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Duran Duran Pumpkin Carving Contest Voting!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  This year, we decided it would be fun to do a little pumpkin carving contest!  Of course, it had to be Duran Duran themed/inspired!  We had a number of people submit pictures of their carved pumpkins and now is the time that we can all vote on the best one!  The winner gets more than just our praise!  The creator of the best Duran inspired carved pumpkin gets a PunkMasters t-shirt of her choosing!! We cannot thank Patty enough for offering up a t-shirt for this!  It is super cool of her!!

Now, let’s get to the vote!  Poll will be open for a full 24 hours and winner will be announced tomorrow!  Good luck to everyone!!

I’m editing this post to include enlarged pictures of all the pumpkins before people vote!  Apparently, our polling toll does not allow for people to click to enlarge.  Instead, it counts the clicking as voting!

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin 1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin 2

Pumpkin 3

Pumpkin 3

Pumpkin #4




Pumpkin 4

Pumpkin #5

Pumpkin 5

Pumpkin #6

Pumpkin 6

Pumpkin #7

Pumpkin 7

Pumpkin #8

Pumpkin 8

Pumpkin #9

Pumpkin 9

Now, VOTE!

Duran Duran Pumpkin Carving Contest!

It’s time for a contest!!!

It has been a long time since we’ve run a contest here on the blog, so Amanda and I decided to try something crazy.  So today we are excitedly announcing:

  • 2013-10-Pumpkin-Wallpaper-Face-Background-High-Definition
  • Get yourself a pumpkin.
  • Carve it with your very best, and most creative Duran-inspired design. This design can be ANYTHING having to do with Duran Duran, including but not limited to Paper Gods!
  • Send us a picture, including your REAL NAME, to our GMAIL (dailyduranie(at)gmail(dot)com) by 11:59pm PDT on Friday, October 30.
  • Please do NOT submit photos on Facebook or Twitter – they cannot be accepted that way.
  • Pumpkins MUST be carved (painting is great but you have to carve too), and the pumpkins also have to be real. (no fake pumpkins, that way the same pumpkin cannot be used from year to year!!)
  • Subscribe to get Daily Duranie by mail here, on Facebook and on Twitter!!
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Photos will be posted and voted upon by all of YOU here on the blog on Halloween.  The pumpkin with the most votes wins, and will be announced on November 1st!  (In the unlikely event of a tie, Rhonda’s youngest child will choose the winner. She’s very picky and cannot be bribed. Good luck with that!)

What do you win?!? Not ONLY bragging rights of being the most creative pumpkin carver in all of Duranland…absolutely not!! This time, our friend Patty Palazzo is donating a PunkMasters T-shirt of the winner’s choosing (one t-shirt, design and sizing to be decided by the winner).  We think the prize is pretty cool and thank Patty for her generosity!

So get started! It’s never too early and we’re never too old to carve pumpkins!!!  Amanda and I are looking forward to seeing some amazing designs from the fanbase, and you never know, you might even see a pumpkin or two from us along the way as well!  😉

Questions? Ask away in the comments and/or send us an email.