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Duran Duran performed for One Night Only back in 2011 – do you remember?

I have this really cute desk calendar that Amanda created for me. She took the same dates in history that we use for the blog, found photos for them, and then put them together. Each day, I enjoy looking at what special event happened in Duran history, and often times it gives me something to write about, too!

Over the weekend, on March 12, my calendar told me that in 2011, Duran Duran performed for One Night Only in the ITV studios in London. (Incidentally, on that same date Duran Duran also performed at the Rum Runner in 1979!)  I was disappointed only because I really enjoyed One Night Only, and wanted to share the video.

So this morning arrives and I realize, “it’s my blog. I can do what I want.” So….I found the video, and here it is!


What can I say? It’s three days till #duranlive, and I am prepping myself!


Today in Duran History: One Night Only 2011

Five years ago today, Duran Duran performed for One Night Only at ITV Studios in London.  The premise of the show is simple.  The band plays songs from their entire 30 plus career in front of a live audience in between getting some history on the band through pictures, interviews, etc.  You can see the entire show here:

I absolutely adore shows like this one!  I like shows that balance between history/interviews and live songs.  Shows like this remind me of the true phenomenon that was/is Duran Duran.  They had such a huge impact on the music industry and on their fans’ lives.  I love seeing that through video footage like this!

This show also reminded me of what life was like at this time, during the All You Need Is Now time period.  For many fans, it felt like Duran had really returned after a strange turn with Red Carpet Massacre and this marked the return to normal.  It felt like Duran was really embracing who and what they are and many/most fans were eating it up.  We couldn’t get enough!  It seemed like everything was going right for the band!!!  For me, personally, the band was what was holding me up as so many other aspects of my life were a mess.

After watching this, what parts were your favorite?  What did you think of the show as a whole?