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Duran Duran History: Making of Perfect Day and Roger Taylor

On this date in 1995, Duran Duran filmed the video for Perfect Day.  This song, of course, is a cover of the 1972 Lou Reed song that was included on the band’s Thank You album.  Fun fact–Lou Reed once said that this was the best cover of any of his songs.  From what I understand, the song could be about romance but I have also heard it is about Reed’s drug addiction.  The song, no matter the actual meaning, is considered by many to be a beautiful song.

While the song is appreciated by many Duranies, the video, directed by Nick Egan, took more notice.  Why?  Is it because the video is pretty visually stunning with the band inside a red covered box that reminds me of a rubber room?  Is it because there are many beautiful shots of the band members along with other surreal images?  All of that definitely matters but I suspect that it was the appearance of Roger Taylor that really grabbed people’s attention.  While I’m sure that some knew that he joined the band in the studio to record this song as well as Watching the Detectives, how many fans really knew that he was planning on actually appearing on camera?!  I wasn’t around then but I would imagine that fans must have been pretty excited about it.  I know that I was when I found out about this appearance.  On that note, let’s watch the video and enjoy it for ourselves!

Another fun fact.  Did you know that this video was not the only appearance on camera for Roger in 1995?  He also appeared on Top of the Pops when the band played this song, which you can see here.

In looking back to this period of Duran’s history, it makes me really appreciate the fact that Roger came back briefly then and permanently for the reunion.  I remember hearing an interview with Nick and John in 2003 or 2004 and they talked about what it meant to have Roger back.  They commented that it was so nice to have him back because if he wasn’t back, they had to spend a lot of time teaching his parts to whatever drummer was filling in.  While Roger might not be in the spotlight as much as the rest of them, I, for one, am super glad to have him back.  It feels right whenever I look behind the drum kit and see him. This is why the video for Perfect Day feels so right to me.  Roger is there where he belongs.