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Hollywood Walk of Fame – Were you there?

On this date in 1993, Duran Duran earned their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was during the height of their popularity resurgence after the Wedding Album. Simon will often speak about how much Ordinary World means to the band as he’s introducing the song in concert. I am paraphrasing, but he has explained the song as being what “saved the band” during the 90s, saying that had it not been for that song, he is unsure of where the band might be today. Often, I will think about that when this anniversary comes up on my date calendar each year.

I found a couple of clips from their ceremony on YouTube…

I wasn’t there, although as it turns out I was working in downtown Los Angeles at the time (I was such a bad fan – I don’t even think I knew this happened until I saw it on the news!).  Were you there?  Judging from the crowd, it would appear many of our readers probably were on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that day!