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Duran Duran History – Perfect Day

Duran Duran history for February 24: on this date in 2001, the cable network channel E! airs Fashion File, which contains a Duran Duran segment.

Additionally, and only “slightly” more interesting (Ok, a lot more interesting!), on this date in 1995, the video for Perfect Day was filmed, which features a certain Roger Taylor on drums for the first time since 1985.  Not a bad way to begin a Tuesday!!  -R

Today in Duran History – Perfect Day

On today’s date in 1995, the video for Perfect Day was filmed.  In case you’re wondering and aren’t exactly caught up on your Duran history – Perfect Day was a cover (Lou Reed) included on the Thank You album.

Interestingly enough, Roger Taylor played on Perfect Day, and if you watch the video – you’ll see him back on the drums, which is of course, exactly where he belongs.  I didn’t know that Roger had played on the song or was even in the video until the days of the reunion.  Truthfully?  I didn’t even know there was a video for Perfect Day (I guess you could say that I was busy back in 1995 and video watching was not on top of the list), and even when I eventually did see the video, I didn’t recognize Roger!


And there’s your Day in Duran History for this Monday morning.