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Its Time to Take the Pressure Off

This morning, Duran Duran asked what one song energizes and gets fans going.  I stopped and thought a bit. I think this question might have been far too difficult for a Monday morning, at least for me.

Possibilities abound. I think first to the live shows. Should I choose “[Reach up for the] Sunrise”, because at every show when it’s played I feel as though I’ve caught a second wind? What about “Careless Memories”? Although they’ve neglected it lately, when that song starts, it feels like a train – you either get on board with it or get run over. I love it! How about “All You Need is Now”? I adore that song, but does it really energize me or just send me back in time? “Pressure Off” is pretty darn good too – I mean, that tune just keeps me in the moment, and sometimes, that is exactly what I need. Then of course there’s “Rio”. How can I not dance to that?  It reminds me of sun, sand, and everything I love about the beach and summer. I can’t forget “Hungry Like the Wolf”. When I’m in that audience and I hear the first chords, I know what is going to happen next. John and Dom are going to come front and center, and I’m going to dance (and sing) whether I like it or not. Does it make me move? Um, yeah it does!

I also think about here at home. What do I put on when I’m cleaning, or more likely these days, packing? “Is there Something I Should Know” gets my happy feet moving. It is my favorite song for a reason. “Late Bar” is another, although I tend to sing that one at the top of my lungs, which is not necessarily quite as welcomed by my family as one might think!  I’ll even put on “Big Thing”, or “Red Carpet Massacre” from time to time, just to get myself up and going. I am not an energizer bunny – I need something!

Then there is the car. I leave for work just before 7 am, and I don’t know about the rest of you out there,  but I’d love my job a lot more if it started at like, 10 am! I’m up by no later than 5:30, and although I’m awake for my drive, sometimes I need more than just my trusty travel mug of coffee to get me in good spirits for the day. No, I’m not talking about adding vodka to it!! (although there are days…and then there are DAYS…) I’ll start to see my youngest nearly curling up in a fetal position for the drive, and I know I’d better get some tunes on the stereo.

When I think about it, there is at least one song on every single album that is my go-to shot for energizing. “Friends of Mine”, “Rio”,  “New Moon on Monday”, “Notorious”, “Big Thing”, “Violence of Summer”, “All Along the Water”, “Too Much Information”, “White Lines”, “Big Bang Generation”,  “Electric Barbarella”, “Last Day on Earth”, “Sunrise”,  “Red Carpet Massacre”, “All You Need is Now”, “Other Peoples Lives”, “Pressure Off”, “Last Night in the City” and yes, even “Danceophobia” (we all have our weak moments!!)—it is a playlist to wake me up, keep me going, and make me smile, even during the times when I’d rather just curl up somewhere and cry.

I guess the real question is what I listen to first, and given that the playlist I just compiled won’t quite fit into a tweet, I must choose one. So for today, I’ve got to go with “Pressure Off”. When I think back on the past few years – it is the song I listen to most often, and it  works exactly as I think Simon and the band intended. It reminds me to breathe. I’ve needed that a lot lately, along with something to energize me! I’m off to do more packing, and just GUESS what song I’m putting on first!?


The Ultimate Duran Duran Tour Mix

There are about 50 million things that I should be doing right now.  I’m leaving in 9 days.  NINE.  As in less than 10.  As in you don’t need all fingers to count.  The tour binder has been started.  (For those not in the know…the tour binder is a literal binder that has dividers for all information we need on tour, including flight info, hotel confirmations, tickets, etc.  I have been using the same exact one for 10 years now.  I don’t tour without it.  The reason is simple.  More planning now means less thinking later!)  I still need to finish the binder.  I have to figure out what I’m bringing and, perhaps, more importantly, what I’m wearing.  I have a to do list a mile long to get ready to leave work behind for a few days.  So, what am I doing?  I’m thinking about making a playlist, the Ultimate Duran Duran Tour Mix.  The focus of this playlist would be simple.  What Duran Duran or Duran related songs really remind me of touring?  I just figure that we will be on the road for about 1000 miles so a playlist would be welcomed!  Plus, I can listen to it before I go to help me keep my eyes on the prize.  Here is the list of songs I have so far and why:

Last Night in the City:

Seriously, this is how I feel while touring.  I’m not thinking about the future.  I’m only thinking of that night.  To say that I’m in the moment would be an understatement.  And, yes, I love every moment and every night like that!

Planet Roaring:

If you haven’t gotten a hold of the deluxe edition of the album, I highly recommend it.  This is one of the gems on there.  There are so many lines that are tour related:  “They come to hear the drum”, “This is the sound of celebration”, “The things we do to be together”…I could go on and on.  Touring is all of that.

Pressure Off:

Again, isn’t this what touring is all about?  Getting rid of the pressure?  I love the mentions of faces in the crowd, too.


Of course, there are plenty of tour references in other Duran songs, from previous albums.  This is an obvious one, right?  “The music’s between us” and “reaching up for the sunrise” because you have been up all night.  Indeed, that sounds like a good tour to me!

All You Need Is Now:

Ah…”stay with the music.  Let it play a little longer.”  This song always feels like a message from the band to the fans and I will always love it because of that.


“Something alien happening.”  For sure.  I think this song captures the concert high that you get!  “There is nothing gonna ace this.”  That is how I feel about touring, for sure!  Perhaps, that is why I keep doing it!

Late Bar:

“There’s an all night party in room 7609.”  Yep.  That captures it well as there have been many all night parties in various hotel rooms over the years and more to come, I hope!

Secret Oktober:

Like the previous b-side, this song has one of the best lines:  “All night parties, cocktail bars.”  Perfect line.  Of course, it is also a fabulous song beyond that!

Hey Day by John Taylor:

Sticking to the fabulous lines that describing touring, one of my favorites is from this song.  “We lived in hotels.  We lived on cocktails.”  Truth.

Red Carpet Massacre:

This one might not seem so obvious, but…again, there are lines that really fit like “You spend your life in preparation for this day.”  Then, sometimes, touring and having the possibility to be near the band in some capacity  brings out the best in fans and sometimes the worst is brought out.

There’s 10.  That’s a good number of tracks to start with.  What songs remind you of touring?  What did I leave out?  I could also use another favor.  Help me to put this in proper order.  What should the track listing be?  Anxious to hear your ideas!


P.S. I hope everyone at Red Rocks in Denver has a simply amazing time tonight!  I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!  Again, if you want to send us a guest blog about the show, we would LOVE to have it!