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Nothin’ But A Good Time

One of the upsides of being furloughed is a lot more time to sit and enjoy radio. I joined Sirius/XM a few weeks ago and I try to tune into Feedback with Lori Majewski and Nik Carter each day. Yesterday, they spent the morning talking to the always-positive Bret Michaels of Poison. I still consider Poison one of my favorite bands and during the show, I started to think that they are the Duran Duran of the hair metal era.

Hear me out. Both bands faced a huge critical backlash when they hit the scene. Both were dismissed as pure image over talent by “serious” critics who have never trusted the taste of young women. Both bands achieved massive success only to fall apart at the seams due to high-octane lifestyles. They even both have somewhat questionable covers albums lurking in their closets. But most importantly, they are still selling out shows. And it’s fun!!!

At the end of the day, it is the songs, not an image, that weave themselves into the fabric of popular culture and Poison, like Duran Duran, have the songs that still hold-up. In fact, I’d put Poison and and Cinderella over Motley Crue when it comes to quality songs that still sound great. The Crue have a few timeless songs but they also have a lot of album filler. I can listen to any 80s Poison album front to back and not get bored. Same goes for every Duran Duran album in the 80s.

It seems like both bands have outlasted the critics and there is a begrudging respect for both these days. Does that prove we were right all along? Probably not. The flashy images in the videos certainly helped sell both bands but there is no denying that their songs have withstood the test of time. So don’t be surprised if you see me at a Poison show when this pandemic blows over. Here are a few shots from the last time I saw them!