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The Ticket Gods Were Kind!

This week the phrase that happens to be the title of this particular blog post was uttered one or two or a hundred times by my partner-in-crime and myself.  We said it over and over again in hopes that the ticket gods, indeed, would be kind to us on Tuesday morning when the tickets for the California Mid-State Fair went on sale.  Were they kind to us?  Well, it was an interesting pre-sale…

That morning, I woke up, posted the question of the day, got ready for work and proceeded to feel really sick.  I sighed heavily and assumed that it was just pre-sale nerves.  After all, the last pre-sale that happened was through Ticketmaster and it was rough, to say the least.  That pre-sale resulted in not getting the tickets we wanted.  Therefore, I assumed that my sick feeling was like bad deja-vu and off to work I want.  By the end of second hour, I desperately wanted to curl up in a fetal position and lay down.  Instead, I do what most teachers do and push through, as I wandered around the room, helping students with their research.  I had planned on leaving school under the guise of getting “supplies” (tickets are supplies, right???) right at 11 when the tickets went on sale at 12.  Unfortunately, my body was definitely NOT cooperating at that moment.  I couldn’t believe it and began to sweat as I worried that I wouldn’t make it home on time on top of being sick.

Somehow, though, I managed to get myself to my car and drove home.  I logged into DuranDuranMusic and anxiously awaited presale time while trying to ignore the very sick feeling at the pit of my stomach.  So, in order to pass the time, I did what I usually do.  I texted Rhonda.  She assured me that I would be fine.  I tried to respond in agreement but…I was worried that I might not make it.  I watched the minutes slowly go by as I started to worry that not only would the ticket gods NOT be on our side but that they were actively working against us.  Finally, the hour struck 12 and ticket options appeared after frantic refreshing.  Yes!  I got tickets in my cart that were pretty damn good!!  I completed the purchase and texted Rhonda.  I try to draw out her anticipation with some cryptic texts but soon enough I came out with it.  We got good seats!!!  Really good seats!  To say that I felt relief was an understatement.  I still felt like crawling into bed and dying but I didn’t have to worry about missing the presale.  Let’s face it.  That was the important thing.  Of course, instead of being able to do that, I forced myself to go back to work with a promise to Rhonda that we would celebrate later!

Now, a few days later, I’m still thrilled with the results of the presale. Do I think we were lucky because the ticket gods were on our side?  I don’t know.  Was it luck?  I’m sure there is a little bit of that.  Was it to make up for my being sick?  I doubt it.  No, I think the results of this presale were for three big reasons that I have outlined below.

No Ticketmaster

For this presale, Ticketmaster was not ticket outlet of choice.  It was Tickets Today.  When I realized that it was not Ticketmaster or some outlet I knew, I worried but I shouldn’t have.  It was SO easy.  I went to DuranDuranMusic.  I logged in which allowed me to click on the link for the presale.  From there, I was able to refresh the Tickets Today site until the VIP packages showed up.  I was confident that the only people with access to this presale were people who were DDM.  People couldn’t get a password to use.  No, they had to go through the fan club.  It was the only way, from what I could see.  On top of that, the Tickets Today website was so clear and easy to see and deal with.  With Ticketmaster, I had too many drop down menus to deal with in the heat of the moment.  I had to decide if I wanted Ticketmaster to find me tickets or to use the map.  Then, each VIP package required a different drop down menu to search for them.  In this case, I could easily see where to buy VIP packages and my request went through without a problem.  Needless to say, I couldn’t be MORE thrilled that they used someone else and I SO hope that they continue with Tickets Today for the Chicago presales coming up in April.

Silver VIP Option

Another aspect of this presale that worked well was the fact that there was a Silver VIP option.  Silver, in case you are unfamiliar, includes the following:

The SILVER VIP Experience $150 + Ticket Price (No Additional Ticket Master Service Charges) 

– 1 Premium Seat in Rows 1-6 
– Custom-designed Canvas Bag 
– A copy of Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” CD 
– Custom designed Duran Duran beach towel  
– Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate and Lanyard

For many of us, good seats up close is what matters the most.  This package allows that possibility for a reasonable amount of money compared to Gold or Platinum package.  Gold gives the same possibilities for seats in rows 1-6 but costs $260 plus the ticket price.  Yes, I realize that there is a VIP party with food and beverages.  Generally, I don’t need that.  I would prefer to go to meet ups that Rhonda and I organize.  Therefore, Silver offers the best chance for good seats at the best price.  Unfortunately, Silver has rarely been offered during this tour.  I hope that DDHQ considers doing more Silver packages in the future.

Other Factors

Besides the two big factors of Silver VIP and Tickets Today, there were a few other factors that helped the ticket gods help us.  First, I was able to leave work in order to complete the presale.  I didn’t have any interruptions or have poor wifi.  That was huge.  Second, this show was the only show that I or the system had to worry about.  I remember how in 2005, presales for various shows and locations were staggered.  This would work better for people buying for more than one show and I would think it would be easier for the system and DDHQ, too.

On that note, maybe the ticket gods were on our side.  Maybe they helped with having the presale go through Tickets Today.  Maybe they helped with the types of packages.  Next time, though, I would love for them also to help me not be sick at the same time.


For a Point of View–Setlists

As a teacher of history, one of my big goals for my students is to understand perspective, or how one’s point of view shapes how someone sees or thinks about an event.  I teach them to find multiple perspectives on an event, a person, a time period in order to come to their own conclusions.  Lately, I have been trying hard to do that outside of my classroom but in real life.  It isn’t easy to do as so many/most/almost all/all of us want to jump to snap judgements based on OUR OWN perspective without thinking of how someone else might see a situation.  Thus, I find myself stopping those initial judgements in order to think from someone’s else point of view.  I have been trying to do that with my students, with my colleagues, with my family, with my friends and even with Duran Duran.  I did that just last week when I watched the latest Katy Kafe and John said that they weren’t planning on changing up the setlist for the US Tour.  Before I reacted too much, I stopped and thoughts about how he must see the setlist, how some fans might see the setlist versus other fans, etc.  Here is my attempt to see it from multiple perspectives.

John Taylor’s Perspective

Now, I have no idea really WHY John might want to keep the setlist as it is but here’s is what I imagined he might be thinking.  First, the setlist worked well in the UK.  From everything I saw and heard, the reviews from the shows there were nothing but fabulous.  If it isn’t broken, why fix it?  Second, the band, the supporting players, the crew all know the setlist now and have gotten comfortable with it.  There is a better chance that these upcoming shows will rock because of this level of comfort and from all the practice the setlist has received.  There is also no need for additional practice before the tour starts allowing more time to rest, relax, be with family, be at home, work on other projects, etc.  Lastly, he might also feel that the most recent setlist is the best way to showcase the latest album, Paper Gods, without alienating those fans who came just to hear the hits.  All of these reasons make a great deal of sense to me.  I definitely understand why he might not want to mix up the setlist.

Some Fans’ Perspective

Some fans might definitely LOVE the idea of keeping the same setlist as the one used in the UK in the fall.  First, maybe, some fans desperately want to hear the songs on the setlist.  Maybe their favorite song is on it and a change in the setlist might mean that they don’t hear it.  For example, the band was playing a brief snippet of New Moon on Monday.  For many fans, they are dying to hear that live as they figured that they never would.  EVER.  For other fans, they don’t get to see Duran Duran live much.  Perhaps, for them, the setlist doesn’t really matter all that much.  They are so appreciative of seeing the band at all that they aren’t going to even give the setlist another thought.  They don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth or be ungrateful.  Again, these are good reasons for wanting to keep the setlist the same!

Other Fans’ Perspective

Other fans might see the lack of any change with the setlist for the upcoming US tour to be problematic or disappointing.  Some fans do attend more than one show.  They want the shows they are present at to be different, unique.  If each show is no longer special, some of those fans will choose not to go to multiple shows in the future.  This will definitely affect the band in a couple of different ways.  First, they will sell less concert tickets.  Second, the crowds will feel very, very different.  Now, at each show, there are always fans who meet up with other fans at multiple shows.  This creates an increase in energy and enthusiasm as fans get excited not only to see the show but also to see/meet friends.  This energy gets fed back to the band on stage, which probably make the shows better, both for the band and for the audience.  Better, more fun shows, in turn leads people to want to go to more shows, whether that is now or in the future.  That seems like a good thing to me!  What if there are people, for this tour, who have tickets to multiple shows, and they go to the concerts hoping for something new and they don’t get it.  Instead of being excited at those shows, they might become bored, frustrated.  I think that could have a huge impact on the enjoyment for everyone else, including the rest of the crowd and for the band.


I absolutely admit that I’m one of those who goes to multiple shows.  I often get asked, “Why do you go to more than one show?  Aren’t they all the same?”  At those moments, I take a deep breath and begin to explain WHY I go to multiple shows.  I tell the person about how each show can be so different and that Duran Duran can mix up their set lists.  I explain how even an additional new song or two can really change the feel of a show or a tour.  Let me give an example.  When Rhonda and I saw the band play Secret Oktober in Brighton in 2011, it set the tone.  We knew that show and the tour was going to be amazing and they were.  That moment convinced me to fight any and all jet lag and just have a ton of fun.  Do I worry about how much fun people will have if Duran doesn’t change the setlist up at all for the upcoming tour?  I do.  I worry about all the reasons I mentioned.  Thus, I have to say my conclusion remains the same as it initially was.  Duran Duran should mix up the setlist some for the upcoming US Tour or for any tour, for that matter.  While I can appreciate the band’s possible perspective or the perspectives of other fans who want the setlist as is, I still think, in the end, changing it up some during the tour is best for everyone.  This doesn’t necessarily mean having a completely different setlist each night but switching it up a bit would help to keep people on their toes and excited!


Katy Kafe January 2016 Highlights

Did you get a chance to watch (yes, I said “watch”!) the latest Katy Kafe that was posted yesterday?  If you are anything like me, I struggled to view it.  After asking on Facebook and Twitter, here is the information I received.  Those who were able to watch it used older devices.  For example, someone tried on her Mac and iPhone5 with no luck, but she was able to watch it on her iPod Touch4.  Likewise, I tried on my Mac, a PC, and my iPhone6 with no luck.  After reading about the iPod Touch4, I decided to try my iPad, which is about 5 years old.  Guess what?  It works.  Now, I realize that everyone still might not access to an older device.  I emailed customer service at the fan community website about the problem and they promised to get back in touch with me once their tech team looked into the problem.  Hopefully, my highlights here will hold people over until everyone can watch it for themselves, which I highly recommend.  I ALWAYS recommend getting a membership in order to hear/watch the Katy Kafes since our blog posts just offer some highlights and commentary.  They are in no way a complete transcript.

I was happy to hear that there was a new Kafe out since the Duran camp has been very quiet for the month of January.  I found myself wondering what the band might be up to and thinking.  I was hoping that this Kafe might offer some insight, especially since it is a video one!  Well, this Kafe did not disappoint, even if the majority of it was not focused on Duran Duran, specifically.

David Bowie’s Death

John talked about when he found out about David’s death and how he won’t ever forget it.  He goes on to describe Bowie as a “creative parent”, which I found very logical.  He did after all influence not only Duran Duran but so many and it does make sense then when John said that losing him was like “losing a family member.”  John and Katy went on to discuss the extent of his creativity and the extent of his influence.  David’s album, Blackstar, was discussed as well and John said that he was enjoying it and that it felt “fitting” in light of his passing.  Two parts of the conversation really grabbed me.  First,  John discussed how David had been leading a very quiet life with his family the last few years and how that made John “happy”.  According to John, he was able to focus on “what was really important to him” rather than things like going to big events and touring.  Based on this, I wonder if that would be John’s choice on how to live his life if he found himself in a similar situation.  The other part of the conversation that spoke to me was when Katy asked if John was reading articles about Bowie as a fan or as a peer, John said as a fan as “you never able to shake that off” but that also he knew him as a person.  As John talked about Bowie’s death, I couldn’t help but to think that he understands how many of us would feel if something happened to one of them.   He talked about how it was like a part of them had died because he mattered so much.  It caused them to stop and think and reflect about their own lives while dealing with negative feelings of sadness and fear.  John talked about how he has to process the loss of HIS David Bowie and when he gets with Nick, they will talk about the loss of THEIR David Bowie.  This is exactly how it would be for Rhonda and myself if/when we lose someone connected to Duran Duran. When John articulates things like this, I really know that he GETS fandom.  He really does.

Upcoming Tour and Cover Songs

While the majority of the Kafe focused on David Bowie’s death, Katy did ask one big question about the upcoming tour.  Will there be a tribute to David Bowie?  John said that they would discuss it but haven’t yet.  Katy then asked which was the favorite David Bowie cover song that they did.  John began by listing all of the ones they did.  Here’s the thing.  The band played a LOT more Bowie songs that I think any of us knew.  Obviously, many were not recorded.  I would love, love, love for them to record all of the Bowie songs that they have done and release it for all of us to hear/have/treasure.  Which one was his favorite, though?  None as David Bowie was a hard act to follow.  On a different note, John is looking forward to the upcoming tour since the audiences were so great in the fall!  He is also anxious to “dive back” into Paper Gods.  Spoiler alert  John says that he does not see the setlist changing from what it was.  I’m not super happy to hear that as I always want to see/hear new stuff.

I, for one, am glad to have taken the time to really watch and listen to this Kafe.  I feel like it has helped me process David Bowie’s death a little more, which I am grateful for.




Paper Gods and Chart Success

I don’t pay a lot of attention to chart success, but occasionally something will grab my interest. This past week there were two things! First off, I couldn’t help but notice that David Bowie’s album Blackstar went to #1. I can’t imagine I’m the only one out there struck by the thought that this is his first #1 album ever.  Really?!?  (yes, really!) Secondly, I saw that Paper Gods re-entered Billboard at #45. The year 2016 seems as though it might be full of surprises…

It wasn’t the fact that Blackstar hit number one that surprised me. In many ways, I anticipated as much, and truthfully I think it would have disappointed me had it not charted that way.  No, what really surprises me is that this is his very first #1. I just don’t get it.  I’ve seen all of the love, the devotion, the sadness, the pure emotion…and yet there’s not been a number one hit for Bowie until this album. I guess that really just goes to show how incredibly screwed up the charts and sales can be. I am sure that I could invest many hours of time looking over the past charts, finding out what albums/singles did hit number one during the same periods of time that David Bowie had albums release….but I won’t.  I think we all understand, or we all should understand by now, that artistic merit doesn’t always equal commercial success…in fact it is rare when it does. On one hand, I’m thrilled to see Blackstar making its way into the playlists of so many (including my own), and on the other, there’s a niggling bit of sadness that it took so long and came so late. One might wonder if there would have been the same outcome had it not been for Bowie’s death two days after the album’s release. Another might say that we can’t think that way, because we will never really know. Truthfully, both thoughts run circles in my head today.  I suspect the real journey of Blackstar is only beginning, regardless of how that interest was originally fueled.

Then there’s Paper Gods and it’s chart success. Honestly. Sometimes, I just have to sit back and watch in wonder when it comes to this band. It’s no wonder I am rarely bored when it comes to Duran Duran. When this album first came out, I realized it would chart well, at least initially because of streaming and the sheer force of promotion. Katy’s hard work did not go unrecognized, and the album  was #10. It was a thrilling, welcome moment for the band, whether we fans want to admit that or not. When the album exited the top of the charts just as quickly, I tried not to notice or pay attention.

I know many fans will say chart success doesn’t matter, that they don’t care – they just love Duran Duran and the rest doesn’t matter. I get that. Fans are lucky in that respect. We can like what we like and not worry about the commercial aspect. I don’t personally believe it’s something that the band can or should try for when writing, but we’re all kidding ourselves if we think it doesn’t matter at least in some aspect. Sales matter. Money matters. The album needs to be able to pay for itself, otherwise we’ve all got problems. Let’s be honest: Duran Duran would like to know the album is getting out there to the people. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of the music industry, but I do understand the basics. Gotta sell the music, whether by albums, by ticket sales, or something else… to make it all work. I don’t think Duran Duran sees the whole “music thing” as a hobby, and so there’s not much point in doing all of it for free. Hence…charts matter, at least to a limited extent to the band and their management. Let’s all take a moment to be thankful they don’t have to matter to the music lovers out there….

I don’t really know how “The Powers That Be” see the success of Paper Gods, at least not yet. I’d quietly wondered if they’d written it off when it left the charts, not knowing what they were planning next (keep reading). I knew we’d never really see (at least not until much later) if there was any disappointment, because it’s obviously not to the benefit of the band to mention worry when it exited the charts so quickly. In protection and promotion of the band, staying positive is key. Paper Gods hit #10. A Duran Duran album was in the top 10 for the first time in twenty years. Those are not bad notes to hang one’s fedora on, some thirty years into a career, and we cheer those things on. Even so, I had to wonder what the band  was feeling. Does it ever get a bit irritating to know you’ve worked your ass off, put out what you feel to be some of your best work ever, and have it drop off the radar so fast? Is that the way it happens with most bands? I don’t pay enough attention to really know….and we can’t all be Adele all of the time, can we? Nick has mentioned a few times that there’s just so much out there, it’s difficult to get the music heard. He’s right. For all the good that the internet does, I know that even personally, I feel like it’s a constant flood of information. I miss things. I don’t hear every single bit of new music that’s out there, and talk about being overwhelmed? Oh yes. Very. How can they possibly get their music heard? Land-based radio sure as hell hasn’t helped, so what can be done?

Enter in ticket sales. Remember those Ticketmaster or Land Nation purchases we all just made (and probably have now seen on our credit card statements)?? Each ticket came with a copy of Paper Gods. Obviously someone in marketing is fully committed to the success of Paper Gods. At the time, I wondered out loud to Amanda if those albums would in fact count towards album sales. To be completely fair, I am still not entirely sure…but from the reading I’ve done, it appears that yes, they would. I think. The “rules” seem sketchy at best, and they seem to vary based on chart. That said, the proof seems to be in the pudding, and Paper Gods re-entered the charts last week at #45…12,000+ units having been sold.  Was it the upcoming tour that really provoked the sudden buying spree, or was it that the tickets each came bundled with their own copy of the album that are counting towards those chart sales, and… is it artificially inflating the chart position if in fact that is how those CD’s that came bundled with the tickets are being counted?  Does it matter?

For what my own opinion may be worth, I think any time Duran Duran is able to get themselves onto the charts, it is ultimately good.  I have no issue with “artificially” inflating the charts because the bottom line is that if a copy of the album was purchased – then it was purchased, whether with a concert ticket or without; whether due to an upcoming tour or not.  The method makes little difference. After all, what is really the difference between buying an album with a concert ticket as a bundle or going up to the merchandise booth after a show, or going to iTunes, and buying a copy?  All DD has really done is speed up that buying process, and given someone the opportunity to listen. Truthfully, this is indeed the playing field the band has been set on in the year 2015 and 2016 – they have got to get their album heard by as many people as possible. Never mind that I personally have approximately seven extra copies of this album that I really do not need. The idea, of course, is visibility. The band cannot possibly hope to get the album noticed unless they do something to force that exposure. Putting the album in the hands of people who cared enough to buy a tour ticket but maybe didn’t care enough about the new music to make the purchase seems reasonable. Will it convince a casual fan to put the CD in their music player and tell others?  Those chapters have yet to be written in the tale of the Paper Gods, but I look forward to seeing where it all goes.


Paper Gods 2016 North American Tour Dates!!!

I received the most interesting phone call yesterday at about 5pm my time. I was in my car, driving frantically from Office Depot, of all places, back to pick my youngest up from her singing lessons. I was pushing it, time-wise, and cursing while waiting for a lengthy traffic light to change when my cell phone rang. Normally when this happens, I ignore it unless I happen to see who is calling – so it was just dumb luck that I noticed it was Amanda. I had exchanged texts with her earlier, so I couldn’t imagine what it was she needed, but I answered the phone.

She seemed a little too joyful for what was about 7pm her time, so I immediately knew something was up. Naturally, and I really should have guessed this, but the dates for the North American portion of the Paper Gods 2016 tour were emailed to members of DDM. (Did I not warn all of you to get your membership??!!)

“Honestly Amanda. ONE HOUR. I left my computer for ONE FREAKING HOUR.” 

Amanda laughs, of course, because more often than not – this is how our “tour planning” begins. I would swear I’m always in my damn car, without any way to really check the calendar or have any sort of visual reference as to what being told to me. All I’m thinking of in the moment as she’s listing the tour dates: A. Gotta stay in my lane and not get into an accident. B. Why in the hell does this have to happen NOW?

Somehow, I make it to pick up my daughter, and get us to the grocery store to buy food for dinner (yes, I’m that organized…which means I’m not at all…), then back to my house to prepare said dinner. All the while in nearly a full panic as I try to understand and commit to memory that Durham is in April, Washington DC is happening on my 21st wedding anniversary (not gonna even attempt to go to that one), Chicago is NOT in the spring, but instead in July…when both Amanda and I are as free as birds (Not to be taken literally…), and they’re even coming to the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, which is five miles from my house. FIVE MILES! I don’t even know if that’s what the amphitheater is still called – they change names constantly – but I haven’t seen the band there since the 90s when I was still in college. I don’t really even have to take the freeway or toll road to get there and on a clear day I can SEE it from my street!

For the first time, Duran Duran managed to not only book a tour during a time of year where neither Amanda nor I need worry about scheduling – but they’ve even managed to NOT have dates during May or June – which are disaster months for the both of us.  At first, we bantered about going to shows in Florida during the spring, but ultimately we agreed that we couldn’t do them all – and since it was easiest for both of us to travel during the summer, we would do what shows we could during that time. July it is!

Before I get much further, I just want to take a minute to be thankful.  Duran Duran made our choices difficult this time, but not because there wasn’t anything to choose from. No…just the opposite, really! Most of the shows are centered around weekends (I’ve seen many say they’re during the week, but I didn’t find that to be the case in the shows I considered), they’re during a time of year when Amanda and I can both be away from our homes, and I personally think they’re in great places. But no, they can’t cover the entire country, and yes, there ARE really outstanding places left out completely. There is no winning this game for the band unless they spend the better part of the year traveling here.  That said, it was nice to HAVE choices, and quite frankly it was nice to have dates at all.

Yeah, I know the pre-sales are tomorrow and that Christmas is a couple of weeks away. This isn’t the first time that’s happened, and its definitely not the first time we’ve been given less than two days until a pre-sale begins. Optimal? No, it’s not. I am not a fan of Ticketmaster and even less so of the scalpers who will likely leach the tickets before I even have a chance to find decent ones. I’m disappointed that DDHQ decided to go that route, but I’m not in charge and I don’t know how the system works for them at all. There’s always going to be something, and there’s always going to be someone who can’t buy tickets for one reason or another. I’m also well-aware that we’re going to be doing pre-sales for shows that are over six months away. That does seem excessive, until you look at other bands who do the very same thing. To be fair, none of us know how tours work for Duran Duran. I would imagine that deposits have to be made on some of these facilities, people need to be paid, etc, etc…and that money has to come from somewhere. So, pre-sales have to happen. Yes, it sucks and YES…I DO wish they would give us more than 48 hours to make decisions. It isn’t ever going to be perfect.

Additionally, and more importantly at least in my mind, we’re lucky we’re getting shows at all. I may be the only one who feels that way, but I’m still going to take a minute to say it here publicly. We’re fortunate to have dates to even consider. There are many other fans in many other places of the world that would love to just be given the opportunity to go to a show – much less have Amanda and I do parties and meet-ups, so I can’t complain about the system not being perfect for everyone. I see a lot of grumbling and complaining, both good-natured and otherwise, and I just wonder if we’ve taken the time to acknowledge how lucky we really are to have Duran Duran coming here to tour again. After all, this isn’t a band who stays on our “Top Ten” charts for long, if at all. This isn’t a band who has a ton of radio play here, either. Thankfully, they still come here because our market is valuable to them, and I appreciate that.

We’ve already heard from many of you out there, asking us where we’re going, suggesting we come to this show or that one, hoping we’ll set up meet-ups and pre-parties everywhere we go. Rest assured, the time for planning and partying will be coming soon. I can hardly wait to start getting sleep so that I can stay awake the entire month of July to see as many of you as possible!!

After major negotiating and planning with my cohort, we do have some shows in mind. Chicago speaks to both of us because we love that city and there are two dates there. We’re hoping to make Detroit and Toronto as well since I can fly out do those dates in a single trip. We’d really like to do Vegas, as well as Irvine and Chula Vista, which means Amanda would fly out to me and then we’d road trip those together. That’s a lot of shows, and to be perfectly blunt – it’s expensive. We would really love to be able to plan pre-show parties everywhere, because we see the difference it makes when people come to a party for fans, BY fans before the show (and after the show, too!). The reality is, we just can’t unless we win the lottery, find wealthy benefactors, or suddenly figure out how to turn this into a business so that our costs can be covered.  Until then, we do what we can, and we sit a lot farther back! As the tour gets closer, we will keep everyone updated on our plans for parties and meet-ups here, on Facebook, Twitter, and our message board.

In the meanwhile, I extend the best of luck to everyone with pre-sales tomorrow. May your ticket prices not bankrupt you, your seats be fantastic, and good vodka be ever close at hand.  😉  (Ok, maybe not the vodka for a lot of you…but I figured while I was at it, I’d just throw that in there…)


PS – can you believe we’re all doing this again?!?