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The time has come

After a late night, it was really nice to sleep in this morning—a luxury I rarely allow myself at home. When I woke up, I realized that today is the day!  Amanda should be driving in and other friends will be arriving. Tonight we will celebrate the beginning of our Summer Tour 2016.

Amanda and I will celebrate the completion of our massive rewriting project.  We made it to July, and Ravinia is happening tomorrow night!!

I did see a few posts from people who went to the Nashville show last night. Seeing that the show wasn’t rained out made me happy. No one likes seeing that happen. Everyone said the show was great, but the comments that stood out most to me were the ones about the friendship we share. I love seeing other people give testimony to things Amanda and I have felt for many years now.  The love of a band brought us all together. That’s amazing.  The music is outstanding, but the real gift has been the friendships we’ve made along the way.  I love seeing other people react similarly.

Right now, I am so thankful for just being here and having the chance to celebrate with everyone, I still couldn’t care any less about what the band is playing tomorrow night. Something about the past week or so has really been a kind of wake up call to just enjoy the moments. I keep telling my sister and my friends that I just want to have fun and not worry.  Just breathing and not thinking too hard has been a relief.

Every single time I’ve set out on one of these road trips, no matter the length,  I’ve learned something more about myself. I suppose this is all as much about personal discovery as it is listening to great music and losing my cares for a couple of hours each night.  This time, it seems that I’m learning how to live in the moment and not the little things get me down.  (And I haven’t even been to a single show yet!)

I hope to see many of you at the meet ups we’re doing, or at shows along the way. If you aren’t already following us on Twitter, you might join in—I’m sure Amanda and I will have plenty to say, some of which might even be printable!  We also have an Instagram that definitely be filling up too.  We’re ready to take everyone along on this road to insanity!

The rest of my morning includes preparing for Amanda’s arrival and getting this show—Summer Tour 2016—on the road!


This is our time!

I’m in Chicago!!

I landed at Midway yesterday after a very nice flight. Midway is not my favorite airport in the world, but the landing was beautiful.   We swept out over the water of Lake Michigan, affording me a quick view of the gorgeous Chicago skyline before we landed. I made my way to find my sister waiting in baggage claim, and after triumphantly wrestling my bag from the carousel, we met our Uber driver.  We drove along the gorgeous lakefront back to my sister’s place in Uptown, near Wrigley Field.  I love this city, and any time I can combine a trip to see my sister and friends with a Duran Duran show—I’m game.

It was late by the time we arrived at my sisters apartment. My stomach was still on California time, and it announced with a growl that food was needed. It isn’t easy to find places open and serving food at 10pm on a Tuesday—but thankfully Robin knew to take me to the Holiday Club.

Funny thing about the Holiday Club, we’ve had Duran Duran meet-ups there before in the past. They have a tiny little club off to the side of the “restaurant” area where they play 80s alternative.  The club looks like a cheesy sort of dive from the outside, and the one thing I remember most about the club from the inside is that the drinks were ridiculously expensive, and weak.  The thought of eating in the dank, low-key club amused me, and I was worried that I’d pay for that choice later. Robin and I chose a table in the main area of the restaurant, and I silently prayed that the food would be at least edible.  We ordered our food and some drinks (yes, you know I ordered a vodka tonic!) to celebrate being together in her city!

I forget that I’ve been an adult fan of this band for a long time now. Certainly things have changed at the Holiday Club since that meet up ten years ago. Well, I was about to be shocked. The food was fantastic!  I had a steak sandwich and Robin had a gigantic burger, and we sat and talked for a long time before walking back to her place. It is a relief to not need my car for a change.  In Southern California, we have no choice but to drive most places.  I love how you can walk nearly anywhere here, and that other forms of public transportation are readily accessible.

Today, we’re doing something I have never done.  We’re going to the Taste of Chicago! I can’t wait to walk the booths and try out different food.  It’s hot, humid with a slight threat of rain, and I can hardly wait.

Tonight also marks the beginning of this leg of the Paper Gods tour. Nashville – it is your turn!!  I hope everyone who is attending the show has a wonderful time.  I’m warming up Chicago for the band and friends arriving later in the week.  It’s tough work, you know. We’re going to make this one count!

Make it a great day, everybody!


Today in Duran History – Nashville 2000

On this date in 2000, Duran Duran played at the AmSouth Amphitheater in Antioch, Tennessee, located just outside of Nashville.  This show was part of the Pop Trash Tour.  This is a tour I have to confess to missing.  I was in graduate school, at the time, and didn’t have time or money for anything else extra.  This meant that any and every time I heard or saw something about Duran, I put it out of my mind quickly, knowing that if I didn’t, I would be sucked in!

I did look for a setlist for this show but was unable to find one.  Anyone out there have it?

For people who did attend this tour, what was it like?  How did it compare to other Duran tours?