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Living for Another Day

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, especially in recent months, you probably have sensed that the negatives of fandom, the discord within fandom, have dominated, at least in our lives.  That discord shadowed almost all of the positives, making it very difficult to continue with the blog, with our book, with even being a fan.  Yet, despite this, when Rhonda contacted me with the phrase that sets my heart racing (“THIS IS AN OFFICIAL DURANIE ALERT!!”) about the David Lynch show, I didn’t hesitate.  I told her to buy tickets and that I would come out for my Spring Break.  In the back of my mind, though, I knew that this trip would either be a bookend to my fandom journey or get it going again.  Spoiler alert—Since you are reading this, you can probably guess that this wasn’t the end for this Duranie!  Why?  Simple.  The trip showed me the absolute BEST of fandom.

We all know that fandom starts with an interest in a band, a TV show, a movie, an actor, a comic book, a sports team, or whatever.  I became a Duranie because of Duran Duran’s music.  My fan spirit was reinforced and solidified with seeing them live.  Yet, it has been years since I had seen them.  Was my memory about their live show off?  Did I imagine them to be amazing live?  I could live without seeing them live, right?  After all, it seemed like I would have to live without them, no matter what.  On Wednesday night, though, I along with many, many others was reminded of how good Duran is on stage.  Now, we know that it wasn’t the best performance of Duran’s career.  It couldn’t be–there were only 3 songs (SO HAPPY to get more than one song!)  It wasn’t their show–they were guests.  Still, it was enough to make me remember.  Ah, yes, they are as good as I remembered.  And, yes, I wasn’t wrong to become a fan, a Duranie.

What did I really learn?  It wasn’t that my memory was off.  It was more that Duran Droughts are a killer and one that I hope is just about done.  In fact, I hope that the rain showers we have been experiencing lately with their performance at the Lynch show, the leaked snippets of Pressure Off, the news of their signing with Warner Brothers Records and more leads to a steady rain, at the very least, or a downpour leading to a flood of Duran!

Ace Theater Wristbands
Wristbands declaring that we are “grown ups”!

Would those three songs have made this one of the best fandom trips ever?  Of course not!  There was a lot more to it!  I met a lot of great people at this show and got to see others I haven’t seen in awhile!  On top of the fact that these fans were fun and were ready to have fun; they were the kinds of fans I want to be around.

We have frequently talked about the game playing that too often happens within fandom.  You know that game.  It is the one that people play because they think it will mean more time or more interaction or more something with a band member or three.  It often means pushing other fans out of the pave to the band member(s), metaphorically speaking.  On the night of the first, I didn’t witness any game playing.  Yes, some band members were around and were fairly accessible to fans.  In the past, when this happens, I have seen good, kind people turn into the exact opposite.  This time, though, people helped each other out whether it be by stepping aside so that one person could approach the favorite band member or by taking pictures for others.  Then, even more importantly, fans were excited for other fans!  No one was upset that  she didn’t get a picture while others did.  In fact, everyone’s support, encouragement and excitement for others just increased the good moods and the good time!

On top of seeing Duran live and sharing a fun experience with other fans, I was also reminded of how incredibly fun touring is!  (Yes, I know that we didn’t “tour” because we only did one show with just three s4. Liquid lunch at Nixon on top of the Luxeongs.  It is the term we use to capture the entire experience, no matter how many shows we go to!)  Rhonda and I stayed at a great hotel (Luxe City Center) with modern, spacious rooms that came with a couple of free cocktails and that great deal on the  sangria pitcher that Rhonda mentioned yesterday).

We stayed there for two nights, which allowed us both to have a break from real life and reality.  Beyond that, we were able to consume a couple vodka tonics (okay…so…we might have consumOn the rooftop bared a few more than that!!), stay up late, eat out, walk around a city, laugh and laugh and more!  It gave Rhonda and I plenty of time to talk, to really catch up and renew our friendship.

While I wondered if this trip would be worth it, both financially and emotionally, I now know that it absolutely was.  It was renewed my fandom spirit and reminded me how fandom truly can have rhyme to it and how it can be the best thing to be a part of!  I met some great people, got to hang out with my best friend, and saw a few songs performed by that little band we talk about, sometimes.  Oh yeah…I suppose that picture with John Taylor didn’t hurt either!

So, when can we do it again?!?!!!!


Vacation is Over!

Spring break was lovely, but all good things come to an end.  And some good things just decide to keep going.  Like this blog.

It has come to our attention that we are missed by many, and we have really appreciated the kind notes and comments of encouragement. It is also clear that the band is getting busier, amping up for the release of this (still yet to be named but fondly referred as #DD14) album in September.  We sense a single coming, with plenty of promo and other goodies along the way, or so we can only hope.

It has never been our job to report the news. Other people do that, and they do it extremely well. We like to comment on the news, but we also comment on fandom, on experiences, and on anything else that we feel is pertinent on any given day.  Additionally, we have a much larger goal of fostering friendship and community within this fandom, and we take that very seriously. This will remain our focus.

As part of this focus, we have always encouraged discussion. Unfortunately at times, a small percentage of our readers have assumed that also means that anything goes. Negativity, rudeness, and open hostility were tools used to make sure that we never overstep our place in the fandom. Sometimes they were even used to undermine the goals and purpose of this blog.

Going forward, we’ve agreed that we will no longer reward and reinforce negativity. As always, we welcome comments that further the discussion and the goals and purpose of this blog. If a comment does not appear to do that, we are not going to respond.

During this time off, we continually talked about the things we’d like to change, and the things we wanted to keep. We want to focus on having fun and not allowing a simple blog to become a constant source of stress and anxiety.  Therefore, #PressureOff, right??  While most days will have a poll question, quality blog posts will happen organically. If we have something to say, great. If not, that’s OK too. We would rather like to have fewer posts with quality every single time than put out posts that no one cares to read. That just was never our goal, but became a heavy responsibility, especially during what we like to call the “Duran Drought”.

We’ve also agreed that it has been far too long since the last tour. We are incredibly anxious to be planning and plotting for the next set of tour dates and other Duran events! We’re looking forward to having a lot of fun in this next chapter of Duran Duran and Daily Duranie, we hope you join us!!

-A & R