by it and others weren’t.  I have already made my point with the post but here’s the thing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if retweets didn’t offend ANY FAN even if it didn’t bother you?!  Can’t we all agree to that?!

Of course, not all of the discussion after the fact had to do with the retweet, performance, corporate gig.  Oh no, there was quite a bit of discussion on OUR twitter on Friday afternoon about a certain shot during the performance of a certain bass player and his anatomy.  It seemed that my dear friend, Rhonda, forgot who was the John Taylor fan around here!  (Oh no, I won’t forget that anytime soon, Rhonda!)  If you are interested in THAT discussion, you should be following us on Twitter (@DailyDuranie).

Was there more?  Honestly, I was on overload with just ALL that!  Yet, of course, next week is going to be crazy as well with Fashion Rocks and the Unstaged screenings.  Speaking of what is coming up, if you look on our home page, below our logo on the left hand side, we have all the upcoming Duran events listed and will update as needed.  This way everyone has one place to look for what will be happening.  (I also can better keep track!!!)

Seriously, what did I miss in this summary?!



Mazda MX-5 Unveiling – Monterey, CA

I have much to comment on, but I will start with a couple of admonitions to the general public since we have gained ourselves quite a few new readers since joining WordPress last January, and they haven’t been around long enough to see us review a live show before.  Since the hiatus and LOOOONNNNNGGG years of recording this new album that we’ve yet to see, feel, hear, and hold, we’ve really refrained from getting into fan-politics or any of the social science aspects of fandom.  I’d like to welcome you all back to reality now.  So…. first of all, I am sarcastic…probably to a fault, but I consider it a gift to get through my everyday life.  Amanda is less sarcastic than I am, but she’s also the one to really point out what is really insane about our fan community. She will dive into really tough topics that I will likely just poke fun at.  She’s smarter than I am, much better researched…and nicer than I am, so good luck with that. If you read something of mine and don’t see the humor right away, you should probably try again. I make no apologies for my wickedly dry jokes, and yes…I WILL criticize the band if I see fit.  Learn to love it.  Secondly, I might even criticize fans if I think they’re out of line.  Again, learn to find the humor in what we write and recognize that everything we do for Duran Duran and the fan base comes from a place of love, respect and completely honesty.  If you can’t, this blog is liable not to be your cup of tea, and we can accept that. We will talk about the “tough stuff”, the “fun stuff” and even the “fangirly stuff”.  I will openly gush AND complain in the same blog post…and you’ll like it!  Oh, and sometimes…we might even end up being wrong. That’s extremely rare though.  (Sarcasm, people.  Read the sarcasm…)  Lastly, I’m wordy. Learn to grab food and beverage BEFORE you sit down to read.  That’s your final warning.

Today is one of those days where I am thankful for all the goodness that is found on Youtube. As many know, last night – interested parties (or those who were able to stay up late enough…or get up early enough) were able to watch the band’s performance for the Mazda MX-5 unveiling in Monterey, California.  Going into the afternoon, I had been told that the band would only perform for a half-hour. What I’ve come to understand since, is that the live stream would only be a half-hour in length, which it indeed was. Those at home were treated to a precious three song set that lasted just thirteen minutes. (In fairness DDHQ did say that we would see highlights from the show, not the full set.) For those there in person, they saw about ten songs performed – perhaps about an hour long set.  In any case, Daily Duranie took over the internet last night – Amanda handled Facebook, while I worked Twitter. We live-tweeted (and posted) throughout the show, starting at about 5:30ish (PDT) and continuing until just after the performance when I was called away to cook my starving family some dinner.  (Note to self: teach family to cook their own meals.)  No matter, the point I was making here is simply that last night I found it very difficult to tweet AND watch at the same time. So, I watched the clip of the show on Youtube this morning. Twice. 🙂

Here it is for your viewing:

So where to begin? First of all, we had a great turnout online. DDHQ (management) might not want to acknowledge our efforts, but Daily Duranie had the place going last night. Duran Duran was trending in various places on social media, and the #DDMazda hashtag was all over the place. Not bad for a thirteen minute online show. We were in contact with a couple of people who were AT the show live, and as things would get tweeted, I would turn around, add the #DDMazda hashtag and send it out as a sort of play-by-play for people to follow. (Thanks Diane!!)  As I said to her: it truly takes a village to love this band and satisfy Duranies.  When the show started, we were “treated” to someone from Mazda (the project director, I believe) coming out and talking about the car and why they chose Duran Duran. He said he was a fan of the band, and the Miata and Duran Duran were both products of the 80s, so that’s the connection.  (At least it’s the connection they came up with to explain why Duran Duran was playing their corporate gig.  I can appreciate that.)

So on to the show, right? Well….first we had to watch some propaganda about the car and then be introduced to the Miata, which in MY head looked very much like the Miata from the 80s. I was underwhelmed, but then again, I wanted Dom and the rest of those guys he plays with on the stage. (Yeah, yeah I know he’s not “a permanent member” of the band. He’s permanent in MY version of Duran Duran though…and yes, I do still like those Taylor brothers along with The Controller and Simon.)

I think the Mazda people started noticing that the restless Duranies and finally announced the band. They started with A View to a Kill, which seemed to be a rough song to open with for a number of reasons.  First of all, and this isn’t necessarily a complaint…more of an observation really, but there was a TON of bass in the sound. Plenty of guitar as well, about which I will not complain.  However, and this is likely to upset some of you out there – I thought Simon’s vocals were extremely strained. I don’t know if he hadn’t warmed up or if the jet lag had hurt him or if it was the sound in general, but he sounded very strained in parts. I just think AVTAK is a tough song to start with for a show unless Simon comes on stage VERY warm and very loose in the vocal chords and throat.  It could have been any number of things, and I’m really not finding fault as much as I’m expressing concern. None of us want a redo of 2011, and so yes, there’s some sensitivity there, at least on my part.

Next up was Hungry Like the Wolf, a personal favorite of mine as most of you know.  Just LOOOVEEE that song to bits and pieces. The first thing I noticed was the back-up singer that Simon had to call out on stage. This was not Anna Ross and it appeared she needed sheet music.  I didn’t notice her too much in this song, but take heed…. Again, lots of bass…and I’m still not complaining.  It was in this song though that my head nearly exploded (a common occurrence as you’ll see in the coming months/years I am sure) because I was treated (oh wait, ALL of us were treated…sorry about that) to my beloved DoJo at center stage for all the folks at home, and perhaps even for the audience…which was filled mostly with balding middle-aged Mazda car designers, marketing, product line developers, etc. Dueling bass/guitar.  I’d forgotten how much I love those two.  I don’t know how many of you caught Simon’s line of “I’m lost in this crowd”, but when I heard that this morning, I nearly spit my coffee at the screen.  Truer words were never spoken…at least during THIS gig.

Finally was All You Need is Now. I love this song live. I think many fans do…so we were expecting a rousing performance given that it has been over two years since they’ve played it on US soil….and I’m sure it would have been had their “Not Anna Ross” known her lines. And harmonies.  Granted, I have to think that this was a last minute replacement in probably much of the same vein as the time when DOM was a last minute replacement.  It’s not going to be perfect when you have zero rehearsal time. You’re probably going to need the music. You’re probably going to need to have actually listened to the song more than once.  You might even need the fans to sing your part FOR you….but sadly none of this really happened.  Instead, we heard completely incorrect words, harmonies that weren’t even remotely CLOSE to being correct, and I watched as Simon had to turn around and try to coach the poor girl.  It was a really, really rough performance, and let’s face it – Duran fans (including myself) are pretty unforgiving.  So while I’m pointing out the issues, believe me, I get it. I know she really didn’t have a chance and she did the best she could. I also could hear that HAD she known the music and words, she had a lovely voice.  I just really hope that Anna will be back soon.  REALLY soon.

After AYNIN, the stream ended. There wasn’t even a “thanks for joining us”.  We got nothing.  Mazda really needs work when it comes to doing these because you have to communicate SOMETHING with those who are watching at home.  While I applaud the effort to stream it at all, I wish it would have been a little smoother.  Eventually DDHQ tweeted something saying “thanks for joining us” and that’s when we could tell it was over.  Thirteen teensy minutes. That said, it was wonderful to see the band live again. I have been complaining since September of 2012 that I missed them (It is true, I went back and checked the blogs), and even so – I didn’t realize how much until last night. Well, that’s not true. I realized how much I missed them when my friend Krista sent me the picture of Dom holding up a sign saying hi to me…but that was yesterday’s blog.  🙂


This Past Week in Duranland (August 25 to August 31, 2014)

It seems to me that each and every week in the Duran Duran universe is getting more and more exciting.  After a very long time of not very much happening, we now seem to have announcements each week!  I love it, but it is harder to keep up.  We do our best to react quickly to each and every piece of news.  In fact, we are very committed to this.  If we are going to keep a daily blog, it has to be DAILY, at the very least.  Sometimes, I question our sanity and then go right back to work.

This week saw two big news items on the band’s official website:

First, on the 25th, we learned that Duran Duran is going to play Austin, Texas, on Saturday, November 1st as part of the Grand Prix Formula 1 Fan Fest.  While tickets are available to this show, they are not cheap due to the larger event.  For information, you can read the official press release here.  If you want to read Rhonda’s blog post about it, you can go here.

Second, by the 28th, we had all learned that Duran Duran would be performing at the official unveiling of the Madza MX-5 Miata in Monterey, California, on Wednesday, September 3rd.  Since it a private event, there were no tickets available to the public, but there were some lucky fans in the fan club who won tickets to the event.  Yet, according to the press release, which you can read here, all is not lost for the majority of fans as highlights will be shown on Madza’s YouTube channel.  How did we respond to this?  We do what we always try to do–use it as a way to bring fans together.  In this case, we are hosting an online event, which you can read about and join in here.

The band’s official fan club reminded all of us about Denis O’Regan’s book, Careless Memories.  To see what is included in the book and to order, go to: http://www.ddcarelessmemories.com/books/elite-edition.  If you do get one, please, let us know how it is!

If all that wasn’t enough, there was some interesting activity on social media this week, too!

While the band’s Facebook and Twitter reminded us all about the upcoming events of Austin, Monterey, and Unstaged.  They also reminded us that Fashion Rocks is coming up quickly!  In fact, they posted a picture from the band’s In Style photo shoot that was done for Fashion Rocks.  I highly recommend checking it out!!!

We also learned via certain Twitter accounts (*coughJohnTaylorDomBrowncough*) that the band went to Moscow.  From there, we found out that they went there for a private concert for a Russian pharmaceutical company.  Some of our friends who are far better at searching for Duran Duran alerts found a few clips from this performance.


Ordinary World

What will next week bring?  We shall see and it shall be interesting.  Just in case, you need the upcoming Duran dates listed in one place:

September 3rd:  Madza Private Party and Daily Duranie Durandemonium Online Viewing Party 6 PM PST

September 9th:  Fashion Rocks

September 10th:  Unstaged Screenings

September 14th:  Other Unstaged Screening

November 1st:  Show in Austin

What am I missing?!?



Set the Story Alight: Online Viewing Party

What are YOU going to be doing on Wednesday, September 3rd?!  We all know that Duran Duran will be playing at a private show for Madza as the company unveils the Mx-5 Miata in Monterey, California.  While the vast majority of us couldn’t be there, we won’t be totally missing out!  Oh no, the highlights, at least, will be aired on Madza’s YouTube channel.  Details as well as a link to the YouTube channel can be found on duranduran.com, which you can read about here.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m absolutely dying for a show, for a performance, for something.  It has been WAY, WAY TOO LONG.  Thus, I will take any and all highlights they will share!!!

Obviously, Rhonda and I knew that we could all just watch the highlights by ourselves. This led to us envisioning each and every Duranie alone in front of the computer screen, longing not only Duran Live but also their friends. While I’m sure that every Duranie out there would be mildly entertained by watching the highlights all alone, we know that it would be tons more fun if we all watched the highlights together!!! Of course, we all can’t be in the same room at the same time, but we can all be online together at the same time!  We did it for the Sing Blue Silver viewing on Duran Duran Appreciation Day!  So, how would this work?  Simple. We all tune into Madza’s YouTube channel at 6 pm PST (or 8 pm CST or 9 pm EST, etc):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ihuy4gj2w-AYEQXRnUdUA.  As we watch, we will discuss, react, *squee* online with each other!

While we will all be watching the YouTube channel, we will be doing the fan reaction thing in a couple of places.  First, if Twitter is your preference, then, it is simple.  Tweet out your thoughts, but make sure that you are using the hashtag #DDMadza so we can all find the tweets about the highlights!  Second, if you prefer Facebook, the best place to discuss/react/squee is on the event page.  Yes, that’s right.  We have an official event page for this little viewing party, which you can find here.  I’m sure that Rhonda and myself will be splitting duties as we did for the Sing Blue Silver viewing party.  One of us will be on Twitter and one on Facebook.  Yet, if we feeling ambitious, we might try to hit both online places.  Ha!  The key here is simple.  We want to make this event super fun for all of us dying-for-a-show as we know that watching Duran is great but watching with other fans is the BEST.  Beyond that, though, we would love to get Duran trending like we did for Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  Let’s help to remind the world that not only is Duran is still around but they are still kicking ass.

Between now and Wednesday, we ask you to do a couple of favors.  First, go to that Facebook event and RSVP.  The link is:  https://www.facebook.com/events/277931022416579/?notif_t=plan_user_joined.

After that, share the event with all of your friends both on Facebook and on Twitter so that they, too, can join and share away!  We would love to have all 2.5 million fans of Duran Duran on Facebook attending and participating!  (Now, I know that for some of you the time of the event sucks.  We hate that it isn’t good for everyone.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the time.)

Let’s remind each other of the fun we have together and let’s show the world that Duranies mean business when it comes to helping Duran be successful!


We’re In Business, You’re On the Hit List

You can file this under the ever-growing “Can’t we all just be HAPPY?” tab in the Duranie cabinet.

Today’s news brings the tidbit that alas, I will not be making a hasty drive up to Monterey next week. I will not be missing the chance to  walk my youngest into her new first grade classroom on the first day of school, and I will not have the incredible opportunity to (probably) hear Hungry Like the Wolf again.  *deep, sigh* (whether that’s a sad sigh or a cleansing one clearly depends on your point of view. I’ll let you decide)

Seriously though, I’m OK. Sure, I was disappointed when I didn’t win, but I kind of figured it was a slim chance anyway. I got over the idea that I wouldn’t be driving five hours up and then another five hours back home within a 24-hour period pretty darn quickly. My luck is pretty terrible by nature, and I’ve gotten used to the fact that “many enter, few will win”.  I hope the winners all have a great time!!  I just don’t have time to be negative, you know?

On the upside, Duran Duran announced something today that I think could be fun –  the show they’re playing at next week is for Mazda (I love it when my detective work pays off and is correct!) to unveil the Mx-5 Miata in Monterey. The good news is that the show, or highlights thereof, will be filmed, and WE can view it online at Mazda’s YouTube channel.  Check out the details here on duranduran.com I don’t know how much of Duran’s performance will actually be shown on YouTube, but given that most of us haven’t really seen them play since 2012 – we’ll take what we can get! Daily Duranie will set up a viewing party very similar to what we did for Duran Duran Appreciation Day…so be on the lookout for information in a future blog. We’re looking forward to “seeing” all of you!

Back to the point of this post though, why can’t we all just be happy they’re playing?? I’ve seen so much negativity today, it’s really kind of pathetic. Much of it comes in the form of “You’re totally selling out by doing shows like this.”  Really?  Could someone please explain to me how playing shows they’re being paid to play is selling out?  ‘Cuz…you know when YOU buy a ticket to see them play somewhere, they’re being paid, right?  That’s kind of the way this all works. Is it just a matter of who is paying them?  So it’s OK for the band to make money off of the people who love them and have worshipped them forever, but it’s not OK for the band to make money off of brands and/or products.  Interesting. Or, it’s OK for the band to make money off of fashion, perfume, maybe even alcohol brands (because you know they’ve done shows sponsored by Baileys and Smirnoff among others)…but not cars.  You also know that they’ve done private gigs for people able and willing to pay them before, including corporations, right??

*scratches head*

This is all ridiculous. While I wouldn’t necessarily argue that yogurt felt a little weird – the point is that the band is being paid to play, and I’d probably guess they’re being paid a lot of money to play. Good for them. It costs real money to create and record an album. Nile Rodgers doesn’t work for free. Neither does Mark Ronson. I’m sure Ben Hudson isn’t free….and for that matter, neither are Dom and Anna, or management or their team or the many, many other people that work for Duran Duran.  I’m well-aware that the band doesn’t NEED to record albums and they don’t NEED to play live. But the fact is, they choose to do those things, and it costs money to do them….and we’re VERY glad they do! This is a BUSINESS. The band doesn’t put their own personal paychecks or savings right back into the band to pay producers or put on tours…not after 30 years of being a band.  The business has to self-sustain, so in order to make those albums, they’ve got to have money. In order to tour, they’ve got to make money, and that’s not exactly as easy to do now as it was back in 1985. Before fans say they shouldn’t act as shills for cars or anything else, perhaps fans should take a basic business economics class and understand what they’re saying first.

Bottom line, be glad the band is still playing.  Who really cares where?  It’s one show of many to come. Pay attention to the music, support the band however you can, and BE HAPPY.  Life is incredibly short, stop wasting time with negativity.






Let Me Know if You’re Coming Down to Land

Can’t we all just be happy?

Amongst all of the excited chatter on Twitter and Facebook yesterday regarding the upcoming promo, Fashion Rocks, the “secret” show in Monterey, the Formula-One FanFest in Austin and anything else, it was clear that not all fans are quite so happy to see the band out and about.

If it wasn’t the ticket prices, or the secrecy about a private show, the glaring complaint was that the UK is being overlooked again. I’m assuming this means that since these first two shows aren’t in the UK, those fans feel kicked to the side. Remind me again, where exactly does the band live and record? How long has it been since the band has actually been to the states for a show – and actually played that show?  And what about the rest of the world, while we’re at it?

The band obviously cannot be everywhere at once. Many, MANY corporations are headquartered in the states, and corporate promotion is done here as a result. The band doesn’t pick show locations based on which fans they want to hang out with – those locations are based on where the money comes. This is a business and if the band isn’t making money, it’s just a hobby.

These are the first shows of many, and before anyone reminds me once again that “they always play more in the US”….you should probably reacquaint yourselves with the size and area of the US. It takes about 6.5 hours to fly across the US – on a direct flight. If you did that in the UK, you’d end up somewhere in Europe. We can’t travel the states by train – it would take a week to get from one side to another. So, no matter how many shows they play here, they can’t get everywhere there are fans.

Bottom line, we are lucky that the band is still playing and doing what they do. I will continue to say that whether they are in the states, the UK, Japan, or anywhere else. It’s a shame that after being home in the UK for an extended period of time to record, and seeing fans on a regular basis,one of the few times they dare step foot out of the country to play a few shows that they are likely being paid very well to play, there are already complaints about fairness.



When you talk about loyalty

If you did not hear the news about the Austin show or the “secret” show in Monterey, California yesterday, you must have been off of the internet yesterday and unlike me – you were probably very productive. Well done!

For me though, the day was, well…busy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like busy. This was the sort of busy that happens after months and months of nothing. This was the kind of busy that takes your breath away for a minute, and you have to kind of snap yourself back into reality, wondering what to announce first, whether or not you should blog, and most importantly…whether or not you should enter a contest, which brings me to the subject of this blog.  Sit back, relax and prepare to laugh.

There are always going to be shows that we can’t do. I, for instance, cannot really book a plane and head off to, say, South America. I would LOVE to do that, I really would, but if the band were to play in Argentina, I would probably have to pass on those shows. Yesterday when the band announced the show in Austin and I realized that the show was actually on a Saturday in November – within striking distance of my birthday, there was a brief second when I thought “What if?!?” It didn’t take me long to come crashing back down to reality when I saw the prices for the show. Not to mention that I’d need to travel and find somewhere to stay, but the ticket prices are pretty high. I can honestly say that Amanda and I have never paid anywhere near $575 for a ticket, and if you know us, you already know that there’s no way we would settle for the cheaper (HA!) balcony tickets at $325 a piece. Been there, done that, I need the floor thank you. For me, dreams of that trip ended. There are always going to be shows that we can’t do.

So, I spent a large portion of the rest of my day helping my daughter Heather start her dance applications for college. I’m going to apologize right now for bringing her up on the blog – because by the time she graduates in May and goes off to college in August of next year, you’re all likely to know her very well! It’s going to be a very stressful year for ME as a mom, and the way I’m planning to work through this is by talking about it here. I’m sorry. I just hope maybe that some of you will understand  and maybe use some of what I share to help your own kids out. Or else you can just laugh at our missteps, because I’m sure there are going to be PLENTY. Anyway, we were working on a dance essay. Let me share the topic: You’re choreographing a dance number for about 15 kids – the kicker is that those 15 kids are ALL YOU at various ages in your life, from 3 years old on up to your present age (which for her is 17). Describe the dance, the kids in the dance and how you might use some of these kids for special parts in the dance. What is your methodology? I sat and watched Heather’s brain basically explode before we started…so that was fun. This is application number ONE of like twelve. It’s going to be a long Autumn.

It wasn’t until late afternoon when someone sent me a direct message that I started paying attention to the internet again. The notification on my phone went off and I knew I’d better check it. Little did I realize that MY brain was about to explode. The message sent me the link to the information about the secret show in Monterey California, and in case you haven’t read it or know what I’m talking about – which is kind of important – here it is! (taken from duranduranmusic.com)

“Duran Duran will be playing a private show at a secret location in Monterey CA on September 3rd at 6pm. If you are a DD VIP member and are in the area (and, most importantly, will be able to attend) please send an email to ddvip@magusentertainment.com with MONTEREY in the subject line. 

Act fast as the deadline to enter is Wednesday August 27th at 5pm. We will randomly select 5 winners, who can bring a guest, and will announce on the Fan Community website on Thursday August 28th. 

Winners will receive all of the details via private email. 


Monterey is a little north of me as I live in Orange County – but what’s four or five hours of driving if we’re talking about Duran Duran?? As I mulled over the possibilities, three things came to mind:

1. I can drive to this show. Thus, it’s not REALLY “traveling” (I’ve been put on “traveling restriction” due to some silly thing about budgeting from the last tour….) Besides, it’s not really touring either, because Amanda cannot join me (and this for me is the real tragedy. I can just picture us on a road trip in my car going up to Monterey!!) I know how to split hairs, and this is totally just barely inside the current “Rivera Household Regulations”

2. This is the day BEFORE my kids start school. Thus, it is really still Summer! (never mind how I’m going to get my kids to school that following day)

3. I am not currently a paid member of Duranduranmusic.com.

Wait what?  Hold the phone…what?!?

That’s right. I gave up my membership quite a while ago. Truth be told, and I’ve blogged about this many, MANY times here – I felt that the management of DDM was well, awful. I know that we’ve gone through a couple different fan club management teams now, and I’ve noticed very little by way of actual improvements – but it was a couple (few?) years ago when, in a fit of disgust, I said no more. I would NOT pay money to an organization that couldn’t keep track of who was a member, who had paid, and most importantly – that did virtually nothing for it’s members. That’s not to say I didn’t love Duran Duran or that I felt as though they had anything directly to do with what was happening with DDM, but I had to make decisions based on what *I* knew. So I quit. I didn’t renew, and up until yesterday, I didn’t feel that I was missing anything. Amanda still had her membership, and when we bought tickets, she simply used hers. Other than that, she really didn’t use DDM much.

So, I sat there pondering point number 3 on my list. I alternately bit my thumbnail (horrible habit) and chewed my bottom lip (another terrible nervous habit of mine). Do I join? If I join, will it count? Can I still enter the contest? If I join, does it make me look like an ass for not renewing until there was a contest? I hate being a hypocrite, so how do I feel about DDM these days anyway? More lip chewing and nail biting.

I’m sure many of you would have bought the membership without even thinking twice. Still more of you already HAVE your membership and are probably thinking that I’m an idiot for not having one, but that since I’m not currently a member that’s my problem. You’re absolutely right on all accounts. Fair enough. For me, it’s the principle. I spoke with my dollars – the fan community sucked and I wasn’t going to pay for it. Has that really changed?

The ONE thing that has changed is that DDHQ brought DDM back in-house. They know what’s going on there because they’re the ones managing it. Now whether that’s going to be a resounding success or a disaster remains to be seen, but there is some comfort (at least in MY head) that the band’s management is now directly involved. That doesn’t mean it will be perfect, but you know – it might be improved. The platform itself is great, they just need people to run it that actually care. So, as I thought about that, I found myself filling out the information to rejoin.

So I did the one thing I swore I’d never do again…and that was be a part of DDM. Damn it. That said, I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it. I’m truly hoping that the site becomes a source of pride and somewhere for fans to gather rather than a laughing point amongst fans, but in either case I’ll be watching and reporting.

In the meantime, I’m trying very hard not to think about that contest. I typically have terrible luck, so while I’m crossing various appendages hoping that I win, I also realize that the chances are slim.  But, you can’t win if you don’t play, right?