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Nobody Cares if There’s No Tomorrow

Sometimes, I think of Duran Duran as a teacher.  The band has taught me a lot.  I have been learning from them since I was a little kid and I absolutely know that they have been a part of forming who I am.  Some of those lessons are more overt and include vocabulary (example:  contrived!) or the importance of the visual.  Some of them are subtle.  One subtle lesson is taught through lyrics like the title of this blog.  It is taught through the phrase “all you need is now” or “the future is still tomorrow”.  It is this idea that it is better to embrace the “now”, the present, the current moment.  This idea of being happy with where you are rather than looking back all the time or worrying about the future is also taught in their interviews when they are asked about either the 1980s or about how long they will continue.  After so many years of hearing/reading this philosophy, I have found myself really trying to do that more, especially when it comes to fun times and being on tour.

During this last tour, I did the best I have ever done in following this philosophy.  Yet, I recognized then and really recognize now that this is very hard for me.  Why?  Maybe it is the historian in me.  I know how important it is to document events, moments.  There have been a lot of times in my life that I was so aware of the need to really capture the moment that I feel that it was all that I focused on.  I’ll give you an example.  During college, I took a LOT of pictures.  I kept a journal.  I had calendars that I diligently write in.  I wanted to document each and every moment because I knew that I wasn’t going to experience college ever again.  I worried that if I didn’t do all of that to remember that I would forget.  I didn’t want that.  The first tour I went on was similar.  I took a lot of pictures and kept a lot of items related to touring.

I recognized that this and became fearful that I was becoming TOO focused on keeping the memory alive that I didn’t actually pay attention to the moment itself, while it was happening.  I became concerned that I was missing something by doing that.  Thus, I thought the best course of action would be to do very little in terms of memory keeping.  I would just focus on today.  This hour.  That minutes.  This second in time.  Well, during this last tour, I did just that or at least to the best of my ability.  My camera broke early on in the trip, which helped my decision to focus on the present time.  I couldn’t worry about capturing it all in the same way as I could if I had my camera so I figured why bother.  I’ll go with this philosophy.  The result?  I took the least number of photos than I ever have.  At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing and, for the most part, I still think that, for the most part of me.  That said, now, that the tour was more than a month ago, I am finding myself missing some of that documentation and memory keeping.

At the end of each tour, I do a few things to remember it.  I usually put of the papers that used to be in the tour binder (plane, hotel, meet up info and more) in my scrapbook along side items like concert tickets and other memorabilia.  I put my pictures up on Facebook and get the best ones developed (see, I told you that I was old-fashioned!).  For the last few years, I have taken the best concert pictures to create a little calendar for Rhonda and myself.  This tour, however, will have little of this.  Yes, I kept the contents of the tour binder and concert tickets but….I have very few pictures.  We had the best seats of our lives and I have very few pictures.  So while I’m thankful that I was able to completely focus on the shows, I am wishing that I could do them over to take more pictures.  (If anyone wants to share their concert pictures from the Hollywood Bowl, Berkeley or Agua Caliente, I would be very grateful!!)

Perhaps, the best idea is to have moderation.  I can and should document my experiences but not at the expense of enjoying or living in the moment!  Likewise, while I love the current Duran Duran, I do appreciate all of what has come before this album cycle.  I don’t think the lesson really is to forget the past, just not to live in it.  Remembering doesn’t mean not living now.


Duran Duran Songs over Pictures

After months of asking people to choose favorite pictures of individual band members in our daily questions, we have finally chosen a favorite picture for each former and current member.  We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t then ask people to then choose between those favorites!  Now, of course, we aren’t really asking people to choose between the band members but between the selected favorite photos of individual band members.  As soon as I posted the very first poll, a response came through calling it “stupid”.  As always,  if people don’t like what they do, they are welcome to not participate or start their own blog to do what they want.

It amazes me that these picture polls have gotten so much attention after months of being asked.  In fact, yesterday’s question that asked people to choose between the pictures of Simon and John resulted in a ton of views!  A ton!  We had more page views yesterday than we had one the days that Rhonda covered the highlights of the Katy Kafes.  What is that about exactly?  Now, obviously, I think these polls are fun and I enjoy seeing the results but are they more interesting or important than what might be happening with the album, with the music?  Based on our page views, it seems like many fans think so. Perhaps, though, there were other factors like the holidays that affected people’s ability or chance to read the blog.  Thus, maybe, these page views aren’t indicative of the fans’ focus on image and looks over music.

To that end, after the individual band member pictures, we will pause on the images and focus on the music.  (Don’t worry, we will do group pictures later.)  In order to focus on the music, we, the fans, will create the ultimate Duran Duran album by deciding the best first track ever made, the best second track ever made, the best third track ever made, etc.  We will start by asking about all of the first tracks on albums until we get the favorite first track in the same method we always do the daily questions.  Then, we will start on the second track, etc.  Obviously, not all albums have the same number of tracks but that just means that there will be less songs to ask about for that track number.  All studio albums will be included, including Thank You, but greatest hits albums and live albums will be excluded.

I am looking forward to seeing what the fan community comes up with as the best album possible!  I’m also hoping that the song questions are just as popular, if not more popular than the pictures.  After all, we all love the band because of their music, right?